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OOC Kodian Civil War OOC Thread


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Just as a casual observer, I’m wondering what Yamatai’s response will be and am excited to see it. Objectively, the terrorists have no legitimate demands that can be addressed because being part of the Yamatai Star Empire can entail participation as minimal as Senate representation and allowing their people to voluntarily join the Star Army. So now they’ve sort of cornered themselves into getting hunted down mercilessly. You can’t really ask to be a nominal suzerainty (beyond already being a defacto one) after blowing up a brand new dreadnought.


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It's like these Kodians got struck with the old Red Virus that makes you single-minded and COBRA from the animated series.

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I can respond towards the end of each day and will do so in tandem with either Danas posts or in response to others actions accordingly~


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For the narrative sake, the party will have entered the facility before 7th fleet shows up and starts changing night to day. So we can keep timeline straight.


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Alright folks, Mission one has concluded. Our heroes are recovering from their various trials and tribulations. A few Requests from me as the GM.

1. Indicate whether your character plans on remaining with this plot, moving on, or whether you wish to bring on a different character.

2. Put out a post reflecting your choice(s) for number 1 here

3. Please fill out my short survey regarding your experience here.