RP Episode 3: Bittersweet Tidings

Oct 14, 2017
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"Her encryption was designed to lock down all research projects her lab had in case of a breach. Hades got nothing out of the lab. But her codes are in her Geist. The sattelite coverage and idle ship sensor sweeps were her lab's protocol, and nobody took the tags off when they were implemented. If you can crack her encryption, go for it. Director Pine has a set of codes, but he's not available." The technician shrugged, rolling his eyes. "It's a case of the dumb, so we gotta clean up."


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Jun 22, 2017
Medbay 2
Adria glanced at the horned head that was now under her arm, raising her injured leg slightly so she wouldn't put pressure on it. "I don't need help..." she hissed, glancing at her leg and sighing. "Just... put me on Neera's bed..." Adria wasn't even sure who Orias was, or even what species she was- but, though she didn't want to admit it, she still needed her help to get off the floor now with her shot thigh. Her red five foot long tail was drooping on the floor, the butterfly girl was still torn apart, even if not physically, from letting her brother get captured.

Chlorate walked to Mark's bed, hoping that perhaps her father would wake up if her mother couldn't. "F-F-F-FAAA-ther?" She asked glitchily, covering her mouth in surprise as she didn't expect her voice to glitch. Chlorate looked down at her still operational but battle damaged body, reading a couple errors in her head. There were occasional sparks, burns, even a few holes, and other damage marks in the body under her flickering hologram that didn't pain the AI inside but she could detect. The robot could tank a lot of damage in this body, but she couldn't heal it- it needed to be fixed. Fortunately, the damage was only light, and seemed to only be effecting her volumetrics (And apparently speech), but it was an inconvenience.
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May 2, 2017
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Kessler rested a hand on her uninjured shoulder, "I fear myself sometimes too. We are all capable of terrible things, but choosing to do the right things even if with those same skills is what makes us different. We are people, not weapons. Take a break, and maybe go get yourself a drink. The hallways are clear enough now, and you're just going to run yourself into the ground at this rate."

He looked sad as he had seen the kind of powers PP had given her through their vile means, and thought on how much this was clearly wearing on her. Kessler may be a spy, but he was still a captain, and he cared for his crew. "I can get some pain meds if your arm is still hurting, but I need you to take it easy for a bit."

He then turned to the new female voice, seeing the fiery haired lass after offering to help. "Thank, there isn't much left, then we can help move wounded around in the medbay."

Orias did as requested and helped the shorter girl over the the gel bed where the wolf girl slumbered. Helping her get into a sitting position next to her, before slipping out from under her arm. "I'm sure your sister will pull through, the doctors said they'll provide the best of care for her and your uncle.", the demoness stated after looking over Neera all hooked up to life support machines just like Mark. These mortals were proving more and more resilient then she had ever anticipated.

Both Neera and Mark remained unmoving, but where as Neera was asleep to the world. Mark would noticeably stir if disturbed, but again it was very feint.

"Very gracious of ya. Seems this shit happens anywhere ya go. These people just want a home, but assholes come out of the damn wood works to just try and ruin that dream. These people never done anything to them, why can't they just be left in peace?", Mark said somberly as he poured the first glass and enjoyed a swig of the glowing blue stuff which had a apply and citrus flavor.

"Most just call me Whisper. And I've fought Neps before, usually a beer and a new gun usually make up for it.", He offered with a feint chuckle as he shook Heather's hand. "Besides, you had as stated and injury and looked like you needed some attention. I can give you something for the fractures as well."

Seraphina felt tired, still feeling rather weak from her injury, and looking down the fabric was a bit fresher color of crimson. "I uh, think I need to rest for a bit, I don't......feel...so well.", The angel said as she sat down and slumped against a nearby crate, closing her eyes to rest a bit. She felt just so tired, having had adrenaline and the drugs run their course already. The Elysian was just so weak, and despite the heavenly quality of her white dove like wings, and golden hair, it seemed sad and pitiful in her worn state as eyelids lowered shut over deep blue eyes.

Jack couldn't help but just look so defeated, his expression no longer stalwart like it had been. The rage and hopelessness had left him haggard and almost old as his white hair seemed to suggest. His cheeks were moist as he gestured to all the body bags before them, "Izzy, over 400 people are dead. I promised them a home, and peace, and look what happened. They're dead, hunted by vulture who prey on those who only wanted safety. Even now, we're vulnerable. Three ships destroyed, the Anvil has significant damage, people are missing, and our son...our son is still in the hands of those bastards. I didn't do everything I could, I should have fought harder, been faster. My own brother is in critical condition, and our daughter Neera in a coma in a bed next to his. Adria even got shot in the leg trying to save Adilis. Our people have suffered deaths, our family is hurt, and..I..don't know what to do. I feel p-powerless."

His words came fast as the stress just broke the last wall of any hope of holding it together caved. He couldn't be calm, he couldn't keep up the facade any longer, the mask that he was strong that he wore so people would put faith in him. People saw him as a leader, but at the end of the day, with out the armor, guns, and a army at his back. Jack Pine, was just another weak human. He wasn't some super soldier, or fearless figure of authority, not some unrelenting force,...but just a man. A man who could only watch as his family and people suffered, because he was not the imagine he projected.

The Anvil continued to lower it's altitude until it was flying over massive mountain ranges, then over the jungle. They needed a place to set down, and park the ship for the foreseeable future as the base to run colonization operations out of. Someplace to serve as bastion while teams surveyed and took stock of resources, as well as made contact with any intelligent species that also called this world home.
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Aug 29, 2017

Ash just gave a simple nod from under her hood, the fiery fringe of her pixie cut catching the light as she spoke - delicate features remaining rather stoic behind her self-inflicted facial disfigurement, "Don't mention it~" she spoke simply, glancing back at the demonic thing strutting around the medbay before she began moving aside some of the rubble with the one good arm - the motion revealing a few more scars on her toned body and even a few cybernetic ports placed around the Nepleslian's skin, it wasn't like she wasn't easy on the eyes but it was clear Ashley wasn't exactly flaunting herself around.

Meanwhile Jacky's armoured figure rounded a corner into the same room the green haired Lorath was working away in, offering a weak smile from her own porcelain features as she rapped knuckles against the doorway to make her presence known. "I was told you could use some help?" the clone queried, white hair partially exposing the one blue eye that reminded her she wasn't normal.


"No worries sir," Leon mused as he took another swig of his own drink and began cleaning the few glasses that remained intact just incase anybody decided to join them, running a hand through his bright blue hair with a sigh before the Minkan continued speaking. "Assholes always hide in the woods sir, assholes and wolves - which end up being assholes half the time, but where there is good there is always bad, I hope nobody ever told you trying to come out and settle down would be easy," the bartender continued speaking, his words having a certain resilience and charm behind them despite a few tired sounds.

"There was a reason my great grandad carried a rifle when he was out on the frontier, something bites and you gotta put it down, sir."


Heather's mechanical arm let out a few clicks and whirs as she shook this mysterious figure's hand, before shaking her head at his statement, "the Fractures are my sister, she took the brunt of it, poor thing... but hey Whisper is an odd name if you don't mind me saying, does whisper have another name?" The blonde's green-gold eyes narrowed into inquisitive slits as she gave a warm smile, things were a little too tragic around here but this conversation was helping her push that aside for now - which was appreciated
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Aug 28, 2017
If she could crack it, that both sounded like a challenge and a joke to her, unless this person happened to be one of the most sophisticated and utterly thorough tech geniuses in the universe. Although the pink haired girl didn't put it past these people to have someone like that in their arsenal. "Just, let me have a look at it I guess." Haisely sighed while reaching for her own handheld device to check this fabled encryption. After running a quick search through the system she found the locked systems, with a bit of poking she found the encryption blocking their use, at a glance she guessed she'd be able to get through some of it but it was quite good looking.

Isabelle didn't quite know how to respond to the anguished outburst. "I know Jack." She eventually said, resting a hand on his shoulder softly with a grim expression, she was feeling the pain as much as anyone else if not more, her own children had been hurt and worse. But she also trusted Jack to get them back, she trusted the army he'd put together to fix up and help the wounded. "And everyone else knows you have done everything that you could, we all knew there would be risks in this job but we all followed you into it because everyone trusts you Jack. No one else can do what you have done for us, we will mourn for them and give aid to their families in their time of grief, but to preserve their memory and to ensure they will not be forgotten we must finish what we started. Get the rest of us to our new home, for the legacy of the fallen and their future generations." She spoke, gaining confidence with each word.

"I'll be right by you the whole way, you know I will. And once it's all over I'll still be here."
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Mar 8, 2018
"Fuck, that," she snapped. Violently brushing Kessler off, huffing to herself as she moved over to glance at one of the plates. It would've been so much easier if she'd used her powers. Opening her hand, a crystal of ice grew. Though it shattered as soon as she had conjured it. Too afraid it would hurt her again. Her shoulders slumped visibly as she just stared at her empty hand.

And without another word, the vibrantly coloured, ever-shifting woman went to work again.

Also medbay
A soft huff came from the Jane clone, Jacklynn, as she worked. Many of the ships residents and soldiers had prostethics, metal arms or legs. And while she could help out, albeit sorely limited, in the medbay, getting the prostethics in order would've also been a massive help. Or so she thought. Pushing her glasses up her nose again, the tip of her tongue slightly portruding from the corner of her lip as she worked with the greatest concentration. It was odd, to see her so focussed through the crying, the shouting, the lamenting and complaining. The silver haired woman was currently focussed on replacing some burnt and cut wires of some poor sod's legs. He had been patched up-... But.

A scowl came on her face as she lowered the tools. It seemed like he would need another replacement for the bloody stump she cast a glance on. He seemed to take it well, telling jokes and vividly fantasizing the colours or models he could get his hands on.

Though the look in his eyes attested of fear. Wriggling her nose slightly, pushing in the final wire, she thumped the armoured shin and glanced over. "If you could kindly wiggle those toes of yours, I'd be more than just happy," she stated warmly.


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Jul 12, 2005
Medbay 1

Harmony blinked as she looked to the newcomer as she asked if Harmony needed help. With a small nod, she jerked her head to the side and spoke.

"Gauze, I need gauze and that needle and thread. I need to stitch this person up here so I'll need you to wipe blood down as I cauterize the wound real quick to stop the blood ok?"

Harmony said aloud as she picked up her hands and the gauze she was using, soaked through now with blood. She bit her lip as she took a small cauterizing tool to seal off the blood vessels that she could and stitched the others as best she could before she took to the larger wound in an attempt to seal it off completely.

"Thanks for the help." She told the clone helping her as she looked rather tired and winded. She leaned against the table a little and shut her eyes and tried to recover as quickly as she could before moving off to help another table.
Aug 29, 2017

Jacky simply nodded and quickly pulled the top half of her armoured suit down to hang at her waist, exposing the white tank top beneath that hugged her well proportioned and sculpted upper body as well as two strong porcelain arms that began gathering the gauze and suture kit with her hands that were surprisingly clean when compared to the state her armour was in - the clone took a brief second to note this woman too had dyed hair, though assumedly for vastly different reasons than Jacky had to make her raven locks as white as snow despite the black still showing though, before the suture kit was placed down.

"No worries, happy to help~" the tall woman spoke as she got ready to assist with the process when a familiar voice graced her ears, the twin sister she and Talos both shared - where Jacky and Talos looked like they were each made to mirror each other Lynn managed to pull off the mixing and matching of pigmentation in a much different way, though it did make it harder for the third sibling to fit in that seemed to be more a concern Jacky had picked up rather than something shared by her twins.

"Hi there Lynn~" she tried to get her sister's attention with that slightly meek voice and a warm smile, a voice that didn't draw too much attention unless you were used to it like the silver haired woman with missing fingers would have been by now - being twin sisters and all that.


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Jun 22, 2017
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Adria sat on the side of Neera's bed and sighed. She put her cat- clawed hand on Neera's soft hand, being careful to keep her claws sheathed and avoid accidentally scratching her. The small feline girl eyed the life-support machines her much taller wolf sister was hooked up to, horrified. She held Neera's hand and whimpered "Please... sis... you have to wake up..." but received no response. Adria sniffled and layed her blonde head on Neera, and then something rare happened- Adria cried, tears falling on Neera. Her sister being in a coma, hooked up to life support machines, and her brother being kidnapped right in front of her really took a toll on the red butterfly winged girl.

Chlorate watched Mark from the foot of his bed, relieved to see he could still respond, even if only slightly. The glitchy robot waited by his bed, hoping that perhaps he would wake up- though, she was no medical droid, she didn't understand much about her father's condition.