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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.2] Aboard the Henry Chen

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Hoshi shouted in surprise and -- knowing instantly he couldn't dive like Asine -- aimed to kick the ball back down the passageway, even though he would probably be exposed, both to fire from the intruder and from the ball.

He also ordered his drones to attack the intruder down the passage.

What else could the medic do? He was probably dead anyway, so why not with a 'bang'?
The device went from blinking to a steady illumination and then emitted an EM pulse. While the Away team power armor was unaffected except for a brief burst of static on the sensors by the EMP the NSD's they deployed clattered to the deck inert. The armored figure backed away from the away team.
If Haruhi had had the available time she would have face palmed. She had intended for the Kohosei to take one of the infantry pair with her once they had crossed the corridor but it seemed that the Aeon away team prided itself on it's lack of inter-crew communication and this had not happened. So much for that idea.

“Anderson, Hoshi, get your arses down the hall and support Eun-Kyung! Toranaga you're now with me.” Wasting no time Haruhi surged forward with a sudden CFS-assisted burst before she dropped at the last moment and scraped along the exposed decking facing down the passage, firing a pair of bursts from her right forearm weapon down the passage at the hostile armour as the gap slid by.
Wincing at his rather stupid move, Hoshi snapped out a "Hai!" and darted to be on the other side with Tomas.

"They're throwing EMP Grenades!" He called, "My drones are down."

With that, he began moving to Eun-Kyung, checking his systems for any damage from the sphere. When he reached her, he put his shoulder to the wall next to her.

"Orders, Ma'am?"
The enemy in the black power armor was knocked backwards into the far bulkhead and then fell to the deck motionless for the moment.
Tomas having moved up to Eun-Kyung's position chose to move to the opposite side of the hallway. He leaped forward while keeping his forearm weaponry ready. One of the attackers fired at him, but the shot missed and he was in position to provide whatever support the Midshipman wanted.

"Ma'am the two of them are about halfway down the passage. What are your orders?" Tomas queried.
Poking his head around the corner, Asi looked to see where the targets had moved. Spotting the two targets at the end of the hallway, he leveled hi LASR 'round the corner, and fired two shots at the right target before ducking back under cover. "Two targets here as well, ma'am."
The enemy took some hits but the shields on the other armor reduced the effectiveness of the shots so that little damage was done to the armor. The enemy returned fire as well, but the Mindy's shielding protected Asi from the return volley.
“Use drones to spot, 'less you want a new head,” Haruhi stopped her slide with her armour-clad left foot, using her remaining momentum and some aid from the Mindy to pivot about as she rose and smack up against the wall just behind the corner shoulder-first. “Im'inao, backtrack to the hatch opposite we came out of and move through that room to the other hallway; hold short and report ready, I want to flank these bastards before they do the same to us. Toranaga, take his position and keep at them.”

Haruhi had two of her drones dart about the cross-passage's entrance to provide feeds on the hostiles without being too much of a ripe target themselves. Sticking only an arm around the corner she peppered away at the armour diagonally opposite of her position.
The enemy in Haruhi's sites took a considerable amount of damage as parts of its armor flew off under the barrage. The operator of the armor moved off to the left and out of the line of fire.
Asine noded, and took a position alongside the hatch, before opening it and peering in before moving through the room, not taking any chances. Once he arrived at the other side of the room, He took up a position so that once the hatch opened, he would have a shot down the hallway. 'Haruhi-Juni, I'm in position, ready to go on your order.'
Why do they always have to solve everything by the barrel of a gun? Toranaga groaned and winced through the helmet of his mindy but he acknowledged Haruhi’s order “moving to cover.” He said and sprinted back to keep the two hostiles occupied. Using his scanner he gauged the positions of the hostiles he calculated the most effective angles of fire before sliding into the opening and ripping off a short burst before quickly taking cover again. His arms shivered a bit at the recoil- there has to be an easier way, he lamented and then repeated the process again.
The enemy pulled back out of the line of fire. The sound of a door chime from the end of the passage sounded, and the indicator lamp showed the that port side lift was in motion.
Toranaga cautiously stole a glance past the corner after he noticed the two hostiles pull back. He quickly noticed the lift indicator light was now illuminated. A check of the life sign count confirmed his suspicion as two more had appeared in an area that would put them within the lift. He massaged the tips of his canines with his tongue as he considered what to do. Allowing them to just walk out would certainly put Im’inao in danger. Toranaga smiled thinly at the idea forming in his head and set his rifle against the wall. Carefully programming his right forearm weapon for beam fire he waited as it charged.

“Haruhi Juni, I am detecting two more hostiles coming up in the lift.” The charging mechanism for the forearm weapon tinged green and then blinked. Taking the cue Toranaga shuffled into the hall, lifted his arm, and fired directly into the lift. A blindingly bright explosion rippled through the darkness forcing Toranaga to wince as he shuffled back to safety. As the light dimmed he slid his head past the corner and caught a glimpse of the now molten door which was casting a red hue down the hall “but I believe they will have a somewhat difficult time of exiting the lift for the moment.”
The top of the lift could be seen through the hold Toranaga made in the doors. From the lift a grating/grinding sound of metal against metal was heard. The sound stopped briefly, and the sound shifted as the lift reversed direction.
Eun-Kyung turned to Hoshi and Tomas, "We have two hostiles approaching take them out." she ordered.

Tomas switched took aim at the closest one which he could see from his position. With his Forearm weapon set to pulse he fired a one second burst. The impact from his weapon knocked the target backwards and bounced it off the wall.
From all around the Aeon crew a female voiced sounded.

Attention: Attention:
Simulation has been updated. Yamamoo-Santô Hei being added to simulation.

A person clad in an Mindy M2-2A appeared in the hallway where the rest of the crew entered the hallway.
Santô Hei Trowa Yamamoo entered the ship and checked his power suit, making sure all was in order. "Looks like this is where the party is." He commented when he saw the blast marks against the hull. Walking into the long hallway, Trowa saw several friendlies shooting down up the corridors. Over the team com channel, Trowa asked, "Anyone need some backup?"
Hoshi moved so he could get an angle on the hallway, just in time to see the foremost contact drop to the floor after rebounding off the wall. He raised his Plasma Rifle and fired a long burst at the upright alien.

He stopped the burst, then raced across to the other side.

"Aren't there contacts in the computer room, Ma'am?!"

Hoshi would have cursed if he thought it would have made him feel better, instead training his weapon on the computer room door.
Eun-Kyung checked the data supplied by Siyun's scans. Hoshi was correct, the scan did show two enemies in their, left to their own devices they could flank the Away Team.

"Yukimura-Hei, you are correct move up to secure the computer room." Eun-Kyung looked down the hallway. "Yamamoo-Hei, get your armored butt down here, and back up Yukimura-Hei." She turned to Tomas, "You and I will keep this passage secure, if they move shoot them."

Tomas nodded to the midshipman to indicate he understood his orders. He took up a braced position waiting for any movement from the enemy.
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