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OOC Hinomaru Sunrises - Old OOC Thread

Should be, it's my fault really I misread the information about titrating up to the dose, and took the full dose right away. >.<
Anyone needing to get their posts in do so, I'll be making a pass through responding to what I need to tomorrow/tomorrow evening. Still under the weather so I've been resting to get feel better.
Please also remember to put your character's location at the top of your post, especially which ship since both the BACC and Mazu are involved.
Will be doing another post-pass tomorrow for Hinomaru Sunrises. Get your posts in!
Found out why I've been so dizzy and nauseous; I have a bad inner ear infection. So I'm responding to posts as I can, I see some people have posted and I will make another pass later tonight and tomorrow to see where I need to catch up. Again, for any Yugumo and Motoyoshi needs if I cannot be reached please contact @Yuuki or @Miyako they are here as well to support the plots etc. Its why we have multiple GMs.
Eek! at least you can get medication for that like ear drops at least so that's a good thing! Though i say this cause i don't know if inner ear infection differs from regular ear infection.
Eek! at least you can get medication for that like ear drops at least so that's a good thing! Though i say this cause i don't know if inner ear infection differs from regular ear infection.
Yeah, I got antibiotics and ear drops. Dizziness is the main issue with an inner ear infection.
Ok, guys, I've been out sick for a bit but I am here. What I think we're going to do is focus on year-end threads. We can drive our collective effort towards making Star Army's Year End celebrations as active as possible and open up with our colonization mission in the new year. This will ensure we can make departures etc right away when the new year starts. So if you're in this plot, focus on the year-end threads!
I've spent some time thinking things over, and talking with Wes and my fellow co-GMS.

As you have probably heard there are some changes coming to this plot and its format. So I want to give everyone a heads-up.

1. The Mitsu, Shiori, and Asagiri are being moved to NSFW. The main plot is being moved out from behind the NSFW wall, if you need to do lewd in association with the main story they will have to go under NSFW.
2. I need a little bit of time to do some reformatting of the plot. So there is going to be probably about a week to a week and a half here where things are being shuffled.
3. I'd like to see things move to a move consolidated RP set before the mission launch. @Locked_0ut I have to be honest; I'm having trouble thinking of ways to keep your character included, the Flight Control position just doesn't seem like a good fit for a PC on a non-Carrier plot. Your character may also be better served to join the 2XF when @Yuuki starts it up. Maybe you can sort out another character in a MOS more usable in RP? We can talk about this as things progress through the changes being made. @Soban similarly I think your character is more set up for an RP made for that type of MOS.
4. @SageShooter you have not been posting regularly, we're kind of at a point where either you're with us and willing to make this a priority or you're not.
5. I will be reformatting the colonization fleet a little. @Charaa you've done a good start but I'd like to change a few things.

So summary - I'm going to take a week or so to reformat some plans, I will post a revised interest check with what positions we need as well as will be talking to some of you about your characters. Sorry for the inconvenience but this has all been stressing me out and I'm very frustrated because I feel the current format won't work. If you need reassignment I understand, or if you just want to dip I understand that too. Its just I have to make changes here to make myself and my Co-GMs more able to deliver a quality plot versus something that is a bit all over the place as things have been.