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RP International Relations Conference of YE 38 - Day 1

The dull bronze hull of the Interloper-class destroyer was tiny against the other vessels lined up by the diplomatic parties, and it was alone. All that could be spared as resources were desperately scraped together. The Interloper was one of the few large ships in the gartagen fleet designed without a CORE, but it was small compared to the bulk of a "Guardian" cruiser or "Prosecutor" battleship because of it.

The shuttle flight to the spaceport was uneventful, the party being waved right through into three waiting rental cars which weaved their way through the city towards Reikan park.

"We're going to be late." Chen K'aa Chenk complained as an underling adjusted his feathered headband, covering the back half of his head and another powdered the his high forehead that all gartagens shared.

"Fashionably late, m'lord!" the sniveling scribe, Benta Koman replied hurriedly.

"It can't be helped, sir." the third man in Chen K'aa Chenks retinue replied, Barsha Minto was a quiet gartagen. Chen K'aa Chenk didn't really know what he did as part of the staff, but he was one of the Queens provided staff, and so Chen K'aa Chenk usually let the man do as he pleased.

Chen sniffed and turned to look back out the window. He hoped it wouldn't be too cold, he'd heard about the weather in Kyoto. The underling put a final polish on the multiple armbands he wore.

Yamatai, Reikan Park, Finally

The trio of cars pulled into the park and a flurry of colors and short, bright skinned aliens ran about, hovering about the read door of the middle car, after a moment the seas parted and the noble visage of Chen K'aa Chenk green head stepped confidently towards the venue. About his legs and wrists were multiple armbands and bracelets made of silvery metal. He wore an elaborately embroided vest under a garment that resembled a toga cut off at the knee in its folds and curves. Heavier than usual for gartagens, perhaps a concession to the weather here.

Flanking him on either side was the lowly scribe, Benta Koman, dressed in the typical gartagen loincloth and vest with much much less finery than the noble lord on his peach pale skin. He looked somewhat cold as he carried his recording equipment with him. On the other side was Barsha, dressed more appropriately in a quilt vest and cargo shorts. About as heavily dressed as most gartagens could stand.

The rest of the entourage fled back into the cars and drove around the corner to wait for their calling, all but two much much taller aliens. If the gartagen complement was rather short by human standards, these aliens made them look almost comically so. Dressed in loose clothes than billowed and gusted in the breeze held by garters on the ends of their sleeves and shorts with crimson sashes around their waists, their style of dress contrasted with the rebreather masks over the lower half of their faces with a small hose going over their shoulders to tanks strapped high between the shoulder blades. Their dark skin was covered in colorful powders and scents of all colors seemingly at random to match the gross plumage of Chen K'aa Chenks own head crest and feathers on arms and hands. Thick gauntlets sat over their wrists, but other than that they seemed to have no weapons that would fit under such clothing.

The trio of leading aliens made their way hurriedly inside to try and catch up without too many people noticing their multi-colored procession through the place.
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Kotori said:
"And yet, it seems inevitable that how well the alliance treaty has held up throughout the year will become a topic of interest as well. I am sure that it is the Premier's hope that the discussions that will follow will lead to a more prosperous future for all involved, provided any discontent raised can be properly addressed."

Coast's initial smile - one of confusion - all of a sudden changed in some strange way. Before it was the forced reaction of someone coming to terms with attempting to remember a familiar face. Coast squared his body up to the Ketsurui a little more and planted one step forward - his eyes just slightly hardening. It was almost as if the Nepleslian Premier were regarding her in a somewhat tense and amused way. As if they were two opposing players in a game of Nepleslian Roulette.

"That is my hope as well, Ketsurui Kotori." Coast's gaze shifted towards the Lorath Envoy momentarily, and then relaxed a bit before returning to Kotori. "Our people love peace, and we are beginning to become quite proficient in..." Coast himself searched for a more tactful - or rather a more vague term other than "protect." "...creating peace." At this point Coast would have to abandon his nicotine gum, and allow the familiar numbing buzz to give way to the rigors of diplomacy.

"I look forward to our people's discussions, ma'am. For now however, I believe that my presence is required elsewhere. It's been a pleasure." Coast offered a very traditional nod before turning to the Lorath delegation and making his way there. Nibbi and Ha'reiel were not spared the sight of Coast's initially warm expression immediately dropping upon him turning his back to Kotori. This was not in relation to any sort of feelings he had against the Lorath - he simply felt he could be more straightforward with the other wing of the treaty.

Not wishing to cause any undue attention to him, Coast elected against his initial judgement and retained the procession of Marines - only ordering them to hold fast a few yards away from where he finally came within an appropriate distance away from the two Lorath.

Coast gave the two of them a toothy grin before straightening it out into a rather bemused smile. "Well - it's quite a honor to make your acquaintance again. The Imperium is quite fortunate to have such comrades in the pursuit of peace."
Yamatai, Reikan Park
The smaller Lorath diplomat stood out compared to her two larger cohorts as she watched Coast and Kotori exchange words. "Hubris is one thing," She whispered to Ha'reiel in Orthodox Lorath. The message of 'Creating Peace' nearly made the ice cubes Nibbi was chewing on fall out of her mouth and back into her glass. Being around this man was like handling plutonium by hand, naked. "Coast's just laying shade. Natural element." Nibbi took a sip of water. Plutonium could be harnessed for energy, or for one hell of a bang.

She kept her tremors still as the Nepleslian and his marines sauntered over. "As always, Premier." Nibbi extended her hand to give the premier a handshake, looking him in the eyes with a warm smile. The Nepleslian knew that whatever caste Nibbi was could make some form of touch-level psionics; A gentle warmth in the Premier's right arm as Nibbi gave him a firmer handshake than their first meeting. "The Matriarchy welcomes continued collaboration with the Imperium."

Indeed, the Matriarchy was quite content with their lot, and they were looking forward to new horizons which could be opened up with the continued operation of DATASS. To make that happen, she and the Nepleslians had to own the conversation. Funny way to put things: To own. Nibbi considered. It was a word Koto used in passing. I too shall 'own'. Yes, that's how its used.
"I have the time," Vas'Sumera spoke. "It'll also allow us to talk about things of a more - private - nature than what we can talk about here in the open."

"Besides, I don't feel all that comfortable being around here, not a whole lot of ... beauty... and things seem rather bland. Would you be interested in heading into the conference room? With hopes that its a bit more beautiful than this deary place," as Vas'Sumera spoke she looked about the lobby area with a new sense of disgust. If a place like this, a place intended for delegates, were to be this bland, this plain, this ... ugly... there would've been some chosen words to those incharge of the building.
Kohaku smiled at Vas'Sumera's words. "Thank you. I look forward to seeing you at the gathering, and the opportunity to speak freely. As I am also sure that our Mui, Tarbah Leyto will appreciate the opportunity for a face to face discussion."

She looked around the area they were in, and thought back to the prior one with the festive atmosphere. "Here is hoping that this conference is more productive than the last one."

She gave a Clan salute to the Neshaten monarch and turned towards the entrance. She took her staff from Saflea and walked with a quick pace. After the debacle of the prior conference, she felt that it was best to enter the conference room with determination. Upon entering she paused just long enough to take stock of who was present. The continued lack of the Yamatain Premier to appear puzzled her. But the presence of the Legos' peer in the form of Yui definitely made her wonder where this conference was headed.

Kohaku made her way to the the area designated for the Clan. She handed her staff to her mate and sat. After that her two companions sat as well. She tapped a message on her wrist unit. 'Eyes wide and ears open my friends.'
Upon the approach of the Nepleslian Premier and Admiral, the Lorath chaplain put a smile of courtesy upon his face, a professional sort of smile that did not tread into the realm of familiarity, nor was it forced. After Middlewoman led in greetings, the Fyunnen removed his peaked cap and gave a nod of his head in acknowledgement and greeting. "Premier Coast, Admiral Clarke, I greet you in behalf of the Fyunnen house, and the Lorath Self Defense Force." After those words were spoken, the peaked cap once again found its place upon the Fyunnen's head, adding to his height once more.

"I would like to echo Ambassador Middlewoman's sentiments, both the militaries of the Fyunnen and the Lorath Self Defense Force, give thanks for our continued arrangement, and stand in solidarity to support our brethren in the Imperium in keeping, and creating, peace." Himsa's rusty-amber gaze slid in the direction of the Yamataian delegation. "An arrangement I am sure we would like to maintain even if not all of our current contributors are willing." Himsa's words made it clear, he caught the same whiff of salty bitterness that hung heavy in the way the current conference was organized.
Yamatai, Reikan Park

A shuffling, uneven step announced a new arrival before they came into immediate view. A long white trailing braid, hooded golden eyes, and long scarred ears identified the Lmanel woman as much as the green banded, grey of the LSDF uniform that she wore, the only article out of place being the polished black leather muzzle that rested over the dry, leathery flesh of her nose and the lower half of her face. The muzzle while in many ways necessary had been chosen with the idea of presenting a more civilized face, the leather delicately detailed with inlaid silver that shimmered in patterns reminiscent of wind and waves, working its way back to join to the straps that slipped behind her head.

Her arrival she noted had likely been apart from the choices of other representatives, she had not arrived like many of the others in a vehicle, but instead had walked to the location of the meeting. An decision that many would not have made due to the relative isolation of the Reikan Embassy Park. Turning into the park the woman identified by a simple standard issue name tag as 'Stone-Burner Naka'rin Lmanel' noted quickly that she had arrived a little late, the introductions having already begun between her fellow representatives of the Matriarchy, and their close allies among the men of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Her late arrival admittedly hadn't been the intended outcome, but considering that her role was largely secondary in large at the Conference there was little to feel ashamed of. In her opinion reason for her tardy approach had been well worth the less than ideal circumstances of her arrival; the choice early before dawn to venture out into the city, and experience the planet to which she was gracious a guest. The desire to see the people of Yamatai, in a natural setting had been strong ever since she had been informed that she was to be selected to participate as a representative in the diplomatic endeavours between the local powers, and the time spent walking the streets of the nearby Kyoto had not disappointed.

The wealth of these watered lands had been apparent everywhere she looked, though she admittedly had a hard time feeling comfortable among the spotless streets. While full of people, the city had in her opinion lacked the marks of a resident population with familiar features such as official and unofficial art, or the adaptations that she would have expected from a time spent in a location. To her the cleanly produced nature of the structures, from residences to buildings was somewhat uncanny, more used to the work of people, than the clean cut results of machines and mass production.

Despite the divorce between the structures of the city, and its inhabitants, the Lmanel had noted that in her journeys most of the people seemed happy. Peace it seemed had done them well, allowing the civilian population to relax and go about their day with little more to worry them than the acquisition of a desired trinket, or the results of a business interaction. A life that she could respect, and one that she hoped that the results of the conference would work to protect.

Slowing her pace as she neared the parties gathered near the entrance of the park, Aai'aldi decided that it would likely be best to wait for the introductions and initial talks to pass before she joined up with her fellow representatives of the Matriarchy.
Reikan Park

Chen K'aa Chenk took a moment to examine the surroundings, observing the dull architecture, the lack of colors, how empty the large space seemed. Most of the people attending seemed to even be wearing uniforms. Uniforms! Chen had been told that the International Relations Conference was an exchange of culture as well as diplomatic sense, but clearly that wasn't the case this year.

"The Queen didn't tell me Yamataians were so...drab, even if their knees are the wrong way around." Chen K'aa Chenk said, taking a moment to find the right word.

"I'm told the one running this year is not the type to bother with anything sort of military operations, sir. Odd that they would put her in charge of this years conference." Minto explained, taking mental note of the attendees.

"Hmph. I guess we'll just have to make do as we are. Follow me in." Chenk K'aa Chenk ordered with a click of his fingers.

Stepping to an unheard beat, the short alien moved gracefully through the crowds, occasionally taking dancing steps to one side or the other energetically. Eyes always straight ahead towards the inner doors, not exchanging looks with any other parties.

The rest of his party followed, Benta looking grateful that the air conditioning was warmer than outside, while Minto idly. Trying to hide the excessive movement of his shoulders as the nobles dance infected him. The two large aliens behind the trio simply followed blankly, clearly the bright colors of their dress and skin not transmuting into their demeanor.

As the group crossed the threshold to the inner chamber, the noble twirled arms out stretched in dramatic fashion. Minto took the few seconds it took to perform this to read the signs around the room and point to where the Gartagen contingent were meant to be sitting. Seamlessly, the noble stopped his twirl to face where Minto was pointing and confidently step across the room towards it.

As the delegation got closer it became clear the seats hadn't been made with their stature in mind. A subtle pointing from Chen was enough to send his humble scribe, Bento, to scuttle to the foot of the chair and chow-tow in front of it, letting the noble easily step up upon the scribes back and gracefully sit. Crossing his legs and tapping his hands on the arm rests he determined to watch the rest of the proceedings, at least the chairs had space for his tail.

Minto casually pushed himself up with his arms and turned his body to sit upon his own chair. One of the bodyguards pushed a chair forwards to the desk for Bento to stand on while he hurriedly set up his recording set, taking audio and limited video of the conference. His peach pale fingers shaking slightly to be done as fast as possible. Finally satisfied he jumped back down and the guard pushed the chair back slightly behind Chens own for the scribe to sit on. The guards themselves simply stood with their arms crossed in the back, giving to delegation a backdrop of vibrant color to make their ambassadors own.

If you must fight, clash.
Conference Room

"Welcome everyone. I don't like to waste time so let's get started," Yui said, her voice amplified by her microphone. "We we need first is a view of each nation's territorial interests. I would ask that each nation here present a map of what territory they control and also a list of Star Systems they claim as their own."

Yui also quietly sent a message to Yuumi: "We are starting. Get in here."
Nyton for his part simply stood near Kotori and listened to her conduct greetings. He played the role of loyal retainer, ready to attend to her in any manner but dressed in a formal business suit rather than traditional Yamataian robe. His suit was a typical dark grey with blue buttoned down shirt and grey tie with black shoes. He was clean shaven and well groomed as usual. Instead of being stoic and aloof, he grinned and made eye contact with visitors and passers by. He maintained a parade rest stance for the most part but moved and shifted to view arrivals and scan the grounds. In a way, he wanted to show the dignitaries that Kotori's branch of the Ketsurui honored and respected tradition with her attire and humble greetings, but was open to change and understanding differences.

He even gave the whistling a Marines a thumbs up and nod at their rendition of the national anthem.
After taking her seat and relaxing a bit, the first words that had come out of Yui's mouth didn't impress her one-bit, the lack of an introduction didn't help matters either. As the Empress spoke, Vas'Sumera mentally shook her head at the bold request, the queen waited a few breaths to se if anyone else would respond but when no one else had she choose to speak up. "Excuse me Ketsurui," she started and straighted up her posture.

"You are asking for information that is sensitive to my people," Vas'Sumera said, with hands clasped together. "Such information is not something I am at liberty to just hand over, not without something of equal value in return, even at such talks like this, I am not - nor would I willingly - go above the law established by my people," the queen relaxed a bit and took in a slow breath before continuing. "The best I can provide you is a rough breakdown of our borders, but beyond that - the names of systems, or anything within them, is outside of my power to give without the authority of the people."

"There are exceptions, naturally; but those exceptions do not apply in this case," the Queen went silent, awaiting to see what Yui's response would be; given the bold request, she was expecting something in return - whether it be understanding, or not.
Once it seemed like all the delegates had made thier way in and that the conference was actually in session, Kotori turned to her entourage "Thank you for waiting. We ought to take our places at our private viewing booth. If you will follow me, it is this way."

The Ketsurui Princess lead the three to a sideroom complete with comfortable seats, refreshments and volumetric screens showing the conference itself. Sub-windows could offer direct view of select delegates, or information on what was known of the nations they represented.
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As ordered, Yuumi arrived between diplomats who came in.

She walked calmly but dutifully by the other delegates, offering quick, tight smiles and an occasional wave. She looked her usual self — she wore a hunter-green suit, strapped at the waist with a matte black leather belt, with a simple white blouse beneath, her hair put up behind her head in a small bun. Her sensible matching heels hardly clicked on the floor as she walked by.

The premier entered just after Yui's question, though she knew what her sister was going to ask. She'd been briefed by the Mistress of the Star Army, so she got to know the plan.

She took her place at Yui's side without bowing to her. Yuumi wasn't obligated to do so; on paper, they were equals. But when she sat down, her gaze didn't quite meet those of the other delegates. She took up a datapad from the desk — one she'd asked to be there — and started writing on it with a grey-colored volumetric pen, looking up and down from it as discussions went on.
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Kohaku pondered the question that the Defender of Yamatai had posed. Her attention wavered when she noticed Yuumi enter the chamber. 'Perhaps the Premier was delayed and Yui was covering for her.' she thought. Then seeing Yuumi sit down while Yui start reading a data pad disavowed her of that notion. She considered the stance that the Queen of the Neshaten had taken. 'It inconceivable that the the Defender of Yamatai wound not know our domain. So she obviously must want us to state them for the benefit of the other delegates. However, nor are we obligated to provide those with whom we do not interact with specific details.

She stood after a moment and took her staff and handed it to Legos. She looked around the room and then spoke in a clear voice , "Esteemed Defender of Yamatai and our allies the Neshaten already have this information available to them.

However, for the benefit of our fellow delegates from the other various peoples of this region of space. I will answer as I am allowed. As was outlined in our treaty with Yamatai and our newest Allies the Neshaten.

The HSC defines its territory as starting along the 80 LY mark south of the Yamatai Star System, and extending 30 LY further south. The Western border shall be defined as 30 LY West, and and continue to 10 LY East. All stellar objects within this region shall be considered under our control, even if said object is not currently settled.

Our boarders are to be considered closed to non-clan vessels. Any ship which wishes to enter our territory must first stop at our Way Station. The exception being a vessel that has proper travel permits to enter our space, or diplomatically designated vessels.

Any other vessel approaching our borders will be intercepted and challenged.

We currently have colonial settlements on three of the star systems within our domain as well our home Sotâka Ruomâqi. The location of these are matters of internal security, and we at this time politely decline to provide the specifics to governments whom we have no relations.

Of course, this conference may provide the opportunity to being the establishment of relations with some of the other people of this territory."

She sat back down and waited for the next delegate to answer Yui's query.
With the announcement that it was time to move, Nibbi started moving with her retinue towards the conference room. She stopped briefly to shake Yuumi's hand and wish her and the child well, but didn't have time to stick around for a chat. "Perhaps afterwards we'll catch up, less formally?" Nibbi asked Yuumi, looking over her shoulder as her retinue's momentum wasn't slowing down. "Send me a message with your choice when you're ready."

The possibility of a few drinks with the premiers and more reasonable (to her) people of the conference after all's said and said (only sometimes done) was something to look forward to. Before that happened, Nibbi pulled the chairs from the desks for her retinue first, then sat down at her own once her crew was seated. Nibbi put her datapad down on her desk, craned her neck in a few short rolls to work the knots out, and waited for the Hidden Sun Clan delegates to finish their declaration of territories.

With Nibbi's turn, she stood up and spoke softly. "The Lorath Matriarchy defines its territory as thus, roughly ninety light years 'east' of Yamatai." The Middlewoman listed the Matriarchy's current assets. "The core trio of Lor, Nyli, and Hici'emi, along with Gensou, Yuujou, Kotoku, Tange, and Miyamae."

All familiar, named territory, but she moved onto the fringe Lorath systems in short order. "Also included is the border cooperative of Siren, the unexplored systems designated E-8 through 13, Occhestia, Gryzckii, Bisei, LM-NE 1, 2, and 3; and another unexplored system just 'south-east' of Miyamae." She had word that an exploration vessel was heading towards the last listed system, so perhaps it'd have a name and purpose in due time.
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The gartagean representive looked bored over to his more unknowable minion and didn't even bother getting out of his chair, simply pointing a finger up at the desk from his armrest.

"Say the correct thing." Was all he ordered to Minto in Sharan, sitting back once more.

Minto raised an eyebrow and stood atop of his chair to try and rise to the same height as the other speakers, tapping his microphone gently, making causing a small burst of feedback loop.

"Uh, hello? Ah, it's on. Uh, the Gartagen Union must respectfully decline to disclose the location and importance of its systems to nations we have never had diplomatic ties with, but the Union maintains claims control over all sectors from Sector 2020 east to 2320, stretching north until Sector 2023 and east of that until Sector 2323. All space and systems within this area are under Her Majesty's protection and will be protected vigorously. The Union also maintains a colony on the system of Ether, forty lightyears north of Yamatai, liberated from alien aggressors and placed under the gracious protection of the Unions fleet."

With a self satisfied turn of the head Minto sat down once more. The brightly plummaged noble next to him remaining unmoved, eyes staring boredly ahead.
Conference Hall
Lazarus made his most diplomatic motions to the Lorath, then gently gave the Sky Marshall a squeeze on the shoulder before making his leave and entering the conference room. As the military advisor to the Sky Marshall, Admiral Clarke had spent the last few weeks researching the policing tactics and fleet numbers. The result was a Navy-wide fleet restructuring that left aside a number of squadrons for new operations. These would be outlined in public for the first time here. Lazarus seated himself casually at the provided place and sat through the other delegate's presentations idly stroking the soft feathers on Lucy's neck. When the time came for him to stand and present his own case, a marine appeared to take the bird again. This marine was highly allergic to birds, but also was a great warrior who said nothing of his troubles in this time of hardship.

Silently, Clarke appreciated this for a moment with a sidelong glance before focusing on the floor and presenting two images.

"Currently, the Imperium recognizes the internationally-accepted star charts and agrees to the territorial lines marked within." He explained, gesturing to the first of the two projected images, "We would also like to begin policing these systems."


"Because we'd like a focused expansion we have no intention of developing them at the moment, but we feel that making them safe for interstellar travel and providing a provisional government in the form of a justice system would entitle us to manage these systems. Should their current inhabitants reject our authority, we will of course keep our policing efforts limited to the spacefaring traffic only."

The next slide was indicated for further expansion plans.


"For some time, we have had our hearts set on this nebula. Primarily it is valuable to us for gas mining, but it is also a matter of pride. Look at it." Lazarus gestured again, this time more forcefully to the glowing cloud, "It's green. It's a massive, green nebula. One look at our uniforms should tell you that our desire for it should be self-evident. In an effort to reach this nebula and construct mining facilities we plan to chart stars and worlds so we can develop trade routs and safe havens to built processing facilities and cities. We'd also like to build economic infrastructure in this zone to coordinate with as-of-yet uncharted holdings from our Free State protectorate and their mining colonies between Null and Void and the Blue Rift Expanse."

Looking around to make sure everything was well-understood, Lazarus graced them all with a smile and added with his Yamatai-go heavily accented, "Arigato. That is all."

Meanwhile, back on the NSS Sword of Nepleslia...

It had been nearly two hours since Lazarus Clarke and Charlie Coast had said 'We'll come get you when we're leaving' and then promptly left. Sitting in his diplomatic quarters, a small suite on board the flagship, was an aging senator by the name of Angelo Barton. He smiled a broad, toothy grin and adjusted his hair. This is because he was looking in a mirror. The make-up specialist who'd come to arrange his black and grey quaff before filling in the crows' feet around the senator's dull brown eyes was now sitting on the edge of the senator's bed while he chatted on and on about some city planning issue back on the homeworld.

"And so I told them, Margie, this is what I said--" His thick Prime accent twanging each word and twisting the sounds into yokel barbarism, "I said, this here thousand round magazine limit-- why it's gonna just ruin my election. You know how many of my constituents are artisinal artillery shell craftsmen? Some of my best campaign donors are the boys who put on the big show at The T every year on Lewis Pasco day."

He had no idea he'd been ditched.
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Eying the posted map data was one thing, but the intense and charismatic justification for the expansion of the borders of the Democratic Imperium was what made a smile form at the corner of the Lorath chaplain's lips, as Himsa looked on with a feeling of approval at the proposed direction and boundaries of the Matriarchy and Yamatai's ally. With the spirit of the moment in mind, the chaplain gently bumped hands with Middlewoman, the ambassador he was being advisor to. As he came into contact, he focused intensely on the thought of a proposition which they had discussed, which seemed quite appropriate considering the Imperium's proposed expansion. It was a silent means of communication, which allowed the ambassador the opportunity to weigh the suggestion from the Lorath man, without any onlookers catching wind with a clever eye, or a sensitive ear.

There was something that did impress Himsa though; the resolution of the three smaller nations, and their desire to keep their holdings off the record, something he was curious if the Yamataian war-mistress would allow to pass without upheaval.
Nibbi felt the bump. The unspoken message, the little players hadn't revealed their hands, just Nepleslia and herself. Though, Nepleslia - emboldened by previous successes they were taking the first step forward with announcing their territories. To be Nepleslian was prosperous, proactive, to venture and consolidate.

But to be anyone but the Yamataians, save for those in their pockets, they weren't giving things away. The ... Neshaten were an enigmatic sort, they reminded her of foxes she used to see on campus a couple of decades ago. The Gartagens? Poor things, they'd revealed their hand and were walking wounded in the midst of a civil war. Did the others have cold feet given rumours of a darker, more colonialist empire than the fair hand they'd heard?

That was something for tabloids to discuss. Nibbi paid it the barest minimum of heed. Not everyone had spoken up after all. She was about to drop something for the broadsheets. "In addition to our current holdings, The Lorath propose a pair of annexations. One near our Northern holdings," she projected a map of the proposed annexation, tapping away at her Datapad.


She let that hang in the air for a moment before continuing. "Furthermore, there is a sector south of us which our exploration vessels intends to explore, making a lap of the nebula through which the Yamataian and Lorath borders go through." A few more fingerfalls on the datapad and a new map came up. There didn't seem to be much out there - but there were lots and lots of possibilities.

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Kohaku watched as the 'Alliance Initiating' members posted images of their grandiose territorial proposals. She leaned towards Legos, and whispered softly in Takavonai "It would appear that all three of the members of the alliance have embarked on claiming as much of this sector. Apparently it seems that trying to dictate terms to the other races is not sufficient, they also want limit any growth. by others."

She thought back to the treaty with Yamatai. The definition for Yamatai was not specific as to the location, just that it consisted of any system they held. From what she could interpret from the Lorath images, their allies were just as ambitious with their new land claims.

After a moment's thought she stood up and looked around the room. "My fellow members of this delegation who are not part of the Alliance of Signatory States, and the three nations who comprise the Alliance of Signatory States. Two years ago we came to this Conference with the intent to meet with our neighbors and to possible forge relations. That Conference was derailed by first unabashed attempts of Extortion against our host nation; which ultimately culminated in the announcement of an alliance by the larger powers. An alliance which by its very wording did not even offer any of the attending members a chance to consider joining the same. That self same alliance effectively giving those members carte blanch as to respect or disregard out territorial boarders. One that also limits a joining nations Sovereignty. An example of this is should you sign it, you can only leave it if the other signatures consent. That document effectively ended that conference with nothing of meaning for the rest of us to go home with.

Now we are once more gathered with the hopes for meaningful discourse. We are then asked to state our sovereign borders. The Alliance members have not only shown us their actually held territories, but also clearly demonstrated their expansive agenda. One has to wonder what is the motivation for such massive expansion. In just two short years, the architects have seen fit to plan to more than double their territories. Lor's new border will now be only forty light years from ours, when it was more than 100.

Such rampant expansion to our way of thinking, is not a sign of a good neighbor."

She paused for a moment, and picked up her glass of water and took a sip.

"I respectful ask that we dispense with all this showing of how large we each are. Let us move onto more meaningful topics. The other items on the agenda with regards to our territory regarding the entering of our territory has already been told. Unless you have permission, by virtue of having an Treaty with us, or by invitation. Do not come into our territory.

However since we have started on the path of territory. I propose a more important topic in light of all this grabbing of territory. The establishment of a corridor or buffer between adjoining nations borders would meet each other. Such an area would be claimed by neither, and as such allow ships of any nation to travel through it without entering the space of either adjoining nations space. "

She then sat down.