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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.1] A little training Exercise

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“Get over here, you two, debrief time,” Haruhi looked like she was about to say something more, but closed her mouth and glanced down at the fire hose instead – still in her hands – and after a moment of hesitation placed it on the floor. She gave the enlisted a time to gather before her before she continued.

“Damage control is about two things: prioritisation and swift action. If you fail at the first the second often won't mean anything, and guess what, you failed at the first.” Haruhi crossed her arms across her chest and frowned at the pair in front of her. “Putting out the fire first would have prevented it from spreading, prevented further damage to the fabrication bay and the rest of the ship, removed the threat of burning to death from the two Juni, improved your ability to move around the fabrication bay... how you could possibly have thought it was a brilliant idea to let it burn is completely beyond me.” The aggravation in the Neko's voice had climbed throughout the sentence until she bit down on continuing her rant.

She drew in a sharp breath then expelled it in exasperation, before she continued on in a more level tone. “'Fortunately' for you, the Taii had to remind me that as Nitô Hei you are not fully expected to be able to think rationally by yourselves, that duty falls on me, though that far from excuses you two in my books – Empress help you if the Mishhu ever take my head during combat and the fate of the ship rests in your hands.”

“Putting the farcical handling of the fire aside, the treating of the Juni was more or less acceptable, they're alive and their injuries were handled appropriately.” Haruhi looked over the bay as she seemed to brood for a few moments. “We're on the clock so that's all I'll say for now. Clean this mess up, think over what happened and make sure you're at the armour bay at least ten minutes before the Taii's deadline to get suited up. That's all.”
Eun-Kyung had remained silent since her quiet “aye, ma'am” a few minutes before, in response to the Taii's... suggestions. Now, with the bridge empty aside from the Captain and herself, she paused for a moment to throw a repeater of the damage control simulation's completion into the command chair's queue before turning around. “Ma'am, I apologize for earlier. I was so focused on the weapons drill that I assumed that my part in the simulation was over once you relieved me. I won't let that happen again. For now, though, ma'am, do you have anything else you require my assistance with before I proceed to the armor bay?”
"Ma'am? If I may? I will take responsibility for this, as I told Yukimura-Hei where to go. I prioritized the Juni, reasoning that with them out of the way, we would better be able to concentrate on the fire. Also, since at the time we did not know the condition of the Juni, it was possible that one or both of them were in critical, time essential condition, and that by prioritizing the fire, they might die. And while they could be brought back, by allowing them to die, we would lose any information the two might have had pertaining to the cause of the fire and debris in the first place, thereby not allowing us to prevent future incidents." With that he bowed, and waited for a response before heading down to the power armor bay once more.
She is only a Kohosei. She still needs training and experience. she thought. "Eun-Kyung you are here to learn. So we will consider this an object lesson for you. For future reference my taking the bridge just means that you are back to your role as acting XO. Unless I dismiss you or you are needed elsewhere. I will expect you to proactively oversee such things, not micromanage, but ensure that a proper sense of urgency is maintained.” She paused as she checked a message that came from her contact on the Henry Chen.

“The reason we drill is to ensure that the crew knows what to do in an actual emergency. This went well given how many new crewmembers we have. We identified deficiencies that I am sure will not be repeated the next time we have a drill or an actual emergency. I would have been surprised if everything went flawlessly."

Katae pondered Eun-Kyung's question. "I have things under control here, but for the upcoming training exercise you and Haruhi-Juni both need to outfit your Mindy with a Ke-M2-E3000 Leader Support Pack.. They are stored in the Armory with the other Mindy accessories. Please let her know so that you two will be ready."
Hoshi merely bowed without a word, and left for the Power Armour bay after finishing with his patients. He stopped in at the Medi-Bay, just to make sure everything was in order before moving on.

On the inside, Hoshi felt guilty... but on the outside, his face looked much like it had in School -- not particularly intimidating, but it was straight, and serious.
Taikai frowned at the readings she was getting. It seemed that durring their test, the Starboard STL engine had become imbalanced when it was pushed. A futher probe revealed that one of the control modules was working below-par, causing the uneven power useage.

"It looks like one of the control modules isn't working properly, Usaga-Hei," Taikai reported, "which caused the sluggishness during the test."

Taikai ran over the data on her handheld again, trying to figure out when and how the problem had started. "Probably a result of the recent upgrade; perhaps there wasn't a thorough enough systems check afterwards," she mused softly, completely unaware that she was speaking out loud.
Hisa looked at the reading. "No this is a recent situation. After the upgrade Ruri-Hei and I went over all the engines and they were operating at peak efficiency. We took a great deal of damage at the battle of UX-25, this is probably something the repair bay overlooked since it only showed up under full power. Good catch Sum'ishi. We will need to replace it. You work on removing the defective module, and I will get a replacement from stores. We need to complete this before you need to report to the power armor bay. After all we do not want you to get in trouble with the Taii."
"Thank you Taii." Alai said swiftly and then stood up straight before she left the bridge and caught up to Toranaga-Hei. Luckily she had caught up to him before he had reached the central zero-G tunnel.

"Toranaga-Hei, I don't believe we have been properly introduced. I am Tsukiki Alia-Nitô Hei." She said with a smile before leaping into the tunnel and heading towards the med-bay's deck.
Toranaga felt slightly tired after the mental exercise of bridge work and he was already beginning to dread whatever the Taii had in mind for their next training exercise. It wasn’t that he hated it- but rather he found the entire process a nuisance. The only good thing was that he failed to make a mistake. After watching Ise-Taii’s rather blunt correction of Haruhu-Juni on the bridge Toranaga was determined to be more attentive to his work.

What? Hearing his name shook Toranaga from his thoughts and he gazed back towards the following starship operator. Seeing the smile on the Nekovalkyrja’s face instantly reminded him of his sisters back on Yamatai and the pleasant reminder eased the irritation he felt over having his ruminating interrupted. “No, I don’t believe we have. I’m Toranaga Siyun Nitô Hei. Nice to meet you Tsukiki-Hei and I must compliment your piloting skills. You made it quite easy for me to dispense of those drones.” He smiled even through the expression hurt from the lack of exercising those muscles.
Haruhi stared levelly at Im'inao for a few long moments, letting the Nitô Hei's words hang in the air between them. Just when it seemed like the Juni was not going to reply at all she broke the silence. “Noted,” the Neko said flatly. “In future, the lives of all the crew will come foremost which means containing the situation first; it would be useless to stabilise the trapped crewman only to find you're trapped as the danger has spread. If the minute that it takes you to put out the fire is the minute that it takes the Juni to die, then that's just cruel reality being a bitch again.”

Haruhi held up a hand to forestall any arguments. “There is not always an 'everyone wins' solution, don't assume you can charge in and save the girl then mop up afterwards because one day you'll find that afterwards has disappeared while you had your back turned, and now it's 'everyone dies'.” Haruhi eyed the enlisted man. “Yes, it's pessimistic, and yes, it sucks, but if you don't keep it in mind for the future then either the Taii or reality itself is going to make you learn the hard way. It's nice that you thought about after the accident, but damage control is primarily about making sure that there is an after the accident.”

“Now hop to. We don't want to keep the Taii waiting.” With that Haruhi matched actions to words and headed out of the fabrication bay, the clock was ticking and there were things to be done.
“Very good, ma'am.” With a little half-bow, Eun-Kyung left the Bridge and proceeded quickly to the Armor Bay. The Taii was right, of course; the point of exercises was to ferret out weaknesses and identify errors before they could come to light in a real emergency. Still, she was going to continue beating herself up for a while over the slip up – and she suspected that was precisely the point. Arriving at the bay in good time, Eun-Kyung took a moment to queue up the Leader Support Packs on the Armory Inventory list. She had a fairly good idea about how to set them up, but as Haruhi-Juni was an armorer she decided leaving the installation in more expert hands couldn't hurt. Thus concluding to leave the Armory alone for the moment, she turned to her new, just-checked Mindy and began another inspection, interrupted every so often by a glance over her shoulder in expectation of being joined in the compartment presently.
Asi nodded, bowing his head in acquiescence. He didn't agree, but he would accept what she had said as the truth as she had learned it, and obey her, as she WAS his senior. He followed Haruhi out of the Fabrication Bay, and headed straight for the Power Armor bay, decided that he would argue it out later, when they weren't on call.
She watched Siyun follow her to the med-bay. His spiky white hair was quite attractive. Of course she shouldn't think of him that way, he is her co-worker after all. However she couldn't help herself.

"Well my flying maybe good but if you hadn't been as fast as you were with the guns my flying would have amounted to nothing." She said with a flick of her wrist, as if she was throwing something away. "Have you considered being a weapons operator? You would excel at it I'm sure."
Hisa crawled back into the maintenance conduit a few minutes later with the replacment control module. "Okay here is the part, you go ahead and install it and then head down to the power armor bay, and I will run the diagnostics on it to ensure it is good to go." Hisa said.

Meanwhile on the bridge Katae scanned the space when the Aeon dropped out of hyperspace. Seeing that the Engineers where working on the primary STL drives, she bypassed them and used the booster engines to get the Aeon on course for the Henry Chen. Eternity instruct Kahen and Keiko-Juni to report to the bridge immediately.
"Yes, Ma'am," Taikai quickly got to work detaching the module while her superior crawled away. She was almost finished when Hisa returned, and with a little tugging, the defective part came free.

Taikai took the new part from Hisa and then quickly worked to install it. It didn’t take very long, and soon the new control module was completely hooked up. Taikai started putting her things back into her bag while Hisa ran the diagnostics.
Hoshi made it to the Power Armour Bay, still pondering the Juni's words.

He noticed Shoi-Kohosei already in the Bay, inspecting what was likely her Mindy. He wondered if he had to check his as well, and then shook his head.

No wondering about it. He checked over his Mindy, taking off his rank pins and anything metallic. He wasn't going to undress -- but he wasn't going to get chewed out for the same thing twice.

Satisfied, he slipped into his Mindy, running diagnostics as soon as the Helmet was down.
Hisa gave Taikai a wink. "Good job now double time it to the power armor bay. You should probably request a butt pack for your Mindy so you can keep your tools with you. Have fun." Although if I know the Taii, it will be an exciting time. She thought while running the new module through a complete check before declaring the repair complete.

Gi and Yani having finished putting on clean uniforms left their shared cabin and made their way to the bridge. When they walked in together, they both turned to Katae bowed and said "Reporting for duty Taii."

Katae smiled as the two senior members of her crew reported at the same time. Since their reunion the two of them were rarely not see together. Standing up she turned to Gi, "You two have the bridge, signal me in the Power Armor bay when we are pulled up along side the Henry Chen." She said and exiting the bridge to make her way down to the armor bay.
“I have no interest in such things.” Toranaga stated his sentiment bluntly. Science was his world and he wasn’t going to give that up to become another mindless killing machine in the Star Army. He was trained well enough to employ deadly force with his type 29 service pistol but he was determined to only do so if the need arose. Of course the current reality of the universe meant that he would likely need to sooner rather then later. Operating the auxiliary weapons was a part of his greater role as the person in charge of sensors- a role he could accept as protecting the Aeon and the people aboard her but one he did not enjoy. “However, thank you for the compliment.”

Making his way to the ATMC he called up the ANU to perform his memory backup. He casually sat down on the MTBU bed and then laid back. Even though he was uncomfortable with it Toranaga allowed the ANU handle everything. The transfer was done quickly and painlessly. When it finish he sat up and smiled at the Starship Operator “easy. I’ll see you in the power armor bay.”

With that Toranaga left medical and about five minutes later he arrived in the power armor bay feeling the dread of upcoming exercise beginning to weigh down on him like a ton of bricks.
Asi arrived at the power armor bay still deep in thought, contemplating Haruhi's point of view on the subject. As he walked up to his new PA, he absentmindedly stripped off his pins and his belt, patting himself down to make sure he didn't need to remove anything else. Satisfied he was clean, he stepped back into his armor, sealing it up once everything was in place. He began his standard start-up diagnostics and began a manual check as well, running down his armor's systems, and familiarizing himself with everything, making sure he was set to go when he was needed to.
Before she made her way to the power armour bay Haruhi stopped by the medical centre to have herself backed-up as the Taii had ordered. The procedure was as quick and painful as ever – the Juni stubbornly refused to take anything to dull the sensation – and within a few minutes she was on her way again.

When she arrived in the power armour bay Haruhi made a beeline straight for her Mindy and took count of those who had already arrived; she wasn't the last to arrive it seemed. On her way over she snagged a roll of repair tape from a nearby cart so that she could tape her NSP to her Mindy; old habits died hard.

“I trust nobody has forgotten this morning's lessons already? Wouldn't want to have to go through it all again...” her voice was edged with amusement rather than reprimand, though it still ended up as almost the vocal equivalent of a smirk.
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