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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.2] Aboard the Henry Chen

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Katae moved to a position 50 meters astern of the Aeon. Rotating smoothly she took a moment to appreciate the view of her ship set against the stars. She moved up to give her a better view of the ship. She looks good as new, the repair team did a good job. she thought.

Then changing her position she rotated so that she could look down at the Henry Chen. She could see what her former team mates meant. She was huge, more than a hundred meters longer than the Aeon, and unlike the Plumeria that was mostly main gun, the Chen was solid across most of her length. Her armor systems could detect and track a number of objects around the training ship. Squads of Power Armor trainees engaging in mock battle. She could also see another group of fighter craft engaging each other a safe distance away.
Finished with everything he'd started, and satisfied with the fact that his armor was in near perfect operating condition, Asi went ahead and moved out of the bay, powering up his systems in training mode. Stopping some distance behind Katae, he looked towards the Henry Chen. Damn, ship's big. Looks like there will be plenty of pilots to train with though. He smiled slightly inside his suit. Less attention paid to each individual then. Makes this a bit easier.
Hoshi followed up on Asine, letting himself 'fall' into position. Zero-G was enjoyable to Hoshi, and so maneuvered with only small bursts of his thrusters and controlling his inertia.

He saw the Henry Chen, and it was easy to see that it was large. But it looked like a floating metal bar in Hoshi's mind. It seemed to lack the grace of any Warship he had seen.

He opened his mouth to speak, but thought better. It wasn't important at all.
Lingering before the open bay doors for a moment, Eun-Kyung glanced over at Haruhi. She had finally given up and had the automated armor rack attach the Leader Support Pack before quickly slipping into her Mindy. As if a cosmic joke, Haruhi had entered the armor bay just as she had begun to put her helmet on, but before she'd been able to say anything the Taii had entered. Now, of course, things had sped up, with crewmembers already following the captain out into space. She walked quickly over to the warrant officer. “Haruhi-Juni, the Taii wished for me to relay that she wants you to equip a Ke-M2-E3000 for the training exercise.” Turning away before anything could be said in reply, she marched determinedly toward the bay doors, checking over her weapons' statuses and safeties as she went. Hesitating for the briefest of seconds mere inches from the force-field, she steeled herself and leapt out.

She blinked rapidly inside her helmet as the initial, but not unusual, wave of disorientation passed over her. Dismissing the visual display and replacing it with a sensor and communications schematic rapidly quelled any discomfort with the surety of ingrained, practiced habit. Learning to rely on more abstract data feeds rather than sight had been far from intuitive at first, but with training Eun-Kyung had become a firm believer in the method's superiority over the more natural inclination to try to see the surrounding emptiness. Eyes flickering over relative location statistics, she turned and swiftly boosted over to fall into formation around the Taii.
Tomas watched the other crew members exit the power armor bay, and made his way to the door. He performed one last system check and then lept out through the force field. His heart sped up as he looked around at all the stars that were visible, and then noticed the planet far below. He then moved up to a position near the others.

Kim dashed out the power armor door and performed a few acrobatic manuevers in her Mindy. Wonder why the Taii wanted me on this training mission. Its not like I have not already had combat experience under her command. I'm sure she will explain eventually. after checking out the armors flight performance she glided into position next to the others.
As the last person to suit up Alia was also the last person to catch up to the group. She double checked her seals and then made her moves forward to the edge of the Aeon. She muttered under her breath about the migraine she was going to have from the mental back up as she approached the group.

Unlike the others the infinite deepness and zero-G don't bother Alia. For some reason she prefers the black to the finite confines of the ship. So when she walked out of the field she left her visuals on and let herself float a foot or two from the Aeon. As she floated she looked at the Henry Chen. It's bulkiness was a turn off for her. It lacked the sleek speedy look to it that the Plumeria-class had. Of course she wasn't about to complain about it's effectiveness as a training ship. The extra surface area provided more room for trainees to test their mettle. Still she wondered what the Taii had in mind for their training, it appeared that most of the trainees on the Henry Chen were performing mock battles.
“Su-” Haruhi started to speak, but wasn't even able to get out a full word before the Shoi-Kohosei turned and left, “-re...” The short-statured Neko stared at her superior's Mindy's back for a long moment as she clanked off.

And I thought having a mother was supposed to make natural-borns better-mannered.

Haruhi tackled the preparation and mounting of this just-revealed addition straight away – the fact that the Kohosei had already had the pack in question delivered was her only saving grace – and followed it up by repeating most of the checks she had done not that long ago. Soon she and her Mindy were ready and she crawled in, then called out to the two stragglers who hadn't yet made it into space yet as the PA sealed up around her.

“Get a move on, you two! If you aren't out that door by the time I get to it you'll be peeling potatoes for the rest of the week, whether they need to be peeled or not!”
Taikai glanced at her bag of tools sitting beside her pins, but the Taii was already out the door before she could ask for proper Mindy accommodation for them. Making a mental note to ask as soon as they were finished with the Henry Chen, Taikai double checked her Mindy's systems and seals and then headed for the door.

At the threat of peeling potatoes, she quickened her pace and vaulted out of the bay, spinning slightly in approximation of a dancing move. She loved the freedom and flexibility zero grav gave her. Taikai ended the spin with a little help from her thrusters and found herself right behind the others. A little more maneuvering and she was in position, observing the large bulk of the Henry Chen with the others.
Katae watched as the members of her crew formed up outside the ship. Using her Ke-M2-E3000 Leader Support Pack she sent the team the trajectory to follow towards the Henry Chen’s power armor bay. “It is time to move people. I’ve given you the trajectory to follow. You will note that it keeps us clear of the activities of the trainees outside the training ship. Kim-Shoi Kohosei take a position to the left of the group. Haruhi- Santô Juni you take the right side. I will take point. I do not anticipate any enemy activity but with the rest of the group’s weapons disabled the three of us are covering them.”

Engaging the drives on her armor she moved along the prescribed trajectory. The trip was short so minimal speed was really all that was necessary. She monitored the sensors of her armor alert for any sign of trouble. However as expected there was none and as she approached the power armor bay she signaled the Henry Chen. “Ise-Taii of the YSS Aeon, requesting permission for my team and I to enter.” She sent. “Hold position Aeon leader we have traffic in the pattern." came the controller’s voice. A group of a dozen power armors came streaking out, more than a few wobbling as they exited bumping off each other. Must be this groups first time out. she thought.

Aeon leader your group is cleared for entry. Kuroi-Taii sends his regards and is waiting for you in the Power Armor bay.” The controller sent. Katae sent to her team, “Team proceed in.” she said holding position to watch them enter from her position she could see the size of the bay it was enormous compared to the one on her ship.
Hoshi changed his mind -- he didn't like being in space, especially after thinking about it.

Past the thin helmet and seals, there was quite literally nothing. If he flew through space by accident, he could die. Slowly, and painfully. He could choke to death, and have his lungs turn inside out.

Be vaporised, irradiated, and the many other gruesome deaths Hoshi was imagining.

Setting his new-found anxiety aside, he activated his thrusters, and (carefully) made his way to the Henry Chen's Bay. It was enormous, and the full size hadn't really sunk in for Hoshi until he was inside the Bay.

Haruhi made sure that everyone was out before she glided out of the power armour bay and into the void beyond. As per the Taii's order she had her weapons unlocked and hot as they made the short journey over to the Henry Chen; in her opinion it was over-cautious in an area so close to so many warships and serious firepower, though if the Taii wanted them to run around with armour weapons at the ready then that's what she'd do.

With the clearance to enter received Haruhi flew down to the Chen's bay and stopped just short of entering, a position from where she could best provide cover both inside and out.
Tomas followed the flight path the Taii had supplied. He was impressed by the size of the training vessel. He could not wait to get inside though, being out here gave him a sense of vulnerability. When the word came to enter he did so without incident and landed in the bay near the other Aeon crew members.

Kim flew the course easily, she could probably have done it in her sleep. Of course she would have preferred to be in a shuttle, but she was well versed in power armor usage. She watched a group of Hayabusa V6B Starfighters fly out from the lower bay. Those must be real cool to fly. she thought. Once cleared she landed in the bay and waited for instructions.
Asi settled into a nice, steady flight trajectory trailing along directly behind Katae. Deciding that it wouldn't be a bad idea to watch the other groups as he went, he kept an eye on the training groups. Scanning around the ship, he snorted slightly when the newest group came out of their landing bay. At least I can fly straight, if nothing else. Upon receiving the order, he went ahead and entered the bay, blinking slightly when he saw another Taii waiting for them in the bay. He landed, taking extra care to do so carefully, and stood, waiting for the others while still facing the Taii.
After watching all of the Aeon crew move into the power armor bay she maneuvered in herself. “Shina-Hei get out of your armor. All other Aeon personnel remain in your Mindy armor.” She sent.

Katae touched down easily and walked over to the side. She popped the seals of the armor and climbed out. She then opened the butt pack and pull out the items she had stored. Once she was properly attired and had the bottles tucked under her arm she walked over to her former crew mate. As she approached Kuroi-Taii nodded slightly to her. “Good day Ise. You are looking well.” Katae returned the nodded and smiled, “You are looking well yourself. What have you been doing since our promotion ceremony? Thanks for letting us use your facilities.” She offered him the bottles. Kuroi accepted them and unwrapped one, “Nice vintage thank you. Glad to be of service. We can catch up while your team goes through the simulation.”

Katae nodded her agreement and turned back to her crew. “Listen up. You will follow the Ittô Juni standing at the entrance to the bay. She will lead you to the simulator for the training mission. Once there you will receive the briefing. Kim Shoi Kohosei lead them down.”

Eun-Kyung bowed deeply to Katae “Yes ma’am. Aeon crew follow me.” She walked over to the Juni Katae had indicated. “We are ready to proceed to the simulators Ittô Juni.” The blue haired Nekovalkyrja bowed towards the midshipman. “My name is Izanami, I will be operating the simulation for your team. Please follow me, it’s a short walk to the simulation area.” She then turned smartly and started walking.
Hoshi muttered a "Hai" when he was told to stay in his Armour, and then repeated himself before following Izanami-Juni.

He would follow to the simulation room, and be ready for whatever they threw at him. He wouldn't fail again.
Izanami looked at her datapad, turned back to the crew. "I must ask that any of you with active weapons disable them and set your weapon system to training mode before we can proceed."

Eun-Kyung was grateful that no one could see her face as she realized she was still running with her weapons in ready mode per the Taii's order. She mentally instructed the armor to disable the weapons, and switch to training mode.

Haruhi quickly and causally disabled her armor weapon system.

Izanami waited until both of the power armors with weapons ready were disabled. She opened the door and lead the Aeon crew members down the hallway and into the simulation chamber. It was a rather unremarkable looking room at the moment. Large and empty save for the rows of emitters on the walls and ceilings. Once all the crew was in the room, she started her briefing.

"Good day, in a moment the simulation will begin. When it does you will be in a shuttle bay standing before the Diligent from the Aeon. Shina-Hei will pilot the shuttle during the simulation.

The Kujiku a Subjugator-class transport has been attacked and boarded by forces unknown. The last communication from the ship said the majority of the crew were located in the bridge and the wardroom. You will board the Kujiku by means of a Dageki - Strike Module that will be attached to the Diligent. Once aboard these are your objectives.

Mission Objectives
  • Rescue Survivors - locate the 15 survivors and transport to the shuttle
  • Retrieve ship sensor logs
  • Neutralize hostiles encountered
"Any questions?" Izanami inquired.
"Two." Hoshi began, happy that he could ask some questions.

"First, do we know the status of the survivors? Rather: Are any of them seriously injured?" It would be safe to assume they did, but if he could get information now he'd be able to prepare himself appropriately.

"Second, what is our priority? The survivors or the sensor logs?" He winced, feeling a bit guilty. It was cold, but he knew it had to be asked.

It was just like Triage -- If the Logs were more important than the people, then they'd worry about the logs first and the survivors later. If it was the reverse, then they could all feel good after getting the survivors... If they could get through the damn 'Hostiles'.

Triage of any kind sucks. He thought. Either way, we have to fight through whatever is waiting for us.
After being led into the simulation room and listening to the briefing, Asine nodded, and spoke up as well. "Also, what kind of Hostiles are we operating against? The Mishhu, raiders, what? And how well are they armed?" He shrugged. "Was the ship caught by surprise, or overwhelmed?"
Izanami smiled, this was the part of the briefing she enjoyed. It gave her useful insight into the participants minds. Good questions. she thought.

"This is a rescue mission, first priority is the rescue of the survivors. Retrieving the logs would provide vital information, but not at the risk of jeopardizing the crew. As for their status, the Kujiku was carrying 100 crew members when it was attacked."

Izanami pressed a button on her data padd. From the speakers a woman's voice was heard.
To any Star Army of Yamatai Vessel.
This is the YSS Kujiku. We have been attacked by ships of unknown design. Our systems have been compromised. They are boarding through the engineering section. We have taken heavy casualties. We have fifteen confirmed survivors. Ten of them are trapped in the Wardroom. The rest of us are on the bridge. Our medical staff are dead and we have wounded. Intruders are heavily arm......
The woman voice was cut by static and then the signal stops.

Iznami touched her data padd, and the speakers silenced. A simulation of the Aeon's shuttle bay appeared around the crew.

"Are there anymore questions?" she asked. "Your Power armor will be equipped with standard load for the Mindy 2-3a."
"Actually, I have one more. Is the capture of one of the attackers to be a goal as well? That goal could likely be accomplished even if we cannot make it to the logs, giving us some of the information we desire." Asine shrugged. Simulation or no, it was still a valid question, as it would be good practice if it was ever required.
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