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RP International Relations Conference of YE 38 - Day 1

Private viewing booth

Kotori had been looking at windows showing a detailed view of the planned expansions, and her ears flattened back.
She looked up at the main display window, her eyes drifting from the Hidden Sun Clan delegation and over to Yui.

And Yuumi. Whom had said so little. Whom was still saying little. But what she was not saying might have been a yell echoing through the conference chamber, had the participants ears for it.

The black-haired neko spoke softly for the benefit of her companions. "A year where the Nepleslians have made themselves ready to jump to the heights that Yamatai had become at the onset of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. A year where the Lorath actually became acknowledged as a big player in the interstellar community, no longer having to worry about the dagger Yamatai held at its neck before... and now they stand nearly as ready as the Nepleslians to cement that place."

"A year of Yamatai playing nice, letting itself be fettered and cornered with Yuumi-sama's gutsy gambit for peace. If Yamatai remains a step back as it was, it will become more coralled than it was, with few advantages of its own except Yuumi's peace, a peace that we had before... if with a degree of tension. Yui-sama is here because there is only one appropriate response."

The Ketsurui Princess shook her head slightly. "Had the other DATASS powers shown less ambition, it might have been only discontent about how the treaty limitations chafed and did little to benefit Yamatai. Yui could have been mollified. But the DATASS treaty will not survive this... and..."

Kotori's amber eyes shifted to the Poku representatives, "the tiger people is about to be very disappointed. The Three will say pretty words in a token effort to appease concerns, but they won't care. Caring won't balance with the gains they might have which will better secure their nations for the coming future. Too many of the others are smaller nations that are actually strangers; no reason to really concern yourself with strangers when you can secure more power. Yamatai will lose some face by shrugging off the fetters and reaching out faster and more aggressively to not be left behind, but better that than be left behind and be perceived as less than the dominating power in our region of space."
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There was a momentary silence from the Lorath delegation, and the Lorath advisors, there was even a touch of surprise which crossed the face of the older Fyunnen male, as the representative of the Hidden Sun spoke on the feelings of their nation, and their concerns. Once the Hidden Sun's representative sat down, it took but a moment before the uniform clad Fyunnen stood from his seat, and looked in the direction of the feline-like being which had spoken just a moment prior. It was a moment that had been approved by a touch from the New Tur'listian representative, leaving Himsa to speak in his eloquence.

"My apologies, on behalf of the Matriarchy, if we have made you so nervous." Himsa bowed at the waist and knees, sweeping his arms in a gesture that could best be compared to a courtsey. "We also apologize if you felt excluded, we apologize if you have felt marginalized, we apologize if you have felt ignored." While the words were grandiose, they were no less sincere, this was made clear by the expression upon the old Lorath's face, with eyes unwavering from the Hidden Sun, with an expression that was solemn in intensity. "Our people were once in such a position, to hear you speak of being in the same brings shame to us, and the memory of what we were, and the outlook for who we are to be... in light of such a concern, I only can beg your pardon." With that, he returned to standing full and upright, his broad shoulders squared, and his gaze just as intense as it had been.

"However, we still must look forward, and looking forward, I would like to extend the opportunity for dialog, the very reason we are here. We show you these ideas, these possibilities, these considerations on our part, so you and the other nations may speak your feelings, your concerns, and your misgivings. So we can consider you, so we can be better neighbors to you. If you feel intruded upon by our proximity, then we can scale back our proposed expansion. If you feel like you're excluded, we can include you in our arrangements. However, when speaking the way you have, with such an eagerness to create a distance... that is a show of fear, that is a show of wishing to remain apart, a display of distrust, when we have done nothing to earn it."

"With that said, the opportunity we share still exists. We can all stand as friends here, or, we can cloister ourselves. It is up to you." Himsa spoke his words, his almost disgustingly simple words, words that were so plain, so ordinary, that they offered no room to hide from the blatant fact: the Matriarchy wanted peace, and if peace was not made, anyone who refused would simply be painted as a belligerent.

As it stood in that moment, there was nothing to counter Himsa's appeal for peace. There had never been a conflict between the Lorath and any of the nations present, not even Yamatai (at least officially). There had even been peace treaties formed with the majority of those present, which had not been breached. History made something distinctively clear; so long as obligations were upheld, the Lorath were honest, direct, and loyal to their word. That history, was what stood behind Himsa, as his stone-faced expression gave way to the softest of smiles; "I, personally, would like to call you my neighbor, perhaps even friend. If you'd let me, and let my people do the same." There was a momentary pause, as if something of an afterthought crossed Himsa's thoughts, something perhaps even utterly insignificant; "I like this idea of 'buffer' space between territories, certainly something that deserves deliberation." With that last part spoken, Himsa took his seat.
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"If the representative from the Hidden Sun Clan feels like this is some sort of demonstration, then the Imperium can only apologize." Clarke felt his hackles rising. He'd begged and begged Coast to let him handle the specifics in territory and military-force related panels just because he was worried the Sky Marshall would start some kind of cold war with his brash attitude and now here he was feeling like he might be willing to start a cold war all on his own. The accusations stung to a man who'd spent so long working on fleet numbers and accounting records at a desk with datapads and displays surrounding him.

"You're suggesting a free enterprise zone in the same breath that you curse us for expanding. While I cannot speak for the Lorath, the Imperium has no intention of disturbing your space. To view our very incidental expansion plans-- which I might add have been years in the making and have nothing to do with this diplomatic event-- to view those plans as some sort of affront seems like an attempt to find trouble where there is none. Our expansion, should relations be established, can only be good for the Hidden Sun Clan as we would be a more powerful economic force to trade with. And we'd encourage you to expand as well. Any organized structure should expand. Growth is a very important part of our system."

There was a sigh, and Lazarus produced a datapad of his own, one with more historical fleet numbers on it. He didn't project anything from it, only eyed it for a moment before continuing. "Look, a decade ago my country wasn't even a nation. Some of us lived lawless lives on dying worlds. Others like myself... We were part of the Empire and many of us served the Ketsurui Clan. There was constant war during those days. Sometimes with Elysians, other times with our own brothers, and other times still with races not seen in this sector since. Instead of war, we're building something. To such a peaceful people as the Hidden Sun Clan that might seem like an attempt to flex might or push our ways upon you, but to us it is an adequate focus of otherwise destructive power in a galaxy full of discontent. Please, we entreat you--" If only you could've seen his eyes right here, fair reader, for they were wide and bright and filled with the sort of honest hope that you only get on holofilm covers from the leading lady looking up at her pirate beau just before being whisked away on some sort of adventure to the stars, "Announce your own plans, show us your own desires. Don't just assume we're here to look big. We're powerful, sure, and we're not ashamed of it. But we could be powerful friends instead of noisy neighbors if you'd just give us all the chance."
Vas'Sumera listened and mentally sighed; this wasn't exactly as she had been expecting - and in that regard - was rather disappointed. She couldn't help but agree with the HSC representative about the expansionist plans of the other nations, it was worrysome but not to a very high degree, considering that the map information provided actually meant that none would be near her Kingdom's territory.

This Imperium, they seem odd to me, wanting to expand in such a fashion. However, I lack the knowledge to really pass judgement onto them, I may have to meet with their own representative in person later to get a better idea of who they are. Her eyes fluttered over to the Lorath rep. This one as well, they seem interesting, but the general feel I get from them is perhaps concern? I can't say for certain, their expression are hard to read, but it feels like they've possibly been through a lot already.

The Queen folded her arms over her chest as she thought, her mind awash with idea's and concerns. This is going to be a long one, although I wonder just 'how' long... a small grin appeared on her face. When this all over, the report to the council will be rather interesting.
They all seem so uptight, Yui thought to herself. Even her sister. "Look, here is the point of this: We're trying to draw an accurate international star map. If we have clear territorial borders that can help keep us from accidentally wandering into someone else's claimed space or trying to colonize a planet another nation has plans for. Many of us are growing substantially. It's much better to work out conflicts in territory here than after the fact. You seem tense. Let's try to relax a little. Can I order some drinks or treats for you?" She offered the other diplomats. "We have a full cafeteria here and we can get you almost any food or drink you can name." Yui made a gesture and an attendant brought in few bottle of rare plum wine labeled Morioka Naoko Bought This Bottle. "This drink was made in the chaotic aftermath of the International Relations Conference of YE 34. Let's use it as a reminder that these conferences could be chaotic, and it's our job as the representatives to stay on task and get things done. Let's have a peace. You all showed up and are here now to do what's best for your nations, and for that I thank you all and you have my appreciation."

Yui also did her part by presenting a list of Yamatai's claimed systems. "As for Yamatai, we have the Star Army maintaining territorial control over the Southeast Sector of the Kikyo Cluster out to a distance of 80 Light Years from Yamatai, and a little further to touch the border of the Lorath Matriarchy along the borders negotiated during the signing of the Defense Alliance Treaty. Notably this includes many independent systems, which we are generally intentionally leaving as unclaimed and independent if they are inhabited, and we touch borders with the Kingdom of Neshaten and the Hidden Sun Clan. I don't think there's a need for an empty space between territories, at least not one of any considerable size. The Empress has expressed her desire to me that Yamatai sets up trade stations near those borders we share. Once we have the border issues solved we should also talk about requirements for people to enter our nations. It would be wonderful if we could set up some sort of international passport program and some public transportation network connections that would allow people to get rides.
Legos listened as two of the members of the Alliance first spoke. He was confused by the statements of the Defender of Yamatai. He tapped his communicator to send a message to Kohaku. 'The other Alliance members spoke with good words, of course we have no way to gauge the steel in those words. It is easy to sound sincere, but as we know. It is actions that show the truth or falsehood of words.'

Kohaku glanced at hers when it vibrated. She pondered his statements and weighed them against what the Defender of Yamatai was asking. Dismissing the proposal for buffers between nations offhanded seemed strangely typical for their allies.

She lifted the glass of wine that was offered, and stood. "To peace." she said and downed the glass. The wine was not particularly to her liking, but she did not find it unpleasant either. Just a bit too sweet. She placed the glass on the table before her.

"To the Representatives of Lor and Nepleslia. We thank you for expressing yourselves so eloquently. The Poku Saeruo Degonjo are always open to discussions with any government who wishes to establish peaceful relations. We of the Poku do not feel marginalized, because no one can marginalize us unless we choose to be. Needless to say, we do not choose to be so. As for the comments about being excluded, and ignored. The record of the last conference stands as to the truth of those. But we did not say those words, because such words have no place in this conference. We came here to extend the offer of cooperation.

That being said though I must state for the record, that the Poku Saeruo Degonjo can not, and will not ever sign the Treaty of the Alliance of Signatory States. Because we will never sign any document that denies or limits our rite to soveriegn determination. So any treaty that we establish with another nation, will be as peer to peer.

We of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo believe that it is by actions and not just words that one cane measure a people. Words are but the foundation, through ones actions that the true meaning of those words takes true form. We extend the offer to open discussions with any government, let our actions prove our words."
Vas'Sumera let out a sigh, one that wasn't to be hidden; the Ketsurui certainly didn't seem to understand her own concerns. "Ketsurui, you misunderstand our reasons for not wanting to grant you access to our territorial information - at least in full," the Queen rose and straightened out her clothing. "You say this information will be used to protect us from possible accidental intrusion," she said - a hand out before she brought in toward her chest in a folded fashion. "However, you'll excuse me if I don't fully take your word for it. My people have gone through a lot in the several thousand years that we've been around, we've signed treaties before and had them violated the very next day or heck the next hour. You can't expect us to just take your word for it, actions themselves speak louder than such."

"Thus, what we will provide you is with a basic outline of our territory," she presented it as such - pulling out a data-crystal that she had in her pocket. The lights of the room shimmered on the crystal, casting a bluish hue on not just the queen but other areas. Then, suddenly, a holographic representation of her people's territory appeared above the table. "This is our territory, information related to star systems and any assets inside of them is information I am NOT allowed to give out, not without the authority of the citizenry. Outside of this," small diamonds appeared on the edge of that territory. "These are Waystations, a word we have adapted from the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, where ships desiring to enter our territory my proceed and be inspected. These inspections are not due to suspions of illegal or criminal activity, but instead, to ensure that no diseases or other kinds of illnesses are introduced into my people before we have a chance to study and find methods of eradication."


She flicked her wrist up, causing the holo-image to vanish. "However, like the Poku, we are also not interested in signing any major treaties that may potentially violate our laws. Any treaties thus signed shall be done on a one on one basis and shall be done in accordence with our laws." She took a seat, and closed her eyes, her attendant whispered something into her ear and the Queen nodded. Yes that is true, what rumors we have heard of these Yamataians is worrisome, but they *did* bring back one of our own so for now we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Rumors are, after all, just rumors - until proof is provided to us to back them up we can't place sanctions on them.
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Clarke seated himself with a sad look. He didn't speak up again, having already said that Nepleslia accepted the current internationally understood territorial markers. Instead of stirring up anything else he took a moment to pour himself a glass of wine and swirl it in front of him. The long-suffering marine who'd taken Lucy returned her to him with a sigh of relief and the admiral took the bird on one arm with a sigh of his own while he looked at the swirling red shape. Although she didn't say as much, Lazarus couldn't help but view it as a slap in the face that he was being presented with a wine that had been bottled and distributed under the direction of a man who was wanted as a criminal in his country.

A little bit deeper in his psyche, there was another sting because this wine had been produced from the humiliation of Morioka Naoko-- a person who, during his time in the Grand Star Army, Clarke had studied as an example of proper command strategy. That was a more personal problem, however; easily shoved aside by a desire to focus on his nation and his goals rather than his past. The other blow, the first and more immediate one, was harder to ignore.

Was it on purpose?

Aside from a feeling of being misunderstood by the other delegates, there was now a sense that the Yamataians were playing the part of an inconsiderate lover. Inwardly, Clarke cursed himself for begging to handle this part of the proceedings. Coast would've been more forceful, probably said a few things that would be considered 'mistakes' on the diplomatic stage-- the same things that would've made for great PR. All Clarke did was sit there swirling the wine with a pensive look.

He dreaded what was to come.
From the Lorath end of the conference, a soft nod was given by Himsa when the wine was offered, but there was no intention to drink, not when the beverage was tied to such a farce as the conference of YE34, it was simply in bad taste... twice over, since it was such a young wine, at least in terms of Lorath aging.

In a quiet whisper, Himsa spoke to the Middlewoman and the masked Lmanel beside her, choosing to speak in the Orthodox tongue of their people; "If they want treaties, offer to make treaties. We could have a legal team on it and have one drafted for each of them and for the Alliance within a day, doubly so if we get the Yamataians and Nepleslians onto the drafting process. If we let this moment slip past, it weakens the treaty. I would recommend offering them an 'affiliated' status after speaking with the Neplelsians and Yamataians on the matter. It can be a sort of autonomous inclusion into DATASS without the same boundaries and restrictions, but also without inclusion into our defensive offerings. If they can't invest in full, we can't invest in them in full... on the matter of investment, Yui does not seem that invested in pleasing them, though, she is speaking on something we have in our docket, is she not?"
There was an overwhelming urge to thrust his hands deep into his own pockets to produce the nicotine gum he had carried with him to drink deep the sweet tender altering effects of the substance. However at Clarke's suggestion the Sky Marshall intended to not give cause to the host of this conference to become outraged at their diplomatic envoy. For a man so used to solving problems by grabbing them by the belt and hammer them in the mouth, this second conference was not at all easier.

However, it seemed as though Clarke's suggestions proved extremely meritorious, as the conference was being conducted in an extremely civil manner. Even more, it was going along in a strangely controlled manner. Nothing brought up truly rattled the Sky Marshall - Clarke's responses were generally in line with his own, albeit rather reserved.

Then came the wine.

The Sky Marshall felt a cold chill in the pit of his stomach - as if a vacuum had been created once any sort of goodwill had vacated from his body. Representative of betrayal and disorder on the highest level, the liquid sat almost heavily to him in the glass. He had read the reports of the International Conference of YE 34, and while not having much of a solid opinion on Morioka, he did feel a solidarity with her in trying to bring an avowed and eternal enemy of the Imperium to justice.

Had it been an unintentional oversight of the Yamataian hosts? Or perhaps it was an intentional act against the Imperium?

The Sky Marshall grabbed the glass and stood up rather abruptly, almost threatening to spill the liquid and tip his own seat over. Coast lifted the glass up, feeling as if the blood, muscle and bone that comprised him were screaming out to throw the glass against the table in front of him.


Coast exhaled, trying to let all the anger flow out of him in his breath.

We'll show them true strength.

"To Peace." Coast declared.

Drinking the wine deeply, Coast locked eyes with his Yamataian counterpart before retaking his seat next to Clarke as he considered the Yamataian claim to territory.
When passed the glass, Nibbi blinked incredulously, not recognising the bottle at first, then blinking as she saw Coast and Lazarus on the Nepleslian table eyeing the bottles as though they were using laser vision, trying to break them with their minds. Perhaps this was some sort of trick, or a bait cast by the Yamataians at the Nepleslians? She read the blurb on the back label and didn't know who Morioka Naoko or Heram J. Wazu were, but something was definitely at play, and the Nepleslians didn't seem to take it.
In a quiet whisper, Himsa spoke to the Middlewoman and the masked Lmanel beside her, choosing to speak in the Orthodox tongue of their people; "If they want treaties, offer to make treaties. We could have a legal team on it and have one drafted for each of them and for the Alliance within a day, doubly so if we get the Yamataians and Nepleslians onto the drafting process. If we let this moment slip past, it weakens the treaty. I would recommend offering them an 'affiliated' status after speaking with the Neplelsians and Yamataians on the matter."

"It can be a sort of autonomous inclusion into DATASS without the same boundaries and restrictions, but also without inclusion into our defensive offerings. If they can't invest in full, we can't invest in them in full... on the matter of investment, Yui does not seem that invested in pleasing them, though, she is speaking on something we have in our docket, is she not?"

She nodded subtly to the Fyunnen as she raised her glass and sipped it down quickly when the delegation called for a toast. She never had a taste for the plum-brewed wine, and preferred her local brew instead. She remembered having some offered as a gift, and even with the directed uses as a dessert wine, her palette didn't agree. With any luck, we don't get a bottle for this year, paid for by ... a-an admiral! Nibbi mused, stumbling for names within the Yamataian military structure - it wasn't important.

She put the glass down with a clink. "Moving on," the Middlewoman took the spearhead of the debate once everyone had finished their wine, "to the Hidden Sun Clan and our new arrivals, the Neshaten, if you would like more personalised treaties into the Alliance of Signatory States rather than assimilation by association, we can begin the drafting process with the Yamataians and the Nepleslians to best suit your needs."

Her gestures were reserved, but confident; hands laid over each other on the table. "With it, you could be an associate or affiliate, retaining your sovereignty, your borders, your rights, and your laws, while gaining access to some of what the Coalition has to offer." Nibbi let that sit in the air for a moment before offering assurance. "Of course, if you do not find this favourable. The offer will always be open if you change your mind later."

"Next, the Empress expresses her interest in infrastructure. A talking point I'm glad was brought to this assembly sooner rather than later," Nibbi said with nod, looking about the assembly hall as she flashed a smile to the Empress. "As a coalition with billions of citizens amongst our stars and many more moving in and out of our borders," she looked down at her datapad, and pressed a button to bring up a map of the DATASS territory, "we must embark on creating a consolidated, general, and accessible form of transportation infrastructure with common components across our territories and borders."

She continued outlining her proposition. "This is to facilitate safe travel for all our civilians, keep trade between our borders strong with able-bodied regulation and oversight rather than privateers and unaccountable conglomerates," Nibbi didn't seem particularly happy that so much in the world was unaccounted for, and yet it was possible to send a message across space with the click of a button, "keep our borders and quarantine lines secure from disease and piracy, centralise record keeping and cut the red tape between agencies and nations for travel, and allow the logistics for war to go smoothly should we all face a common threat."

Nibbi remembered something that had been pestering the Yamataians on the fringes which could be a call to action. There were small reports of the LSDF dealing with them, but they weren't much of a problem. "I believe a current pest on our boarders is the... Rixy ... Rix ..." she stumbled on her words before clearing her throat. "Apologies, the word doesn't flow well-" she said softly, "Rixxikor. Yes, that's the one."

She savoured a personal victory for recovering and keeping her composure, "with a common infrastructure in place, we should be able to respond to a threat - like the Rixxikor, for instance - faster, and if need be, together." With her points outlined, Nibbi realised she'd stood up at some point during her spiel and took her seat, "I believe there's a positive business and military case for a common galactic infrastructure, and the Lorath will assist in making this possible."

She nodded, concluding and getting comfortable in her chair with a wiggle of her rear.
Yui was glad at least some of them has a glass of wine. The point of it was we need to have a sense of humor about some of the troubles of the past. She could see who did and who didn't. Now for the real test...

"Speaking of the Defense Treaty," Yui said, "I am not convinced everything was properly handled with it. From my understanding, Yamatai and Nepleslia are not members of DATASS. Allow me to explain:

In item 6 of the Defense Treaty, it says:

6. Once this Treaty is ratified by the Signatory’s own legislative bodies, all the terms of this Treaty become equally binding on all Signatories.​

However, the treaty was not ratified by the Senate of Nepleslia. Nepleslia's senate was attacked by the NMX in YE 32 and most members were killed. The Constitution of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia says that new senators will be chosen once per year:

Power shall be reinvested in all Senators once per annum, coinciding with elections in all Planetary Houses.​

However the senate has never reformed since the attack and the nation of Nepleslia has been run by its military since YE 32, in full violation of their own constitution.

Therefore, since the treaty was never ratified, Nepleslia cannot be considered a member of the defense alliance and the treaty has not become legally binding to any and all members of the treaty.

Furthermore, Yamatai signed the treaty under the impression that Nepleslia was a fully-qualified member and, as demonstrated above, this was not the case. Because the treaty was signed under false pretenses, we question whether Yamatai's signature can be considered valid.

Additionally, the senate of Yamatai has failed to ratify the treaty as required by section 6, and and therefore cannot be considered a signatory.

In conclusion, neither Nepleslia nor Yamatai should be considered signatories as they have not fulfilled the terms of joining, and the treaty should be considered null and void."

Yui paused for a moment to let the others absorb this revelation and then added. "With this in mind, the Yamatai Star Empire would like to maintain relations by way of replacement treaties as soon as possible. However any new treaty we make cannot limit the Star Army of Yamatai's ability to go to war against forces like the Kuvexians and Rixxikor. Under DATASS any war Yamatai fought would have dragged Nepleslia and Lor into it too, which we don't think is a good thing. As commander of the Star Army, I need to be able to...'do my thing' as Nepleslians say."
Private Viewing Booth

Kotori had actually been a little impressed. The assurances returned to the Tigerpeople seemed earnest, and Yui even seemed on her best behavior. She was tempted to admit she might have been too pessimistic based on how previous IRCs had gone.

Then came Yui's revelation. Kotori softly facepalmed. "She didn't," the black-haired neko said, just barely refraining from moaning in exasperation. Hiding the desire to get rid of the treaty by calling it invalid behind bureaucratic vernacular was cheap. They had no business in how the Nepleslian senate was actually run, since the Sky Marshal could just make things happen. As for the Yamataian senate, Yuumi had taken care of that, and if it had not been further explored, it meant Yui was putting the failure directly at Himiko's feet.

Foot in mouth, Yui. Foot in mouth. You should just have stuck to saying "I don't like it, so the treaty is void". At least that could have been taken seriously and no one would have been surprised. Instead, we are just made to look stupid.
There was a moment where a pin could have dropped, a moment where the next breath to be drawn could have been followed with a shout or a cry... instead, it was greeted with a baritone of laughter from the direction of the Lorath delegation, originating from the Lorath Self Defense Force uniform clad Fyunnen, who stood in that moment and provided a shrug in the direction of the maiden of war.

"My my, this does seem to be the failing of not having a monarchy, is it not?" Himsa spoke, his voice slick and calm, he knew in the pit of his guts just how harshly he and the Matriarchy had been treated in that moment, how the shortcomings of two interstellar superpowers had put his people into a distinctively unfavorable position. He could in that moment choose to point fingers, to fall into the trap laid by the clever machine mistress, or, he could choose to buckle to the Imperial pressure and be cowed into a new treaty, he chose neither.

"While certainly an inaction has resulted in a delay, the terms of the proposed original treaty still stand as offered, and open for a legislative action. A Yamataian year's time could have certainly been considered viable time for filibuster, if the proposition had an expiration date." Himsa smiled in that moment, eying Yui with a measure of respect for her tenacity, yet... pity, at her thirst for the saber. "Speaking as part of a confirmed signatory, I would like to state that the offer still stands, even in this moment that could have had the possibility of raising doubts, yet has failed to do so in those who have faith in peace."

"We, the Matriarchy, would gladly wait for both the peoples of the DIoN and YSE to conduct your legislative affairs as needed. Furthermore, we would like to issue a heartfelt gesture, a gesture of the last Yamataian year, in which all parties here have enjoyed a spirit of friendship and common-interest while... awaiting and enjoying the treaty which had brought us together, purely by merit of the spirit of the proposition." Himsa's smile lingered, and in fact, widened in that moment. "With all the respect due to the Fleet Admiral and Mistress of the Ketsurui Clan, the proposed treaty is still left to the decision making process of the Empire's legislation, unless I have misunderstood, in which case we of the Matriarchy could perhaps be best served in updating our records to better reflect your legal and ruling process as something culturally appropriate, such as a shogunate. Such an arrangement could certainly best serve a desire to 'Do your thing', which is rarely the luxury offered to a soldier, or admiral, of an Empire or democracy."

Himsa's gaze remained steadfast, as his smile shifted, changing to the tone of the words which then came; "As a soldier of a monarchy however, I must express a degree of trepidation, when a talking point of a diplomatic affair is an Admiral wishing to 'do her thing', which would otherwise be fettered by a treaty, which is proposed for the purpose of mutual support, cooperation, and upholding a shared peace, while providing a greater base of security for all parties involved. Such a talking point, could have been considered a source of concern if not accompanied in that same breath by a suggestion of a replacement treaty, a replacement treaty which I doubt will be needed once the one already proposed hits the legislation of the Empire and Imperium." With that, Himsa sat down, and folded his hands upon the tabletop.
"The fact is that Yamatai is not a presently member of the treaty," Yui reiterated. "Considering how poorly the treaty council has functioned when issues like the Lazarus Consortium and the Rixxikor arose, and the limitations it placed on the Star Army's constitutional authority to declare wars, I doubt it will ever be approved if it is even brought before the senate. Besides, Yamatai would have never signed it if we had known Nepleslia wasn't a real member due to its constitutional crisis. So the reason I am here is to announce that the Star Army of Yamatai will no longer recognize the treaty as valid."
"How poorly?" Himsa got up, as if his chair had a hot coal in it. "I would recommend you pay mind to your intelligence branch. We have cooperated with your personnel in response to the Lazarus situation, in coordination with the corporate corruption investigative taskforce which Shosho Fujiwara implemented. As for the Rixxikor, as far as we know, they possess no sovereign government, nor legislative capacity, nor a cohesive culture as far as your own Empire's accounts indicate... thus, you've only constrained yourself on the matter of combating them, when there is no actual war to declare." It was utterly dumbfounding how the Admiral of the Empire could not see the writing on the wall which had been scrawled there over the course of a year.

"None the less, our offer still stands. A military is not a government unless martial law is in place, or, perhaps if a military is so bold as to displace a rightful leadership. We continue await the decisions of both the Democratic Imperium and the Yamatai Empire." Himsa's shoulders slumped as he returned to sitting, with a newly gathered frown. What could possibly be her motivation to act against the interests of her Empire? When peace is right in front of her? Peace should be the goal of any soldier... any soldier that is fighting for their nation, and not pride, nor glory at least.
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Vas'sumera sat there, thinking. This treaty they refer to... wonder if it was the one Kohaku referred to.... the queen thought while rubbing her chin curiously. When we next talk I'll have to ask her a bit more about it, to know more about the breakdown, I can't say I can make an opinion really at this juncture.

She shifted her legs over, and folded her arms over her chest and waited to see how Yui would respond to Himsa.
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"I agree that military is not a government, which is why Nepleslia needs to get its government back into civilian hands. The military has run Nepleslia for more time than the civilian government has," Yui said. "Until the Nepleslian senate exists again, Nepleslia cannot really give you their response on the treaty."

Yui took another sip of the wine. "I suggest you negotiate replacement treaties with my sister Yuumi. She represents Yamatai's civilian government and is responsible for foreign affairs. And now that we are free of the burden of the DATASS treaty, I hope we can improve our defensive arrangements with the Hidden Sun Clan and enter into a non-aggression pact with the Neshaten as well."
Kohaku and her entourage listened to the various delegations as they spoke. When she heard the representative from Nepleslia use the phrase 'more personalised treaties into the Alliance of Signatory States rather than assimilation by association' kept herself from making a sound.

She leaned closer to Saflea and whispered in Takavonai. "They just do not get it. We do not want a treaty with the Alliance, we want treaties with separate nations. Why would we want to join something we do not approve of. To do so would be to give tacit approval of their authority." She stopped her discussion with Saflea when she heard Yui start speaking about improprieties with the Alliance treaty. "Interesting" she said to her companions and watched and listen.

She was definitely surprised when Ketsurui Yui declared to all that they were not in fact a signature of the Alliance. If that were true it would mean that the clan could return to their original relationship with Yamatai. Although she was curious about what Yui meant by defensive arrangements. But there would be time to deal with that after the session. If what she says is true, then there will be many on the Tonai who would own her a good many apologies.

She sent a private message to Legos. 'When you get a chance, seek an opportunity to speak with Ketsurui Yui regarding her comment about defensive arrangements. It would best for such a discussion to be held between peers. I will have to see about sending a message to Ketsurui Yuumi and Ketsurui Himiko regarding the lifting of our restrictions on what vessels of our can enter their space. I will also have to speak with Vas'sumera regarding this development.

This Conference is becoming much more interesting.'

Legos looked at his wristcom and gave her a simple nod to acknowledge her message.
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Just like that, Coast wished he could vomit the wine back onto the table.

Utilizing bureaucratic technicalities to back out of a treaty designed to keep the peace between three of the largest nations in immediate space was exceedingly infuriating, but nonetheless not exactly surprising. He knew there was a certain "character" that the Yamataian Star Empire possessed, and despite evidence against the contrary with his interactions with Yuumi at the last International Relations Conference, it seemed that there was nothing changing the beast in front of him.

Yui said:
And now that we are free of the burden of the DATASS treaty, I hope we can improve our defensive arrangements with the Hidden Sun Clan and enter into a non-aggression pact with the Neshaten as well."

Coast looked to the Lorath delegation, intent on speaking with them privately after the initial deliberations were made in the first day. Then it hit him.

Wait a minute. Coast looked to the right at Clarke. We left a senator on the ship.

Coast gave Clarke an extremely enthusiastic nudge with his elbow and leaned over to whisper into his ear. "Get. The. Senator."