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RP Concluded Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin


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YE 45.1
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Outer Jiyuu System

Part One - Departure Frenzy​


Fleet Wide - "Sayuri" Announcement - YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City : All ships final diagnostics completed and pre-flight checks recieved. Standby for Launch Direction from YSS Mazu by Taisho Ketsurui-Motyoshi and Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi.

Outer Jiyuu System - Colonization Initiative Staging Area​

Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko's Shuttle Inbound YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City to YSS Mazu​

Katsuko had not stopped for a moment since her return from the fleet. A flock of reporting starships, an unforgiving amount of analysis and test data for the experimental hyperspace systems Yugumo had installed on Port Jiyuu to make it the most unfathomable HUB for colonization that had ever been inspired. Katsuko had been suggested as crazy and yet there it was, ready to go along with the rest of the fleet. She couldn't help but peer out the small viewport of the T-10 shuttle as it zipped from the YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City towards the YSS Mazu. While it was probably expected the launch of the Colony Fleet would have been made from the larger Izanagi the two Taisho had decided on the YSS Mazu after all the historical vessels had been refit for just this kind of location.

The beauty of the Star Army of Yamatai Expeditionary Fleets filled the forward formations of the staging area, the subtle burn of maneuvering thrusters adjusting orientation as the teal glow of aether plasma went dark as careful adjustments were made in relatively close quarters. The visiting cargo ships along with their own logistic sorties made their final trips from Jiyuu. It was about to be the moment that Katsuko had dreamt of since she first sat in the command chair of a Star Army ship; a face among faces that had been forced to stand out during the burn of war, a warrior that had tried it all. The failures in politics just proved her place, it was among the stars carrying Yamatai's flag into the unknown to claim her future rather than arguing with selfish politicians that couldn't see past their own ambitions. She glanced towards her daughter Tachiko, along with the clerk she had become quite fond of Ayenee-hei, it was time to lay down the news. "Eri will not be joining us, I've decided that trying to disrupt operations in the fleet to choose a new first officer that will be your opportunity Tachiko, we will see if what you've begun to learn in that course I authorized will actually parallel what you experience in the actual chair," she said to her daughter who had recently returned from the YSS Resurgence. She had withheld that little tidbit of information, "Ayeneee-Hei if you could note to Star Army Personnel and Motoyoshi-Chui's orders that she will serve as the acting XO of the YSS Battle of Ayenee, that would be appreciated," she issued to the clerk that had become as close as the NSP on her hip, it was high time she used certain personnel as they were meant to be.

The comm from the cockpit came over in interruption, "YSS Mazu in three minutes," the pilot announced to update the Taisho on her ETA.

YSS Mazu​

The Soggy Hole

Kaoru mopped the last of her egg yolk up with the last of her rice, she was just about to take the last bite when Mazu-Shosa interrupted from the bridge, "Taisho's shuttle is inbound, just thought you should know so you can get to the bridge before she gets up here. I'll tell our own Taisho the same - hope you're enjoying that breakfast, did you even take any to that Norian stowaway in your quarters?" the playful words of a ships avatar with ever-watching eyes just made Kaoru shake her head, "Thank you, I'm headed to the bridge once I get another cup," she ended the communication and raised her right hand with a slight wave to get Mazumi's attention, "Need the usual in a thermal please," she ordered, the caretaker likely already had it on the go they knew her well by now even if she was no longer their actual Captain.

"Bridge to Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi, 5XF Shuttle inbound with Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi. "

As for the rest of the crew it wise that they would have taken those express shuttles back from Yamatai. The XO couldn't wait to see that hazy gaze of hung-over eyes that would have been wise to do something about it. This was about to be one of the most important days of their career. There was no pre-launch party, they had gotten that at the year-end festival. Kaoru couldn't help but worry that Tio had yet to be found, a problem now left behind for Ayano to handle. Kaoru took the last bites of her eggs and rice and pushed the bowl forwards and laid her chopsticks atop it. The "gang" was about to be together again, the Mazu still a ship full of Motoyoshi even with Tachiko and her mother on the Ayenee. The launch itself told the story about how that was planned to go, a shame she had not afforded herself a pair of earplugs as both her mothers were about to be lurking. Hopefully, they made their rounds between vessels, it may not have been her command anymore but it certainly was her ship. She gave a narrow-eyed glance towards Mazumi, "That new look, just makes you shine Mazu-Hei," she said in compliment, awaited her order, and prepared for the trek to the bridge.

She figured it best she shakes the nerves of the cadets a little, so ensured that each of them understood they were expected on the bridge along with yet another sibling she had very little contact with. At least she and Kazumi could face that together. The countdown was in motion and as soon as Katsuko arrived they would be underway. Kaoru couldn't help but share the excitement a little as she ensured Kazumi, Inari, Maestitai, and Savannah received their calls to report to the bridge where Minato awaited them, hopefully, they would get there before the two Taisho.

All player characters should end up on the bridge of the YSS Mazu. Let's get this party started.
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Command Tactics school was only barely in Tachiko's rearview mirror, having begun it remotely while on the YSS Resurgence, and finished just before she'd reported to the YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City. Normally, a Star Army officer might begin the command track as the first officer on a scout or escort, maybe a gunship, as a Taii. Having just been told she'd be the XO for the largest ship class in the sector, directly underneath a Taishō, when she had just become promotion-eligible for that Taii rank, Tachiko blinked several times in succession at Katsuko with a blank look on her suddenly-quite-pale face. "Heika-Taishō?" Tachiko was far too nonplussed to even accidentally call her "Mother" on duty. She'd expected to be the First Officer for one of the smaller ships in the fleet, perhaps after being the Mission Operator for the dreadnought, not to be second in command of the dreadnought itself.

"H-hai! FOREVER FORWARDS!" Recovering her composure enough to respond, Tachiko stood, bowed, then bowed again, then one more time for good measure, in case the first two didn't quite cover it. "You will have my eveything, Heika-Taishō!" She snapped back to attention, forcing the professional cheerfulness up to her face to shoo away the shock. She smiled sweetly at Katsuko, as best she could in the circumstances, waiting for Katsuko's reply before seating herself once more, even if it were getting close to arrival at the YSS Mazu.

Past Katsuko's face, through the viewport, she could see her old ship looming closer. She'd gone to the First Fleet after its last mission, for the first time since her adoption outside the orbit of her Clan and family. Mostly outside, that is– the Resurgence's commander had come from the First Expeditionary Fleet just before she had, and her Ketsurui cousin was its first officer, after all. Of course, she wasn't in the same fleet as the Mazu again, she was in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Home again. The fleet, the commander, all of it was finally as it was those first days after her initial training, when she'd been assigned as a line infantry medic with the 17th Power Armor Wing "Kasairyuu." If it weren't for the new ships, the new uniforms, and the heavier weight of everyone's rank, she'd have been able to pretend the last 17 years hadn't happened. Her face showed the comfort it brought, only for a moment, before she remembered she was standing at attention before her Empress, Commander, and mother.

Outer Jiyuu System - Colonization Initiative Staging Area​

Yue’s spot beside Tachiko​

Yue was happy where she was, excited for the adventure they will undertake, and nervous about what they will find. At the moment these thoughts were gone from her mind. She was at Tachiko’s side remaining beside her love as she desired. She was certainly sure once they get underway, she’d have to leave, but for now, she remained, with the promise not to disrupt things.. Though that may be difficult.

Shuttle Inbound YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City to YSS Mazu​

Makoto sat on the seat, roughly to the left of Katsuko, while Luna was to Makoto’s left. They’d heard that Kiyo, had spawned on the Mazu, unlike the two clones coming out of the tanks on the Battle of Yamatai Capital City. Luna wanted to make sure she was alright, and Makoto, she felt she should make sure Luna gets there safely, and make sure Katsuko did too. Thousand KS! Luna said suddenly to Makoto they waited for the shuttle to arrive. hmm? Makoto asked, confused by the sudden outburst of numbers. Thousand KS says mom made a new friend already! . That caused Makoto to chuckle knowing full well it was likely that Kiyo had made a friend on the Mazu. Not even a bet, Luna-chan!. Makoto said with a smirk as they both new Kiyo was friendly to others and likely would hav tried to make friends of everyone she met.

YSS Mazu​

The Soggy Hole

Zumi continued to work in the Lounge, and once again found how easy and smooth things were running not only for her lounge, but also how smooth she was. Ever since she switched bodies things have been going well. She’d received compliments from multiple people. Her sis had left to return to her duties, and Mazumi made sure she had treats to go before she left. She noted numbers dwindling as the crew had to begin their duties, so she gave them coffee to keep them aware and awake.
Mazumi has the glasses and plates put in the wash before she heard her sisters voice. She recognized she was making an announcement and nodded her head. Kaoru had been correct in her assessment of getting her usual ready in a thermal. Then the compliments came causing her to blush. , Agreed, this body not only makes me shine, but is ten times better than my old one! Anyways, I got your order ready right here! Have a good day! Also I’ll make sure to have one of my staff come up bringing Katsuko’s favorite drinks when her shuttle docks. Mazumi said as she immediately gets one of her waiters to take a tray of drinks to the airlock.


Makoto had been correct since her arrival she had made a few friends, especially with Mazumi who had been kind enough to tell her about the places on the ships. Mazumi really took care of her like a caretaker should.
Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko's Shuttle
Inbound to YSS Mazu from YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City

Before now, Lisse had never once left the YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City—the ship of her creation. It was the case for many Sprites after all, but there always came a time when one had to take her first steps beyond the protective embrace of her mother ship. Accordingly, it went without saying that Lisse was nervous. The Sprite’s pointed, caracal-style ears went flat on her skull as she felt the familiar connection to her mother’s spirit dissipate with every kilometer the shuttle passed in removing itself from the BACC.

Nevertheless, Lisse kept her outward manner upbeat and cheerful as she was wont to do, with the only hints of her trepidation being the posture of her ears and her position of her arms—crossed protectively over her heavy bosom. Sensing that Tachiko was nervous due to her unexpected promotion, the Sprite offered the Princess an empathetic smile, while simultaneously beginning to write up her new orders as Acting First Officer of the YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City.

“Yes, Taishō. Orders are underway!” Lisse answered her superior with a cheerful beat, before shifting her attention to Tachiko. “And congratulations, Chui.” She finished.

YSS Mazu
Savannah Madsen’s
Officer Cabin

After taking the opportunity presented by the winter holiday to break in her new skates—which had been gifted to her directly by the Empress—Savannah was eager to begin her duties as a Combat Systems Operator, along with her fellow cadets. It went without saying that she had brought her ice skates with her, in case she found any skating rinks or frozen bodies of water in the depths of space the expedition was venturing to. Nevertheless, pushing the distracting thought to the back of her mind, Savannah set her attention back on the task at hand— checking over her appearance for the fifth time within the last 20 minutes. After another minute of tugging at her bodysuit to work out any wrinkles real or imagined, combing at her hair, and editing her volumetric makeup, Savannah took a deep breath and left her quarters to report to the bridge.


Savannah held her breath as the reinforced Zesuaium doors of the bridge’s dedicated lift slid open before her, at which point the tiny Combat Systems Operator floated her way inside. Taking in the spacious, yet reinforced interior, Savannah took a deep, relieved breath upon realizing that for a few precious moments, she had the entire bridge to herself. However, after briefly looking over the area, Savannah made her way to her designated throne—the tactical station. She immediately floated down into her seat, ready and waiting for the others to arrive!
YSS Mazu


Alina passed through the doors to her quarters, her arms loaded with all the items she would need for the upcoming adventure. Her violet orbs surveyed all that would now be a home away from home. It was a cozy spot with two beds, which appearances dictate that she would have her pick as first arrival. Light, booted feet walked in a glide like manner over to the bed furthest from point of entrance. Tired of carrying the heavy bags she placed them onto the bed letting the weight of them dip her slightly down with them. With a deep sigh she stood fully straight, her hands deftly brushing any wrinkles from her Type 42 Star Army Duty Uniform with the Star Army Norian Undersuit beneath.

In keeping with order and neatness the hands that had just straightened up her uniform moved over her white hair, done in the style of a french braid, to ensure there were no corrections that needed to be made before proceeding to the bridge. If there were any other Norians onboard, she was not aware and this would likely come to serve as a point of exploration for her. This was her first excursion away from any known Norian presence outside of the Uesureyan Fortress, which made her excitedly nervous to make a good impression upon the crew and leadership alike. The Santô Hei decided there would likely be time for unpacking later, it would be best that she made her way to the bridge where everyone would be meeting. Consequential to that decision she about-faced to exit the room and proceed towards the bridge.


The norian took a deep prepatory inhale before stepping betwixt the open doors of the YSS Mazu's bridge, exhaling quietly. A brief moment taken to apprise herself of the layout and occupants led her to spot Shosa Minato. Since the Taisho who she had been assigned to be clerk for was not yet present, it was appropriate that she check in with the present Shosa. Calmly she approached Shosa Minato, "Shosa, Santô Hei Shanui reporting for duty." she stated.
YSS Mazu


Maestitia stepped out of her shower light pink hair clinging to her neck. Having finished her morning exercise (a habit she had picked up in Star Army training) after which she had meditated and eaten a small breakfast leaving her nearly ready for her duty shift. As she was carefully drying and styling her hair a notification came through alerting her to the incoming visit from the Taisho and her expected presence on the bridge. Sighing softly the tips of her ears drooped as she pinned her hair into place out of her face and she quickly went about pulling on her cooling suit, then sliding her pleated skirt into place and fixing it there with her belt, on which was already clipped her communicator, holster and the clip she used to secure the sheathe of her officer's sword. Next she pulled one of her grey paneled uniform jackets out and slipped it over her shoulders taking care to fiddle with the small volumetric projector on her chest ensuring it was aligned properly. Stepping back into the bathroom she took a moment to turn and twist in front of her mirror making sure that nothing was out of place. Nodding to her reflection in a show of confidence, her ears flicking upward slightly she stepped out grabbing her Jika-Tabi and matching socks quickly stepping into them and giving her toes a little wiggle, she had grown quite fond of the shoes while in training and was pleased to be allowed to wear them during general duties. Reaching into her closet one last time she took out her sword carefully clipping it in place on her belt then, her type 33 service pistol was slipped into it's holster where it sat snugly against her hip. Taking one last deep breath of the cooler air in her Norian climated room she hit the door release and stepped out into the hall taking a sharp turn directly to the lift doors.


Mae strode from the lift door behind the Taisho's command seat and took a brief moment to scan the bridge for other officers and personnel on duty. Then with a quick step made her way to the starboard side of the command deck and slid carefully into her seat at the Mission Operator's station. Lifting a hand she brought the volumetric display to life and her fingers danced over the controls bringing up the various communication channels she might need as well as a tactical display map of the ship's interior. Noting Motoyoshi Taisho's incoming shuttle she pinged the pilot of the shuttle with docking directions and asked for an ETA on their arrival, while waiting for a response she quickly pulled up the reports she had compiled of the missions undertaken before the ship prepared for departure, that of the missing experimental hyperspace component and the 'altercation' in the soggy hole involving Mazu Mazumi, and prepared them to send to Shimizu Taisho once she arrived on bridge. Turning her chair she took a moment to give the other Norian on the bridge a small pleased smile and a nod in her direction should the other woman take note. Her gaze then shifted to the Neko at the tactical station giving her a once over, deep black eyes fixing on her for a brief moment before she dragged them back to her display, shifting in her chair once more as she did.

Inari looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Her features reflected those of both of her parents. Today, one of her parents would be coming aboard, Former-Empress Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. However, that also brought nervousness as she disagreed with her mother about certain things. She had voted for Anslen in the premier election, and that wasn't how she thought that Katsuko would have had her vote. However, despite where they might disagree, she loved her parents and her clan. She pulled her uniform down, making sure every crease of her uniform was perfect. She was determined to be an excellent officer and daughter for Katsuko as she could be.

With everything about her uniform perfected, she left her room to head to the bridge. In route, her tablet beeped a notification that she was being summoned to the bridge. She acknowledged it, and picked up the pace floating quickly down the hallway. As she did so, she passed a long window with ships passing outside. Out there on one of those ships, was her boyfriend; her Separa'Shan boyfriend. If anything symbolized the differences between her and her mother, he was it. However, for now they both had their separate duties to the empire that they had to fulfill. So she turned from the window towards the bridge.


She floated into the bridge, moving over to the science officer station and sitting to log in to her systems. She requested a final status check as she waited for Katsuko's arrival.
YSS Mazu
Command Room - Off the Bridge

"Well enough of them are there. Time to get this rolling." Akina forced herself to stretch against the chair in the suite she was still getting used to. If she had to leave the Mazu she both told Kaoru and hoped she would use it. One of the first things she did was replace one of the large sofas at the wall with one that converted to a bed, just in case. It wasn't as if her quarters were far by lift, but better to have it and not need it. She triple-checked her uniform when snapping back to an upright state.

"It's fine, Mom." Interrupted the perturbed voice of Ayano. One of her feet tapped on the floor, her hair up in a no-nonsense ponytail swished behind her as she shook her head, "You look...good. I don't know why you fuss." She practically mumbled while staring at a landscape picture of Taiie before it was destroyed, on the wall.

The Taisho laughed lightly while standing, taking a datapad with her in her left hand. She patted the top of her daughter's head with the right. "If I don't someone else will. I want you on the bridge, if there's some emergency you can go down."

The younger Nekovalkyrja tried to move her head out of the way, but it just meant she ended up getting petted, causing her ears to fold downwards onto the top of her calypso green hair. "I! ...right. It will prove interesting." When finally released, she stood up and tried to fix her hair.

"Do your best out there, your mother and I are glad you're here." Akina said kindly as she moved nearer to the door.

Ayano flanked the commander as much to hide the boiling in her cheeks as anything. "The-...the hospital and labs are far superior to a Minori." Seemed like as good a cover as any to her.

The Bridge

Akina strode onto the bridge with Ayano in tow. "Hail, everyone. As you all were." She sounded particularly lively, steps basically bouncing as she made her way to the command chair. The red Taisho slotted her datapad into the holder on it and settled in, turning the seat forward to face the large bridge, sneaking a look through the dome outside.

"Reports?" Her eyes went to Maestitia first. She was chosen as the primary coordinator for a reason. She came highly recommended for her professionalism and drive. It did not hurt that she was Norian either. The more they could do to help integrate the newly settled people, and include them in the lives of other Yamataians, the better. "We may as well settle in. Have Mazumi-hei bring us drinks. Send what you prefer to the lounge." She for one put an order for coffee, in particular a mocha. The chairs all had cup holders, it was a shame not to use them. Standard practice aboard the Mazu was to only have drinks in spill-proof containers in duty areas under normal operations. Recreation areas were fine, but no one needs scalding hot tea water in the face during the rigors of combat. Connected to the ship via SPINE, the Taisho lifted one leg and slowly crossed it over the other, her excitement palpable.

Ayano stared out the dome a while after following the gaze of the princess up. Once orders started going out she turned right to head to the most logical seat available to her for the time being. She settled into the Safety and Systems station and began to check and calibrate the Mazu's internal sensors and make her sixth check that day on all the Medical and Science section heads. Her order on the data packet came in: a black tea infused with jasmine. Everything read green.

YSS Mazu​

Bridge - Minato​

Minato stepped down from the platform where the communications station was on the port side of the bridge, she greeted Savannah with a smile. "Eagar and here on time, very well Madsen-Shoi, please run the diagnostic pre-launch lists for your station. Also please note the additional torpedo inventory; I was able to get some Ke-Z3 before they were all transferred to the Taiie and the BACC," she said as she stopped briefly to look over the cadet's shoulder. She noted the presence of the first arrival in the duty log and continued across the upper platform to the Navigation station to make sure they had the latest updates from the BACC and Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko uploaded.

"Another eager kitten..." Minato said without a look up as the clerk arrived on the bridge, she looked up and made a laugh, "Oh, a Norian, you must be Shanui-Hei. You can slide in at communications - Tio obviously isn't coming with us, so until I find another bridge communications operator, you're it....Along with whatever else the Taisho has for you." Minato gave a quick warm smile before she spotted the arrival of yet another Norian, "Well, seems we're going to get quite the Norian experience on this ship. I'd love to hear all about you both at some point, " she said in an excited and cheerful manner. The Shosa was the ship's avatar and didn't have much of a chance to go and experience anything that had been going on regarding the new arrivals. "Shanui-Hei, you're also with personnel right? If you could update Motoyoshi Tio's orders that he is Suspected AWOL. Advise Ketsurui-Hanako Taisho that a detailed report will be coming from Motoyoshi Kaoru Taisa shortly with what little details we have," she issued, she might as well put the clerk to use.

"Ladrielle-Shoi, Welcome aboard!" she said as she stepped down from the navigation station, she stopped briefly at the command chair and tugged a white handkerchief from her pocket, and ran it over the arms. She had to make sure the caretakers had the right start with the Taisho. She made a soft hmph noise as she looked at the cloth and dipped it back into her pocket. She returned her attention to Maestitia, "Mission Operator, opposite to Madsen-Shoi. We should be ready to leave port soon. If you could Ladrielle-Shoi, send down to the main cargo bay, tell them to issue 'The Welcome Package', they will know what I mean." She then descended to the lower platform to double-check everything at the XO's nest-like station.

"Ah! There she is, one of the Motoyoshi daughters I've yet to meet. Welcome aboard Motoyoshi-Shoi, it is very nice to meet you Inari," the rather bubbly sprite felt more and more excited as the crew began to arrive on the bridge. "I also have one of those brand new science kits for you, I will grab it out of the storage for you in a minute," she said as she recalled she had placed it in the bridge's storage area when she had arrived. She had one for Ayano too and had left it in the Combined Sciences Lab she had been assigned to. She was going to say something further but, the moment they had been waiting for had come.

The Shosa snapped to attention as the Taisho made her way onto the bridge. "Shimizu-Motoyoshi-sama, Welcome Taisho. We are in the final phase of preparation to leave the staging area. We're just waiting on Port Jiyuu and Port Siren to give the green light. All crew is reporting to duty stations and I have begun cataloging diagnostic and departure checklists. Your wife has just landed in the shuttle bay along with her entourage and they will join us shortly," she announced. "Motoyoshi-Taisa is also on her way up, should be here any minute," she added as she ascended to the upper platform and stood to the right hand of the Taisho's chair as she continued, "I have Shanui-Hei taking care of Motoyoshi-Shoi Tio's paperwork, and she's going to double on communications until I find someone else we'd like on the bridge. I figured Ayenee-Hei can stand at the station with Shanui-Hei when he arrives and Motoyoshi-Takeda-Chui can share with the XO. I'll let you and your wife decide on the chair of course ma'am," she said as she displayed that her bridge and her focus were exactly where they should be.

Minato sent her order down to her sister, //Green Tea Latte, Mazu Thermal - Hope you're having a good day, see you soon.//

The Soggy Hole - Kaoru​

"Thank you Mazumi-Hei, I'm sure the bridge will have a round of orders. I will stay here until you get them done, so you don't have to get another member of your staff to help you carry," she said in a generous offer. The XO could monitor anything she needed from anywhere on the ship. She sent a quick update to the Taisho to ensure she knew that she would be up shortly. Kaoru then checked the reports from across the ship's departments and stations to ensure that in everything Mazu-Shosa had done, there was always a second set of eyes - part of the function of a good First Officer.

Kaoru had just refreshed the pink on the tips of her hair, it framed her face well in the slightly shorter cut than usual, "I assume you know what my mother's favorite drink is?" she asked, just to be sure that there was not going to be another disaster like there had been during the time she had spent with her on Gemini. "Just in case you don't if she's going to be on the bridge just plain green tea, nothing in it. She gets all worried about fancy drinks on the bridge - think she has a fear of a little milk mustache," Kaoru said with a giggle.
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YSS Mazu - Shuttle Bay​

The shuttle landed on the deck of the Mazu, and the airlock hissed open once the engines had powered down and they were given the all-clear. "I hope for everything, especially your time. I want to make sure you get training directly from me. I want you to learn how it is, you run a ship or a fleet the proper way," the Taisho said to her daughter, then said in a slightly quieter tone, "Of course, it will also be nice for us to spend some time together, I feel like we've missed out on that in the past. It is high time, that not only you and I but, your sisters and I also spent more time together," she gave a bit of a smile as she stood up, and her KAIMON companion shifted into the image of a glowing plum-colored fairy as its guise. She had hers outfitted with access to PANTHEON for her use, a little bonus for those who had the right access.

"Ayenee-Hei, I assume you did finish the basic? I'd like to get that Yonto designation off your rank," she said as she looked back briefly at her clerk, "Also another fairly new face has started on as Motoyoshi-Shimizu Taisho's clerk, and might be a good person to hook in with while we're on board. We will probably head back to the Ayenee tomorrow morning, so I've arranged some guest quarters for our little team. Remember, we're guests here and as much as it is one big comfortable Star Army, the orders of Akina reign here - the First Expeditionary is hers now," she reminded them as they disembarked the shuttle.

Katsuko looked around the bay, "It is amazing how a ship can transform over the years," she observed. "I don't think there is a single vessel in the entire Star Army that has been gutted to the bones and rebuilt more times than this ship - she has a hell of a history," she said in observation. "It is nice to spend some time onboard." She gave a smile to the deck crew as they gathered on the deck, "As you were!" she regarded as she didn't want to disrupt the departure preparations.

"That reminds me Ayenee-Shosa has command while we're onboard, so anything you need for our home ship please go through her," she added in as she led them towards the corridor and then the lift up to the bridge. Katsuko was back in the element and it was very obvious she was ready to shine for it.

YSS Mazu​

The Soggy Hole - Kaoru​

Mazumi smiled as she heard her sister's request. //already sent to you as we speak, sis, I was about to tell you; I am having a good day so far; I haven’t had an encounter with her so I am pleased! .//

Mazumi’s happy mood continued as she noticed Kaoru’s presence remaining. She’d heard of the rumors about Kaoru and Katsuko, so she didn’t feel surprised that she hadn’t gone up to meet her mother. She simply took it as she wanted to remain with her friend here. Her smile widened at Kaoru’s words. “You are so kind! And yes, I am aware of her favorite drink, Shimizu-Taisho told me the other day when we talked. She told Kaoru, though giggled at the image of Katsuko with a milk mustache. she.. Might look cute with one Mazumi couldn’t help but comment. Before blinking as a blue skinned Neko suddenly shot out of the lounge. “Whoa! Where's Kiyo-hei going?” She asked as she watched the blue-skinned girl’s disappearance.

The Soggy Hole - Yue​

Due in part to being a civilian, and likely not supposed to be on the bridge, they escorted Yue to the Soggy Hole, where she immediately spotted Kaoru. A grin flickered onto her lips as she floated to her, though her stealth failed since Mazumi spotted her and looked her way. Yue wanted to hug her fellow Motoyoshi and Bandmate from behind.

Family Reunion​

Kiyo had heard her daughter’s voice calling her, and she just had to dart out and hurry to where she heard they were and they hugged and stayed quiet.

Katsuko Shadow​

Makoto didn’t go with Luna to find her mother instead she remained with Katsuko making sure she got to where she needed to go safely, though she doubted anyone would want to hurt her here.
YSS Mazu

"Hai, Shosha Minato" Mae replied her fingers moving over the volumetric display sending a quick communication to the main cargo bay requesting them to issue the 'Welcome Package'. Then after turning a moment she gave the Mazu's avatar a small bow from her seat only to rise when the Taisho entered from the lift. Having made a third of the way through her second bow this time to the Taisho her ear tips turned a bright pink when she was immediately ordered to as you were and she turned back to her seat to hide her embarrassment. A moment later when her reports were requested her ears perked back up and she quickly gave a flick of her wrist, sending them directly to the Taisho's display. "The reports have been sent Shimizu Taisho." she offered in her most... official? sounding tone.

Shifting slightly in her seat the Norian took a moment to peer at her Taisho and the woman who entered with her tracking the woman's movements curiously as she wandered over to the Safety and Systems station. Slowly she pulled her eyes away and looked to Minato once more "Shosha I have also sent the cargo bay your orders as well, is there anything else?" She asked cautiously, not sure how else to be useful given the lack of goings on for a M.O. to regulate at the current moment. Not waiting for a reply she instead chose to look busy by putting in a drink order for some chilled barley tea.

YSS Mazu​

Bridge - Akina​

It was nice to see the crew settling in to what would become more or less routine, save she planned to send Ayano down to Medical or the Labs when they were underway. She felt it was important to have her there as much for Katsuko as herself for their departure. It felt like another lifetime ago that their exploration included what became the Bard cluster. The Taisho felt excited. She looked excited. "Thank you Minato. Keep someone on standby in case Ayano needs to be replaced." She made sure there was always someone to take the place of a critical position, the only difference being the readiness level of the ship she was on. It was also a fleet-wide rule, in case the main bridge was compromised in some manner during battle. She had taken a tour to the auxiliary bridge to familiarize herself with it in person. As she and the Mazu bounced data back and forth through each other, the ethereal feeling of getting to know the vessel more started to drip pleasantly into her again. It was a sensation that she wondered was projection on her part or not. SPINE brought with it new questions, though usually with answers.

"Well I was planning on giving mine up, while our beautiful guest sits pretty here."
She tapped her chair. Having Katsuko on her lap or vice-versa hardly seemed professional on such a day. No matter how nice it would be. Standing while commanding was just as typical as being seated for it, and while it was no cavernous Chiharu bridge she could project even better that way.

"Confirm the fleets are ready to depart. Follow vectors ordered then deploy as per my specifications." Akina ordered Ladrielle. Arriving to new space in an array focused on maximizing exploration and defense was logically the choice over something more aggressive, given the mission.

She let out a little sigh at the news of Tio was brought up again. "I was looking forward to seeing him working hard at something productive. They will find him, even if it takes longer than we thought." Like most of the family, she had been hoping he would show up on his own, but being AWOL made it a matter of record and there were regulations that she felt compelled to follow. "I know I'll be kept appraised of that."

Preemptively Akina rose from her chair to stand next to it, placing her hand on the back of it.
YSS MAZU - Bridge
Purple orbs gazed curiously, but her face otherwise remained free of reaction to being called kitten. Inside her own thoughts she found this rather amusing, what an adorable nickname to be called by. However, nicknames with people she did not know were not really her thing and she thought not much was meant by it. "As you wish, I will perform the duties of bridge communications operator until relieved...in addition to whatever the Taisho assigns me," she said in a professional tone. Alina's head turned at the sound of another that entered.

The world was ever full of surprises it seemed, another norian had just walked onto the bridge! Turns out she was not the only one onboard, this could possible be a pleasant surprise. Her french braid bobbed a little as she returned the pink haired woman's nod with a small smile of her own. Swiftly her attention diverted back to Minato, "If we are ever both free, I would be happy to tell you!" she chirped cheerfully. "I will go get started on the orders right away," she stated as she made her way over to the comms station and got all set up.

After all messages were checked she began to work on Motoyoshi Tio's order update. Quietly while she worked her mind wandered wondering what happened and silently wishing that he was okay, wherever he was. Right after they were sent she looked over to see the Taisho entered the bridge, she snapped to attention. Once Akina was settled she made her way over to report in to the Taisho as well, Alina was her clerk after all. "Taisho, Santô Hei Shanui reporting for duty. I have received direction from Shosa Minato to double up on communications in addition to any tasks you have for me." she reported in a dutiful manner.
YSS Mazu
Shuttle Bay

Following after the Taishō as the shuttle’s passengers prepared to disembark, Lisse’s mismatched gaze scanned across the launch bay in swift, analytical fashion. The Sprite’s eyebrows flashed when Katsuko turned back to look at her, her caracal-like ears twitching with attentiveness as her superior spoke. Reading a question on the Motoyoshi Clan Leader’s lips, Lisse adjusted her clear-framed glasses and offered a quick smile before answering.

“Yes I have, Taishō!” Lisse replied in her persistently peppy tone. “My promotion is set for tomorrow, during my graduation.” She added.

With that, the Sprite’s black heels clacked in precise, rhythmic fashion as she made her way across the smooth floor of the launch bay, following the Taishō in close step after deck crew was set back at ease. All the while, Lisse let her superior lead the way. Even though she had downloaded the Mazu’s interior layout, leaving the BACC made her feel nervous. Accordingly, she stuck close to those who were familiar to her, which included Katsuko and Tachiko.


"Eagar and here on time, very well Madsen-Shoi, please run the diagnostic pre-launch lists for your station. Also please note the additional torpedo inventory; I was able to get some Ke-Z3 before they were all transferred to the Taiie and the BACC,"

“I’ll have it done right away, Mazu-Shosa.” Savannah answered quickly. A moment later, the Combat Systems Operator plugged into her station and by extension, the Mazu’s weapon systems via SPINE. In doing so, she had no need to manipulate any volumetric displays or physical inputs. Instead, her digital mind was interfaced directly with the systems under her command to process her assigned tasks at lightning speed. First, came the diagnostics and pre-launch checks for the Ke-D7-W3900 Mass Launchers and the Type 43 Torpedo Launchers. Then, came the checks on the Mazu’s fearsome main weapon—a powerful aether shock array—and its defensive anti-fighter turrets. Once those were resolved, Savannah shifted her attention towards the torpedo inventories, specifically the new Ke-Z3s. They were arguably the Mazu’s most dangerous armaments next to the aether shock array. The fact that the torpedoes were capable of eating chunks out of a targeted vessel’s hull fascinated and excited something deep and primal inside of the cyan-haired Nekovalkyrja. However, it also exacerbated her feelings of inadequacy which came from being a Cadet tasked with the responsibility of managing and firing such powerful, destructive instruments of war. After training, she had expected to receive a posting on a smaller vessel first, instead of being immediately assigned the duty of operating one of the most terrifying weapons in the sector.

Was she really the best Combat Systems Operator available for the assignment? Surely, there had been other options available. Why was she chosen and not them?

"Reports?" Her eyes went to Maestitia first.

Shaking the thought out of her digital mind, Savannah stood to attention when the Captain entered the bridge, before floating back down into her seat when she set them at ease. While waiting her turn to speak, Savannah flashed an order for a lemonade to the Soggy Hole, before speaking up just after the two Norians to deliver her report.

“Pre-launch diagnostics and ordnance inventories are complete, Taishō.” Savannah began. “All systems are green.” She added.
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YSS Mazu​


Apparently, Inari didn't feel like awknowledging what the avatar had to say, Minato merely shrugged. She regarded the crew with slight nods as they reported to her and the Taisho, after all being the second officer for now she was filling in for the XO until Kaoru arrived on the bridge. As expected, nothing appeared to be out of spec, they after all had been in preparation for weeks. "Well done, just finish any pre-departure checks and get ready to celebrate this launch," she said as she looked over her own checklists briefly, "Shimizu-Taii, while you're at Safety and Systems why don't you run a last check on CFS, the word will be given shortly," the Shosa said as she stepped away from the spot next to the Taisho in preparation for the arrival of Katsuko.

The arrival of Katsuko's Party on the Bridge​

Katsuko with her small entourage arrived on the bridge of the YSS Mazu a few moments later, it appeared the conversations would have to wait or be taken to the privacy of telepathy. Katsuko gave a rather wide smile as she moved instinctively toward the command chair, "Good Morning Akina, hope you don't mind me coming over to kick this off. I think the Mazu is the perfect ship to make some more history on," she said to her wife and fellow Taisho as she settled by the command chair, "I assume the Shosa has places for my people?" she said as her attention briefly drifted to Minato.

Minato nodded, "Motoyoshi Tachiko-Taii, you can have the XO station and share it with Motoyoshi-Taisa when she arrives on the bridge," she said with a brief pause as she turned and looked at Ayenee-Hei, "And you can sit with Shanui-Hei. You can both handle communications. Also for those who have not please send your drink orders down for Mazu-Hei, she should be up here with the Taisa shortly." Minato was satisfied with the dispersal of the entourage that came with the Taisho, and she moved to the IES Management Station that was right beside the station Ayano was currently, she looked to Ladrielle-Hei and motioned her to come over since there was not much to be done at Mission Ops at the present time.

Katsuko didn't wait long, "Then I suppose we should ask our clerks to go ahead and send the communication to Gemini Star Fortress, and the rest of the Colony Fleet. We are ready to go. Shanui-Hei, contact Port Jiyuu as well as Port Siren and confirm that they are still all systems ready on their new hyperspace drives," she looked to Akina, "Also I am transmitting the navigation data for our first-way point, we're going to have to make an extra stop before or originally first intended one, due to the adjusted calculations for our Ports," she said as she ensured those on the bridge were aware of the first destination just outside of the Kikyo Sector labeled System YC-05C. "Ayenee-Hei, transmit the navigation solution to all ships in the combined fleet," it appeared without even being offered the chair yet, the blue-haired Taisho was ready to get the fleet in motion.

"All bridge stations report when ready!" she ordered and awaited the final acknowledgment from all of them so they could get on their way. It was time to leave the Kikyo Sector behind.
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YSS Mazu​


"Welcome aboard. We had a chance to tune Cadet Ladrielle's quarters fist, I trust if you've been to yours they're acceptable? Feel free to order a tech team on my behalf if there's something amiss. That goes for you as well." Akina called over the the first of the two Norians that were joining the crew. "While you're here, add a note to request command issue some sort of uniform-acceptable eye-protection for Norian members of the service. Something for them to collaborate on with Tsenlan on if they aren't already. Feel free to find your station. Oh and find out if there's enough sparkling wine to go around in the lounge for later."

She nodded to Savannah and adjusted something on her datapad when Katsuko entered, causing the veteran officer to brighten even more. How much she adored her was obvious through the care she placed on professionalism during operations. She could bluff, but her blind spot had always been her wife, going back to before they were wed. "Good morning! We've been breathlessly waiting for you. Or maybe that was just myself? Welcome aboard the Mazu!" She prompted, "It does seem like our most appropriate vessel to start this off with. You can have the conn when ready." The new course intrigued her, it was like they were stopping for a little bit of lunch on the way, or something. It felt comical considering the mass of personnel and resources about to move out of the Kikyo Sector.

"I've been thinking about the motto for the ship, or perhaps the fleet." Akina announced, actually saying it aloud for the first time.

"First, forward!" She declared, then immediately sent a revision to her wife. First, ever forward! Maybe? She thought to Katsuko. Getting course change confirmations was a slower process by design for how precise they needed their time in FTL to be given the distances involved. Everyone had to be in their place. It wouldn't be Yamatai if they arrived in shambles.
Back on the Mazu Bridge Again

The Mazu's bridge was still familiar to Tachiko, even though it had been several months she was away on a tour aboard the Resurgence. Giving one sidelong glance at her former Mission Operations station after snapping to attention with an enthusiastic, "HAI TAISHO!" Tachiko march-floated across the bridge to the XO's station using her feet to flick her half-weightless body across the floor. The Takumi-Class wasn't as intimidating as an Izanagi, but it was still a very large ship, after all, and Tachiko was still a new bridge officer despite her time in service.

"Nomimasuka... Ah, I think I just want a kohii..." Tachiko didn't answer the question about the drink until she was at the station and logged in. The taste she'd acquired for Mia Barber's coffee while on Resurgence, as opposed to tea, was one of the few cracks in her near-absolute traditional-Yamataian surface. "Cream, no sweetener." Tachiko continued performing the preflight checks at her station, the way Command Tactics School taught her. "All stations below reporting green for underway, Taisho!"

YSS Mazu​


Makoto continued to stay with Katsuko even as she went onto the bridge. Thus far she was pleased that there didn’t seem to be any hostiles towards her, and she also noted Akina’s behavior leading her to believe the two were in love. Since that wasn’t anything bad, she didn’t respond or react. Instead, she scanned the bridge, noticing the personnel here, and watched as Minato gave orders. Mazu-Hei, she’d remembered one being called a Lounge Mistress on the ship register, she also remembered that Minato had the same last name. Mother and daughter? Or perhaps sisters? Makoto decided to ask later.

The Soggy Hole​

“erm.. I don’t mean to alarm you, but there's a blue skinned girl, sneaking up on you.” Mazumi reported Yue’s presence to Kaoru as she watched her float towards her.
YSS Mazu

Savannah Madsen

"All bridge stations report when ready!" she ordered and awaited the final acknowledgment from all of them so they could get on their way. It was time to leave the Kikyo Sector behind.

“Tactical, ready!” Savannah called out.

Ayenee Lisse

For all of her anxiety, Lisse was wide-eyed as she took in the Mazu's sights and smells. With its Standard Passageways and Lifts, the warship’s interior was more utilitarian than the black-carpeted, lavish, and luxurious Palace-Style Passageways she was familiar with. They didn’t scare her, but at times she felt slightly claustrophobic floating through them.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the small group to arrive at the bridge. Lisse followed her superior through the thick, Zesuaium-reinforced doors, her mismatched, luminescent gaze wide as she took in the room. Much to her surprise, it was largely the same as the one on the BACC, with only a few notable differences.

“Yes, Taishō!” Lisse echoed Tachiko after being assigned to her station. With that, the Sprite quickly floated towards the port platform, offering the Mazu’s Norian clerk a soft smile before taking her seat at what was typically designated as the navigation station. Then, after a short moment’s hesitation, Lisse connected herself to the computer via SPINE, an anxious grimace coming over her features at the prospect of connecting to a vessel that wasn’t her homeship.

Fortunately, the Mazu didn’t feel that different from the BACC.

With a deep breath, Lisse set about her assigned task of transmitting the navigation solutions to the rest of the fleet, her digital mind processing on multiple cycles at once as she did. Once the task was complete, the Sprite shifted her attention back to Katsuko.

“Navigation solutions transmitted out to the fleet.” Lisse reported. “Awaiting confirmations of their reception.” She added.
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