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OOC Hinomaru Sunrises - Old OOC Thread

Development and Posting Schedule for Andrew

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Yugumo Corporation and Star Army
Tuesday and Thursday - Tsenlan and the Norians
Weekends - Mixture of Both

Posting Schedule​

I will make GM posts as often as I can, mainly the faster you all post the faster I will post. I will also keep posting in post-reminders

Yugumo Fridays​

If I could I will like it if our Yugumo Development Team could get together in a planning chat every Friday (except on Fridays when there is a community meeting) for an hour or maybe even two. Just to keep us all on the same page.
Just a bit of an update on what is going on in terms of mission planning I wanted to post this one publicly so players can see what is in the forecast.


The thread started on October 7th, It is more-or-less a gathering of parties involved in the mission. I plan to keep this thread going until a few more of the foundational OOC parts of the plot are hit on. Mainly character building, and relations.

Current Companion Stories - ISS Asagiri/ISS Shiroi, Resurrection of an Evil Wolf, etc​

These will continue as they are.


At the end of next week, I will open another thread that will be more the business end of the stick. Getting the modifications finished on the Ports, Finalizing the Fleet, and Getting the crew positioned on the YSS Mazu, and the YSS Resurrection of Taiie YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City. This will happen simultaneously with an "Interest Check" to hopefully recruit a couple more players on each ship.

Companion Story​

A small companion story will have the leadership (Katsuko, Akina, Yuka, Yue, Leader of the Mining Guild, Steiner, etc) of the Colonization Initiative meeting to final departure plans and first waypoints.

Player Threads​

I very much so encourage you all to open player threads, little stories between your characters for their development. This can be great for JP and SP between the main action.


Departure and the start of actual missions will be in the new year, to get us through the tough season of every being busy with the holidays.
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New Picture of the Dream of Taiie. Thanks to the new Midjourney Bot!


Post Reminders, Etc​

The 2nd Prelude Thread which will get to the actual business of prepping the ships and fleets will go up this weekend. It will happen at the same time I post the interest checks to recruit some more people to fill some plot roles.

I will respond to the other side's RPs tomorrow as well.

Also, I need to please:

If anyone needs me for anything, if you have any questions my discord is always open.
Got an ugly head cold; sore throat, coughing, and lack of energy. Might be a little slow on posting this week.

Just a reminder - Get your posts in on these. I will make a GM pass early in the week.​

Thanks, guys, feel free to start your own side RPs too in the current timeframe, It's about 1 month from the Colonization Initiative Launches. (Except Shiori and Asagiri will be leaving here in the next few posts)
Might be a day or two before I get my next set of posts in, had an adverse reaction to a med last night. So will only be doing "light" stuff for the next 24 to 48 hours.