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RP: Neshaten [Cercatore Di Stella] Prologue: Answer the Call


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"Any questions?" Aiu asked, glancing over at Talih as she peeled off her current gloves and discarded them into a contaminated waste bin. "If not, please see to Nyo."

Just then, the announcement came over the speakers about the crystals not spreading to cooled areas. "Roger," Aiu replied simply, moving to her next patient. I'm not sure how that's going to help me here, the people who come here already have it. Do they want me to make this place a freezer or something? The stress was pulling on Aiu's nerves, leaving her a bit short-tempered. And then, the tone that signaled a lost life echoed in the room before being silenced by a nurse. She paused, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She took the anguish, the exhaustion, the despair, and swallowed it all back inside her. After a slow exhale, she began briskly walking again to the next patient.


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"None," Talih answered as she hurried over to get her hands gloved - then her feet, most imporantly the bare toes and her heels, covered to avoid infection. She moved to Nio's side, opening the curtain for him, taking care not to touch him. As soon as he was laying down, Talih scrambled again to get the right things. Painkillers in the form of an IV bag and syringes, one being the nanite injector. Wasting no time to to slip the needle into his left arm. "From one to ten, how bad? Just sign it," she glanced up to Nyo with clear-cut concern on her face, flattened ears and a furrowed brow.

The remark of the engineer was missed by Talih, someone else had to call the shots here. Now she'd do just the work to keep people stabilized for long enough. Her gaze lingered to one of the first, though certainly not the last casualty with empty eyes. As if staring right through. Or, keep them from dying painfully, was the bitter realization that dawned upon her.

Though once having finished up with Nyo, after having made sure he was comfortable enough, she moved on without a word. Something had clicked in her mind, there was no time to wait, hesitate, or be in shock that people were dying. Emotions were drowned out by the severity of the situation, if not completely shut off for the white-haired Daur. Then again, she always had an amazing mental fortitude.