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OOC Hinomaru Sunrises - Old OOC Thread


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If there is room for a partially disgruntled IT Specialist with specialty in AI development, I can throw my Itto Hei here. Was planning on putting her in the reserves and ship her to Osman University. But that can wait.
Alright, so. Glimmergold is almost done. We will keep going on Episode 5 aside threads. (Since Episode 5 is the Battle of Glimmergold),

Then I will open Episode 6: Shadows of the Evening Orchid and we will get rolling. Once Episode 6 is over we will switch over to the new Hinomaru Sunrises. I will be releasing more details soon. Thanks for the interest guys!
Mission 001 will get started once we get some of these old threads closed off and finished (The Episode 5 asides and Episode 6 of RoTG).

Mission 001 will be called "Yuuki" and that is all I am telling you guys!
Terrific will contact you once I get some details settled!
So I am officially announcing @demibear will be my co-GM on this project. We've spent some time working on our Muniching with Asteroids thread and have decided we work well together. In return I will be helping demi with some of his projects, making this an official cooperative effort.
That could work; the plot is going to be a little unorthodox not giving away anything sadly. But that will work :)

We are full, We got 11 players, we are at our limit.

I got the last of the orders out for approved characters tonight. The first post opens tomorrow!