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RP: Yome Ismâopate Ancient Enemy


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Meopa spoke "If I had to make a decision, I would say outsiders, they spoke strangely. Like our words were strange to them. Or perhaps they were speaking in an older fashion."

"One of them talked about giving us Iasa Sou. I'm not familiar with that."

Dorgos "I am still awake, but I am having problems with my vision. It fades in and out if I move my head. Think I will try to keep it still."


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There was a moment of intense worry in the back of La'tâ's mind when Dorgos spoke, she needed to be quick but careful with Meopa, who spoke words equally as worrying but for another reason. "They spoke of giving us Iasa Sou...they did not plan on us do not need to know the details..but that 'medicine' will kill you."

The Tula continued to work, using the Fiqorous'sa Usapo'te to help repair Meopa's wound as quickly as possible. By now she has secured the wound and was now using the Fiqorous'sa Usapo'te to stitch it together. "Dorgos, tell me who you cam to be on our ship." She wanted to keep him talking so she could monitor his condition by his response.