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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1.2] Aboard the Henry Chen

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"Aye, aye, Ma'am!" Trowa said as he moved quickly down the hall to back up Yukimura-Hei. Takeing cover behind the wall behind Yukimura-Hei. "I've got your back Yukimura-Hei!"
“Are you retarded, Toranaga?!” Haruhi yelled through her comms. “I specifically ordered you all not to use charged mode; it's an interior door, not fucking zesu plate!” Not only was it overkill, but if the two enemies at the still at the end of the hallway had any scrap of sanity they would now be seriously thinking about finding other ways of attacking rather than straight down the hallway.

“Im'inao, through the door now and engage, Toranaga, charge.” Haruhi pivoted around the corner and, as her left arm raised in front of her and energy shield snapped to life, boosted down the hallway. Provided Im'inao didn't dawdle he should have a few precious seconds to divide the enemies attention before she arrived on the scene.
Asi burst into motion the second she gave the command, seeing as he'd been idling at the doorway, waiting for the order to go. Estimating that he had just enough time before haruhi would get there, he fired a three round burst from his 50mm Gauss cannon in a broadside style shot on the enemy armor, before leveling of his LASR and firing off a few rounds that way as well.
Trowa took up position on the door opposite Yukimura-Hei with his LASR held up and ready. Behind his visor, Trowa's cybernetic eye glowed in anticipation. He looked over at Yukimura-Hei and nodded his readiness. "You open the door, I'll go right, and you go left." It was more of a suggestion; after all, Trowa was the new guy.
The two hostiles at the end of cross-passage one, were caught in a brutal crossfire between the three Aeon crew members. They went down in a hail of offensive force. They lay their silent and still, their armor smoking.
"Good idea. Deploy your drones as soon as we get in!" Hoshi called to the newcomer.

He considered for a fraction of a second opening his forearm shield, but then shook his head and readied his plasma rifle. "Get ready. They're right in front, so blast the jackasses, and MOVE!"

With that, he opened the door, and fired full-auto, point-blank at the alien in front of him. He then stepped through the threshold, and slipped to one side against the wall to the left, never letting up with his fire. Hopefully, he wouldn't get bashed in the hand-to-hand that might follow if he didn't kill the damn thing.
Trowa dove through the door in the opposite direction as Hoshi, firing as he went. Because they had come through together and then split, the enemy became momentary confused as they tried to track one target then the other. Trowa used that moment of confusion to fire several burst from his LASR, then roll out of the way as the enemy guns began to turn in his direction. He came up on one knee and let the closes target have a heavy helping of 7×15/20mm.
The two enemy confident that they were going to catch the Away team from behind, were caught flat footed. Even as they tried to bring their own weapons to bear, the onslaught from Hoshi and Trowa knocked them back deeper into the room, and demolished their PA's.
Hoshi let out the breath he had held with a "whoosh". He looked around the computer room, double checked the scans, and nodded.

"Computer Room secure, Ma'am. Enemy is neutralized." He stated for Eun-Kyung.

Then he changed the radio frequency to only speak to Trowa.

He began slowly, trying to find the right words. "...Good shooting. Deploy your drones and let's get back to the others." With that, he moved back out the door and sidled up to the wall on which Anderson was.
Asi came to a stop, crouched up against the wall opposite the door he'd come through.He'd never show it outwardly, but he was actually decently surprised they'd manage to drop the enemy armor that fast. It had seemed to be tougher than that. Now, through the door next to me is our alternate exit. "Haruhi-Juni? I'm at the door to our alternate exit. Would you like me to check the bay for enemy contacts?"
Trowa quickly reloaded then slowly stood. He turned at Hoshi's compliment and smiled behind his helmet. "Thanks. Not bad yourself." He deployed his drones as ordered then followed Hoshi out of the computer room and took up position on the other side of the wall.
From the speakers in the computer room, as well as the corridor the following announcement was made.

"Warning Self-Destruct Sequence has been initiated. This vessel will Self-Destruct in 10 minutes."

The crew members in the computer room would see that the direct terminal to the mainframe was activated, and the screen showed a series of commands that had been entered.
“Tch.” Haruhi was mildly disappointed that the pair of foes had gone down that quickly, but there were still more out there that may yet prove to be tougher adversaries. “Do so,” she replied shortly to Im'inao as she reached the end of the passageway without slowing. As her left armour-clad foot slammed against the deck she neatly tweaked the Mindy into pivoting on the spot and translating her momentum ninety degrees such that she now moved fore-wards as though it was what she had been doing all along.

“Tora, push up!” Haruhi's shield snapped out of existence just as easily as it had arrived as the armourer prepared to use her aether saber on the two enemies that fired on the Kohosei. The self-destruct warning that had sounded as she had rounded the corner meant that there wasn't much time to be sit around and she wasn't willing to bet on the other crew being able to disarm it, however easy or not that may be.
Asi nodded, and turned back to the door. Releasing his drones once more, he opened the door, and sent one floating through the doorway. Here goes nothing... If there were targets in there, and they were paying attention, they definitely knew he was there now, but he couldn't help it.
Eun-Kyung moved quickly into the computer room, "Go help Anderson-Hei with securing passageway 2. I will see about the destruct sequence." she ordered. The terminal like everything else on the Kujiki was antiquated, it was not even an PANTHEON system. Walking over to the terminal the commands were still displayed.
[quote]> Access Command Codes
> Accepted
> Intiate Self-Destruct
> Authorization Required
> Authorization - Saki Chui
> Enter Command code
> **********
> Authorization Accepted
> Self-Destruct initiated, reactor overload in 10 minutes....

How did they get the XO's command code?" she thought. Looking around she saw a small piece of plastic lying next to one of the intruders. Picking it up she saw that it had the First Officers's name and command code.

"Haruhi-Juni, be advised. The intruders had the XO's command card. Could be they killed the XO, or perhaps the XO gave it to them." She sent.

Then she set about cancelling the destruct sequence.

"Self-Destruct has been cancelled." came over the ship's intercom.

Meanwhile the two intruders in passageway 2 were back up and taking a defensive posture. They started firing at Tomas' position.
Hoshi called a quick "Hai!" and then moved across to the other side of the opening to the passageway, firing a quick burst from his plasma rifle down the corridor at the aliens as he went.
Trowa breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the "Self-destruct canceled" announcement. But the moment was short lived. Spinning around the corner, Trowa gave Hoshi covering fire.
The two intruders started laying down some heavy fire power, the Mindy Shields stopped some of the force, but the armor itself took several hits jarring the Hoshi. The wall at the end of the passageway bore evidence of the power of the attacks as numerous holes were chewed into it.

One of the intruders made a motion and they began to advance towards the members at the port end of the passage.
Hoshi stumbled to the other side of the passageway, nearly falling over.

Shaking it off and regaining his balance, he waited a moment before peeking around the corner and firing a quick burst. Seeing them moving closer, he fired again, spraying fire down the corridor.

"Use your drones!" He called to Trowa.
"They're coming closer!"
Trowa continued firing at the two targets as they began to march towards them. Seeing Hoshi taking hits, Trowa sent his drones to provide Hoshi with some cover. Biting back a Nepleslian curse, Trowa pushed himself away from the wall and continued to fire as he rolled to the nearest cover. He then sent another drone towards the two attackers, hoping that it would distract their fire and give Hoshi a moment to find some cover.
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