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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.1] A little training Exercise

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As the smoke flowed into the passageway outside the fabrication bay Haruhi tweaked the environment controls to increase the ventilation rate there to help clear away the smoke without creating too much airflow which would only serve to feed the fire. A nail-less finger tapped out a slow metronome on the control panel's surround as the Neko observed the progress of the exercise with a slight air of boredom; neither the event itself nor the way it was being handled by the two Nitô Hei were cause for any excitement while viewed from the other side of a monitor panel, as good an indicator as that usually was.

”The Taii just left to set fire to your bunks,” Haruhi's telepathic words slipped into the minds of the enlisted pair, ”Sure hope you can put out that fire and rescue the two Juni before I have to send you to hose down your own rooms.”
Eun-Kyung split her attention at the mission ops station between the progress of the hyperspace jump and the progress of the damage control exercise. On both counts, she didn't see anything she could contribute and so continued her silent spectating until, struck by a question, she turned toward the command chair. “Ma'am, will we be rendezvousing with the rest of the squadron while on station with the Henry Chen or will we be returning to Virgo before deploying operationally?”
Hoshi ducked into the burning room, and made a beeline for Keiko-Juni's form.

"Hey!" He nudged the figure, then flipped her over gently to get a better look at her. He took out the scanner and did a quick scan on Keiko-Juni.

If he could move her, he would. With the flames like they were, it would be stupid to try and treat her here. If he couldn't... He'd do his best and then move her regardless -- He had no choice.
Katae turned towards Eun-Kyung, "After our training exercise aboard the Heny Chen we will be returning to Virgo station. The Integrity is not due to complete repairs until tomorrow. Once we return we will be resupplying the ship to make up for lost provisions in the battle, and to pickup some Mission Essential equipment. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the following item. They are called FTL Sensor Drones we will be deploying them in a picket line fashion to help give our forces information on Mishuu movements."

Gi's eyes opened slowly as Hoshi rolled her over. He could see what appeared to be second degree burns on her face and other parts of the front of her body. The scanner revealed that she had no broken bones or internal injuries. "I believe I can move if you assist me getting up." She said to Hoshi.
Asine sighed slightly in relief. That makes this much, much easier. He quickly tapped in some commands, then turned to watch, as the crane moved into place, and gripped the debris. He then turned back, and tapped in one more command. With that done he ran over to Kahen, ready to pull her out as carefully as possible the moment she was free. I'm pretty sure Haruhi-Juni was joking, but just in case...
"Alright. Try not to breathe as much." He hoped that would keep her quiet -- if she had inhaled too much smoke, or at the wrong time... A lot of things could have been done to her lungs.

He helped Keiko-Juni up carefully -- but as quickly as possible.

The burns must have hurt, but they weren't life threatening at the moment. As soon as he had the Juni outside, he disinfected and applied a liquid bandage over the burns. The anesthetic would help with the pain, and it sealed the wound.

Hoshi moved Keiko-Juni so she wouldn't be directly in front of the doorway, and set her up against a wall safely away from the room.

"Stay here! I'll be right back."

Then he was gone -- running back to his next patient. The pinned Kahen-Juni. Hoshi avoided the flames, and made his way to her.

"Asine!" He called as soon as he arrived.

The scanner was ready, but he stuffed it away.

Out, first. Scan next. He thought, ready to help pull the Neko free.
As the crane lifted the debris, Asine gestured to Hoshi, telling him to come help. "Here, you take that side, I'll take this one." As he gripped , he prepared himself to lift so they could move her directly into the hall instead moving her to the floor.
Alia ran through the calculations again, double and even triple checking her work. Plotting a jump isn't as easy as the vids show it to be. If you were to make one mistake in a calculation then the ship could end up on the wrong side of an event horizon or virtually smashed into bits by hitting a star or rogue planetoid. Luckily she was traveling a cleared hyperspace lane otherwise it would have taken her a few hours of intense mathematical work to jump the same distance.

Once sure that she had made no mistakes she sent the calculations to Eternity.

Eternity can you check my work? This my first professional jump and I don't want to be off by a meter.
Eternity replied Your have calculated the coordinates for jumping properly. I can detect no flaws with your work.
Katae stood up from her station and walked over to Haruhi. "Haruhi-Juni, would you care to explain why it is taking so long for your damage control team to take care of the fire, and rescuing two injured crew members? Why did they fail to don their AMES when Kim-Kohosei sounded battle stations per the ship rules? They may be green, but as a seasoned veteran I expect a bit more sense of urgency and guidance from you. I expect all crew members to treat a drill as the real thing. Get down there and educate those two."

She turned to Eun-Kyung, "Kohosei as acting XO, I expect you to be on top of things. That includes asking for statuses, and more importantly asking what the hold up is and offering advice."

Meanwhile in engineering Hisa turned to Taikai, "Best get out of these AMES and into our Engineering Protective Jumpsuits for us to get through the conduit. Hisa peeled out her AMES and stowed it. As she put on the jumpsuit, she sent a message to the Taii via Eternity.

Usaga-Hei said:
Ma'am, for future situations, may the engineering team use our Type 31 Engineering Jumpsuits in lieu of the AMES. They are better designed for allowing us to perform our duties.
Usaga-Ittô Hei
Haruhi grimaced internally as the Taii loomed over her and managed by only a small margin to keep it from her face. As much as it irked her the Neko knew that a failure of the two enlisted was a failure of her own, and the Taii had seen right through to the crux of the matter. “Aye, Taii,” she ground out the words, then slipped out of her station and made haste for the scene of the fire.

The Juni pulled on an appropriated AMES suit as she moved – inertial manipulation being the wonderfully useful thing that it was – such that as soon as she arrived all she had to do was grab the discarded fire hose outside the fabrication bay and she was into the action. Without so much as a word to the pair of Nitô Hei fussing over Kahen, Haruhi aimed the hose at the base of the fire and let rip with the water-borne foam mixture, quickly and efficiently she attacked the blaze and brought it under control. Shortly after the main blaze was extinguished and Haruhi spent a few moments methodically putting out a few remain smaller fires and dampened down the trough set-up to prevent any flare ups.

With the fire out the ventilation kicked into high gear and rapidly cleared the fabrication bay and passageway outside of lingering smoke. Haruhi stood amongst the foam-riddled mess of the fabrication bay - fire hose held still held as though she were ready to continue to use it – and silently radiated disapproval behind her AMES suit as she glared at the enlisted as they worked to free Kahen. ”Hurry. Up. If this was a real emergency the fire would already have spread to half the ship, and you still haven't even managed to extract both the Juni.”
Thank you Eternity, Can you alert all crew of an eminent Hyperspace Fold?
Alia then started the short process of dumping the appropriate amount of energy from the capacitors to the drive itself. As she did this a small energy bubble formed around the ship. It would be this bubble of Space-Time that would be instantaneously transported over a few light years distance. Of course to the people on board it wouldn't be instantaneous, it would feel like a few standard hours.
"Hyperspace Fold Initiated." Eternity chimed across the ships PA system.

A shimmer formed around the ship and soon was filled with blue light, a flash of light and the Aeon vanished from the firing range. It was now on its way to its meeting with the Henry Chen leaving a brief fading blue light to mark where it had been.
"Sorry, Asine." Hoshi sent.

"Don't lift her." He said, pulling Kahen out quickly, maneuvering her so that the debris could come down if it had to -- just not on her.

Safe, now he pulled out a scanner and ran it over her. He would treat her fake wounds to the best of his knowledge. It wouldn't help things, but at least it wouldn't make it worse.

I failed. The thought brought him to stiff attention once he was finished.
Taikia quickly shrugged out of her stifling AMES suit and shimmied into her protective jumpsuit. As soon as she was ready to go, Taikai grabbed her toolkit and followed Hisa to the Pylons. Pulling out her scanner, she pulled up the STL engine's diagnostics and started examining them.
"Alright." Figuring now wasn't the best of times to be sitting around, Asi left Hoshi to handle Kahen, and ran to check on Keiko while Hoshi checked on Kahen. "Don't worry about it, I'm as much at fault as you are. Neither of us should take any more blame then the other." From what he could tell, there was nothing that he could do to help her at the current time, or place for that matter.
Although nothing was happening Toranaga pretended to be busy with the sensors as Ise-Taii dressed down Haruhi-Juni. To him it seemed like bitter irony that the Juni who display such a brusque attitude towards the newcomers was now at the receiving end of a dressing down by the Taii. However, he didn’t make his feeling known. Rather, he kept silent and otherwise occupied until the Juni was gone.

When things had seemingly calmed down Toranaga stood up and lowered his head towards the Taii “Ise-Taii, permission to visit medical? I would like to have my memory-backup done while we are in a lull.”
Katae turned to Siyun and said, "Toranaga-Hei, permission granted. When you are complete you may as well report to the Power Armor bay once we arrive at the Heny Chen we will be taking a walk." Katae then took her seat and watched the controls.

A moment later Sachi came in with a cup of coffee which she brought to the Taii. "Here is you coffee Taii, I noticed that you had not been down to the Wardroom to get a cup so I brought it to you."

Katae smiled at the Valkyrja, "Thank you Nami-Hei. I could use a cup right about now."

"Taii will the crew be eating before the training exercise, or shall I delay the meal." Sachi inquired.

"We are on a fairly tight schedule, so we will eat after the training. It will give us an opportunity to discuss how the training went at the same time."

Sachi bowed and quietly left the bridge. Katae watched her leave At least there are some constants in the universe. she thought.

She reached down and picked up the handset and dialed the ship wide channel. "Attention all hand, we will be arriving at the Virginia System shortly, and then meeting with the Henry Chen. In twenty-five minutes the following personnel need to be standing by in the Power Armor bay suited up. Kim-Shoi Kohosei, Haruhi-Juni, Shina-Hei, Anderson-Hei, Toranaga-Hei, Im'inao-Hei, Sum'ishi-Hei, Tsukiki-Hei, Yukimura-Hei. So wrap up whatever you are currently working on and do not be late."
Alia had done similar to Toranaga when Haruhi-Juni was getting her tongue-lashing. She checked the Hyperspace field multiple times even though in the history of space travel a Hyperspace field has never collapsed while in transit. She also sat there and calculated to the tenth of a nano-second the arrival time for the ship-board clocks.

Once the Juni had left and the Taii had made her announcement, Alia stood and did a bow to the Taii. "Ise-Taii, I also need to have my back-up performed, may I follow Toranaga-Hei?"
Katae nodded, "Go ahead Tsukiki-Hei. I will take care of the rendezvous the the Henry Chen. Before I turn over the bridge to the night-shift. I will see you in the Power Armor bay."
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