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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.1] A little training Exercise

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Katae made her way to the repair bay on the Kyoten. It was 1330hrs and she was carrying her bags as well as several new books. Unlike her previous books, these were educational books for some courses that she had decided to take. Most of the workers had left the Aeon, so she walked up the ramp. Hello Eternity, situation report. she telepathically sent to the MEGAMI. Good Afternoon Katae, all major repairs have been completed, the technicians are completing the installation of the new medical equipment you requested. the AI replied. Excellent, I’m going to stow my gear and then walk the decks. Let me know when the crew is assembled. she sent as the crossed the vehicle bay. She quickly worked her way up to deck two. Once she entered her cabin she put her bags in the closet for unpacking later, and put her books on the bookshelf.

Returning to the she made her way up to the top of the ship. She could tell that the Aeon was still operating on station power because it lacked the normal sub-harmonics when the generators were operating. She checked the bonsai plants that she kept in the wardroom, and gave each a small bit of water. Katae then made her way through the corridors, checking each section that had been damaged. After satisfying herself that the repair teams had done a good job she made her way to the vehicle bay. “Time to let the crew come on board; so we can head out and do some training while the other ships are being repaired.

The returning crew familiar with the Taii’s ritual had arrived prior to the deadline of 1400hrs, and stood waiting outside the ship with their bags beside them.
Hoshi settled in line a few minutes before the deadline, putting his bag down on the ground next to him in the fashion of the other crew. He nervously checked his uniform again and, satisfied, assumed attention.

I hope they did their job right, Hoshi thought, remembering that the Aeon had gone under repair from a battle.
Haruhi's time leading up to the Taii's 1400 deadline had been spent finalising the transfer of her non-duffleable gear to the Aeon – namely her pillow collection, tea set and Mindy – along with sticking her head into the supply and requisitions section and a bit of general poking about the station. She had also made sure to check out what other ships were docked with the station and what they were in for; the other ships had needs to, and a bit of mutually beneficial trading was always something to be on the look out for.

Fifteen minutes before the prearranged time Haruhi sauntered up to the Aeon with dufflebag slung casually over her shoulder, her body language at odds to the professional look of her neat and clean bodysuit uniform. Once within an easy speaking distance she gave an easy wave to those gathered, greeting them with “'morning all,” despite the fact that it clearly wasn't.
Alia had been first at the meeting area. For some reason she has had an intense fear of being late recently, so to avoid being late she come 25 minutes early. She fidgeted in the seat touching the new badge she had on her uniform depicting the Aeon. She sat in silence while the other crew had formed up around her outside the Aeon. When the quarter master showed up she had waved back but didn't say anything to her.

It wasn't until Hoshi had shown up that she relaxed. She watched him checking his uniform and looking at the finished repairs on the beautiful ship. Then she slyly slinked over to him and stood at attention beside him.
She whispered into his ear, "Are you as nervous as I am?" she said with a slight chuckle.
Still slightly annoyed by the fact that the Taii had been under the impression that she might not be able to trust him to do his job, Asi nonetheless arrived with about five minutes to spare. He set his bag down, and looked at the others gathered there. He cracked his knuckles, the quickly shifted his uniform around so that it looked, well, 'uniform'. He nodded politely in the direction of the others, but kept his silence, at least for the time being. He looked up at the ship, and sighed. It couldn't be a good sign that this ship had already been damaged once.
Hoshi didn't - quite - jump to the ceiling like a cat in a cartoon, but he was still surprised when Alia whispered into his ear.

After a moment of wide-eyed alarm, he spoke. "A little." He said, and then added "You didn't have to sneak up on me like that, Alia-Hei." Hoshi then turned back to face front.
Katae stopped in the power armor bay to check on the delivered equipment. Once she determined that it was correct, she left and made her way to the vehicle bay. When she entered the vehicle bay, she paused to ensure that her appearance was in order. When she was satisfied Katae walked to the top of the vehicle ramp. From her position she looked down at the crew. “Good afternoon everyone.” She said. “I have some good news regarding power armor issue. I was able to secure a Mindy 2-3A for all crew members. We are the first unit to receive these new armors. So those of you who were issued Mindy 2-2A’s can leave them against the wall. For those of you who were already on the Aeon, pack up your old armor and put it in the standard cargo container with the other spares. Haruhi-Juni with regards to Gustav-San modify one of the Mindy 2-2A’s for his use.”

Katae walked down the ramp so that she stood in front of the crew. She then said, “Get on board; find an empty bunk; stow your gear in your room and then secure your new power armor in the PA bay. All hands to be at launch stations in 30 minutes. Dismissed.”
The Taii's address over, Eun-Kyung shouldered her bags and moved forward from the rear of the crowd. She smiled at all of the crew members she passed, noting a new face in their midst, before walking past the captain and up the ramp. “Ma'am,” she said in acknowledgment before continuing on. Once actually into the passageways of the Aeon, Eun-Kyung slowed down, taking in the sensation of being aboard her new home. Duty quickly caught up with her, however, and she picked up the pace until finally arriving at the crew cabins. After only the faintest of hesitations, she opened the hatch to the first cabin and entered. With thirty minutes until casting off there was little time to stow her possessions but she still took a moment to sit down on her rack and wonder how she had gotten there. Promising herself to do some quality thinking on the subject later, she stood back up and began to make her way aft to square away her armor.
Asi picked his stuff up, and stretched a little. Being the lazy bum that he was, he had been sleeping for most of the day up to that point, and was still stiff. However, he walked into the ship, already headed for his cabin, which he had picked out with the help of the ship's AI. He nodded to Katae as he went by, and quickly went to his cabin. Seeing as he had nothing outside of his standard issue items, his equipment was quickly stowed away, and with about 20 minutes to spare, he was sitting on his bunk, bored. He stood, up and looked around, before speaking anyway, unsure if this ship had pick-ups in the cabin. "Eternity, is there anyone else assigned to this cabin with me? Probably won't mind, but I want to know."
Eternity's contralto voice responded. "Good Day Im'inao-Hei. At present no one else is assigned to cabin seven. However there are two crew members currently assigned to the Aeon who have not chosen a cabin at this time. Have you secured your power armor in the bay Im'inao-Hei?"
"Not yet. I figured I'd meet up with anyone who was sharing the room with me, but I'll just head down now since there's not anyone. Thanks for the info." With that Asi strode out of the room, headed straight down to the bay to pick out his armor.
“You got it, Taii,” Haruhi replied to Ise before she joined the mob as they flowed aboard the Aeon. A quick detour into the cargo bay as she passed it netted her the two items that would join her in her new cabin, one a weighty mass of vacuum-compressed pillows in a large clear plastic carry bag that would have to be dragged along the floor, and the other a elegantly simplistic carry case for her tea set.

Freshly armed with her belongings Haruhi made her way to the lounge, a quick telepathic ping along the way to the ship's AI netted her the occupancy status of the rooms so that when she arrived she strode directly for cabin number six without pause. Once inside she pivoted about on her heel to build up some momentum, and with a swing sent the bagged pillows on a short flight which ended with a slide under the lower bunk. Much more carefully she placed the tea case in the geometric centre of the bottom bunk, laying claim to her nocturnal territory. Haruhi straightened up and let out a satisfied sigh, and with but a short glance around the cabin – it was just as standard as one would expect to find on most ships these days – the warrant officer turned and headed back out into the rest of the ship.

From the crew cabins she moved to the power armour bay, her next order of business before launch would be to put her own beloved Mindy to bed and check out the shiny new 3A the Taii had secured for her, then make sure everyone did the same and kick arse of those that neglected to do so.
Alia winked at Hoshi. "But Yukimura-Hei," she said in a sweet voice, "Sneaking up on people is more fun then openly coming to them."

She then listened as the Taii gave her orders and told her about the new power armors. Alia was concerned more about bunking situation then anything else. She wanted to bunk with Hoshi because he was one of her few friends but she also didn't want it to make their relationship awkward. So after the Taii finished, Alia caught up to Kim-Kohosei as she was headed aft.

"Kim-Kohosei? I was wanting some advice." she said casually will walking with her. Alia figured she could fix her mindy up before she choose a cabin. Her cabin choice was in fact was what she wanted to discuss.
The returning crew members made their way straight to the power armor bay. They placed their small bags that contained what they took when they left the Aeon to one side of the bay. They each found the new armor that was designated for them and unpacked it. After performing a quick check of the armor they powered them down. They then stored the new Mindy’s in place of their old armor. After packing their old armors up the group then worked together to pack up all the other older armors. Once all the power armors were packed up they formed a line started passing them down the line to the cargo bay.

Kahen saw Haruhi coming into the power armor bay. “Good day Haruhi-Santô Juni. We are just finishing up packing up all the old armor per the Taii’s instruction. This leaves the bay free for you and the new recruits. We also left one of the old Mindy’s in the storage for use for Gustav-San.”
After finishing her interview, Taikai quickly gathered her things and obtained her new YSS Aeon patch. Attaching it to her uniform, she felt a surge of pride that she was now a useful, contributing member of the Star Army.

She reported to the Aeon ten minutes before 1400 and quietly observed her fellow crew members interacting with each other. At first, Taikai nervously toyed with her multi-colored hair, but as soon as she realized that she was revealing her weakness, she stopped and simply stood still. When the Taii appeared at the top of the ramp, Taikai snapped to attention.

When Ise-Taii finished her speech and left, Taikai lingered just a moment before taking her bags and heading to the crew lounge. Once there, she asked Eternity for an overlay of the crew bunks showing occupancy. She had been very grateful to learn that she would not be assigned a roommate, and she was hoping that she could actually have a room to herself aboard the Aeon. Having always shared with her sisters as a child, and then with other soldiers in Basic, Taikai couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have her own room.

The overlay appeared and to her delight, there was an unoccupied room. Taikai hurried into the room and stowed her things. After making sure that everything was in its proper place, Taikai headed to the power armor bay. As she walked, she allowed herself to bounce slightly, her excitement getting the better of her. She was going to see, and eventually even use, one of the new Mindy 2-3As!
Eun-Kyung paused mid stride as the Santo Hei spoke to her, pleased that the misstep at dinner the night before had not been repeated. She smiled, nodded, and indicated the passageway. “Walk with me?” Keeping her pace slow until Alia could come beside her, she wondered what exactly she might have to offer a fellow new addition to the crew. “So what is it I can help you with?” she asked pleasantly.
With Alia haring suddenly off, Hoshi was left standing on his own, formulating a few late responses. He didn't sigh, That's new. He thought, and wondered if the Number Seven Cabin was available. he'd have to ask... Hoshi double-checked -- Tomas Anderson if it was alright to bunk there.

He picked his bag up, and began looking around for Tomas Anderson. Hopefully, the man hadn't left the area yet. If he had... Hoshi was going to bunk there if he couldn't find him fast.
Unlike the other returning crew man, Tomas walked to the top of the ramp and stopped. From there he could watch the crew board. He was feeling a bit out of place. Having just boarded the ship prior to the NMX battle, he really had not made any real friends. He observed the original crew members move with a sense of purpose together. And watched the new crew members filter onto the ship. As he looked back into the ship he realized that something was holding him back. He was afraid, the last time he was on this ship he saw something rare for Yamatai. He watched a person die a final death. His last roommate Yutaka Kin had died right before his eyes in the Wardroom. And it was permanent because the young Infantryman had not made a back up. None of the new crew had. Why would they it was supposed to be a safe exploration mission, there would be plenty of time to get backups done. Then the world changed. I'm no great warrior, I never wanted to be. I just wanted to serve in the Star Army and take care of the soldiers. That's changed now. I've changed. I think I will move to another cabin, I do not wish to remain in cabin nine anymore. he thought. Once I complete that task and secure my armor I'm heading to the Medbay and making a backup.
Hoshi reached the top of the ramp, and shifted his bag uneasily. Tomas was depressed about something. He's a veteran, now. He probably saw something he didn't like.

"Erm... Tomas Anderson Santo-Hei?" Hoshi opened, stopping in front of the man. "I was wondering about Cabin Nine." Hoshi held his hand out to shake awkwardly -- He was new to this, after all -- "Do you think I can bunk there? I wanted to ask your approval beforehand."
Usage-Hei, mind if I move in with you? Tomas sent telepathically. Sure thing. replied the Neko. Tomas was brought out of his thoughts by Hoshi's question, "Yukimura-Santô Hei." He said with a slight nod. "Actually I plan to move out of the cabin so you are free to move in. I will be sharing a room with Usaga-Ittô Hei.
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