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RP First Recess

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Re: Recess

Ahrim's free hand raised itself to further stymie any talk of 'Digital Uploads or Neural Mappings'. The look of thoughtful patience never leaving his face as he spoke.

"I must politely decline any attempts at digitizing and neural mappings. While I appreciate the offer my dear, I am afraid such a thing cannot come to pass." the fingers of his hand came down, leaving only his index finger up in the air.

"However provided I am supplied with brushes and paints I would be happy to take up the task. While I do not fault or question your people's choices of visual mediums or how they achieve them, analog methods can be every bit as satisfying to the senses as those of holographic origin."
Re: Recess

Iris raised an eyebrow before taking a sip of her drink. "My people's intentions are rather straight forward enough, Fraulein." the Minister stated with a nod. "Free Trade between all nations and organizations, the establishment of embassy and non-aggression treaties, and to make sure the NMX never threatens us." the last bit came out stronger than the other two.

"And we have every right to believe that the NMX are a threat considering how they've dealt with our neighbor to the south," the Minister explained as she mentioned the UOC's fate. She then gave Aegis a smile and raised her glass. "And yes, good neighbos make excellent drinking company. I assume your wish would be to establish relations with the Abwehran Star Empire, ja?"
Re: Recess

Kokuten said:
"Turns out, it's all that, and more. The very least, I get a lot of people trying to appeal to my good sides. Free meals, free booze, the occasional NFT tickets. Hell. I got to see Flint's brother over there kick some ass because some tree-hugging senator wanted me to weigh in some bill to plant trees!" The Sky Marshall leaned back a bit, sighing rather comfortably, "Usually I just take their offers and decide my own ways, but lucky for him, I was weighing in favor of some trees."
"Such great power we wield as leaders," Yuumi said, introspectively waxing for a precious moment. "But there's no manual to tell us how to use it. We follow our guts and our hearts and do our best."

She took a long sip, and turned her body enough to get her facing Pyros. The whiskey's burn cleared away some of the fog of her thoughts. "Our nations no longer have a treaty. No statement as to how we divide the assets we reconquer from our enemies. There should be one. At least a line, a divide we can agree on."

Between the two, a galactic map similar to the projected one in the conference room — but of lower quality — appeared.

"Right now, the borders close to the planets Yamatai and Nepleslia are old, but serviceable. Further south, however, things get murky. Already Yamatai has carved out a shipping lane behind your projected territory, heading toward the Ketsurui Military Sector, and we also are starting to expand galactic north again with Daichi, encompassing you. That's Yamatai being Yamatai, but it doesn't have to be."

She left off there, to give Pyros a chance to speak his mind.
Re: Recess

After an initial pause, where she mentally queried the station's artificial intelilgence, Miki nodded and said, "I think that can be arranged."

Another few moments of consideration and searching around the station's floor plan and inventory had her saying, "I think I might join you actually. It seems to be, there could be a lot of down time. Are you as interested in music as you are in art?"
Re: Recess

Pyros waggled his glass a little bit, the ice shaking around within. He looked at the map itself, giving his chin a bit of a rub before tapping the map. A small interface tacked up, and Pyros began to outline the loose territories, drawing borders with a freehanded finger. Yamatai's holdings showing in white, Nepleslia's in green. For someone so tanked on alcohol, Pyros' fingers had drawn with splendid efficiency.

"There. As spotty as it is, those are the marking borders." resolved Pyros, before pointing a the cluster of southern Nepleslian systems, "Old Nepleslia, marks where the fight for freedom began, and where it has dwindled."

The Premier pointed down to Rok'Veru, high-lighting the small flag on it.

"This world is the keystone. Once we retake back our planet here, there is word in the senate of requesting another galactic push." mentioned the Sky Marshall, who then went back to drawing borders, extending the line far out, starting from New Nepleslia, over the Elysia Expansion, out to licking the edges of the far green nebula before cutting back under the unstable space. He then curled north just bordering under Iroutl and lining back south, contouring over Ake and Azorea and connecting back to the New Nepleslian border.


He tapped it again, and the new border filled with a strong Nepleslian Green. Almost thirty new unknown systems were under the borders, and the size of New Nepleslia itself had covered a quarter of galactic northwest.

"This is why we don't want anything to do with your politics. We intend to strengthen our people." resolved Pyros. "The push is respectful to already planned efforts, and it pushes our centers further away from Yamatai and their problems."

He finally took a deep sip of his whiskey.

"Quite simply, my dear, we don't give a damn." quipped the man, before settling himself back down. "We're minding our own business, just as your people should mind yours. That's all there really is to it."
Re: Recess

"Art, Poetry, Music. I've had a very long time to experience each of these things. And have grown to enjoy each and every one of them." Ahrim smiled faintly as he followed his words up with a nod.
Re: Recess

"I can reserve a viewing room," Miki said, "And although our instruments may be different from those of your people, I also have an interest in music."

Here Miki allowed herself another smile. It felt good to talk like this with someone aside from the Premier, kind of like finding the eye of some sort of political storm.

"Although I'm not as good at it as those who have devoted their lives to it, since it's just a hobby of mine, perhaps I can share that while you paint. At worst, I need the practice."
Re: Recess

Yuumi took in the sight of the map, and what it meant for Yamatai. It indeed was respectful of what previous governments had agreed to follow.

Nepleslia really was practicing what it preached. Pyros was, Yuumi corrected; Pyros didn't speak for everyone. The Nepleslian Senate might have words about the plan.

"The other NMX worlds will be up for discussion at another time." Yuumi sipped the whiskey, pleased. The dig at the politics of Yamatai was deserved enough that she let it pass without concern. "We'll stay away from Rok'Veru and concentrate on the other worlds. Our expansion will buffet along yours anyway, and we'll stay out of your hair."

She smiled. "Seems so easy when you don't have to worry about other people."
Re: Recess

"We're not going to claim responsibility for other people, and we don't believe in the idea of responsibility of inaction that the militant Free State faction tried to guilt the universe with." said Pyros, reaching down to grab the bottle of whiskey. He filled his glass up and then set it down. "Yamatai will use its forces to counter the NMX threat, and solve their own problems."

He took another drink, his eyes narrowing over at the faux-window, vision glazing slightly.

"Doesn't mean we can ignore your civilian's trouble, though. I, and the senate, are willing to offer surplus rations to your military so your civilians can keep the food they need instead of feeding a hungry military machine." nodded the Premier, before looking at Yuumi, "I imagine that some of your people wouldn't mind eating some of our healthy rations while your civilians can lead their normal lives. That's what the Star Army was all about, right? Facing horrors so the utopia back home wouldn't have to?"
Re: Recess

The Iroma Front

Dico could tell that Ahrim's attention was focused more on the Yamataian delegate than him, and he was fine with that, he was not a diplomat, he was a communications expert, what he was there to do was to communicate, and even if there was interference, perhaps a message would still get through.

"As an expert in communications, I do think it would be vital for me to witness one of the most carnal methods of communication available. If you both would not mind, I would like to join you in submersion in the arts." Dico spoke, desiring to get his foot in the door, and wedge it there firmly. He did curse the fact though, that quite simply, while he was a communications expert, the only art he knew was to write, and to do it damn well.

The Abwehran Front

There was a smile which spread across the Lorath woman's aged features, as Aegis heard the words from the Abwehran. She was pleased deeply by the Abwehran intent to establish relations and trade, it meshed well to the desires of her own people, and it certainly made her job easier, there was no doubt about that... most especially on the topic of the NMX, as the subject shifted to the UOC's demise.

For that brief moment, a frown tugged at the corners of Aegis' lips "We were part of that neighbor, we know well how that went, and we lost our beloved Xiaah, excuse me, 'Königin' would be the closest word in your dialect." On that note, Aegis gave a bow of her head to Iris' raised glass, since her own was sadly empty. "Mm, and especially in hardship, a good bit of drinking company is essential." she spoke, as she found it far easier to relate to the Abwehrans than it ever was with the Yamataians.

"Though, alcohol aside, yes, our people would like to establish relations. As our High Priest spoke in the conference, we would desire to make as many friends as possible, to work together, to help us all deal with the NMX, to trade, to share in good-will. I am certain that the desires of your people, and my own, would mesh well." Aegis stated, as she plucked a glass from a tray that a passing waitress offered. She then took a deep drink, and gave another nod. "I can arrange for you to speak to our High Priest, to formalize relations. Unless, you consider a handshake and a shared drink with a representative of the Matriarchy to be formal enough." she spoke with quite a grin, as her yellow eyes gleamed with a certain enthusiasm which came with a positive dialog.
Re: Recess

Kokuten said:
"Doesn't mean we can ignore your civilian's trouble, though. I, and the senate, are willing to offer surplus rations to your military so your civilians can keep the food they need instead of feeding a hungry military machine." nodded the Premier, before looking at Yuumi, "I imagine that some of your people wouldn't mind eating some of our healthy rations while your civilians can lead their normal lives. That's what the Star Army was all about, right? Facing horrors so the utopia back home wouldn't have to?"
Yuumi chuckled a bit, imagining Yamataian soldiers being handed Nepleslian ration packs.

"I don't know, Pyros," she replied, eyes twinkling at him. "I don't know what our troops would do with cigarettes, pistols and amphetamines in a can. Though I hear the whiskey's pretty decent in those."

She rolled onto her back, keeping her drink above her, looking at the light through her cup. It turned a translucent brown, a bright bit of liquid amber. "With the Iroma food supplies slated to roll in, I think the populace will be well served. The Star Army already has been trying to focus on rations-only meals since the Battle of Yamatai, but they won't have too many of those left.

"But if you're offering ... I accept. As long as we skip the ones with cigarettes in them." She slanted her eyes enough to look at him and wink.
Re: Recess

Ahrim smiled a little while he nodded to Miki. Although he could only nod toward the Neko again as Dico spoke, making his request clear to which the Temple Guardsman replied even as he elevated the crook of his arm to allow her to entwine her's with his.

"As Tanaka-sera has invited me, it would be wholly rude of me to make this decision myself. Instead I must defer to her judgement on your request."
Re: Recess

Pyros pointed at Yuumi with half-full glass still in hand. "You'll take your cigarettes, and you'll like'm." His grin nestled softly onto his face as he let the joke slide on down. "We don't really need the excess crowding our facilities when we need them for more important things. Like bullets."

He stood up, and stepped across the room, his stride being rather even, more refined and controlled. The less sober he was, the more regal and appropriate he became.

"But honestly, Yuumi. You came here for a reason, didn't you?" asked Pyros, turning his attention back her way. "Honestly, I now you're busy, and a lot more wise than wasting your time drinking with an old man without purpose."
Re: Recess

Yuumi's smile was coy. Painted on her lips was a self-satisfaction that might have upset Pyros a little. Or not. She downed the last of her glass, arching her back up some to finish it. She then set the glass down on an end table behind her head and swung her legs out to dangle off the edge of the couch.

"I think I have what I came for, Pyros. Don't you?" She slipped off the couch, and nodded. "I'll keep your expansion plan under wraps for now. I'm sure your Senate needs to discuss it, as does mine. We can have the rations transferred through a neutral trading station, of your choice of course. We can use civilian vessels. In return, Yamatai's military stays out of your hair, as does the rest of the Star Empire."

She approached him, winked and planted a chaste, friendly kiss on his furry cheek. "And our nations can remain neighbors. We might glare at each other sometimes, but at least we're civil. But speaking of civil, we should be seeing a few other people while we're here.

"Might I take my leave, Premier?"
Re: Recess

Pyros took the affectionate gesture with a stiff posture, before allowing the woman to step back and request her leave. The Sky Marshall offered the Yamataian Premier a small smile, before downing a little more alcohol. Yuumi definitely knew how to socialize, loosening up so much in front of what most would consider a political adversary. Perhaps she was simply adapting herself to the situation, showing her prowess as a dynamo of the noble subjects. Pyros didn't care. He had made his stand, done some good, and perhaps even made a friend. Perhaps.

"Oh no! You may not," started Pyros, a sinister look in his eyes, "you've fallen right into my trap. With Flint at the door, there's no chance for you to escape! Mwa ha ha ha ha!" The man let out an evil laugh, his chest bouncing with each over-dramatized bump of mirth.

Then, he slumped his shoulders, and leaned against the wall, taking a sip of his whiskey. A coy smirk spread on his mildly wrinkled face.

"Bah, go on, I won't keep you any longer."
Re: Recess

"Ever the mad gentleman." Yuumi dipped into a traditional Yamataian bow, but still she coyly smiled as she turned to walk away.

Her hips swayed more than they had to, but then, who else at the conference could she get away with such behavior? She waved behind her as she opened the door to Pyros' room, but then stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"Oh. And thanks for the drink. I feel a little tipsy now! Teehee!"

Pyros might not have been able to see, but Flint likely was still out there, and Yuumi turned toward one direction with a goofy (and fake) grin on her face as she headed off to wherever she was going.
Re: Recess

Flint was still at the inside of the door, watching them talk with his broad arms crossed behind his back in silence. The Grand Admiral stepped to the side at Yuumi's approach, allowing her to leave. Her playful expression was met with a single raising of his eyebrows in steady but unresponsive acknowledgement, more pressing things running through his head as the Yamataian delegate left the room. With her gone and the door sliding to a shut, Flint turned over to look at Pyros, clearing his throat with a gruff cough.

"You think that's wise, Pyros? Fraternizing with Yamatai in such a way will only lead to them taking advantage of our trust," Flint's eyes glanced over at the dwindling bottle of liquor. "Or leeching from us until we have none left for ourselves. Those rations could go to some of our own starving people, you know."
Re: Recess

"Yuumi is someone we can trust, her superiors? No." clarified Pyros as he went back to his chair, tapping his cane on the floor rhythmically as he went. "My goal has always been to cool the relations between Yamatai and ourselves, so that we may be able to move with little suspicion. With this, we can ply our own way in the galaxy with the mild guarantee that Yamatai will stay out of our way. Having a political ally like Yuumi will ensure that the guarantee remains solid."

Tap tap went Pyros' cane before tossed it up to be caught mid-shaft by his hand.

"And our surplus rations aren't feeding any hungry mouths right now. That's why they're called surplus, Flint. If we're using them, they aren't surplus are they?" Pyros cracked a sly little grin at the Fleet admiral, clearing the rest of his glass. "They're getting whatever we're not using, and will be glad for it. We're not asking for anything, and neither should they."

That grin got a little wider.

"To be completely honest, Flint. I think we're on the path of opportunity and easier, less Yammie-invasive living. At this rate, Nepleslia's going to have a nice, easy future." said Pyros, before a wail came from Sheva's door-way.

"Ooooh, my goooodness!" said Sheva, stumbling back into the room, her stolen liquor bottle half full. "I. Heard. Everything. Ohmigoodness. Ohmigoodness, ohmigoodness. Pyros. Sir!" She stumbled into the Premier, throwing her arms around him. "That wash brilliant. You were so... so DIPLOMATIC." She spurred off into a fit of giggling, before looking at Flint. "This guy. This guy. He's all figger'd out! It out! Hee he he he! I was soooo worried he was going to cause a war, but this guy. Ha ha ha!"

Sheva turned off Pyros, letting him go and returned towards her room, stumbling a little as she went.

"I need to pee."
Re: Recess

"My condolences on the loss of your monarch," Iris replied solomnly before taking a swig of her drink. "As for the formalization of relations, I believe a handshake and a shared drink are more for personal oaths. For nations, it's best to have the stability of formal meetings under public scrutiny," the Abwehran woman stated with a nod.

"So all I can promise is a meeting after the conference and after I speak with my government. After all, while I am a Minister, I have only written authority for this conference specifically. Though I don't believe it will be too hard to set up trade and diplomatic relations, Fraulein."
Re: Recess

Wazu excused himself from babysitting the gartagen princess for a moment so he could make his way towards the Nepleslian’s rooms, catching sight of Yuumi as she was headed out.

“Looks like you guys are having quite the party,” Wazu said as he knocked on the sides of the open door with one hand, a half full glass of vodka in the other. “Yuumi leaving your room with a satisfied look on her face. I can not imagine what you did to that poor creature.”

Nepleslians were certainly a lot easier to deal with. He didn’t have to worry about making sure his new gart-uniform was perfectly straight. He did not have to worry about offending the blue bloods either.

“I was hoping that you had time for a quick talk.”
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