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OOC Hinomaru Sunrises - Old OOC Thread

GM post will go up this weekend even if we have to leapfrog a few people.
Might be cool to leapfrog me. I was just going to do the whole assembling the lab thing anyways since everyone else is gearing up. :)
A reminder to Hinomaru people to post. Thanks.
The plot for Hinomaru Sunrises is hereby stopped as I have retired as a GM, FM and Staff. I can't support the actions of people in this community any further. I will continue the legacy of the Motoyoshi and Katsuko another way.
Just waiting on Sage and a couple more people to post into the Takeda Delight thread. It is good to be back, awesome to post with Yuuki and Wes again.
Just asking, are we still calling it that?

Also Tachiko for bridge bunny if Kat can bear to let her go.
I may also whip up a sentient Consort who joined the star army. @Wes im going to put her through recruiting thread then maybe? It's for having like, AI meets AI cuteness/angst/existentialist crises. Also the more bunnies on the bridge the better, right? also wes should this be the first RP use of the Tenshi II-SAOY AKA Mindy-Y or Molly? Molly~? Or The Mindy-Y "Molly"
Sure, go for it! I like for people to meet each other in the lobby while waiting, it's most of the fun of that thread! Usually I throw in an NPC but a PC is even better.
@Wes - Tag for Takeda Delights when you get a chance. Thanks!

Needing posts from everyone in Takeda Delights! Let's get posting guys!​

Waiting on posts still from many of you in Takeda Delights! When you get a chance get some posts up, guys! I will remind on discord too.
Who is still active within the YSS Mazu plot?