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Obviously he couldn't just go up and demand it of her, no, he was smarter than that - he needed to bide his time and do a bit more digging before even considering such a bold move, he had spent all this time holding out and watching his back, to screw it all up now would be idiotic~

He sighed as he entered the armoury, a somewhat tall and rather pale man with a slender appearance, the slight moisture on his skin and the way his shirt was a bit clingy to the pale man's lightly defined torso was indication enough he had just stepped out of the shower moments ago - he seemed very Nepleslian though a bit pale and skinny mayhaps, at least part Nepleslian nonetheless - Sam stood at 6'2" with curly dirty platinum-blonde hair and piercing green eyes that seemed to sparkle, for a guy at least, he was real pretty and might even look elven with his angular features until you realized his ears were rounded.

Sam sighed as he crossed through the doorway, rolling his coat-covered shoulders and clearing his throat before approaching the seemingly rather popular Exia, one hand gripping his ushanka as the other reached into his grey woolen coat to retrieve something, "Lady Exia Pine I hope? I'm here to pick up one 7.7x15mm revolver that needed new batteries and a firmware update? Should be under Samuel Castor~" the man spoke, a faint Kuznyetski inflection to his words as Sam pushed through the forming crowd a little to hand Exia the paperwork for the maintenance that had been performed, a little folded piece of paper the quartermaster had printed out when he handed the gun in for repairs.


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Hangar 2A

Sharlett was at aw in her new surroundings. While this was not her first time on a ship of this size it still never got old how impressive they are. Being from a small farm town he never imagined that one day she would be sailing the stars.

The words sank in of Zeke correcting her that he is not a commander. This caused her to blush slightly and tail to fluff out in embarrassment. Her ears started to flatten when she heard Nyx greet her. This quickly changed her mood as she was completely aw struck by how cool Nyx looked. Her tail pointed straight up into the air as did her ears. "Oh my gosh, you are so cool looking." Sharlett said as she rushed over and started to look Nyx over from head to toe. Just as she was about to reach out and touch Nyx, another person greeted her. She continued to be in complete aw as another robot sounding person talked. "Oh my god, this is like the coolest thing ever." She wasted no time this time to start patting Chlorate on the head. This took some doing since Shar was a good six inches shorter. She had to stand on her tip toes in order to give a pat. As she did this her tail danced happily.

Something massive loomed for a few seconds in the doorway as it slid open and revealing some grotesque, monstrous shape. Smaller than the tsumi yet bearing a momentous weightiness to its eight foot frame, the creature seemed unreal and unnatural in the depths of the enormous vessel; a dark blot of bestial primitivity and invertebrate foulness staining cold steel purity. A fleshless face trapped in an eternal empty stare observed the room behind the sleek translucent domes off near the sides of its face. A strange smell followed him; his first sounds were not greetings but a slow and wet crunching, almost angry in their slowly mounting tension and deep, buzzing tone. Some furred shape emerged from behind a labyrinth of mouthparts; mandibles, graspers, clasping appendages, palps, even centipede-like creatures wrapping around a saliva-stained mass slowly being chewed and mushed into an unrecognizable bolus, bones gradually breaking beneath the factory of hunger and disappearing into the depths of its mouth.

Little sound other than the stowaway vermin's consumption followed him. Eyes swivelled behind the domes that covered them and his footfalls were near silent and delicate; the practiced rhythm of a predator that knew and preferred to be unseen. Even amongst those already there, Zvraciek seemed almost unaware, passing them by and letting the fresh, wet smell of his impromptu meal speak for him. His attention was elsewhere; those nearest to him could see the eyes behind those domes swivelling and jerking about like caterpillars electrically shocked, tense and slender shapes silhouetted against the translucence. Rows and rows were swept by his gaze, his head slowly turning left and right and a few pairs of mandibles grinding audibly against one another. Something skittered and clattered; not in the room but in his carapace. Many somethings - thousands of little footfalls like crunching leaves and the sound of chirping and high-pitched squeaking, as if there was some chorus for his apparent frustrations.

Slowly, he began to turn towards the armourer. Very, very slowly.


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Hangar 2A

Lena sat atop her Hydra tank, just forward of the closed pilot's hatch, one leg dangling from the hull of the machine as she watched the sparse movement of techs and others in the hangar bay go about their duties and other business; anything to keep her mind off the FTL jump that the ship's PA kept incessantly counting down to. She let out a shaky breath and turned her attention to the tattoo on the back of her left hand, flexing her fingers. The broken black blade writhed on the field of red around in as her tendons moved, the flash of memory of holding the blade came to her, but not the battle it had been a part of, much to her relief.

3...2...1. Jump.

Lena felt the ship tremble as the jump commenced, and let out another breath she didn't realize she had been holding, relaxed some. She looked back out over the hangar bay at the small clusters of people, idly watching them once more, especially the growing group centered on the mecha pilot, amused by the diversity among those gathered. This outfit sure is an interesting bunch...


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Hangar 2A
The veteran soldier felt the subtle shifting of the ship as the jump was made, even through the boots he was currently wearing over his hooves. Certainly this body was much more sensitive than his old one, Aztec mused, as he made his way around the hangar, observing the controlled chaos of the various ongoing preparations. He had already sorted his own gear and weapons, having donned his combat suit other than his helmet, which he held in his hand. There wasn’t really a need for him to be here, but talking a walk around the hangar beat standing around anytime...

Jack Pine

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The other operators all extended the Elysian a kind hand to shake, all offering greetings as well. "Lady Isabelle is also our department head of engineering, meaning she is part of the governing council. Also, don't take the Admiral's words too harshly, she's only strict because she doesn't like a operation to not run smoothly. It may seem like perfectionism, but she's only trying to ensure minimal lives are lost, and success is obtainable. We've lost many over the last two years, more if not for her leadership.", one of the ensigns added after introductions were made. "Lady Ironhart was the head for advanced research, but she teaches now. Mrs. Cerulius has that honor now, also Elysian like Lady Isabelle."

"FTL exit ETA 30 seconds!"

Alice gave a nod to the navigational specialist and operators, "All hands be ready, we have no idea the condition of the system since the last sweep a week ago. Remain vigilant, you know your assignments. Gunnery stations, stay on your toes and guns at the ready, I don't want any outlaws thinking they can get us by surprise. Comms, relay to the rest of the fleet to do the same, and have troops ready to scout the base once in range."

A call of echoed confirming shouts were heard from all stations as space opened up and pulled them back into normal space. But all was not right as the faces of those at the sensor station looked shocked, "Admiral, contacts! Counting 55 signatures in total, most behind the target planet. IFFs not registered, hull silhouettes unidentifiable!"

"Incoming weapons fire detected, impact imminent!", another operator called as the rounds of rail guns and torpedoes struck the shields of multiple vessels a moment later. Most damage was weathered, a few of the civilian ships however, taking damage. Several took enough to have to pull back smoking, one close to the valiant having taken three torpedoes and a rail round. The commercial freighter's shields failed, and was then rocked as the torpedo shunted off course, then as the rail round ripped through it's center, the ship a now disabled wreck as it belched atmosphere and emissions into the black of space.

Alice was quick to stand, a look of anger on her pretty Geshrin face, "Escalate to red alert, weapons return fire, and sensors tell me how the hell they got the drop on us!" To which one of the operators turned around, "Admiral, our sensors were still recalibrating from the exit, and they must of fired as soon as they detected the exit wormhole. But we have no idea why there's such a large fleet here."


Exia started to look nervous as she was surrounded and bombarded with questions, or looks. "Woah woah woah, guys, give a girl some room to breath. Mr. Castor, your weapon is just in the locker there, 21c. And yes Adria, but shake Miss Rossi's hand first and say hi, she's saying hi to you. Yes Miss Sareash, indeed I am, and very sought at the moment heh. What does an ISD agent require of me today?", the clone said almost without stopping for breath as she addressed everyone in turn as best as she could. Though the figure entering and slowly turning towards her, made the nervous look grow, as she had no way to tell their intentions, or mood. That thought was side tracked as the alert rang out in the armory though, causing her to almost completely change tracks as troops rushed in to gear up, "YAY! ACTION TIME! Come on, time to suit up for kicking ass!"

Ceilia meanwhile had given the woman a holographic pat on the shoulder, "They'll be here momentarily as I went ahead and did so. Also nice history piece there, who are you heh. Ketsurai Jones, raider of the lost colony?" she said with a giggle. "Sorry, but I have to poof for a bit, but if your boots arrive before then, come meet me in the hangar, then I can give you a real pat on the shoulder with my organic body." With that, the AI faded, before waking up in a dark place.

Thorn would find the details of her objectives for this contract inside the pad, as well as a note of love from a special someone. It also noted that the ship AI would be her contact, or well, the main AI. If one looked, they were everywhere, and in everything.

The chest of the XM1 her body had been resting in, split open like a blossoming flower as the pilot casket opened. The metal shell around her body opened, allowing her to hop out of the seat dressed the same as her projection, giving a few stretches before walking towards the Oracle. Coming around to Thorn's side, the brunette with tired blue eyes, offered the shorter woman a hand. "Ceilia Ryzka at your service Lady Ironhart," she offered in greeting, "Lady Pine asked that I be your contact for this one, and will be handling things as your comms line operator, and logistics support." The inflection of her voice was the only indication as to which Lady she referred to, but the two knew exactly who.

"Indeed, and I'm not one to turn down a helping hand. Though I was not suspecting to have a flock of people show up just to see little old me heh. Warms the heart of a old mercenary like me to think some still think I matter. But yeah, my old Oban here has been having a bit of trouble of late, her poor actuators have almost seen their last battle. The parts are discontinued too, so I've been having to fabricate them myself, or as close to spec as I can. Jack offered me one of the honeycomb things, but I keep telling him I'd rather buy stuff then be handed it without compensation," Zeke said almost prattling on as he politely accepted the tool from Nyx, his hands plunging back into the internals of the mechanized arm like a surgeon.

A technician ran up behind the group, out of breath as he waved a path, "Mr. *sucks wind* R-rykiel, there was a delivery made before we left port. I-I've been looking for you."

The spiky blonde looked up, "Could have sent the order form to my Geist, but what is it?"

Straightening up, the technician finally caught his breath and cleared his throat. Holding the pad in his hands, "One M3 Gekido custom, dubbed "Onyx", has been delivered as per purchase by one Zeke A. Rykiel. I am merely here to inform you, it is in alcove 13-2c, fully loaded and ready for if needing deployment."

"Hell yeah, now that was something I was dying to hear. Tell the other technicians I'll take over maintenance."

One of the engineers who had been working on the tanks at the end of the hangar, many new and covered over with types, walked up to Lena's Hydra. "Excuse me,but I've been asked to have you temporarily assigned to one of the other tanks for this operation. You've been handed clearance to unit 89, it's one of those new Centaur models. We'll be deploying troops to the surface base in advance of any ships to ensure it's secure before docking. Please go inspect it now and ensure the system is operating to your liking, and second operator will be there shortly," he said before handing her the pad with the specs. It was a very versatile platform indeed, sporting an arsenal of weapon systems, one for every range. It was treaded, plasma powered drive, semi-regenerative ERA, and plated in aegium for fine MBT it was meant to be.

As the alarm sounded, the ship vibrated from impacts against the shields, the crew pausing only momentarily as they figured out what was happening. "All hands to battle stations! Prepare mechs and fighters for launch, repeat, prepare mechs and fighters for launch. Large hostile fleet detected, prepare for battle!"

XM1s armed up and strutted to the catapult stations as the hangar doors opened, like those across the ship. Civilians who weren't militant, were moved out of the way for their safety. The tall armored figures were launched one by one, thrusters igniting as they flew into defensive positions are around the ship. Next, fighters were lowered to the tracks, Sparrows loaded with missiles and auto-cannons, rocketed out into space to form up into formations. Unlike the mechs, it would be a while until all craft had been launched.

Ships began to come around from behind the planet, the optics of the NDC fleet zooming in to show hulls adorned with the insignia and flags of brigands, slavers, and pirates. The presumed to be the possible flagship, had a crudely painted banner on it, kuvexian in style. The faint flashes of more weapons fire marked the launching of another salvo towards the colonization fleet. With a message, the civilian ships moved back to the safety behind the more militant ships. Fighters and mechs joined in formations through out the friendly fleet, ready to take on this sudden threat, one they had never been expecting.


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As Jack Pine’s Gynoid daughter stood there, listening to Zeke speak, the servos within her mouth, got to work moving her mouth into that of a smile which only widened as Zeke was speaking about how happy he felt that so many were interested in him. She was pleased with her part in it, and after Zeke took the tool from her and began working, she would have watched him work if it were not for Shar’s moving in to greet her. The cheeks around her faceplate began to change to show off a blush when she was told she looked cool.

She remained still to let her take a look, also bringing out her wings to put on more of an impressive display before Chlorate had arrived. Her wings went back down as she smiled “hello Chlorate, how are you doing today?’ she asked and she couldn’t help but smile when Shar tried to pat Chlorate’s head, it was rather cute if she would say so. She looked amongst the ground and turned to Zeke to give him something else when things got shaky.

She was still standing thanks to the spectacularly Isabelle made machines within her doing so and she reached out to grab for any who needed help being stable, to prevent falls. “What was that about?’ she voiced out loud until the announcement came on. Mother’s hands! she said in an exclamatory thought in surprise. She moved forward, then stopped as the realization that her sister was there on board. “Shards!! My sister’s here, Adria isn’t a combatant” she said out loud as she ran as fast as she could before her wings opened up, and she took off flying. “This is Enzero Pine of Saber, what is the location of Lady Adria Pine, is she safe?’ she sent out the message on her Geist.


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"Adria's fine," replied Istrossi via her ear piece. The tall woman had grabbed hold of the few people nearby who had looked like they needed it, and her outstretched hand had been closest to Adria. Off the network, she added, "She's tougher than she looks."

Coming from nearly 12 feet of dense muscle, it wasn't a shabby compliment.

She released the girl and grinned over at Exia, sharing the other woman's excitement. "Alright, folks, you heard the lady. If you're a combatant, let's get our gear on and get ready for whatever's stupid enough to bring the fight to the NDC."


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"Woah woah woah, guys, give a girl some room to breath. Mr. Castor, your weapon is just in the locker there, 21c. And yes Adria, but shake Miss Rossi's hand first and say hi, she's saying hi to you. Yes Miss Sareash, indeed I am, and very sought at the moment heh. What does an ISD agent require of me today?"

Sareash wanted to respond about the fact that she was there for an armory check until her process of thinking was interrupted that made her look to the side where the alert was going off loudly "I guess that can wait of what I wish to discuss with you, Miss Exia" She looked at the security personnel that were a bit stunned of the sudden change of alert sounds "Battle stations everyone!" She wondered if it was a battle drill of some sort, she actually hoped it was a battle drill and not an actual battle that was being unleashed at them.

"YAY! ACTION TIME! Come on, time to suit up for kicking ass!" followed by Adria "Alright, folks, you heard the lady. If you're a combatant, let's get our gear on and get ready for whatever's stupid enough to bring the fight to the NDC."

The energetic of this woman, was remarkable but cheerful as everyone responded to her flow of energy and got excited. Saraesh took a deep breath ad nods to them "Indeed, let us get suited and protect this fleet! Move it!" Sareash stated rushing herself towards the armor gear locker and quickly get into her own gear. While she has no neural link, she requires to make use of a synaptic helmet that she grabbed out of her locker and rushes to the mechs. Seeing everyone boosting out of the hanger, it was quite a show to see it happen. Looking back at the XM1 that was waiting for her, it was huge, 14 meters long and quite a weapon to use. She quickly got into her mech and starts up the systems as she follows the rest outside.


Letting her XM1 hover in space as she needs to get used towards the helmet and taps the communications to contact the bridge "This is Warrant Officer Cathetel to Command, Mechs are standing by for your orders" She turned her head as the camera view went towards the planet seeing the ships "My... thats lot of ships" She mutters to herself as it was indeed an impressive sight to see what was out there. The ships of the colonial fleet changed positions so that the military ships took lead as Sareash took position in a mech formation and held her position waiting for confirmation from Command on what to do next.

The creature strode towards her with those same long strides and emotionless intensity it had entered the room with. Its massive size became apparent along with the raw bulk of the creature yet it moved too quickly to properly lumber as more bodies rushed into the room. Even then from behind its dome-like helmet, Exia would be able to see its facial features watching her closely from now two smaller domes where eyes should be. Mottled dark green, purple, and black exoskeleton sleek cold be seen through the protective covering on a head elongated and slightly flattened as if like some predatory beetle along with a mouth best described as a toolset of uncomfortably pointed and multi-jointed orally mounted limbs.

They all moved with each sound of his rumbling, distorted voice and the heavy syllable-blurring accent.

"Submachine gun rounds." It didn't boom but trembled and shuddered, as if the maw from which he spoke was a chasm deep and dreadful. The timbre was best described as barbed wire and the tone dense and authoritative. "I require a large portion. 11 magazines. Now."


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Thorn gave a soft smile to Celia, and a nod. "Thank you. I'll be wanting to..." The ship vibrated under her feet, and her eyes started glowing, her mind focusing.

"I need a rapid refuel and a mosquito with Starfire shells on my ship in five minutes." She recognized those slaver markings, several of those rings she had broken up before. And so a message was sent to the Captain directly. "Ironhart Research flag vessel requesting flight and engagement clearance, plus torps and mosquito gun pod, 50mm Starfire shells. Oracle to engage slaver warships, disable, and collect Nepleslian and Yamataian bounties on freed slaves and slaver heads."

The hate and bitterness in her voice was clear, shocking to even herself as she turned and pushed off, guiding herself into the Oracle's cockpit. A small twist of her tiny body and a few touches to the screen glass of her canopy lset the reactor whirring and screaming to life as Thorn stripped, sliding into her vacuum suit with practiced ease. This would be the first time the Oracle had ever been loaded out as a combat vessel, and the computer protested, complying with her pilot.


Rose's eyes narrowed in hate as she recognized a slaver flag, and she looked back into the hologram, noting hostile ships and their flight paths as she started the computers on calculating a brutal, no quarter firing solution. Mechs and fighters would have to burn hard to stay clear if her firing solutions were to be implemented, but her eyes scanned through the formations, her eyes glowing with a Geist fuelled rage, flight paths blinking in the three dimesional space. "Get me Eye class stealth ships out there for targeting support, I want to tag one og those slaver fucks through the windshield and let him see the nuclear hellfire coming his way. Burn them all."


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" Yeah, yeah. Go ask Jack about it, he'll tell you the whole story about how I used to dodge some big giangtic stone balls while grabbing some diamond skull and some chest from old ages. Dang, I forgot my whips! "

Sasha grinned as she held her GP-1 rifle, holding it like as if she was about to start shooting it from the hip. Just holding the raggedy old rifle comforted her like a baby holding her beloved toys. Except this toy had more than just a choking hazard.

" Alright, I'll meet ya down there, or up there. "

Sasha then waved her hand as AI disappeared, before beginning to whistle as she patiently waited for a drone to drop her boots off. Darn high heels and dress codes, since when did they start issuing uniforms anyway?

As soon as a drone's buzzing noise was heard from distance, Sasha got off from the chair and slowly turned her head to a drone with her combat boots were buzzing from. As soon as the drone reached her, Sasha quickly shook her foot to get those darn high heels off of her foot, then took the boots from the drone.

" Thank you kindly."

Not forgetting to thank the drone, Sasha hurried to place her old combat boots on again. Then, she began to walk toward the hangar with her rifle slung across her shoulder.


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Adria grinned with her cat-toothed mouth when Istrossi commented on her toughness and was quick to shake her hand. "Does this mean... do I get gear too? Maybe some armor and guns?" the flat-chested hothead asked, atingle. She didn't consider how unlikely it would be they would've just happened to have armor compatible with her huge, delicate, and unique butterfly wings on the spot, so she had not yet shot down her own hopes. With her cat and bug genes enhancing her sense of smell, however, she was very quick to smell the odor of the massive approaching bug creature. Her grin quickly turned into a grimace of confusion as the blonde remarked "What's that strange smell?"

Alarmed, Isabelle backed up to the center of the bridge and asked "What?! What's happening?" It soon clicked in the Elysian's head that this wasn't a mere malfunction or an anomaly on the scanners. "Who are they? Why are they here?" She was extra surprised, as this was an exploration mission. She wasn't expecting to get attacked, most certainly not before they reached the planet.

Hangar 2A
Chlo beeped when her white-haired head was patted by Sharlett. "I am doing optimal," she replied to Nyx. In a strange way, Chlorate was able to sympathize with Zeke's mech. As a robot, she too had actuators that needed to be serviced every now and then. She concluded that, since he referred to the Oban as "her", it must actually be a sentient AI. "Oh no, does this mean she is hurt?" She felt compelled to help this very large gynoid (as she presumed it was, even though it was a mech). Seeing that Nyx had to leave, she decided to help Zeke with the tools. "I shall assist-" she began, removing the toolkit from the Oban so she could hold it closer to Zeke, noting how it seemed to want to stay on the armor. She didn't realize this was due to magnetism until it was too late, and could feel it acting on her gynoid body. Not accounting for this, the toolkit very quickly pulled itself towards her metal and plastic chassis and magnetically clamped itself to her robotic thigh. In the process, she had managed to get her metal hands stuck to it too and was unable to move them. Fortunately, she had been using her gravity manipulation system so she didn't fall, but this certainly was a predicament. She blinked, and stated "Umm... Uncle Zeke? I require assistance."


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One thing that Arria's fellow operators would have noticed is that the Elysian's hands were... unusually soft. Extremely, unusually soft, like she'd barely used them. Too bad they didn't have the time to ask her about it, because an enemy fleet decided to start knocking on their hull!

"Welp, nevermind, time to greet our neighbors! They're throwing quite the welcoming party," the... Suddenly-rather-eccentric angel claimed as she cracked knuckles and wrists, setting the ship's various gun turrets into motion. Then she realized that there were.... A few more than she'd expected, and she didn't have the time to organize firing groups. "Fire at will, prioritizing denser clusters of ships. If someone breaks off far enough, I'll light 'em up so hard the star'll be jealous."