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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.1] A little training Exercise

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Asine jumped slightly at the sudden summons, but then started running. As he ran, he ran through his memory to remember where the nearest AMES suit to the Fabrication bay would be. As he arrived outside of the bay, he quickly hopped into his newly acquired AMES suit. "Haruhi-Juni? I'm outside of the Fabrication Bay, and I'm suited up. Do we have any more information about the situation inside?"
Eternity replied to Haruhi's request.
"Eternity said:
The crewman in the Fabrication area are Keiko Gi-Nitô Juni and Kahen Yani-Nitô Juni.
Hoshi was right on Asine's heels, following the other man's lead.

"Ready when you are." He said, when Asine paused.
Taikai was monitoring the weapons platforms on her console when she recieved the command from the bridge. Glancing at Usaga Itto-Hei, Taikai saw that the older woman was busy with the shielding and propulsions. She quickly pulled up the auxiliary systems and started opening shunts between them and the shields, engines, and weapons.

When the weapons started to fire, Taikai switched the bulk of her attention back to the main weapons systems. They were holding up fine for now, but the auxiliary power might be needed if they maintained this pace and intensity for a long time.
Eternity said:
Sensors detect heavy smoke in the fabrication area. Flames are present between the injured crew members and the doorway.
Toranaga took the cue and activated the turrets. They lashed out at the drones- even though his mind wasn’t wired for combat his training more then prepared him for this moment. Using the fire control system Toranaga selected and kept track of the targets one by one. Combined with Alia’s swift piloting the secondary weapons made quick work of the test drones. When the final blip on the sensor palette disappeared Toranaga heaved a sigh and relaxed slightly “all targets destroyed.”
Katae watched the new starship operators as they went through the weapon fire exercise. They performed well, but then again targeting drones aren't that hard to destroy. she thought.

Standing she crossed over to the Command console. Placing a hand on the midshipman's shoulder she said. "I have the bridge Kim-Kohosei. Well done. Secure all weapons, at least we know that all weapons are operational."

She turned to Haruhi, "Haruhi-Juni, I would appreciate it if your damage control team would put that fire out." She said with a wink.

Turning back to Alia, "Tsukiki-Nitô Hei, Lay in a course to Virginia so we can rendezvous with the Henry Chen."
“Aye aye, ma'am. You have the Bridge,” said Eun-Kyung, a tight grin on her face. She was eager not to seem over-pleased, but the rapidity of the drones' destruction and the Taii's apparent approval excited a deep-seated satisfaction that could not be completely suppressed. She pursed her lips for a moment, considering that the damage control wasn't completed before the exercise ended, but the Taii clearly had other plans so she shrugged off the thought and slipped quickly out of the command chair. She loitered beside it for a minute, listening to the Taii. “Ma'am, we never resolved this before; what station do you wish me to take at the moment?”
“It's a fire, and it's between you and the two crew in there. Smoke and flames, so make sure to check each other's seals before entering and get the hose from the fire-fighting station near you so you can actually put it out. And for the love of the Empress try not to spray it all over the two Nitô Juni in there, it's kinda hard to breathe through that foam.”

“Really, Taii, I hadn't figured,” Haruhi replied in the driest tone she could manage.
On the Systems Monitor screen appeared.
Eternity said:
Here is additional information on the situation in the fabrication area. Kahen-Juni is conscious but pinned under 'wreckage'. She reports that the fire is flammable liquids burning on the floor from a leak.

Katae looked at Eun-Kyung, "Well as XO you can either stand near the command console, or take the Mission Operations console. I would suggest for now that you take that station."
Haruhi gave her station a 'gee, thanks' look at MEGAMI's continuing trickle of information before she relayed it on to her charges. ”Additional information, Kahen is trapped but concious; if you can't figure out how to free her in the fabrication bay of all places then Himiko help you both. The source of the fire is a flammable liquid leak, so be sure to take that into account.”

Haruhi leaned back in her chair a bit, after all it wouldn't be much of a training exercise if she gave them all the answers straight up...
"Haruhi-Juni has a point, lets check each others seals before we go in. We're no help if we get messed up too." Asi turned to Hoshi, and quickly ran is hands down his suit, checking for any breaks in the seal. "Now you check me, and we'll be set. If you can grab the hose, and get to putting out the fire, I'll see if I can't figure out how to get one of the cranes working, and move the wreckage off of Kahen-Juni. Once I do that, be ready to move in; you have more training in medical things then I do, so you'll get to her, and make sure we can safely move her." He glanced around, thinking. "While you're doing that, I'll grab another AMES suit to get her into."
"Hai." Hoshi said, nodding. As soon as Asine was finished checking his seals, Hoshi spun the man around quickly (but not roughly.) to check his seals.

"Everything appears to be in order."

He began thinking of how they would have to tackle the situation -- and everything that could go wrong.

We have to plan ahead, and those Techs are our priority.
When the damage control team opens the door this is what they will see.

A wall of flames that reach about four feet into the air.
Because this is a drill the flammable liquid is being contained in a shallow trough.

Beyond the flames Keiko-Juni's unconscious form can be seen lying face down. Across the room, Kahen-Juni can be seen pinned under a large structural member.
"Aye aye Taii, plotting Hyperspace jump to Virginia." Alia said while calling up the calculations. It would be a short jump to the Henry Chen.
When Hoshi finished checking his suit, Asi turned to look at him one last time. "Well, let's go." He opened the door, mentally preparing for the situation as much as he could. When he was promptly confronted with a wall o' flame in front of him, he turned back to Hoshi. "Okay, quick now with the fire hose, and a change of plans. You go for Keiko-Juni first, check her, and I'll try and get the debris off of Kahen-Juni. Then we'll get them both out of the room, and come back to put the fire out."
Hoshi shook his head. "If Keiko can get out of there on her own, then I'll help with the debris. It may need two people."

Burns suck, but if she can walk she can wait a few moments. Trauma is a much faster sort of death. He eyed Asine. He's not an idiot, either. But if he hurts himself, it'll only be me dragging three patients around.

He shouldered the medical kit and stuck the scanner in a pocket. Thank my stars to remember grabbing that.

"On three?"
As the door to the fabrication area was opened, smoke rolled out into the passageway, and the flames flashed momentarily in the direction of the doorway.

Out of habit Katae double checked Alia's navigation. "Eternity, notify the squadron that we have completed our weapons check and are enroute to the Henry Chen. She sent telepathically. She then picked up the handset and called down to Engineering. "Usaga-Ittô Hei are we ready hyperspace fold?" "Yes Taii, fold on your command." Hisa replied. "Very good Hei." Katae said and then put the handset down. "Tsukiki-Hei, engage the hyperdrive." she ordered.

Hisa meanwhile frowned at one of her displays. "Sum'ishi-Hei, grab a diagnostic kit, I do not like some of these readings from the starboard STL drive. Let's go down to the pylon and see what is up." she said as he grabbed a toolkit.
Asine ducked through the doorway, and kept a low profile. He quickly moved to the side of the door so Hoshi could move through without anything in his way, and looked around for a control panel. Spotting one, he quickly moved over to it. "Eternity, can you reroute control of a crane near the debris to this control panel, assuming it's not already accessible? I need to use it to move the debris off of Kahen-Juni."
"Rerouting service crane control to indicated station. Rerouting complete." Eternity replied.
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