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SACN [Admirals Only] Star Army Command Chatroom

From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Stand down deployment to Rabaal and move the Third Fleet to the Depot at Nataria. We plan to transfer personnel to new ships and recycle the old ones.

To: Taisho Eikan Minato SIXTH FLEET
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Stand down deployment to Rabaal.
To: Johnathan Whitmoor, FIFTH FLEET
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Provided that you're all done at Tami, your fleet is ordered to stand down from deployment there and return to your headquarters at Albini for recovery.

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To: Shizuka Endo, EIGHTH FLEET
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

Eighth Fleet should stand down from deployment at Cellondora and return to its base in the Valentine system.
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui
From: Johnathan Whitmoor, FIFTH FLEET

We have already finished at Tami and are currently deployed at Lkiuhujngfv II taking a Mishhu Remnant base.

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To: All Fleet Commanders; All Unit Commanders
CC: All Star Army of Yamatai Personnel
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

1. It's been 5 months since the the Type 35 uniform was distributed and made standard and everyone should have one now. Contact Star Army logistics immediately if there is an additional need.

2. The transitional period for old uniforms is ending. Wear of obsolete uniforms is no longer permitted after 1 July YE 35. This includes the Type 30B Female Duty Uniform.

3. The old Type 22 Bodysuit is still authorized for wear but by female Nekovalkyrja and Yamataians (22C or Minkan) only.


Taisho Ketsurui Yui
Commander, Star Army of Yamatai
From: Kurita Shunsaku
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

The Hanako Cluster has been pacified and HX-13, after some lengthy delays, has been pacified. While I take responsibility for these... delays, I do not believe that there was anything in my power to prevent them due to external circumstances. I can prepare a full report if you so desire.

Damaged units and half of the combat capable elements of 12SF are now relocating to HX-2 for refit and rest. The rest of the Fleet's combat-capable units, along with the XII Legion, will accompany the Flagship to Essia to begin picket, cross training and cultural exchange duties there as was originally planned.

We do not anticipate any issues training up the Essian militia to some level of a modern home guard. However, some concerns do arise from the more conservative religious sections of their society, particularly their religious warriors. Nonetheless, we shall treat it with all delicacy. One does not grow a rose bush by dumping water upon it, after all.
To: Commander Tenth Fleet, Shosho Fujiwara Miu ( @Kokuten )
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui


Send a report as soon as possible on what is happening on Asura and everything you know about the Iromakuanhe. You will act in support of Operation QUIET RAGE by gathering more information about the possible threat posed by the Iromakuanhe.
To: Commander Tenth Fleet, Shosho Fujiwara Miu ( @Kokuten )
From: Taisho Ketsurui Yui

1. Order the invading Iromakuanhe fleet to leave and let them know that we will declare war against them if they do not leave promptly.
2. You have permission to defend yourself as necessary but do not go on the attack until you have my permission, as war is not yet declared.
3. Avoid violence if possible.
To: Taisho of the Star Army, Taisho Ketsurui Yui (@Wes)
From: Taisho Nakaide Shida


Tenth Fleet is tracking a vessel of unknown make and origin currently on course for Asura III. Intelligence ships in-system area are monitoring the event as well. I am sure Atago-kun will be in touch with you soon, but thought you would appreciate being informed about the possibility of a new presence in the sector.

To: Taisho of the Star Army, Taisho Ketsurui Yui (@Wes)
From: Taisho Suigetsu Kyōku, Ninth Fleet

Recently a Midori of the Ninth Fleet, the YSS Hana, has come under fire by an enemy Elefirn vessel in the far NorthWest. The Hana is presently engaging this ship while the fleet moves to take up an advantageous position around possible fortifications in the area as well as rendezvous with the Midori. When more details are derived from the situation, you will be informed.

Taisho of the Ninth Fleet
Suigetsu Kyōku
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Star Army Command (@Wes)
From: Taisho Hokusai Akiyo, Third Fleet

In response to the Kuvexian incursion into the Empire's southern territories, I have immediately ordered the redeployment of the Third Fleet back to the Samurai Sector and moved my flag to Third Fleet Headquarters at Virginia Fleet Depot. Ships of the 3SF will be setting up defensive pickets and establishing sensor networks in systems near the southwest frontier between the Bufarks Cloud and Hidden Sun Clan space (Sbuhfaba, UX-1, UX-2, UX-3, HX-21, HX-22) to ensure the safe conveyance of Yamataian forces, civilians, and materiel withdrawing from the Ketsurui Military Sector. Please advise if such actions are incompatible with the Star Army's current strategic goals.
Taisho Yui slowly walked around her office, transmitting to the Admiralty channel via volumetric hologram. "The Empire was overextended," she began. "Much of the space claimed by Yamatai was never really developed, and therefore not really worth defending. The loss of multiple systems on the surface looks bad but they're not vital systems to the Empire. As the Kuvexian forces claim more and more territory in the Kikyo Sector, they will need more and more ships to defend it and set up shop. In short, the problem we started this war with will become their problem, and this is something I plan to exploit. We'll call that agenda number one."

A volumetric display appeared behind her, with the text as she narrated it:

1. Invite the enemy to spread itself out so their units can be faced in smaller, more winnable engagements​

"At the same time," Yui continued, "the longer they have to establish themselves, the more they can become entrenched and logistically self-sufficient. We have a timeframe, right now, where their self-suffuciency is nearly zero. Those ships have crossed hundreds or thousands of light-years and have nowhere...yet...to resupply themselves. If we can fight them long enough and smart enough, they could simply run out of rations or other materiel, or they will have to import supplies at great expense. We'll call that agenda number two."

2. Capitalize on the enemy's lack of logistics support and keep them from restoring it.​

"The immediate issues we're facing now is that the Kuvexians are trying to take Hanako's World and other systems that we actually care about and sending reinforcements there first wouldn't be enough, and second, would weaken defenses on our core systems like Yamatai and Nataria by reducing ship counts there, which is exactly what they'd like us to do," Yui explained.
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Star Army Command (@Wes)
Cc: Taisho Nakaide Shida, SAINT; Taisho Shizuka Endo, Eighth Fleet
From: Taisho Hokusai Akiyo, Third Fleet

Initial assistance and triage operations conducted in support of retreating Yamataian personnel through forward systems were successful. Sensors indicated an overwhelming Kuvexian presence approaching Third Fleet positions in the UX-series systems and former Mishhu holdings nearby. Per your previous guidance, 3SF subsequently withdrew to the Samurai Sector and within the Virgo Defense Network. Although no Kuvexian presence arrived at HX-22, squadrons present in that system evacuated personnel from the orbital installation there and attempted to remove all sensitive technology before their withdrawal. We chose not to fight for these non-imperial systems to avoid needless casualties.

The bulk of my fleet now remains at the Virginia system to safeguard weapons stockpiles, production facilities, and logistical infrastructure at Virginia Fleet Depot. A handful of strike groups are ready to assist SAINT at Vicky, 8SF at Valentine, and the Virgo Star Fortress itself should they come under attack. I believe we would stand a better chance in defense of vital facilities at Vicky, Virginia, and Virgo if the 8SF joined in their defense following the evacuation of Valentine's two million inhabitants.
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Star Army Command (@Wes)
From: Suigetsu Kyōku-taisho

Taisho Ketsurui,

Agenda number one has been my primary motive for staging a series of assaults and forced battles along the Western Front. My objectives were to create a thinning of their forces, distract the Kuvexian forces in the Ketsurui Military Sector from being able to launch assaults on our Poku neighbors nearby. I believed I could also creating a buffer by which supplies could not pass, as per agenda number two. I have not met full success in all my objectives. There was a push back against my forces with immediate force, but we stabilized as their opposition has waned slightly, as has my own fleet's. A half of my fleet remains scattered around the South Western expanse, blocking shipments when we can while implementing agenda number one as our prime motive.

The Kuvexian assault ships have seemingly left the Hidden Sun Clan territories unnoticed while a contingent of my fleet remains between the border of our allies and the Ketsurui Military Sector and below it, safeguarding how we can.

Thinking of the present, an additional Heitan with fighter compliments and Anri repair vessel would be much appreciated. Thinking for the future, Kagai-class or Type 31 dropships would help support an effort for retaking some of the planets and citizens on the worlds of the Ketsurui Military Sector. The present outweighs the future's needs and are part of the strategy to keep the enemy from stabilizing, so importance lays where obvious. When the time comes to push them out fully, my fleet could use the ground troop transport that those vessels provide.

Suigetsu Kyōku-taisho
Taisho Yui connected to her admirals once more.

"Time for an update," Yui said. "If you recall, our key strategies we discussed last time were spreading the enemy thin and taking advantage of the enemy's poor logistical support from its rearward home elements. On the first item, the Kuvexian invasion appears to have hit a roadblock as they haven't been able to decide on how to crack the Nepleslian meganut open, and seeing our fleets fight to the death has apparently given them some pause for the moment. I would expect some more systems to fall to the Kuvexians once they regain their courage and rebuild momentum...but they appear to have a much bigger taste for pushover systems which are relatively uninhabited. They are taking advantage of our unwillingness to reduce the defenses of our core systems by poking at the edges and taking what they can until we are forced to react. That brings us to the second item, which is their logistics. According to SAINT, the Kuvexians, particularly their corporate entities which follow in their Navy's wake, have been starting to set up civilian facilities in captured systems. These facilities will eventually start selling supplies to the invaders, presumably."

The Taisho cracked her knuckles. "Hitting back effectively will require a bigger military than we have now so I am ordering the maximum possible usage of our assets. This means we should use every ship we have, regardless of age...and that every shipyard and fabrication facility we have needs to be making more ships. I have directed Chujo Minori and Chujo Hanako to maximize recruiting efforts and to produce as many Nekovalkyrja and Minkans as possible and swell our ranks with new soldiers. Their Kingdom may outsize our empire but we can still outbuild them here in the Kikyo Sector. Secondly, the Kuvexians see this whole affair some sort of business venture and so we need to hit them in the wallet and the stock market by terrorizing their corporations until they learn to fear entering our space. I am directing the Star Army to treat any armed civilian invaders as hostile extensions of the Kuvexian Navy and wage a campaign of unrestricted warfare against them both here and, for our expeditionary fleets, in Kuvexian space."
The image of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko was captured, a side office used in the Tokyo Arm of Gemini Star Fortress, the veteran Taisho appeared refreshed and infused with the same energy she had back in YE 28 when Yui first promoted her. The blue-haired Neko, had her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, it truly was as if the image was a moment of the past. "Aye, Taisho!" Katsuko acknowledged her fleet's orders respectfully. "I am happy to inform you that the First Expeditionary Fleet is coming fully online over the next few days. We've intercepted information that the Kuvexians have dropped a massive load of Rixxakor off in the Tange System. I've pulled our ships off their current shakedown cruises and have begun an operation to liberate Tange as our operational entry into the conflict. The YSS Tokyo has been completed and is being staffed as we speak to depart to the south-eastern frontier to assist."

"Gemini and Leo will continue to produce ships for the fleets, thank you again to Taisho Atago Hinoko for your cooperation in helping us meet our production goals,"
she added, thanking the Taisho of the Tenth Fleet for the usage of Leo Star Fortress for their re-establishment. "Taisho Yui, if I could suggest, in cooperation with Chujo Minori and Hanako, I would like to activate some mass cloning facilities on Jiyuu, it would assist us greatly in producing Nekovalkyrja and Minkans faster to man our new ships." Katsuko knew the game of war was one of numbers and position, she had scores of ships built, but her flag officers were scrounging even from Fort Tokyo's cadets just to man the YSS Tokyo.
The image of Taisho William Fletcher nodded along, agreeing with Yui's assessment and his Mentor's thoughts on the situation. "Seventh fleet had been developing a strategy based around the Ikoi light starbase commanded by a Shosho. It is big enough, bearly, to fit a Fuji inside its single docking bay. This allows for effectively unlimited endurance for a squadron of gunships, two squadrons of scouts, and an infantry century in a Kagai. The scouts provide a wide-ranging sensor network, the gunships and the century provide a hammer of force as a quick response. Heavier firepower for specific operations is provided to several of these squadrons by a main battle group. I have reworked the Seventh fleet into this configuration and we are seeing a degree of success. Our current focus is building out our fleet before beginning a long journey towards Kuvexian space with the Hotaru and Himitsu Star Fortresses. When they arrive, we will have heavy manufacturing capability much closer to Kuvexian space."

"In terms of recruiting, now that the invasion of their world has been repelled, the Separa'Shan have been joining the Star Army in much higher numbers then they have previously. A lot of them are angry about what happened to their world. In terms of demographics, they are very close to seeing a population explosion, one that we can take advantage of. I would suggest to Chujo Minori and Hanako that they focus some of their efforts on recruiting the Separa'Shan. In addition, there are a lot of stories and information coming out of Essia that they can turn into some very effective recruitment aids." The dark-skinned Minakin explained.
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"Understood, Yui-taisho," Hokusai said back, her comm signal coming in from the Third Fleet's headquarters at Virginia Fleet Depot. "I'll continue to hold these systems as securely as is possible. It would help expedite arms production and fleet expansion here in the Samurai Sector if my Third Fleet were given joint command of Virgo Star Fortress alongside the Eighth, which is severely under-strength in its current state. A modernized Third will develop in the coming days as quickly as production efficiency allows.

"The Third Fleet will additionally set aside a handful of ships to operate in offensive roles against the Interstellar Empire," the little orange-eyed admiral continued. "While we still employ many old Irim- and Ayame-class ships, the Third is nonetheless one of the Star Empire's largest formations still standing and will fight until the last of our brave crews goes silent. Thus, the Third owes it to the rest of the Star Army to make our contribution to Yamatai's counterattack as meaningful as possible. At least one task force will be designated to retaliatory operations against Kuvexia."