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RP [Day 3] One Piece at a Time.

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Tio nodded, "In the meantime, we should move forwards and discuss the separate issue of the compensation package I offered prior, for our poor judgment at Nepleslia Prime. What would you find reasonable in terms of monetary restitution or other compensation, aside from our former Emperor, which you realize is not an option at this point?"

He wanted to get through the rougher details that pertained only to the two nations so that they could move on and begin discussing the Azorean Trade and Tourism Treaty and other matters.
As she waited, Aqueniss decided to send a message to Viceroy Raytim to have him and the Parliament draft up rules, regulations, and conditions for the Azoreans' version of the Trade and Tourism Treaty. The ambassador turned on the datapad again and accessed PANTHEON to send the message, which read:

Aqueniss said:
To: Viceroy Raytim and Parliament
From: Ambassador Aqueniss
Subject: Trade and Tourism Treaty Draft

I have met many strange beings at this conference. However, we have made progress. A Trade and Tourism Treaty was suggested among the many nations of the stars, including us. If the Parliament can draft up a document suggesting what should go into this treaty, then please do so with haste. I shall remain here until I receive further orders.
"Although we would gladly accept monetary compensation to the amount of damage done to our forces, with some extra for the relatives of the deceased, and a formal apology, my interests lie more in presenting a unified front against the former emperor. His actions were unacceptable, being part of the plague as well as trying to coax us into an open war that would have resulted in much devastation to the Nepleslian people.

I do not expect you to hunt the man down and bring him justice when he fortifies his position with such a fleet, but I think a thorough condemnation of his actions and his exile from our nations would give him something to think about.

And besides that, Prince, who knows what other things he may have had a hand in? If you cannot overtly condemn him, give us the evidence necessary to ruin his image irrevocably and we will report it. Your mother will have the opportunity to distance her rule from the Ketsurui..."

He clasped his hands and brought them to his chin, leaning on the table.

"...and we can make it so that the Nepleslian people are burning effigies of HIM and not what they perceive to be a hopelessly corrupt system. Justice... can come later, when Uesu can no longer stand to simply wait and wipe the egg off his face."
Tio nodded, saying to Davis. "This situation has been regrettable; my mother has openly condemned Uesu's actions and he is no longer under our flag." He pointed to the Star Map, "After setting up the Ketsurui sector and handing it over to the First Expeditionary Fleet he dropped off our radar. I have my doubts we will ever see him again."

Tio sighed, taking a sip of his tea. "Something to remember Sky Marshall, which my mother has stated again and again, an entire family cannot bear the crimes of one man." He said specifically, "By Chiharu, some Ketsurui are honorable, strong, and contributing members of our society. I feel bad that Nepleslia has only seen their bad side."

Tio tapped a few things into his datapad. "I have transfered a reasonable monetary settlement from our treasury to Nepleslia. As for the apology, your people will recieve one."
"You cannot blame the retainers of an evil man," Davis said slowly. "They did what they felt was right, but that does not make the man in charge any less responsible for giving out those orders. And although I understand that the Nepleslian people are furious at the entire family, if we can pinpoint that fury on those who are in direct responsibility, it will be much easier to mold the Ketsurui as the unfortunate victims of one man's quest for power."

He sipped his coffee.

"This must be difficult for your culture to accept, however. I am well-versed in Yamataian traditions, and understand that to fault the 'Shogun' is difficult to accept for those who follow him without hesitation, for the sake of family honor. My request is probably making an enemy out of Taisho Yui and Taisa Hanako, as well as several others who bear the Ketsurui name, but having multiple persons to shield an offender does not make his evil directives virtuous."
Tio shook his head, and stated firmly. "I refuse to be a component in starting a civil war, I have offered all I can...compensation, an apology; that is all that is within my capabilities at this time." He had made a lot of ground, but there was a need to draw the line. "I understand it will take time for my family, for Yamatai, to gain the trust of Nepleslia after such tragic events. All I can do is offer a promise, that it will not happen again."

He had an issue with the name Davis had selected, there had only been one true person with the title Shogun, and that was when his mother when she was leading the Bakufu.
A thoughtful pause followed, which hung in the air.

"I will not press the matter further then," Davis finally said. ""However, if Nepleslia is in a position to exact justice where justice is due, I have a responsibility to act upon it, for to fail would go against all that I stand for."

He cleared his throat.

"...Your mother has earned a lot of respect from me, and I will treat your promise as if it came from her mouth. As you said, it will take time to heal our wounds, but I will earnestly work towards that goal."
The projection of the IAA changed, as Tio's electronic signature and the electronic signature of the Empress were added to the document. He said, "Well then, lets finalize this..." he passed one of the networked datapads over to Davis by sliding it across the polished table top.
Davis signed the datapad and pushed it back to the Prince.

"Unless there are any protests from my senate, this will become law within a day."

His lips parted in a smile, the Sky Marshall easing into his chair a bit.

"I must say that this has been a productive meeting so far."
Tio smiled, saying; "The Armistice is good for a single year, it gives us time to work out an official treaty. You can consider the previous article submitted to be on hold. My mother and I would like to have a chance to modify it and have it go by our new senate following our elections."
Davis would receive a handful of notifications of approval for the division of the newly-gained systems on his datapad. A few of the transmissions, however, were in severe rejection of the proposed split, but these votes were not enough to bring themselves out above the others.
Several messages arrived to Davis from the Rok'Veru planetary house, most of them supporting the treaty. A final message from Ioannes Calero also arrived. It contained a Yes vote, and a message.

20 DA says the Ketsurui violate within a month.
Tio took a moment while waiting for Davis to respond to check his messages and check on how things were going back on Jiyuu.
"I think we have the majority needed for it to pass. No problems at all, dear Prince."

Davis nodded.

"A lot of good can come in one year's time. I pray we have reason to be optimistic."
Tio said to Davis, checking the single message he had received from the Senate. "I would like to adjourn until tomorrow. It appears my government needs some time to get some things in order for the Azorean agreements." He smiled, saying "I believe we have made progress..I will see you tomorrow. I will transmit an agenda to you both later."

He smiled to Aqueniss, "See you tomorrow..."
"I look forward to our meeting tomorrow," Davis said with a bow as he stood up. "Have a good day."

To the Azorean he spoke as well, through the translator.

"It was a pleasure to meet with you. I thank you for your patience in regards to our discussions. Please, take care."

He turned and left.
Aqueniss nodded to both of them farewell before making her own exit. However, she only saw one of her holy warrior guards. The remaining one explained when he saw her confused face, "Retyur was curious about these aliens' delicacies, so a woman from the Eucharis volunteered to show him around." The ambassador nodded with a smile, "That is quite alright, we may linger here a little longer until he returns." She was happy that her subordinates were making friends as well as her.
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