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RP Expanding Horizons: Vale of Discovery



Thorn's request was quickly answered as her cargo pod jettisoned, an ominous black and red pod with its single bar of its heavily modified 50mm LRG was attatched to Oracle's open slot. Eight torpedos were affixed to her hull at various points as she finally disengaged her docking clamps, letting the Geist lock her tiny body against the restraints as she stretched out in the new body of her ship.

A gentle push of her RCS, more of a gentle breath turned her to the open hangar door, the frost glittering and spreading across her hull as the reactor spooled, screaming, engine glowing a feint blue-white. Then came the mighty crack and rumble of the easiest touch of her throttle, one that sent the Oracle rocketing across the hangar and out to space as she flipped over and turned from her shining bronze to a shapeless black, cloaks engaging.

More touches and breaths came to maneuver herself into position, forward and above the main gun of the Carrier, where the bridge could see the growing glow of her engines, and Rose could feel her sensors scramble as Thorn disguised herself as a coming shot from that prow gun.

Then the stars themselves split, screaming as twelve megatons bloomed across the Vale's armored hull in a four kilometer long plume of plasma that washed harmlessly over the windshield, and in a split instant, Oracle was no longer in friendly space. Engines cut, gas turned her, and the same engine bloomed half or less so strong as Thorn decelerated hard towards a recognized pirate vessel. Six of her torpedos broke away, engines lighting as they curved around, falling into a ring formation as they approached, and their several kiloton thermonuclear warheads bloomed like radioactive flowers against rickety slaver shields. But Thorn's engines had cut again, spinning ninety in the wrong direction, another ninety to pass through the fireball, through the shields and use her own as a battering ram, last ninety with instants to spare as the last two torpedos lit, and the railgun fired repeatedly, the blasts shearing the engine clean off the aging slaver cruiser-carrier, her reactors shattered, her crew on damage control with only emergency power. But like dust on the wind, Thorn's Oracle was gone, only detectably there by the occasional flare of a railgun and the thermonuclear bloom of a Starfire shell as she found something important and made a precision strike.


Rose had already folded into herself, her body stiffening, slumping as she reached out in the infinite dimension of the carrier's navigational array, opened her eyes to the endless expanse of stars and the fire trading between her people and the pirates. Gently, she started shutting down pieces of herself, devoting the wasted processing power of her rage and hate for these animals to analyzing the gravitational effects of the local star, the precise orbits of every piece of debris larger than one of her children.

She folded again, letting slip the need for her body, the warmth, longing, and pain associated with those cobalt soul piercers of the woman she had married. The connection and warmth faded as other AI nearby would feel Rose rapidly growing, her tactical and navigational data becoming more refined as she claimed the helm's precise controls.

More seemed to fade away as Rose's attatchment to the physical plane faded, her body growing limp as her avatar shattered, reducing Rose's communication to screens of text and a simple, cold replica of her voice.

"Captain, I have firing solution on pirate flagship. Sensor data indicates a shot will vaporize the outer hull, fragment the superstructure, and burn the life from any ships hiding in its shadow. Addendum: Warning: Unidentified Eye class vessel outside formation, has engaged and disabled slave cruiser. Targeting tata lost. Eye class vessel did not respond to comms and is running dark. Minor damage to hull, all maneuvering thrusters operational."
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The creature surged forward, smaller and less built beings parting from its massive bulk. Like some single minded beast having caught its prey, both arms converged upon the crate and pulled it upwards as he grunted a gargly thanks. Immediately, another set of arms smaller and slimmer and ending in six-pronged claws. His primary ones dunked inside and the sound of clattering metallic fragments could be heard, rustling like little leaves and contrasted by the sound of something hungrily sucking and crunching them together. The box jerked upwards a little before it was simply tossed aside with an empty thump; its contents vanished into his dense armour.

He turned to leave but paused for a short second; something caught his eye that had previously just vaguely teased his curiosity. A smell not like the vertebrate inhabitants of the vessel; something almost familiar to him. Hidden behind their dome-coverings, a pair of eyes zeroed in on Adria, travelling across her wings, and then back to her red eyes.

"Civilians should leave." He said, the rest of his body turning to orient itself with his head.

Under his breath however, a few small vents briefly opened in his armour and a small waft of spore-like pheromones released. Short lived and sharp in their odour, they would dissipate quickly. Yet they were too fine for the noses of all but the most honed of hunters to catch and even if they did it was unlikely they'd understand them.


That was the general gist of the olfactory message.

He would not stay for long beyond moving towards 2B. It was time to see how well the troops he had trained would perform.


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The XM1 was hovering into the wall position and using its shields to protect itself from any incoming missiles or gunshots as Sareash looked around "Hold the line! Protect the fleet at all costs" She barks out the orders and fires back at the incoming vessels ripping a smaller ship into pieces after a few shots. This was a well-organized attack upon their exploration fleet, this was not counted for to happen, where did they come from and why are they here. Well if they are truly pirates then profit from this all counts as most obvious one "Attackers move forward!" With that said, Sareash moved forward and waited for others to form up with her as the defense line closes up behind them.


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Sasha was on the way to the Hangar when an announcement from PA rang into her ears. Crap, so it's time. Sasha quickly turned around to enter the armory again, rushing the armorer to grab her things out by impatiently tapping the countertop with palm of her hands. LOUDLY. Sasha never wanted to miss the drop, not this one. She was raring to explore this new, recently-discovered planet and whatever thing (or things) it had to offer. After all, it has been a while since her last time of action, and her rifle exploded on her last time, which counted as semi-fun on her book. She had to have some fun once in a while, and she meant full-on fun, complete with exotic creatures, meeting new people, maybe fighting them, or drinking with them, whatever came first.

As soon as armorer handed her sidearms, pistol belt, and other gears, Sasha didn't take her time to put them on. With her Harbinger SMG holstered inside her customized leather shoulder holster like a pistol, Sasha then dressed into her Zytone Armor. Her armor was heavily decorated, with rank insignia of Corporal drawn on both of her arms parts in an effort to fool enemy snipers lurking about to take shots on officers, the only part of her armor that was camouflaged was her helmet, even then the pattern used to camouflage her helmet was somewhat weird, with other parts of her armor just painted in deep green.

"Alright, let's do this. "

Slinging her beloved GP-1 assault rifle on her shoulder again, Sasha made her way onto the Hangar for the last time, this time not even walking but rather running up to the place.


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Izzy took a deep breath and replied "Alright." Isabelle Pine sat down in a chair and waited for a damage report. She hoped it wouldn't be bad, but there was really no telling at the moment. They had already been attacked by the reapers recently, she didn't understand how this could happen so soon after.

Hangar 2A
"Thank you," Chlorate beeped to Rihanna, she floated away a few feet as if a little scared of the magnetic toolkit, then she hovered down and landed on the floor. After hearing Zeke, she happily beeped and smiled, excitedly calling back "AFFIRMATIVE!" Before he could say anything else, she quickly ran off to the tanks, her loud feet made a very rapid CLANKCLANKCLANKCLANKCLANK sound. The sudden series of sounds stopped beside Lena's tank, and the gynoid asked "Hello, is this the tank unit that requires operators?"

The large-winged girl was shocked to hear Jack had gotten a tank for her. Her wings were too big and couldn't fold up enough, they posed quite a huge problem rendering it nigh-impossible to get into the narrow hatches of a regular tank or sit in the cramped compartments. Plus, Jack thought they were too fragile, there was no way he made her a modified tank. "Really..." she remarked doubtfully, not amused by Exia making what she believed to be a joke. Hearing the strange creature's suggestion to leave, she glared at him and growled "I'm not leaving." Just then, she smelled the pheromones he released. She didn't quite understand them, but she could certainly smell the sharp odor regardless. The blonde's nose twitched, she looked around. "Where did that come from? What's making these strange scents?" she asked, confused.
"I will hold you to it that you won't regret that. The coming conflict will be ruthless. I will be collecting the battle-slain afterwards."

His mouthparts clicked as he spoke, a second line of dialogue overlapping his own and partially obscuring his words. That wasn't the point as much as it was to draw her attention.

A second wave of pheromones, stronger than the last but still requiring her antennae to detect, wafted out of a few of his glands. If she looked closely, she might see a few flecks of light orange powdery substance pass through amidst the bodies rushing by.

This one's olfactory message was simpler and not dialogue but a sensation and idea. Almost like a threat but it wasn't directed at her; it was the warning of one. Another "message" was layered over it; curiosity. "IDENTIFY YOUR IDENTITY WHAT ARE YOU" was its rough translation.

As far as he knew, he was the only arthropod here.

If she did not respond, he would simply begin walking away.


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Hangar 2A

Lena of course heard the storm of clanks coming her way only to stop suddenly, and a voice outside the tank calling out. She lifted herself from the commander's seat and looked out from the cupola ring for the source, her eyes drawing a bead on the gynoid, blinking in surprise for a moment. "Uh...yeah," she finally said, clearing her throat awkwardly. "Needs a driver. Guess you're my co-pilot then?" Lena pulled herself from the command cupola and slid down the side of the tank, landing smartly next to Chlorate. "Name's Lena, ex-Nepleslian veteran tanker. Charmed," she added with a nervous grin, extending her hand to the gynoid.


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As her stationmates bickered, Aradia chuckled; the way they did it almost seemed more friendly than anything else. "Well, whenever there's a society, there's gonna be people who have reasons to not like it. People who decided that they were too good for society end up making their own society, and decide they hate the former. 'S funny like that," she coolly stated, fingers already dancing the console's expansive controls. The plasma cannon began to charge even as Arria was told to do so; she responded with a single word: "Gladly. Let's teach them a lil' something called justice, eh-!!!!"

The smol elysian was interrupted as a simply gigantic trail of plasma washed over the ship, tickling its shields as the Oracle ship jetted across the void. It took Arria a moment to process what she'd just seen. When she did, her comment went as thus: "That's a ship? That's one hell of a ship. Is he compensating for something?" Not familiar with Thorn's ship - or its pilot - the birb only had to guess as she started screening point defense batteries across the supercarrier's surface. The larger cannons began to pummel the encroaching fleet of rogues, while the plasma cannon prepared to smash them to bits.

The golden eyes lit up as the firing solution popped up on Arria's screen. "Ah, so they're the shoddy modders. I'm surprised they're trying to fight a proper military. Better for us, anyways, clears the trash out before we settle in! Firing!" The lance of plasma and energy ejected from the carrier hit its mark square in the face - do ships have faces? - and quickly overwhelmed its shield generator, shattering and smashing and melting the mass underneath, the pirate vessel practically annihilated by the shot, excess energy diffusing into the escorts using it as cover and quickly shredding them, too. It was, indeed, quite the lightshow. Arria seemed pretty pleased with herself, in fact.


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Hangar 2A/Space


The dark mare grinned, giving her head a small toss, sending her mane to one side. "I thought you'd never ask!" she replied. "Since I have a ship myself, I'll be heading to the surface after the troops and all land, they want me to set up as part of a forward repair and supply point. I'm ready to go, just waiting on the all clear. So for now, i'm all yours, Commander!"

Their banter went back and fourth for a time, as the troops filed onto the transport around them, the two veteran soldiers and friends knowing that at this point, there wasn't much else to do than wait. Their part would come soon enough, as it always did. Harris stopped mid sentence, holding up a finger as he listened to some communication. "Alright everyone, strap in!" He started, raising his voice to be heard over the closing ramp. "We'll be launching in ten!"
Aztec simply nodded, the golden colored horse took a slow breath, then raised his armored helmet, slipping it over his head, the internal HUD coming online as he locked the seals. Reading green icons, Aztec depolorized the visor, anyone seeing his face through it now would see the light faintly reflected off of his golden colored hair and the white of his muzzle.

"Talon 3 break left, now!"
Katja cut her fighter left, hard enough for her to actually feel the g-forces over the compensators. She felt more than heard the pirate fighter's being destroyed behind her.
"Thanks for the save, Jonas" Katja said, her eyes glancing at the HUD for nearby targets, of which there were none, for the moment.
"You ought to keep an eye on your rear scope, Kat"
"Front's bad enough right now" Katja snorted. "Surprised there isn-"
"Mayday, Mayday, Hunter's Faith requesting assistance!" Interrupted a panicked voice. Likely a civilian ship. "We're under attack, we've lost maneuvering, we won't be able to-"
"Talon 8, Talon 3, Talon lead. You two are closest to the Hunter's Faith. Clear them off."
"Talon 8 copies. Captain's orders, Kat. On me!"


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(Posting for Jack. Let's get this show back on the road!)

The board was set, and all pieces deployed in this game of three dimensional chess, now it would come down to who was the craftiest of either side's leaders, as well as soldiers. Brilliant ideas, and swift thinking would be the miracles needed for the exploration fleet right now, even as they moved all the final bits into place. Two storms were about to meet in the middle for a violent display, one that would leave any bystanders in grave peril if such were even present. With already ships being lost on both sides, things were becoming dark as lives were being lost. Thorn's efforts already netting her a large kill count aboard the cruiser that was nothing more now then a dying grave, and ignored by its peers. It was the only one she had the munitions to claim on her small ship, and would receive a call to return from a familiar presence.

The prows of the carriers began to shine with a brilliant blue as their main guns charged with ionized plasma building up in their firing chambers. It swirled and coalesced into a torrent that soon was magnetically compacted into a blast entering it's final stages of being built up and released. This gathering power hummed through even the deck plates as it grew, the crew who felt and heard it knowing that it was a full on battle now. The few civilians on board the military ships sitting in quarters waiting as view screens gave shifting views of the battle as it broke out.

However, the tension was much much worse for those aboard the civilian ships, the sounds of alarms ringing anytime something hit a shield, or an enemy fighter swept near. They waited, most in fear, as what should have been a simple colony venture became a war with them dragged in by proxy. The only sound was the shudders of their ships as they weathered against current events, and thumps towards the hull as the Hydras shifted into defense positions, and moved for better lines of sights for their guns.

"Mom, why are we fighting the other people?", a small girl asked as her mother held her protectively. The woman looked at her child with a shaky look of assurance, unsure if they were going to make it out of this alive, but trying to still appear calm for the sake of her daughter. "Because they're bad people who don't want us to have a home honey. But the soldiers will keep us safe, they're stronger then the bad people. We'll be starting that garden in just a few weeks sweetie, so don't worry, almost there."

They both looked out the "window" of their transport ship's hull, their view only of the spread of ships that made the joint fleet, as the small flashes of barrels briefly lit hulls with all manner of weapons fire. The brightest were the carriers' main guns as pillars of highly charged plasma were sent like brilliant spears of blue fire through the void out of view. The little girl watched on in nervous wonder, able to sense her mother's fear, but not old enough to understand the gravity of their situation yet. She squeaked as the ship next to their's suddenly rocked and shuddered, it's shields bursting into dissipating particles while hull blossomed out from the impact leading to an internal explosion.

The sundered transport became nothing but debris as everything between prow and the aft thrusters became only debris, the faint figures of bodies floating among it all of those unlucky enough to instantly be wiped in the explosion. The girl buried her face in her mother's chest as she turned away, her mother stroking her hair comfortingly as tears fell.

Meanwhile, the joint force's fighter craft danced and weaved their trails of destruction and weapons fire as they were enthralled in intense dog fighting. The joint force craft had superior weapons and shields, but the enemy had more in numbers, and their crafted were a strange design that allowed the core of the craft to flip and change directions 180 degrees with a flip of the central body. On either side of it, were large symmetrical blade like wings that pointed front and back, sharp and already seen cutting into armor decently for such a crude yet crafty vehicle.

Katja and her wing were zipping and dodging, taking any target they could when one got lazy, or made a grave error in their maneuvers. Scores were falling in this dance of fighters, so far more falling on the pirate's side then the joint force's, but more fighters were joining the fray, proving it was far from over, but still looking grim in the far outcome. Mechs and Hydras were throwing in their pot shots where they could, claiming a few kills on these strange craft when they could. Having to adjust for the build and unorthodox maneuvers, it made it hard, but they got their lucky hits in.

The Hunter's Faith was able to limp back, deeper into the fleet's formation where it was safer, thankful to their flying saviors. At least lives were still able to be saved today so far, but the battle ahead would put that to the test. It would not be an easy struggle for the joint fleet, or for all those innocents caught in the middle of it all.

"[Admiral, planet based artillery fire detected. The ISS-Folen has been lost with all hands, no survivors detected. Trajectory of kinetic based munitions suggest from a position close in proximity to our landing target on the moon. All ships have been updated, what actions should I advise?]" The AI projection of a genderless figure was displayed in the air near Admiral Casdan, a inquisitive stare as it waited for orders to relay, before it's gaze looked off to something seemingly at the holo map console where Rose furiously worked.

Casdan had been carefully watching as the fire from the main gun aimed by Arria tore through the shields of the ships in the cluster, as well as the hull on several. Her gaze quickly broke as it turned to her right, seeing the distant, yet easily seen cloud of growing debris with a curse, "Current orders will remain in effect, and the landing force shall proceed as planned. However, I want SHIVA where that little sneaky fuck is right now. If they want to pull that, we'll pull it better. Work with miss Arria to clear the artillery's LZ if you would, please Mega?"

The AI's projection would nod before disappearing, then reappearing above Arria's console. "[Santo Hei, please trade the control of the main gun to operator 4, the admiral has a special target that requires your targeting skills. I have taken the liberty of having our launch tubes loaded with starfire mag warheads, and your target is the new artillery position located next to our landing objective. Please take the liberty of leveling this annoyance if you will, we've already lost a civilian transport to it. Retribution for the fallen is in order." What could only be assumed as being a small grin formed on it's face, as Mega waited for Arria's response.

Rose however, now having another reason for her rage added, would feel herself slipping deeper into the computer again. But this was stopped again as a soothing and familiar presence kept her mortally bound and dragged slowly back into her own head while keeping her connection strong. "Keep your wits luv, a calm fury is more precise and lethal then hell itself. Let it guide not control....", came a whisper from deep in the data, that only Rose would hear.

The hangar was a swarm of activity as armored and unarmored troops poured in from across the ship. Landing crafts were lined up and ready, heat radiating from their waiting engines.

Officers were present across the bay, directing everyone as they entered. Despite the seeming chaos, everyone knew their roles - craft had been assigned, drills had been run, and the soldiers of the NDC were ready for the occasion.

Istarossi ran into the room alongside Exia, both women fully suited up. Exia had a broad grin on her face that Rossi couldn't quite match, but neither of the two were shy about their eagerness to get into the fray. They ran to their assigned craft and buckled in for the rough ride down.

"Welcome aboard, ladies," came a voice over the intercom. "With you onboard, we're all set for launch. Hold tight!"

Thrusters ignited and the landing craft began to launch from the ship in waves. They shook violently during their takeoff. A sudden stillness followed as the crafts entered space.

The intercom continued, "All troops, prepare for entry. We'll be landing as soon as we've got a clean place to park. We're expecting some serious heat when we hit the ground, so be ready."


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The situation was getting out of control, Sareash gritted her teeth and looked at her wing, everyone was holding their position while engaging the pirate ships. The fleet, the civilians were in danger as a civilian transport exploded. Sareash kept the intercom in check while she took another enemy fighter down with her gun, the XM1 was moving on her command and she could feel the sweat rolling down her back as she took another one down "For damn sake, these bugs are everywhere... take down their hanger bays now!" She barks the orders over the communication grid and charged her weapon as she aimed at an enemy vessel and fired with a full burst seeing the reflection of the shields "Tssk..." Sareash was not having her day, that was for sure.

Taking a deep breath "Keep your heads, clear people, show them what the NDC is made off! We do not back down, we are fighters!" Trying to give some motivation to pep the troops up as she noticed more enemy ships aiming at the civilians "Oh those damn cowards....Tango-14 and Bravo-21 with me! Rest of you keep pushing forward!" With that said she boost herself to go towards the civilians ships followed by two other XM1's "Civilian fleet is in danger, protection escort on route"