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RP [Day 3] One Piece at a Time.

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Tio nodded, "Then I suggest, we request our governmental bodies begin drafting our own sections for these trade and tourism agreements now, so what while we move onto other topics they can begin work and have something ready for us to present to each other for finalization." He relaxed a little, the conference room was a lot more comfortable without the discord of many voices.

Tio said, "If you both find it acceptable, I would likemove onto a matter I find of utmost importance and we come back to this when our senates and parliments have something for us?"

Related said:
"That is understandable," Aqueniss stated, "My viceroy has a means of communication given to him by Hanako, so I can contact him as soon as we adjourn. What is this other matter that you wish to speak of?" She waited with curiosity in her eyes.
Davis remained silent, clasping his hands on the table and opening his attention to what the Prince wanted to address.
Tio said to Aquenis; "I apologize, but the business I wish to return to briefly pertains mainly to Yamatai and Nepleslia, something that I feel is in need of finalization before we can begin moving forwards to things such as the treaties with Azorea or any other nation for that matter.

Volumetic Projection said:

His gaze settled on Nepleslia's Sky Marshall. "I would like to finalize this with you, so that both our governmental bodies may vote on the final copy, unless you are prepared to sign with me now." Tio motioned, pointing at the amendment he had made. "I have, in light of the SMX withdrawal, added some clauses that I feel are in both of our nation's interests."
"Nepleslia has already signed the previous version of this document, so I do not see the trouble that this slight modification would pose. Do these planets abandoned to us by the SMX, however, count as a territory claimed in warfare before the treaty was signed?"
Aqueniss nodded, realizing that since it did not concern her to listen in. She turned off the datapad that she had been using as a translator connected to PANTHEON. She would leave the two to their discussion as her thoughts moved on to back to her home. She lightly sipped some of the water given to her as the dryness of this atmosphere crept back into throat.
Tio nodded, "I was wondering, considering some of those systems are SMX annexed property of the Empire. If Nepleslia was willing to return some of them to us, as a gesture of good will?" Tio finally asked, what he had been waiting for all morning to ask. A knot of anguish formed his his throat as he looked at the star map. Hold yourself together...Davis is a reasonable man.
Davis knew fully well the political as well as military situation standing between Yamatai and Nepleslia. He knew Nepleslia was at a severe disadvantage in raw military numbers, but he also understood the very strong diplomatic edge his nation possessed.

The star map was littered with newfound treasures, and they would be cashed in for their full value, one way or another.

He took another sip of coffee from his mug in the moments of silence he allowed, examining the star map. As Nepleslians would say, it was time for some wheeling and dealing.

He brought the mug down and cleared his throat.

"This topic was actually why I was wishing to talk to your mother face to face," he began. "What did you have in mind?"
Tio smiled, taking a sip of his tea, swallowing his pride and Yamatai's with it. "My mother, has entrusted me with this oppertunity; I trust her judgment."

Tio punched into his data pad a few modifications, the Star Map reformulated, with blue squares around the Bard Cluster, Ushobrakflug, Xyainbor, and Valaad. "These are the systems I would like to discuss first, as they are the ones the Empress has expressed wanting back."

Tio said in a lower tone, "I must admit, Sky Marshall; the Bard Cluster holds a dear place in the Motoyoshi heart, as you know it was our former home."
Davis gave the Prince's words a thoughtful pause.

"I cannot begin to understand the pain of losing one's home," Davis replied. "...but I am extremely pleased to be in a position to return it to you."

"Mind you, however, that the word is 'position.' I cannot override the majority of the senate I preside over, but I can, with your help, give a scenario which would make the Nepleslian senate happy to acquiesce to your request."

He took a stylus out of his datapad and deftly circled areas on the starmap before projecting it out for the Prince to see.

Under Nepleslia's flag would be Ushobrakflug, Xyainbor and Sbuhfaba, circled in green. The Bard Cluster and Valaad were circled in blue, indicating Yamatai's gains.

However, circled in yellow were a group of 7 systems to the galactic Northwest of Higaflan, within the 60 lightyear sphere on the starmap.

"As you can see here, I am making efforts to fortify our position to accommodate the new rules of expansion. We will have a secure position around a designated sector of the galactic Southwest while Yamatai will be secure to the galactic Southeast. This avoids situations where territorial expansion would put neighbors in a pincering position to our recently captured SMX territory.

By the same measure, we avoid the obvious enclosure due to your galactic expansion to the Southeast if we were to keep the bard cluster.

Although I am privy to a exact divide down the galactic meridian to the North and South to cement this separation, I understand that it would be impossible to have Yamatai surrender Fujiko or any territories in the Virgo defense network. Therefore, the line of minefields and FTL deadzones will serve as the border between our two areas.

Beyond these modifications, Nepleslia will have no other expansion to the galactic south, as per our arrangement."
Tio looked at the Star Map, he rubbed his chin as he looked at the group of worlds given to the Nepleslians by the SMX towards the west of Virgo. "And you will not expand further south if you are permitted to keep those worlds?"

A blue square appeared around Sbuhfaba, "If possible, I would like to see Yamatai gain one of those worlds, Sbuhfaba would be ideal."
"I am a fan of tightly controlled areas," the Sky Marshall said with a light smile. "It's better for defensive purposes anyway. So, yes, would be the answer to your question. Why Sbuhfaba, though?"
Tio said, "It has significance to us...We have some research interests in the system, along with the Bufarks Debris Cloud." Tio tapped in a change on the Star Map. A yellow square appeared around Valaad. "In return for it, I would be willing to allow you to take Valaad, Darso and Koenic, which would make your boarder flush with the top of the FTL dead zone, and the Hanako Spacelane towards the east."
Davis coldly calculated the situation. The Prince was tossing him free planets in exchange for one, which raised his suspicions.

"I see, if we were to give you Sbuhfaba and this Bufarks cloud, would proper measures be taken to assure this area not be used as a base of operations for possible infringement on Nepleslian interests?"
"This map is fine, save for Ushobrakflug," Davis said as he examined the projection. "Yamatai has established a very clean FTL deadzone, which acts as a gate between the Nepleslian and Yamataian sectors of space. In exchange for permitting you to hold two systems to our southern border near Hukka, we would like to be the gatekeepers, so to speak, of Ushobrakflug."
Tio looked at the map, the boarder he had drew made sense, he fiddled with his datapad for a second and the Star Map changed again.

Projection said:

"Of course, Yamatai would likely be inclined to close the gap. We feel the safety of our defense Network at Hanako's Star is not a place where we want outside traffic. Is this change acceptable?" He motioned to the projection.
"Understandable. Does the agreement on the 7 systems I circled earlier still apply?"

Davis circled them once more to make it clear.
Tio said with a smile, "They are clearly within your territorial lines. No need to ask our permission." He pointed to the new line, "We of course are going to need a few weeks to extract our assets from Ushobrakflug."
"Understandable," Davis said with a nod. "We may need to establish another border at the south to prevent any tensions before we hammer out a firmer treaty, hopefully, in the future."

He extended his hand to the Prince.

"However, I feel this will be a very good arrangement, Prince. Let me present this proposal to my senate for immediate discussion."

(OOC Note: Just send Davis some messages or something to vote on the proposal)
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