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RP [2nd IRC] A New Understanding

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From the quiet confines of one of the secret underground Tange bases on Jiyuu Tio watched the feeds from the conference. Standing behind him were Koyanagi Mayumi and Hanabusa Miho -- both of which turned to each other and smirked as they watched the proceedings.

Tio uttered quietly, "Mommy dearest number two..." as the camera zoomed in on Akina as she left the room with the Empress.
Himiko paused for a moment. "I do not mind your suggestions but please run them by me first via secure telepathy if they might cause something other than a positive reaction," she told Akina.

That said, Himiko returned to the conference.

"I will agree to the tariffs if we set them at 6% now, 5% in YE 31, and then 1% lower with each passing year until we are even again," Himiko offered the UOC representatives. Not only did she show Yamatai was willing to bend toward the UOC's wishes, but also that Yamatai planned for the UOC to be around for a long time.
Alexander inclined his head and smiled softly to the Empress.

"Your offer is very much appreciated, and accepted. On behalf of the people, and governing state of the United Outer Colonies we accept the gracious offer set before us by yourself." The man had his hands on the table, clasped together.

"I would assume we will finalize the agreement at the end of our negotiations, that way we can continue forward towards better relations, understanding and broker a lasting relationship between our peoples." He looked about a moment and frowned delicately.

"Your Highness, if I may impose question? I was led to assume the Lorath would be sending a delegate as well...Has she yet arrived if I may ask?"
"She should be here soon," Himiko answered, sending the signal for the Lorath diplomat to be released. "Let us finalize it now."
Alexander inclined his head.

"I would assume it would be appropriate to sign a tangible document?" He asked politely. Such old customs could be a good thing after all in his opinion.
In a moment, Himiko had the document manufactured and placed before the UOC representative.
Neither Karael Malach nor Andariel Vokos had spoken in any capacity since their arrival, save for the occasional glances towards the other, a conversation purely of expressions that required no words. Karael had found the tense negotiations disturbing, Andariel had found them amusing, and neither had seen it as their place to interfere during the long affair between the Yamataian Empress and the representatives of the United Outer Colonies. Andariel, particularly, felt that Elysia was there only as an unwanted step-child - too strong and proud to ignore, but scarcely comparable to the larger three nations at the table.

Still, as the trade agreement was produced for signing, the Elysian delegation at last saw fit to speak. Karael, at first, looked as though she was going to open the dialogue - but she withheld, giving way to Andariel.

"There is a subject of some importance we would bring to your attention, Empress. Regarding the treaty between our nations." It was a pet topic to Andariel, and as such the Second Legate was permitted to speak to it by her own superior. "The Senate of Elysia has a proposal."
"I am always willing to listen to the words of my Elysian brethren," the Yamataian Empress replied, proud of the peace forged between their two great nations.
"There was a time... as we both know quite well... when the very concept of peace between Elysia and Yamatai was inconceivable. We have come a long way since that time. Since you and Karael first signed our current treaty, the good faith and friendship of Yamatai has done much to sway the views of even our eldest Senators."

Andariel paused there, glancing to Karael, but again the senior Legate deferred to the junior. "Elysia wishes to return to Yamatai. We share more than a homeworld, we share many common dreams and ideals. To be sure, there will be disagreements... but I believe we can create an amenable arrangement, in the interest of all of our people."
Himiko was surprised, but quickly gave Andariel a gentle smile. "Consider it done. We will share not only our nations and cultures, but also our futures. I promise to respect, protect, and support Elysia just like I do with the rest of Yamatai."
"I appreciate your eagerness, Empress." Andariel was quite visibly pleased with the response. "We would, of course, wish to maintain municipal control over Elysia. But we would like to offer a complete integration of the Elysian Celestial Navy with the Star Army of Yamatai. Elysians will happily serve with Yamataians in the defense of a common nation, and Veritas has useful technologies that the Ketsurui may wish to make use of."

Andariel folded her hands precisely. "As a show of just how serious we are, we plan to open the city of Empyrean to all citizens, Yamataian and Elysian." It was, from an Elysian standpoint, an astounding gesture. The Holy City had, almost since its construction, been a cloistered and closed off enclave of Elysian high society. "Aside from this, there are no conditions we ask for. Elysia would like assurance that we will be included in the defense of our nation and in the political process, and nothing more."
The Sky Marshall clasped his hands together on the desk as he overheard the negotiations.

"Nepleslia approves of establishing beneficial trade relations, but is slightly alarmed by the alacrity through which the Elysians and Yamataians have united their armed forces. Although we have no qualms with promoting peace in the galaxy, the strategic position of your realms proves to be both a figurative and literal wedge between Nepleslian sectors. Therefore, Nepleslia feels it reasonable to open more neutral space lanes through former Elysian space in order to benefit international relations and trade."

With a few motions, Davis projected a few lines on the star map. There would be a new space lane running between P1-1 through the Elysian outback to connect with Vordachibea, as well as an expansion of the New Nepleslian Space Lane, running between Veritas and Elysia and connecting with Kennewes and Vordachibea. A third line ran from Kxi'ran to Kennewes, between Elysia and Albini.

"These lanes would be neutral territory guarded by a contingent of ships from each of our nations, to number no more than 50 ships, whose only purpose is to guarantee open passage of ships through these lanes. If permitted, Nepleslia would be willing to expand trade relations with your allied nation."
Andariel smiled softly to the Sky Marshall. "Please understand I am merely acting in the interest of my people, as you are for yours. Elysia would not be seeking such a dramatic change were we not ready to open our borders more, both to foreign interest and trade." She glanced towards the Empress, briefly. "In principal I agree with you, that neutral trade routes are a fair proposal. However, I cannot in good conscience approve the routes you have suggested."

She pointed out, particularly, his suggested expansion of the New Nepleslia Space Line. "Having such tactically important sites as Veritas and Elysia divided by a neutral zone, which will bear military ships from multiple nations, is not acceptable. Your spaceline already travels to the galactic East of Elysia to reach Yamatai - there is no need at all for it to serve as a buffer between Elysia and Veritas to reach Kennewes and Vordachibea. Indeed, you would be greatly increasing the distance traveled between Kxi'ran and your southern worlds by taking that route."
Alexandr listened as he read the document, scrutinizing every line. The Jiyuuian was intrigued by the current topic, his ears pricking every so often before he finished reading. Taking a pre-offered pen from one of the assigned aides within the room, he signed.

"Your Highness, let this be the first steps towards a fruitful, and friendly future between our two great societies." The young man capped the pen again as he spoke, making sure everything was neat and tidy on the document before presenting it to her before looking to both the Nepleslian, and Elysian delegates respectively.

"What of gates? A simple gate network could possibly alleviate any concerns on the part of Elysia, and could solve Nepleslia's concerns in one fell swoop. They could even be a neutral system between the nations as trade lanes for Faster-Than-Light travel, and supply for Nepleslia's citizens to the new Nepleslian Territories." He offered the idea tentatively.
"That is a solution amenable to our interests." Andariel glanced towards the Empress, and then the Sky Marshall. "Do we have an accord?"

The suggestion of the Jiyuuian was a good one, in Andariel's view. It was fair to all sides, offered improved trade relations, and it didn't interfere strategically with Elysian (or Elysian Yamataian) interests.
"The use of gates seems reasonable, but which neutral system are we speaking for as this starting point? Kxi'ran? That location still seems to be within Yamataian territory, unfortunately, unless it were to be annexed as a neutral system.

What I am concerned with, my fellow diplomats, is the strategic issues presented by your alliance. I must be vigilant. I believe I will have a gate network established between Nepleslian territories to serve Nepleslian interests.

Although this may satisfy my military concerns for the time being, I am still very open to the possibilities of economic and cultural sharing. Actually, I have an idea that may be of interest to everyone after we hammer this point out."
"A station could be established at the border, to be jointly operated by all involved factions," Andariel offered. "Though to my knowledge, Kxi'ran is not under the control of Yamatai. I believe it already is a neutral site."

Andariel smiled inwardly. There had been a great push in the Senate to annex Kxi'ran despite the apparent presence of life there when the first communications were translated. The plan had never gained any momentum, however, and Elysia had instead moved in the galactic West, finding Elysians already settled in Keren...
The conference room entrance soon was filled by the figure of a familiar presence which graced the room once before a year prior. A slow stride carried the Fyunnen senator Aegis into the room as she gave a nod to those present. "I apologize for being late... our ever so kind hosts decided to detain me for tea in a holding cell." Aegis flashed a soft smile to the Yamataian Empress before she strode to Alexander's side. "Ah, my fellow in representing the Colonies... I hope that you did not worry for me?"

"What did I miss?" Aegis' electronically transmitted and coded voice sounded in Alexander's head as she communicated through the use of her neural implant. "The moment I got here, they impounded my shuttle and threw me in a holding cell, so I am utterly at a loss as to the situation." Aegis' electronically communicated voice carried her agitation, yet her face displayed none of her negative feelings as she spoke aloud. "Well, I hope I did not miss much. May I be supplied with a transcript of what I was not present for? Once I am caught up, I will be sure to chime in."
Alexander replied in kind to the Fyunnen, giving her a briefing of the situation, wearing a polite smile upon his face as he got to his feet, and pulling the chair out for the woman. Ever the gentleman, he gestured for her to sit.

"My dear, I knew you could handle yourself quite capably. I merely asked our friends if they'd seen you arrive, and or if you were delayed. However, you are here now, and we can continue onwards with our peaceful discussions amongst the company of our friends, and neighbors."
"Why thank you, the best trips have small detours." Aegis replied as she took her seat, patiently waiting for the host of the get-together to provide a transcript of what was missed. After all, that was only the polite thing to do.
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