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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.1] A little training Exercise

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Gi piloted the Aeon smoothing towards an orbital insertion above Virginia. "Virginia Approach Control, this is the YSS Aeon, Ise-Taii commanding, requesting permission to enter orbit." Gi sent. "You are cleared for orbital approach Aeon. We have been expecting you." came the voice of the approach controller.

It was a relatively simple maneuver to then alter the ship's orbit to rendezvous. Gi adjusting the speed of Aeon glided silently into position five kilometers above the Henry Chen. This put both vessels in a geosynchronous orbit above the First Fleet Depot. After putitng the ship into station keeping mode she picked up the handset and called over the speakers. "Ise-Taii, we are in position holding at 5,000 meters per your command."

Katae walked into the power armor bay and was greeted with the sight of her people completing their preparation. She walked over to her armor and removed her boots, holster, communicator, and rank pins stowing them in the butt pack she had attached to her armor. She also placed two wrapped up bottles of fine Yamataian Wine. Closing the pack she stepped backed into the armor and closed it up. She performed the power up and diagnostics easily having done them countless times before. Sealing the helment she stepped away from the rack.

"Heads up people. We are going to take a little walk outside. The Henry Chen is below us and we are crossing over to her in our power armor. Kim-Shoi Kohoshei and Haruhi-Juni, both of you will go weapons ready when we step out. The rest of you will keep your armor in training mode. Once we are on the Henry Chen you will be given your briefing for the training mission." She walked over to the power armor doors and signaled for the starboard one to open. "I will be waiting for you outside. So move it people." Once the outer door was opened she nimbly leaped through the containment force field into space.

Continued on Mission 1.2 Aboard the Henry Chen.
"Yes, thank you Usaga-Hei," smiling, Taikai grabbed her bag and crawled back through the conduits. As soon as she was back in the engine room, Taikai checked her watch. She had just enough time to run to the infirmary and do a backup before she had to report to the power armor bay.

Taikai hustled through the Aeon's corridors to the med bay and had the ANU make a backup of her. After a few minutes of intense sensation, her backup was done and Taikai got back to her feet, shaking her head to clear it. She hurried to the power armor bay and slipped in just ahead of the Taii. She quickly stripped off her pins and weapon, gave herself a once over to check for any pointy things she might have forgotten, and then crawled into her new Mindy.
Since Alia was a little afraid of the machine she had let Haruhi and Taikai go before she went. It took her a second to calm down and swallow the pills before she could sit at the machine and let it do it's job.

Once done she hurried down to the PA bay and stripped before getting into her Mindy.
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