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RP Concluded Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom - Akina​

"A water planet, you know the one I've been to most recently was Ayano? That was to open that Katsu Katsu." Akina flashed her wife a mischievous grin. Under the auspices of the Shimizu Zaibatsu, she had directed the opening of a small chain of chicken, seafood or tofu katsu (notably not serving pork or beef due to the dietary preferences of the former Empress) whose mascot was of course, Katsuko. The name "Katsu Katsu!", Was too great not to pass up. "Well, I also visited the research complex." As she looked over the images, she parsed some data about the planet just to whet her appetite a bit for the upcoming search. "Speaking of, Ayano sent them someone she and the team worked on to give them an extra friend. I was assured it would increase the prodigy count on board." She lightly brushed her hand over Katsuko's shoulder as she came to stand from her seat and and lift her glass towards Kaoru, "There you are! Don't worry, we don't have a grog bowl...this time." She moved to her new XO and took one of her hands to squeeze it.

When Alina arrived, the Taisho lifted her glass again towards the woman made her clerk. She expected to have her running around quite a bit. She returned to her seat while she waited for more of the shift to filter inside. "Welcome, Shanui-Hei."

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom​

Himeko entered shortly after Alina, having taken some time to straighten up her uniform and make herself presentable. She bowed to the Taishos, and even as she was exerting a bit of self control to control her nervousness - after all, in the general pool she rarely saw the CO or XO at all, just whatever NCO was in charge of the assignments most of the time. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do more - project a good impression, or not mess up and get noticed. The silver haired woman considered for a moment if that truly was desirable.

Still, rank and order must be respected. "Taishos. Taisa." She vaguely remembered them from what she had heard, but rumours often were just as invalid as they were valid.

YSS Mazu​

Mazumi had been a busy girl as the time passed on by. Her Soggy Hole had provided many tasty drinks and her business made the time fly by. As they say time flies when you're having fun and it sure was true as she’d noticed. Yue had been escorted off the ship back to Port Jiyuu, and Mazumi had noticed that she seemed saddened, perhaps to leave Kaoru or someone else Mazumi didn’t know. Perhaps her sister Minato would know better. Kiyo and Luna meanwhile found their workspaces, Kiyo the Power Armor bay where her Mindy was, and Luna her Technician’s station. Makoto was invisible again, looking for threats to the Taisho’s life.

Taisho's Wardroom​

It surprised Mazumi when she was told to attend the party in the Taisho’s wardroom, and as her duties, she’d also had drinks prepared which her waitstaff had soon begun bringing over. “I'm a member of Alpha team huh.. I’m just a caretaker..” she thought to herself as she finished the last touches. Mazumi soon found her way to the wardroom where group gathering. As she entered, she spotted the Chef at work, and felt pleased that she could provide drinks.

“Taishos, Taisa, while Chef Chikafusa has the food prepared, I took the liberty of bringing drinks.” she said, showing with her arm, her android employees bringing in trays of already filled glasses, including a bottle of Chateau Hanako, and Black Wolf Wine, as well as Yugumo Corp’s own Tokyo Brewing Companies drinks. “I hope that this would be acceptable, but should you desire something returned I shall see to it.” She finished.

“Chateau Hanako… a soon to be rare and likely expensive bottle considering what happened on Hanako’s world” a voice spoke out, as Makoto materialized out of thin air, as she released herself from her extra training.
YSS Mazu
Bridge -> Wardroom

Ayenee Lisse

After returning from the ready room, Lisse quickly fell into a rhythm as she set about her tasks. All the while, the Sprite’s pointed, caracal-like ears gave a few twitches as they registered the voice of her fellow Clerk, at which point the blonde-haired Sprite turned to face her co-worker, a soft smile splayed out across her features as she did.

Alina enjoyed the busy pace of the work presented so far. She looked over to Lisse after she reported in, "Is it always like this?" she asked in a friendly tone. Things had gotten off to a rushing start and she did not want the clerk next to her to feel as if she was ignoring her.

“Sometimes.” Lisse answered softly, as she subtly tilted her head towards Motoyoshi-Chui, indicating that it might be best to keep things quiet while working. “You're already faster and more efficient than I am. I’ll have to take some pointers from you later, over dinner.” The Sprite added with a coy wink, before shifting her attention back to her work.

From there, the hours passed quickly and before long, her duty shift was over. Lisse made her way straight to the wardroom from the bridge, stopping only to fix her hair. The prospect of being around so many esteemed officers and Motoyoshi Clan royals was still daunting for the Sprite, even after being assigned as the Empress Emerita’s personal Clerk. Nevertheless, she didn’t let her anxiety slow her progress as she made her way to the wardroom, arriving a few moments after Alina, Mazumi, and Himeko, the latter two who she had yet to meet. After offering the proper bows and acknowledgements towards her superiors, Lisse looked briefly towards Mazumi and Himeko, her mismatched gaze taking in the former’s side-swept, grayish-brown hair and the latter’s vibrant, purple-gold eyes. All the while, the Sprite moved to find a seat close to the other enlisted, though she didn’t dare sit down just yet!

Savannah Madsen

A quiet shift was a good shift. It went without saying that Combat Systems Operators were often left twiddling their thumbs during uneventful shifts and this was no exception. Fortunately, Savannah could at least commit an instance of her digital mind to running a few combat simulations, while keeping her remaining faculties alert for imminent threats and sensor activity. The simulations gave her the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of the Ke-Z3s in live combat, assessing use cases and risks in the process.

After running one particularly demanding simulation, her shift was called and with it, Savannah closed her station and made her way to the wardroom. Upon entering, the cyan-haired Nekovalkyrja glanced over everyone in Alpha Team, at which point she offered a few bows before moving towards the table.
Taisho's Wardroom

As soon as her shift was officially over, Yingzi's excitement to see how the upper echelons of Star Army dine quickly overcame her empiricist side. All she could think of were the fancy foods and likely servants waiting over them, just like the stories she was told as a child about ancient nobility the Lianjia believe themselves to descend from. But as soon as she got there and realized just how big the Motoyoshi Clan was, the excitement was just as quickly washed over with a wave of dread. She looked nothing like or even acted like them as she kind of wandered around listening in to the different personalities. Just what did she get herself into, a Red Clone joining the Star Army of Yamatai!?
YSS Mazu


The rest of the shift ended without much of note, the ships quickly learned that leaving formation wouldn't be tolerated and the ports had no major troubles to report (thankfully). The time not spent monitoring communications and fleet positions Mae spent going over the Mazu's design specifications to help familiarize herself with the ship that would be her home for the foreseeable future. Once the shift change came she closed her volumetrics, stood to give a small bow to the XO before she departed moving to the rear lift and heading to the crew quarters section to freshen herself up before dinner.

Taisho's Wardroom

Mae entered the decorated wardroom wearing a fresh uniform her hair no longer done up in a loose bun but left to hang loosely around her face, the bright pink contrasting nicely against the dark blue of her uniform. Striding with a measured pace across the room she made her way before the Taishos and gave them a small bow "Thank you for inviting us to dine with you, I look forward to the future working together with you both." she spoke her tone soft and the tips of her slender pointed ears pointed up rigidly. Turning she made her way to a corner of a nearby table and sat down with her gaze fixed on the table in front of her, body language stiff even as her face remained impassive. Her hands she let rest gently in her lap palms down as she was completely unaware how to carry herself in this situation it was obvious she chose to be as polite and neutral as possible to avoid any blunders.

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom - Ayano​

The adjustments that needed to be made to the field laboratories had already been ordered and the work was beginning thanks to the next shift of technicians following what Ayano and the others from the Alpha group started themselves, or just marked down to be entered into the work rotation. She had taken the time to weave her hair into a loose plait moving down the center of her back, between her shoulder blades, and down to the end where she used a simple white hair band to keep it all held together. It swayed while she walked, and once through the doors she went first towards where Katsuko and Akina were, bowing neatly. "Heika, hime. How good of you to ask us all here. Athankyou."

An impish smile was on her face when she righted herself and went to take her place at the table, smoothing the pleats out of the skirt she wore with her Class-A uniform. She was wearing a pistol as was normal, but either did not choose to bring her officer's sword or for some reason did not have one. The doctor raised her hand to one of the androids, going straight for the wine from Hanako's World. "Good booze is meant to be enjoyed. At least that's what I think when I didn't buy it."

"Evening everyone! I hope we find something fascinating together!"
Katsuko smiled and said to Akina, "I am proud of our daughters, I can only hope they will continue to be successful." A lot of underlying words and explanations fit her words, none of which the Taisho would divulge before their team members. Once more, Tio had brought Motoyoshi shame; this time, she had left no umbrella for him. She added as she looked at Kaoru, "That includes you as well, I'm proud of you," she made an effort extra after what had occurred during leave. Kaoru didn't say anything to her mother's praise but she did smile and give a gentle nod.

"Shanui-Hei, excellent work on the bridge today. You showed great adaptation and I will enter a note both in your record, and Ayenee-Hei's as well," Katsuko said with a nod to the enlisted soldier's brief greeting to them, "Have a seat anywhere, no restrictions in this group," she said loud enough to ensure that not just the Clerk heard it.

The Taisho looked to Mazumi, "Mazu-Hei, there is only one problem with your service tonight. Your behind should be in a chair ready for dinner tonight. You're here with the team to be served, not here to serve us," she wanted to ensure that the young caretaker knew that they were serious about it being the end of shift even for her. "Let the chef and his team take care of that," she said as she accepted a bottle of the Chateau Hanako for her and Akina from one of the trays.

Once more of the Team arrived, Katsuko stood up from her team, "Welcome members of Alpha Team. Shimizu-Motoyoshi Taisho and I wanted to say it is an honor to have you all here. You performed above expectations today. You rose to the challenge, and the Colony Fleet launched on time and without difficulty," she paused briefly and looked over the faces of the attending soldiers, "We wanted to give some special recognition however, to Madsen-Shoi and Shanui-Hei. On their way to the fleet, they helped resolve a logistical error involving critical components for Port Jiyuu's drives. Thanks to their volunteering, and hard work the parts were recovered," she gave recognition to those who had really risen to the challenge and saved the day, "These are some of Star Army's finest, and so are you. We have a great unknown expanse ahead, and we look forwards to many of you having the opportunity to shine, anyway...enough of my rambling, Let's eat. Please for the meal, talk freely and get to know each other." The Taisho sat down beside her wife and gave a slight wink in her direction as she handed her the bottle of wine with the expectation she would open it.

The buffet line in the Wardroom was opened, and Chef Chikafusa stood near the table to ensure any questions about the cuisine typical of Takeda House would be answered.
Mazumi blinked when Katsuko spoke to her, and telling her that she didn’t want her worrying about serving them but to be served. She knew it was the end of the shift, but she had been so used to still working that she just continued. With Katsuko adding the chefs will handle it, she nodded and bowed before she moved to a seat. Conveniently her seat was beside Ayano. “Konichiwa, Butt-slapper” she greeted with a pleasant smile. Unfortunately, the name of the other woman escaped her for a moment.

“I had heard about that, the two of them worked hard in getting what Port Jiyuu needed, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to assist,” She said to them. She had heard that her former guest was another that aided them. But she didn’t mention this as it wasn’t important. Mazumi thought about Katsuko’s request that they talk freely and she found herself excited at the prospect of getting to know the others onboard the ship.
Taisho's Wardroom, Private Galley

One member of the Alpha Team was still busy, and it was something she only got to do off the clock. Tachiko had barely endured not being allowed in the galley while aboard Resurgence, and it was one of the most trying trials in a life that was already full of exceptional ones. Chef Chikafusa's relief at being out of the kitchen with that monster must have been clearly visible on his face as he addressed the table. The staff still in the kitchen were nowhere near as fortunate. Even when her hackles weren't raised, Tachiko's most positive demeanor was still oppressive as she insisted and exhorted, however sweetly, that they match her frenetic pace at their own tasks.

Eventually she emerged, throwing the apron off of her Motoyoshi-and-Star-Army themed kimono, bearing a platter of off-menu, unplanned hors d'œuvres whose existence surely set the actual Chef on edge. "Chicken-Cashew-Mint on Rice-Flour Bánh mì toast Canapés." She began passing them out to the attendees, and silences Chikafusa's attempted protest with one shoved into his mouth with a flirty gesture and flutter of her lashes. Something about the kitchen just changes Tachiko.

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom - Akina​

Thinking about where Tio might have run off to did distract the Taisho when she had time to think about it. He was the only of the four (soon to be more) Katsuko and she had that was unaccounted for. The others were doing well, as well as the rest of the family in the family stretching three Clans. "I feel at ease knowing Akiko is back with Ayano on the Tokyo. I hope the two of them figure out how to relax when they're not purging the sector of our enemies." A warm smile played on her lips when her wife grabbed a bottle of what they both preferred for the occasion.

Akina stood and waited for Katsuko to finish, before adding, "...I still have some rambling, however. We're glad to have you at your official welcome to the Team. I see commanding this group, and the fleet overall as a great honor. I hope yours will be of great glory and honor as well as we serve for the Empress, the Empire, and each other-oh, Tachiko has appetizers. That will have to do. Tuck in." They could always have a few toasts later if needed. It was good to see Tachiko so engaged, and when Mazumi entered she waved at the caretaker and nodded in agreement with her wife.

With the bottle in hand, she carefully removed the cork and the pleasant smell wafted out from the wine almost immediately. She was quick to pour a glass, then one for herself, giving her a little glance. She set the bottle forward, between them, and touched her glass lightly to the other. "This will make for the good beginning of an evening."

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom - Ayano​

Mazumi sat down with Ayano at the disadvantage of being in the middle of a long drink from her glass. She held a finger up so she could finish, then looked at the caretaker sitting next to her with the impish grin she definitely could recall. "You must be my friend, everyone else calls me Doctor Butt-slapper. How're you feeling, cheeks? Still gotta' mark? I can give you a refresh if you wanna pop into the next room. If that's not your thing I'll think of something else." She teased her right back, laying it on a bit thick, though not in her mind. When the unscheduled dish made its way to them, she took a little sniff before taking a bite, and shrugging her shoulders at the caretaker. Do I like mint? She thought to herself, wondering about the recipe as she started to look like she was concentrating on figuring the recipe out to the molecular level or something.
YSS Mazu, Taisho's Wardroom

Kazumi was perhaps the last to arrive. She was looking a little worn. When one was swamped with work in so many places at once even a Nekovalkyrja could be overwhelmed in their multitasking. Crossing the threshold she raked a hand through her hair and then pawed at one of her eyes. Sleep had eluded her many a night since Tio decided to go AWOL. His sister had taken it upon herself to keep him on the straight and narrow. To do his job, not chase the latest potential conquest, and fall into old habits.

The icy-haired young Neko added tracking him down like a dog to her lengthy list of things to do. Even mulling over asking the Elders for permission to do so. Fear of what their reaction to the request held her tongue. Ojisan may well want him dead. Mother was an enigma. Kaoru was likely secretly cheering him on. Akina, her new stepmother she had no idea about. The whole ordeal was so stressful it was a wonder her hair was still its beautiful shade of blue and not grey or white yet.

The Analyst tugged at her uniform jacket to straighten it. Heliotrope-hued eyes surveyed all before her. The smells wafting gently around the Wardroom tickled her nose. Her reaction to such enticing scents was a little shudder. When was the last time she ate? Or drank anything? Her digital mind clocked in that it had been at least two days for food, and all she'd consumed in terms of liquids were sugary drinks falling into a downward spiral an alcoholic would've been proud of.

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom​


Alina bowed her head, "Thank you Taisho," she said whilst she looked around to sit. She looked back to Katsuko upon hearing her name, "Thank you Taisho!" she said with a small smile. With that she looked to Himeko, "You can sit with me if you like." she said cheerfully before she took an empty seat. Her hands folded in her lap and looked around as they waited for others to do so as well while absorbing the conversation that took place.

The white haired norian quietly waved to Mazumi when she saw her enter. It made her happy that the Taisho told her to join them instead of performing caretaker duties. When she saw Lisse she patted a seat next to her, "You are welcome to sit here if you want." she invited. "We can chit chat about the things you mentioned earlier." Alina watched quietly as Yingzi entered her ears wiggling just a touch. "I wonder if we will ever get to work together?" she thought to herself.

Her attention yet again drawn to Katsuko, this time for her welcome of Alpha Team to the dinner. Pale white skin turned rosey pink upon reception of the public praise. At that time Tachiko had emerged and her eyes widened. She dared not to refuse food from the Chui, perhaps someone who sat next to her would happen to be able to eat meat. When she heard Ayano's comment she smirked a little,
"Doctor Butt-slapper," she thought as giggled just a bit. Right about the time she considered procuring a drink, she saw Kazumi walk in.
The Chef de Cuisine's stares and throat clearnings finally wormed their way into Tachiko's perception, and she blushed girlishly at him as she bowed and apologized, scuttling back to the kitchen to fetch another platter. This platter, however, was sanctioned by Chikafusa, rather than a rogue one. Tachiko held the platter up to the group at the table, and gestured one-by-one among the array of exemplars of the dim sum style snacks as Chikafusa named each.

"Today we have a dim-sum buffet menu for you, featuring a selection of old Takeda House favorites along with some new ones, and some things everyone loves."

  1. Andouille Chaoshou with Tarragon Black Vinegar
  2. Cheese and winter fruit from Ainu Orchards
  3. Strawberry tart with fresh mint, bite-sized
  4. Imperial Chicken Ball: smoked chicken pancake-battered takoyaki, cilantro mayo
  5. Mussels on the half shell with ginger-tamarind mingionette
  6. Ginger-lime crab cakes with five-spice aioli ("Motoyoshi-Taishō's Favorite!")
  7. Smoked tofu "foie gras" stuffed in assorted mushrooms ("Assuredly vegetarian!")
  8. Herb and lettuce summer rolls, Tofu, Shrimp, or Plain with sweet chili sauce
  9. Spring Rolls, Pork, Shrimp, or Vegetarian
  10. Salmon roe, cream cheese, pickled daikon, and capers on crossaint Canapés
  11. Red bean paste steamed buns
  12. Prawn Cocktail
  13. Assorted Petit-Fours
  14. Assorted sweet pastries
  15. Crudité
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Yingzi floated around like a specter, trying to not be seen as she looked over the buffet items. But she didn't also want to look like she was avoiding people's gazes as well. When it was her turn to scoop up food, she grabbed as many pork and shrimp spring rolls as she could reasonably get away with. Most of the food looked absolutely foreign and too rich for her to even properly know what it would taste like. So she grabbed a few mussels as well and made her way towards a table.
YSS Mazu

Ayenee Lisse

After stacking her plate high with pork wontons, pork spring rolls, fruit, vegetables, confectionaries, and takoyaki balls, Lisse made her way back to the table, before accepting Alina’s offer of a seat next to her. A soft giggle escaped from the Sprite’s lips at Mazumi’s comment, but she didn’t let it pull her attention from her fellow Clerk for long.

“Thank you!” Lisse piped in response, a soft smile lighting up her features as the words left her lips. “What a way to end the day. I wonder if they serve steak.” The Sprite added, before savoring a bite out of one of the juicy pork wontons on her plate, her pale features turning a light red with blush in the process.

“Mmmf~” Lisse purred softly.

The Sprite knew a few things about Norians, but she hadn’t downloaded enough to know that they couldn’t eat meat!

Savannah Madsen

Had her skin been lighter, Savannah would have visibly blushed at the Taisho’s praise. Instead, she offered a small, grateful smile as her name was called along with Alina’s. However, the real reward was in the buffet. Savannah loved expensive things and food was no exception to that rule. She was keenly aware of the fact that plates at Takeda House ran up to 500 KS or more per person. Tonight, she was getting that for free.

Her heart came close to skipping a beat as the realization dawned on her. Nevertheless, Savannah took her place in the buffet line with the others, before setting her plate with expensive, delicious food prepared by renowned chefs and cooks. Then, she took her seat at the table and began to eat in silence, if only to better enjoy the expensive meal in front of her!
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YSS Mazu

Inari smiled, enjoying getting to know the others on the alpha shift. She hung around the food table, eating one thing while having a conversation then when it was over, looking at Katsuko and heading back to the table for one more thing before approaching her mother, and if she got caught in conversation, so much the better.
Tachiko had, of course, nearly had the fill of even her outsized appetite through constant sampling during developent and as quality control. Chef Chikafusa was as hard a man in that kitchen as any of Tachiko's Giretsu cadre were on the drill field, but the ostensibly ever-smiling, ever-quiet, spring breeze of a Neko so many of those gathered would swear she was terrified him in a way no one else did, and in a way she did for nobody else who knew her, and likely in a way only Katsuko did for Tachiko herself.

"Chikafusa-sensei~" Tachiko chirped happily, "I am just going to take all~ of these crab cakes to Moth...er... the Taishō. The whole pan!" She was not a Nekovalkyrja who'd ever had a tail, but she float-flounced daintily and happily to Katsuko in such a way that it would be swaying if she had. "Jōkōgō Heika-Taishō, your Ginger Lime Crab Cakes with Five Spice Aioli." Her demeanor changed instantly, to her more familiar level of formality, and she bowed politely even as she comically sat down an entire hotel pan of crab cakes. She did turn her head to smile happily at Akina. "I hope my day as acting First Officer of your flagship was to your liking, Moth-er-Taishō." She did not miss this difficulty while she was on the Resurgence, no matter how sorely she missed her kitchen.
YSS Mazu

Hanako had.. well, gotten a plate or so. She had even talked a bit to the others, but she had found that she couldn't overcome that reluctance to talk to others very often. The food was delicious, although she didn't have a lot of comparison, having restricted herself to rather cheap food. But now she understood how the Takeda House commanded the prices and prestige it did. It was clear to her that there was some context and history she might have to look into later.

But for now, she was content to listen and learn more about her crewmates.

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom​


Alina looked over the menu positively famished, luckily there were options she could partake of. "Mushrooms!" she thought to herself with a little hip wiggle. It had been positively ages since she had mushrooms and they were quite positively among her favorite foods. She quickly went up to the buffet and retrieved some delicious options then returned to her seat.

She offered Lisse a little smile when the sprite sat next to her. "Of course! I have no idea, I cannot eat meat....but if I find a steak I will be sure to grab one for you! Do you eat chicken? They passed out these delightful looking canapes earlier and I would hate for it to go to waste if someone else wants it." she said happily. With that she nummed quite contentedly on some of the stuffed mushrooms contentedly wiggling just a tad. It was the most exquisite thing she had in years!