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RP [Day 2] Down to Business

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Agenda for Day 2 of International Relations Conference

A. Discussion on the direction all nations would like the universe to go.
B. Mishhuvuthyar wants and intents with regards to the war.
C. Status of the Empire of Nepleslia (the Reds) vs. DIoN
(Emperor Jim Blackman of Nepleslia is expected to attend and surrender to the Greens)
D. Recognition and Border Treaties
E. Non-Aggression Pacts/Peace Treaties
F. International Agreements on Prisoners of War
G. Trade Agreements
H. Nepleslian (and other nations' adoption) of DOC and International Cargo Containers
I. Discussion on Post-War Rebuilding
J. Discussion on Colonization policies and goals

The following topics are not allowed to be discussed for today:

1. Former Emperor Uesu
2. The Yamatai Plague

This is to ensure order.
Tio was the first to arrive at the massive table, he wore a black high collared military-like jacket with platinum buttons, and matching black pants with polished black dress-shoes.

The purple haired Yamataian Prince sat in his chair, running through a few things he had noted on his data pad following some communication with his mother on the schedule for the day. He had chosen Senator Tange Ayana to return with him for the day's proceedings, the remainder of the Senate was left to watch from another conference room on the station, their only link was to his datapad. Mr. Creighton Marks however, was also invited, but done so without notice likely under the cover of the Shroud Suit in some corner, just in case.

One of his lesser aides brought him a cup of coffee and a fruit cup, which he had taken a few pieces of pineapple from and little more. The coffee, was however was welcomed, black without sugar and cream. He enjoyed its bitterness.

Pisces time check.... He requested to the station's AI. A response returned immediately. 0857 hours, Conference set to begin in three minutes.

Well then, lets see what the cat drags in today. The AI responded back, Cat? I am sure the security outside would stop any such intrusion. Tio smirked, Nevermind...
The lilac haired neko Senator paused at the door to the conference room as she hit send on the e-mail to all of the Yamataian Senators she had been thinking about sending all last night. She had been so mentally exhausted that she had fallen asleep before she actually sent it.

From :Tange-Katsura Ayana said:
To: Hanako, Roxxy, Aegis, Rufus, Maysaki

My dear friends,

If any of you have any information about what Melisson might be after or any suggestions about how we might be able to mend our relationship with Nepleslia, please reply back to this e-mail. I have my data pad with me so that I can look through my notes. Thank you so much for anything you might contribute.

- Ayana

Ayana smiled as she finally entered the conference room looking slightly more refreshed and rested than she did when she entered the chambers the day before. A good night's rest, a good meal and of course, the lack of SMX ships trying to kill her had done well to soothe her frazzled nerves.

Her hair was pulled back into a simple braid and she was wearing a
simple black dress that fell to her knees. She looked up at the Crown Prince for a moment before she walked up the stairs to take her seat beside him. "Good morning, Motoyoshi-sama. Did you sleep well?" She asked politely.
What Ayana received, in an easily skimmed form, was Roxanne's conversation with Melisson. It gave the basic points, then the more in-depth explanations, of Melisson's conditions.

At the end was a small note.

Roxanne said:
Ayana — good luck in there. She doesn't fear a goddamn thing, so you'd better not, too.

— Roxxy
Melisson came in early, passing the security checks rather handily seeing that she had pretty much come only with what was on her back. In this instance, Melisson was still wearing the pastel-colored elvish cloak, though she had opted for a long-sleeved dress instead of a blouse and loose pants this time around.

The Mishhuvurthyar representative walked around the circular arrangement of conference tables until she found the seat she had occupied the day before. She silently settled on it and made herself comfortable.
Under the cover of a side room, Creighton removed the mask of his shroud suit just enough to reveal his mouth. With his left hand he popped the top from a small container of pills. As he was pausing a moment to steady his breath, Creighton reached into the cylinder and retrieved two pills. I didn't want to get back into this, dammit. Ok, just for the conference. Once it's done it's over. Pushing the pills into his mouth, the Yamataian tossed his head back and swallowed them.

As he finished that, Creighton cautiously wiped the lip of his mouth and began to focus forward. He paused for what seemed like hours, but in reality was mere seconds. Shaking himself, Creighton couldn't wait for the stims to kick in, he was tired. Extremely tired. Since arriving on the station he had barely slept or eaten. These would hopefully get him through the meeting and then a little beyond.

Pulling the mask back down over his face, Creighton began to fade from vision and sensors. Just gotta get through this all. As the young man disappeared the door to the side room opened and closed. Silently he made his way across the concourse, dodging people here and there.

Soon enough the conference room loomed in front of him. Waiting for the door to open and sneak through, Creighton felt a hint of energy in himself. With a renewed breath, he watched as Tio's aide left the room. As the door was still open, Creighton crept through into the near empty conference room, save Ayana, Tio. and Melisson. Watching the two diplomats Creighton walked carefully along the wall to a corner near them. And then he waited.
Dressed much as she had the day before, the Mistress of Judgement strode confidently into the room. She smiled to each of the delegates who were there early as well, and then moved towards Tio and Ayana. When she was still a fair distance away, she paused and looked between the two of them, waiting for permission to come closer.

If given, the lioness would approach, and pull a lavender folder from the folds of her cloak, laying it upon the table between them.

"Please look the information contained within this over. For the good of my people depends on what you do with what I provide you."

Then, she turned and walked back to her seat, sitting down and staring at the tabletop in thought. Inside the folder would be all the information the Kohanians were able to gather about the destruction of their temples, the slaughter of their people, and the oppression of their ancestors, the Fenyaro, by the Yamatai Star Empire. Included were rough sketches of what Shadow's Temple looked like before, and the crater that now occupied the place. There were pictures taken from datapads held in the Nether Reach's vaults, of Yuuko, Yui, Zao Fe Nei the missing Dy'Unnar who had not been heard of since disappearing with the Star Destroyers. All of the information was there, what Tio and Ayana did with it was up to them.
Ayana looked at the lioness curiously and of course, gave permission. She took the folder from the Kohanian curiously and looked at the information unsure of what she could do with it. She pursed her lips together as she looked through the folder, this certainly painted their military in a bad light.

She looked at Tio curiously as she closed the folder again, offering it to the Crown Prince. Her data pad buzzed softly as it vibrated against the table as she received the e-mail from Roxanne. She looked through it and sighed, offering this as well, to the Crown Prince to take a look at. "It looks like we have the missing data, we were looking for, Motoyoshi-sama."
Tio whispered telepathically in response, I slept well, thank you. He looked over the contents of the folder and the email from Roxanne. He made a funny face, puffed out his cheeks and sighed.

I see, nothing has changed. They all want to dwell on the past, even when we have been clear that we are willing to give reasonable restitution and apologize. It is nice to know that the change of power has been taken seriously. This summit is off to a unsuccessful start, if I wanted a list of our past transgressions I would of asked my mother to look more up on SYSTEM...I grow tired of seeing these....atrocities, let us hope that they will want to move forwards now. He noted with slight aggravation. Ensuring he turned the pages of the folder, and held the datapad in clear view of the invisible Mr. Marks.

He reached for his coffee mug, and took a sip. "Well once the Nepleslians and Elysians get here we can get things moving again." speaking verbally for the first time in several minutes.
Ayana shrugged helplessly at Tio, she didn't have anything to say. "I think they want recognition of what has happened, probably an apology and help rebuilding... these are the only things that readily come to my mind as I look at these things," she replied in a very soft whisper. "There's an ancient saying that those that don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps these are to help us learn and grow past this."

She pressed her hands together over her lips for a moment before settling back into her chair, suddenly wishing she had a strong dose of caffeine, as she noted Tio's coffee mug. She spoke in her regular tone of voice with a sigh, "Different time zones are hard to adjust to. Everyone must be partially jet-lagged from their journeys."
Creighton watched from his corner with a cautious interest. He dared not move much closer than he was currently. But as the Kohanian approached he made a careful advance, stopping only when Ayana appeared to give the feline ambassador permission to speak. From that spot he had a much clearer vantage point from which to watch. His eyes scanned across the semi-filled table, settling on no one in particular.

The movement at Tio and Ayana's seats shifted his attention to the datapad being held by Tio. Eyeing the information displayed Creighton began to process and memorize it for his report later. He realized this was going to be difficult, without the aid of a datapad he couldn't make notes and would only be able to memorize the proceedings. Watching the datapad for as long as he could Creighton committed it to memory as best he could.

As he read he couldn't help but frown at Ayana's statements. More apologies and more dwelling on the past. He did his best to keep his awareness open to those currently in the room. Watching and reading as best he could.
Tio replied back, feeling strained already. I believe we have learned, but I also believe that we too have suffered loss. The fifteen million of our friends and family murdered at Taiie... He sighed, changing his tone; I have no problem apologizing and offering restitution and even help rebuilding, but we also cannot rape our nations future in the name of satisfying some of what they are asking. Anyway, lets just wait and see how the morning goes.

He finished the rest of his coffee, summoning one of his aides to return to the summit room and offer refreshment to all at the table.
Ayana looked at Tio inquisitively with a look of concern. She was getting the impression that the Crown Prince was misinterpreting her desire for Yamatai's penance as wanting the nation to fall to their neighbors. "I'm not saying we have to throw ourselves at them and beg for absolution for all of our sins at the cost of our liberty, our freedoms. It does our lost loved ones a discourtesy to dismiss their sacrifices for the nation but we can't seek out their murderers and ask retribution without first addressing our own sins.

We all dwell on the horrors and pain of the past, we do it because we don't want the voices that haunt us to be completely forgotten. To move forward without addressing them seems to say that we have forgotten.

To address the losses of our neighbors at our hands when we have just as many civilians, and soldiers if not more lost at the hands of this war might seem contrary but no one here is wholly without sin.

Blood stains everyone's hands, and I know it's unfair that everyone is targeting us. But as the hosts and one of the nations seen as the biggest oppressors, we have to do what we can to placate them so they feel some sort of reassurance that we don't want them in shackles," she whispered passionately as she leaned in closer to Tio so he could hear her. She personally wasn't one for relying too heavily on telepathy.
Tio was relieved at Ayana's clarification, he had no doubt she was passionate in her beliefs. He wondered however where they personally stood, he longed for her, yet knew he had to be careful how he pursued it, especially in the conference room. He found comfort in having her near, moreso than the lurking Creighton Marks.

Coffee arrived, the aide went around the table taking orders. Tio's mug was filled and he readily took a sip of the steaming blackness.

I am glad we are on the same page now. He said to Ayana, tapping a few items into his datapad for later review.
Ayana let out a long sigh as she settled back into her chair, placing her hands in front of her on the table again. She tried to get the aide's attention, "Miss, could I please get a large coffee as well?" She asked politely as she watched the aide walk by.

She looked back at Tio and offered a small, reassuring smile. "You have to trust me, though I might be hard to read sometimes. I am willing to do anything in my power to help my home, and people persevere in the face of great adversity," she replied back telepathically as a gesture of reassurance.
"What's the point of even going back, Flint?" Eddy growled as he and his brother traversed the hallways, closing in on the conference room.

"I dunno. Figure out how to make peace I guess. Shit, not like it's workin'...them Ketsurui's seem ready to jus' set fire to the whole place. If they do, you 'member the plan, right?" Flint replied nonchalantly...peace didn't interested the 1st Assault Fleet Admiral. Peace meant he was out of a job.

"What's the fucking point if they just keep ignoring our issue in front of them?!" Eddy spat, the most recent list of topics and its all-to-obvious lack of the issue of prosecuting former Emperor Uesu evident. "It's a fucking joke, that's what it is. Yamatai is just ignoring our points, trying to shove money and apologies and thinking we'll eat it up just like every time before. Nepleslia is better than this bullshit. Money and fucking 'I'm so sowwy's aren't going to calm those rioters burning Yamataian Embassies, or catch the mass-murderer right under their goddamn noses. Let's just hope that they come to an agreement with Melisson. I'm getting tired of still having to answer phonecalls as to why Yamatai put a blockade around our goddamn planet."

"Ya could put in that suggestion I made up for vote. The one 'bout them special gas 'nades," Flint answered, again surprisingly calm about the situation. "Put riots squads armed with 'em in the streets. Would clear it right up."

"...the kasserine and vigor ones?"
"...I'm not approving those."
"Why the fuck not?"
"Shuddap. We're here."

As the two ID-SOLs entered the conference room, they silently took places near their original seats. Flint too the seat next to Melisson, with Eddy flanking his other side. The eldest Vanderhuge seemed a bit out of place sitting down...last time he was in here, he had stood for the duration of the amusing, rather informative meeting. But at the price of his feet, which were starting to cramp even on the way to his temporary station quarters.

Thus, Flint sat. Rather comfortably.
Tio observed the two ID-SOLs as they entered, he remained quiet, picking up his mug taking another sip of his coffee. There was something to said about this wait, it allowed opportunity for observation.

"Good Morning, I hope everyone is well rested; we have a lot to cover today. Once the rest of the delegations arrive we can get started." Tio broke the silence, hoping to start some friendly discussion while they waited.
Sky Marshall Robert Davis soon followed. His appearance hadn't changed at all since yesterday, save for his clothing being a little more nicely pressed than before.

He gave the required nod to the others in the room as he took his seat amongst his associates.

"Good morning, everyone."
Ayana was sent a message via datapad after a pause from the request,

Maysaki said:
Remember this: Melisson is NOT a Neko, or Yamatain, or a Geshrin, or a Nep'. Or a Elysian, Sourcian... Etc. Well, she might be, but I doubt that personally.

Do not try to think what she is thinking, as you'll only probably get confusion. Think of it like a Samurai trying to figure out what a Nepleslian Marine is thinking. Its impossible, their worlds and values are completely different. This is the same.

Not to helpful, but thats all I have.
"Excuse me," Melisson spoke up. "Is it truly wise to again allow more than one representative by species being represented? The yamataians only now have one senator and the Prince - should we not limit ourselves to one representative each?"
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