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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.2] Aboard the Henry Chen

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Haruhi continued her headlong charge down the passageway, as anticipation built with every thud of armour against floor. To close with the enemy – to force them into a kill-or-be-killed realisation and have them waver and crack under the pressure – was one of the Neko's few perverse pleasures, and applied appropriately the approach fit her like a glove. As an NH-17 she had recklessly abused the blitz tactics against borders amid the confines of an Irim-class she had served on, where she crudely forged her style through the earlier NH's ability to withstand gratuitous injury and luck granted by whichever divinities of battle had watched over her in those early years. The time since had helped her sharpen both her ability and her mind, and while she had to be more wary thanks to her current NH-29 form the embrace of a Mindy tipped the odds towards her favour.

Pragmatism held back her itchy trigger finger and kept her fire in check to not prematurely alert the two armours as she closed rapidly with them. “Check fire!” she burst-transmitted to the members of the Kohosei's team at the other end of the passageway as she jinked to the left to get an angle on the passageway's opposite wall and burst across the distance to it. Haruhi spun so her back faced the oncoming wall and caught her momentum a moment before impact to slide sideways to expose the enemy Pas' flanks as her drones trailed in her wake like leaves caught in a stream. The Juni's left aether sabre burst into life with a brilliant light as she launched off the wall and aimed a punch with it at just under where the closest armour's ribcage should be, while her right arm swung up towards the other armour and started cycling aetheric shots as fast as it could.

Behind her faceplate, Haruhi was glad no one could see the expression she wore.
Tomas stopped his firing at the enemy immediately after the Juni gave the order. From his perspective the enemy did not appear to have taken much damage from his efforts. Watching Haruhi execute an acrobatic maneuver in her Mindy culminating with impaling one of the intruders on her Aether saber.

The intruder had only just noticed Haruhi approach in time to try to turn to face her. The Aether blade drove though the armor with a high pitched sound, until it extended out the back of the armor. Haruhi could just make out the surprised look in the eyes of the enemy before they closed.

The other intruder dove forward into a roll to avoid Haruhi, and came up into a crouched position bringing his forearm weapon to bear. Haruhi found herself facing the business end of a weapon with a 6cm barrel that a glow was building up in.
Trowa held his fire as Haruhi charged the two attackers from behind. His shots had not appeared to be causing that much damage anyway. As Haruhi ran her Aether blade through the first attacker, Trowa saw that the second had leveled its forearm weapon at Haruhi's face. Haruhi was too close to the target for Trowa to risk shooting. Taking one of his drones, Trowa side armed it like a Frisbee towards the attackers raised arm. Turning up his power suit's speakers, Trowa yelled, "Hey Ugly! Ketch!" Though it wasn't likely to cause much damage. Trowa hoped that it would distract the attacker, or at least knock its weapon off line with Haruhi's head.
Abruptly the intruders vanished along with the simulation of the Kujiki. Replaced was the bare walls of simulator.

"Simulation Aborted." the computer called out.

"Attention all Aeon crew members." Katae's voice came over the communications. "Sorry to cut the simulation short folks, but we have an priority mission. Leave the simulation and fly back to the Aeon at best possible speed. The ship will be leaving along with two of our squadron in 10 minutes."

OOC: Post your character departing the Chen and boarding the Aeon.
Then post in Rescue at Elysia Novus
Hoshi cursed, and moved quickly out of the Chen, using the route they came in through.

He maneuvered through space to the Aeon, and landed in the Hangar.
Haruhi's aether blade snapped out of existence as the unharmed enemy's barrel lined up on her, she drove her fingers into the still glowing gap she had opened up in the armour and grabbed hold, intent on using it to shield herself as she moved on the remaining foe. Just as suddenly as her aether blade had vanished, so did the simulation.

“Ssssssss...” Haruhi hissed briefly at the cessation of the combat as she killed her momentum and turned to the others. “You heard the Taii, hustle out of here or you'll be left behind.” The Juni matched action to words and exited the chamber on route back to the Aeon.
Asi executed a smart about face, and exited the room, headed back to the Aeon decently fast since he'd been in the least dangerous situation of the entire group in the sim.
"Well that was fun." Trowa muttered under his breath. He followed the rest of the crew out, silently wishing they could have gone a little longer to see whether or not his drone hit anything.
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