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RP [Day 3] One Piece at a Time.

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Aqueniss nodded slightly and allowed Tio to lead the way. Hopefully, her speech would settle all arguments over her home and her people. She was both nervous and even excited at the moment.
After the minor blowup, Roxanne found herself in the same waiting room as before, again removed from play before even getting a hand on the ball.

Were intersystem politics always like this? She had a far easier time with the fishmongers of Malifar vs. those of Port Xenn than she did understanding all of this.

She was glad Hanako was back on her ship, but now Roxanne was unable to do anything again. Even Ayana, this time.

Bah. This is a waste of time. I can more useful back home. She sent a telepathic message to Tio — "Your Highness, might I return to Yamatai? I see no further good I can do here, and my constituents could require my presence."
Retyur nodded with a mild look of surprise on his face. He decided to only sample the seafood, since the other types of food might be just too alien for his stomach. “What does your homeworld look like? Does it have oceans like Sudran, my home?” The Azorean was a little inquisitive about other worlds out there.

"Well, I haven't spent a lot of time at home. A lot of us are soldiers that just live in space on ships or stations like these. MY home is more the ship that brought us here, than Yamatai actually. But I would die to protect them..it's a very beautiful place, with lots of land, pretty beaches, and kind people." Misaki decided being honest was the best idea, but maybe Retyur would understand since he was a soldier as well. Eating some sashimi, the XO went on, "It has oceans too, yes..not as big as yours I think, or Albini." The projected image changed to one of Yamatai.
Ayana stood from her seat, feeling irritated and wanting to scream. She felt like it was a complete and total waste. She nodded politely to the Crown Prince, the Premier and the Azorean woman as she made her way out of the conference room and headed towards the restaurant level of the station. She needed to cool her own temper and she hoped that maybe a pastry and some coffee might do the trick.
Maysaki could be heard just barely mummering under her breath from her seat in the Conference room, "Blasted War monger woman..." Any people wonder why people dislike Neko... She sighed in the end and stood from her chair, giving a quick bow before following Roxxane.

And not to soon after Roxxy would find the much taller woman leaning against Roxxy via having her arms crossed and set ontop of Roxanne's head, then Maysaki's head resting on her arms. She was smiling teasingly, although its not like Roxanne would beable to see. "See... Hanako has this one good quality. Every single ounce of negative image we get, as a senate and sometimes as a empire, too, is set on her. And most of the time rightfully, too."
"Doesn't damn well matter. The one is the whole, with her." Roxanne let her stay there for a few moments, but she then snarled to herself and stepped away.

"C'mon," she said. "I need a stiff drink before I hopefully go home."

As Maysaki followed, the pair soon caught up with Ayana. Roxanne was remarkably fast for having relatively short legs, but then, a temper and the lure of off-Yamatai alcohol contributed to that.

"Senator," she said as she came shoulder-to-shoulder with Ayana, not looking at the purple-haired woman at all. "May we two tag along? I assume you're going somewhere I can find a sturdy shotglass."
"Sure Roxxy. I'm just going to get some cheesecake but I don't doubt that they have alcohol there," Ayana replied glancing at Roxanne over her shoulder. "Maybe we can find some pre-YE 15 scotch somewhere on this station or maybe one of the Nepleslians would be willing to share a drink with us."

She continued walking towards one of the station's cafes. She had heard that they had some really killer cheesecake but she knew that they served other stuff as well.
Tio sat back down in his chair, the table empty now, he waited for the Azorean and Davis to retake their places. Once the two would enter, the doors would be sealed again, save for those bringing them food or drink. Hopefully now some progress could be made.
Aqueniss took her seat and resumed the position of having her tail in her lap. She waited quietly and patiently for everyone to get ready. She wondered if any of the representatives would even want to hear what she had to say.
Davis entered the room and took a seat at the table. He placed his datapad on his lap. It was connected to the pads of his senators in the other rooms.

"Hello again, my friends."
Tio smiled, nodding to Davis and the Azorean. He looked around, having ordered more tea several moments before. He looked down at his datapad and typed something in and then set it down on the table. KAMI translated his speech so the Azorean could understand him to. "I think the three of us should start by outlining what we still need to discuss and present. That way we can keep some order to this." He motioned towards the Sky Marshall, and then Aqueniss saying, "Whichever of you wishes to lead, I will go last, as that I am the host of this conference."
The Sky Marshall gestured to the Azorean representative.

"I feel it would be appropriate for you to begin, after hearing so much from the others. Please."
continued from YSS Yuurei

Just a moment after Davis re-entered the conference room, a young looking woman entered, a tray in hand as she milled about. She was dressed in a knee length black straight skirt, and matching low heeled shoes, a white button up blouse and a cute white frilled apron, her oddly silver hued hair was held back by a set of barrettes and she wore a pair of thin rimmed glasses over her perpetually closed eyes.

Walking over to Tio, she set down a tea cup and saucer, the motif being flowers, so the handle was a rose vine with a small bud that connected it to the cup, the saucer looked itself like a wide open lily.

"For the sir, a cup of herbal tea." She said in a polite, Kyoto accent.

She then turned to Aqueniss, and placed a tall glass of water before her, also on a saucer, this one looked similar to a pitcher plant, and was also on a lily saucer. "For the lady, a tall glass of spring water." She said with a smile.

When she arrived at Davis' chair, she placed a tall mug of jet black coffee down, the mug and saucer were unadorned, unlike the other cups and such stood out, along with what looked like a corner of a piece of paper.

After she set the mug down, she turned her gaze directly to Tio, and opening her right eye, she gave him a quick wink of her red pupil and a small smirk from the corner of her mouth. Before straightening up and bowing to the table. "I hope everyone enjoys their refreshments!" She said happily before seeing herself out quickly, as to not upset the proceedings.
"Thank you." Davis nodded to the nice attendant with a smile. It was the type of day that needed a good cup of coffee. This mug, however, was rather large and probably had enough caffeine in it to make the world shake.


He noticed the slip of paper sticking out from underneath the glass. He took it out and discretely read it from the palm of his hand.
The ambassador thanked the woman for bringing the water, but she didn't drink any of it yet. As soon as everything was in order, Aqueniss stood to say her piece. PANTHEON translated for her as she spoke in her native language.

"Friends and fellow representatives of the known universe, I come before you speak on behalf of the Azorean Commonwealth. Many of you have spoken of our 'rights' and our 'freedoms'. Now, I shall use them to relay to you the full intent of the Azorean people.

We are a peaceful people. If we do take a side, it will be after an enormous amount of debate in Parliament. The one known as Hanako did go out of her way to save our beloved viceroy's life, and he owes her a debt of gratitude. However..."
She paused a moment for dramatic effect before continuing.

"...that does not mean that the Commonwealth owes her anything. No one man controls the will of the Azorean people. Thus, for the time being, the Azoreans, as a people, shall remain neutral until further discussion. We are willing to initiate trade and peace with our neighbors and beyond, but the future is uncertain about anything further."

She then addressed the final issue of her speech, "Referring to the first contact document, I would like to discuss with those who have a problem with it on how it might be amended to their approval. We may also discuss a possible open borders treaty for trade, tourism, and a variety of other things." She waited a while for the senators and representatives to absorb all that she had said before finishing, "I would like to finish by simply saying that I am grateful for your hospitality. I hope that Azorea can prove to be a valuable friend to everyone here."
The Crowned Prince smiled, stating; "Yamatai respects your wishes, however our invitation for you to become a semi-autonomous state will remain an open one, when and if that time comes we can open diplomacy with Nepleslia to ensure their sovereignty and territory is respected." He turned, saying to Davis,in his own tongue but PANTHEON resumed the translation for the Azorean to understand too. "I understand why Nepleslia would be concerned about the Empire expanding into the field of their intended expansion area, but I suggest since the Azoreans have requested to remain neutral that we proceed on the premise of the present, and only deal with their joining one of our Empires when they choose to do so." Tio took a sip of his tea, saying to Aqueniss while motioning to Davis, "We will be happy to come to terms with a trade and tourism agreement. If the Sky Marshall approves we can discuss it after the First Contact Treaty. I for one approve of it, as that it already carries the seal of our Empress." He said apologetically to the Sky Marshall, "I am sorry for the way that the document was presented to you, I respect the fact that any such document would need ratification by your own Senate prior to your signature going on it."
Davis drew his attention away from the note and listened to the Azorean's speech carefully, nodding at the mentioning of neutrality and trade with other nations.

"Well spoken," he said. "It is rare to see such a peace in this universe. I would rather it not be disturbed as well."

He shook his head at Tio's apology.

"It is ok, Prince. As long as we are parties to peace, we will make progress. That being said, the Azoreans declaring their neutrality will put a lot of our worries at ease. The opening of trade agreements as well will prove beneficial to all members involved."

He opened up a display of the first contact agreement on his datapad.

"If I may make a suggestion that would hasten Nepleslia's acceptance of this document, I motion for the addition of a clause stating the removal of clandestine operations from around first contact's space. Spy probes and whatnot, you understand. The last thing we would want is to abuse the trust established in first contact by leaving eyes in the sky and such to monitor a civilization. Perhaps these independent nations deserve a right to privacy as well? Of course, I would be lying if I said this didn't serve a purpose of appeasing some of the unease from the Nepleslian military's mind as well."

He took a sip of his coffee. The rather large mug nearly dwarfed his face.

"In the interests of everyone, we also should probably work on drafting some sort of document on general trade and tourism regulations outside of this first contact document. This way we can draft binding documentation that prevents any further tensions. Using warships to deliver goods or tourists to the Azorean system, for example, would only serve to cause more problems.

Of course, since we probably want to establish trade with the Azoreans, this would apply to us as well. Does that seem reasonable?"
After her speech, Aqueniss resumed sitting. She lightly petted her tail as she listened to both Tio and Davis speak their opinions. After they were finished, she replied with her usual soft voice, "I am honored by both of your words. That additional clause would probably be for the better. Not only would it ease many worries, but it would also profit private, civilian organizations on both sides.

Most of all, however, it would ease Azorea's worries. Since we have no warships to speak of, we are virtually defenseless at the moment. On the note of our privacy, we Azoreans have nothing to hide, but I understand and thank you for your initiative on the matter."
She nodded to Davis before finishing up with a request, "Also to note, if you do not mind, I would like to aid in drafting the trade and tourism treaty when the time occurs."
The note was simple and hand written, with a little chibi drawing of the waitress holding a try and the actual body being written atop it.

The Small Note said:
Congratulations, this voucher is for one (1) free meal at the Velvet Room. Dinner is served at 8:00pm station time. I hope to see you there! <3
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