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OOC Conference Discussion

Although @Ethereal would have to confirm (or deny) this, I'm pretty sure the conference's security forces wouldn't allow any of Alex's or Jack's USO-related characters into the conference, @Zack, as they're not on the official guest list, nor are they (to the best of my admittedly limited knowledge) close friends with anyone who has enough authority to get them in.
Apologies for the double post, but wait a minute @Zack. @Ametheliana said that you were supposed to “let's wait to hear Wes' call on if Uso is coming or not,” @Fred said that “if you're not an involved party, you wouldn't know the date,” and as far as I know there was no mention of the IRC in any public “news feed” (let alone one accessible by Uso), nor did USO ever receive a formal invitation - so I have to ask: how exactly did Uso ICly learn of the IRC’s exact date and time, @Zack?

The more I think about it, the more this is starting to look like an attempt at creating OOC drama by crashing the IRC despite everything that was said here...
As of right now USO and company cannot ICly enter the conference without powergaming, until I get clearance from the big man about what the status of entry is. Feel free to try but no omaiwa mo shinderuing past all the guards via the magic of posting locations.
makes me wonder if this is how big diplomacy meetings go down IRL, can't imagine they'd be any less stressful XD

anyway decided to poke me head in to inquire about this whole IRC, i know its basically the equivalent of world leaders meeting but can anyone tell me what gets decided there that has an impact on the rp and site? Just a curious player is all ^^
...can anyone tell me what gets decided there that has an impact on the rp and site? Just a curious player is all ^^

In the past, it's mainly a way for treaties to get made and nullified, for Yamatai to tell everyone else what their plans are going into the future, aid is asked for and/or provided, etc.
Okay this is really weird but I was scrolling through the list of articles I left in WIP and I spotted three proposals for the IRC.
Apparently I wrote these six months ago? O.o

I thought I may as well post them here, maybe as talking points. I don't know how complete they were when I left them but here goes nothing. I think I made them when the various factions that have since left SARP were around since suzerainties have never been well legislated for.