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RP Concluded Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin

YC-06C II​

Downed Alien Ship​

Bravely, and with a huge amount of courage, Makoto stepped forward in front of everyone else. Intending on being the first one on this alien ship, she didn’t do it for glory or prestige, but rather, she’d rather be the one moving forward. As the first, it would be she who’d get attacked by traps. Her red eyes scanned the environment around her, taking in the tech. With her Aether Katana out of its Sheath, she looked around, ready to block any attack, while also reaching out to touch things. This was her way of detecting traps or ship security measures.
YC-06 II
Downed Alien Ship

So forward was the rescue mission in her computerized mind that Lisse almost didn’t register that this was to be her first time stepping foot on a planet until the shuttle had landed. And yet, this was but one of many firsts which the Sprite had experienced over the course of the past few hours, a realization which caused her mismatched gaze to light up with excitement in spite of the grim situation.

As she got closer to the alien ship, Lisse felt a strong impulse to explore, but the Sprite was keenly aware of the mission. This was a rescue operation before anything else. Their objectives were to extract any survivors and attend to the wounded, while also not looking scary.

With that in mind, Lisse kept her katana and NSP holstered as her FARS drone floated over her shoulder. Makoto moved first and Lisse sent her drone to assist, while extending her computerized awareness to the drone so that she could perceive the ship from its point of view, including a direct feed of its sensor data into her mind.

All the while, Lisse scouted the outside of the ship around the shuttle’s landing zone, searching for any survivors or signs of life amidst the terrain.

Alina remained at her position to monitor communications as she had not been ordered to be part of the away team. Things certainly seemed like they could go a plethora of ways given the number of unknown circumstances. In a blur of multitasking she also checked her messages, still no response on that orders update she sent out. She began to wonder what in the world had happened to Motoyoshi Tio. Events around her swirled on as she endeavored to keep herself gainfully occupied with various tasks while paying attention to comms.
YC-06 II Surface

"Everyone hold position, send in the drones." Tachiko gestured and her own began flying towards the wreckage. "Have them fan out and sweep. Move in together as a team." She stepped forward herself, to come in line with Makoto and Lisse. "Scanners out, everyone. Intel first and move second." Tachiko was a changed Neko when she was actually in charge of something. The quiet, overly polite, overly formal, and always smiling one had apparently stayed behind on the ship. In her element, she was Motoyoshi-Taii, Giretsu, Former NH-17, Veteran of the First Mishhuvurthyar War, and the heart of the away team. It was as clean a break from her usual self as any shōjo magical girl protagonist after transformation. It was thorough enough, as Tachiko shifted from confident stride to tactical maneuver, it begged the question as to which one were the "real" Tachiko.

"Security left, right." Her orders were crisp, clear, and calm. To many, it might be like the first time they'd even heard her actual voice, given the quiet, polite, laconic softness of her few words in casual situations. "No surprises. Drones, go. I want camera and sensors on everyone's display."
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YSS Mazu​

System YC-06C 2​


It's a gift. Akina thought wryly to Katsuko on their side-channel. Actually taking her wife to one of those branches back in the home sector could be an amusing outing, though she knew it would have to be unplanned or maybe just closing it down for a bit so they could go in some peace. Whenever they were going back was uncertain, however.

"Ops, advise the ground team the signal has stopped. If they get in a fight inform Tachiko I'd prefer our unknown friends survive." It was an unknown situation, "There are many reasons it could have turned off. I hope it is a benign one." The admiral quickly modified the orders for the reserves she was holding back to meet any threats en masse. Thanks to SPINE she had a view of everything the Mazu did, and some attention was paid to detecting any other probable vessels in the area, in the off chance it was some elaborate trap.

The relay was sent to Tachiko's team on the ground, in a short burst of data.


Katsuko observed the status of the away team closely, perched still beside Akina's captain's chair. The blue-haired Taisho listened as the mission operator sent the information to Tachiko that the transmission of the distress signal had stopped. "It is best we continue to observe the rest of the system for possible contacts, Shanui-Hei. Don't just search the usual frequencies, use a heuristic tool and search for unusual ones, their technologies could work differently than our own," she issued before she returned her attention to Akina and the mission. "You know, this might be a good time to call in the cohort, let those mercs stretch their legs a little. Saves us from having to devote so much additional security to the surface after, what do you think? Port Jiyuu is only a system away, wouldn't take them long in shuttles or whatever ships they have to get here." she asked Akina.

Minato meanwhile coordinated the delivery of the Type 43 Field Laboratory into position close to the alien craft, she opened her own channel to Tachiko and her team, "Lab module is three minutes to touch down, coordinates have been sent." The KAMI's avatar glanced back briefly over her shoulder toward Katsuko and Akina and she gave a slight nod.


The wind blew sand across the rocky surface of the planet, and the deep gouge in the surface the crash of the ship had caused created a tunnel-like effect making visibility a little more difficult. The delivery of the Field Laboratory was marked with the sound of a large thump and a high pitch metal-on-metal-like sound as it adjusted into position a short distance away from Tachiko's flight path. The alien ship however seemed almost impenetrable until one of the drones located a small two-inch gap that could possibly be forced into the hangar door caused by the impact of a protruding rock on the other side. The drones also reported back the obvious plasma leaks from the cooling vents on what was assumed to be the sublight engines of the ship. As the high-velocity winds blowing sand picked up, the downed ship creaked and groaned under the stress of its frame but remained intact due to its sound engineering.
"Understood," Tachiko relayed back. She then pointed in the general direction of the drone that found the opening. "Looks like it found a gap. We need to see if we can get it open wide enough to get drones in there." The away team commander looked back through the deep scar of the crash site like looking down the barrel of a gun. "There should be some heavy equipment in the lab, like a spreader. We need eyes inside. There's coolant and plasma leaks detected," she paused for a moment of silence before adding grimly, "Let's hope that's not related to the ceasing of distress signal."

Alina observed the going on amongst the bridge crew until she received new orders from Taisho Katsuko. "Hai Taisho." she acknowledged using the heuristic tool mentioned to search for anything that would pop up within the constraints of the tools' abilities. The white haired norian could only hope that she had set things up correctly given that she had absolutely no training. All she could do now was to sit and wait for results of some kind.
Makoto followed the drone and took note of the gap that both saw. She wanted to be the one to go in first. Not so much for glory seeking as she preferred that if there was a trap that it was she who became a victim of it rather than the others. She and Alina both grabbed a tool and Makoto moved towards the entranced, and lifted the tool to widen the gap. She thought about what was said about coolant and plasma leaking.


"I would like to see them in action. Fair enough." Akina raised her hand and called over, "Shanui-hei, contact Jiyuu and invite the cohort to join our little soiree here." As they were waiting for the laboratory to touch down, she checked in on Ayano by getting a feed of the laboratory on board the Mazu that she was working from. The redhead had wanted to see the Iron Company work, and while it wasn't blasting away a legion of enemies (she hoped), it still would give her insight she wanted for using them further. "The escort will peel off and join the reserve force once the laboratory is down, still trying to make sure they don't think this is an invasion if we can help it." She looked to her wife and smiled, "I believe we had that blurry engagement on the ship, and then I saw them carousing merrily at Winter-Nights. I wonder if they shall be staying for a bite to eat."

The laboratory escort consisted of three power armor and two fighters, mostly ready to intercept any threats that might emerge from the ground. The rest of the compliment that were already launched were still on standby. The reports of the outer rings of the scout squadrons were coming in, giving steady telemetry on activity (or rather, lack thereof) in the system while the tension played out on the planet below.

Yingzi emerged from the shuttle not long after the others. Needing to adjust her equipment to start sampling and analyzing the environment for her studies later on. She also adjusted the sling of her Type 41 Star Army Rifle and tactical vest to make sure they didn't interfere with her collection efforts. She was a Red after all...

She watched on as the others attempted to gain entry into the ship.


Katsuko gave an affirmed nod as Akina agreed with her suggestion. She then chimed in to Alina, "Shanui-Hei, please word your communication with the cohort in a way that is not us directly asking for some kind of support. I neither wish to conduct something against protocol or be found wanting later that we used mercenaries. Send to the Iron Company Cohort on Port Jiyuu, that we have found an interesting planet with a wreck we are investigating and merely ask if they wish to stretch their legs a little. I've authorized you to use my communications signature." It appeared the Taisho had grown careful during her time away from the Star Army, ready like she was in the Senate for that political knife in the back. Katsuko did add in a quieter comment to Akina, "I like them, although their gear is much more primitive than ours their ability to think beyond the frame interests me. Afterall we can't invite them on a trip and keep them couped up on a space station." Katsuko watched the projection with interest as Tachiko and her team worked to gain access to the ship.


The bay door of the alien cruiser creaked as Makoto used the spreader to pry the gap open further. The dust and sand that whipped past did so fiercely as the metal was forced upwards. First a little, then once it was free of its usual fixed mechanical track peeled upwards much easier until it got about halfway open, enough that someone in an AMES could walk through it easy. The interior of the bay was dark, sparks flew from various panels and what looked to be shuttles of some kind were piled up against the back wall of the bay. Various catwalks hung from their places, jarred and broken when the contents of the bay were lurched forward violently. A level above, near the top of the debris pile the broken window-like ports of some kind of control room could be seen, the occasional illumination of sparks gave momentary glimpses of the interior of the ship. It was obvious that although the ship was crashed, the technology present was impressive.

There were no bodies however, at least from the view of the door once it had been raised. The wind's howl seemed to echo through the ship now that there was a larger breach from the open door. It would take some exploring of the bay to figure out how to proceed further, but at least it was a start.
Himeko is scanning as the door opens, viewing the room. It was clear to her that whatever happened had also prevented - or made irrelevant- any attempts to slow down, as the inertia had thrown the shuttles against back wall. The technology looked very impressive, but she wasn't an expert on technology, and was unable to make firm conclusions.

While there didn't appear to be any bodies, she was actually checking for atmospheric agents, crosschecking for signs of discharges - it could have been a simple propulsion failure, and probably was, but it did no one good to not check.

Alina's ears twitched upon hearing the order from Taisho Akina while she was monitoring communications. "Hai, Taisho." she responded while moving to prepare the message in addition to continued listening. It was good to be kept busy and multitasking really put her in her element. As she pulled up the blank message template her ears twitched once more hearing Taisho Katsuko's words. "Hai, Taisho." she acknowledged. For whatever reason it seemed Taisho Katsuko wanted to be careful about Iron Company's involvement, but it was not her place to inquire further. As such she worded the communication as requested sending it off with the proper coordinates. After sending the message she returned to focusing solely on monitoring communications.

A notification dinged displaying the message on her screen. The Iron Company had responded. "Taishos, Cohorts Inbound" she said alerting both Akina and Katsuko to the incoming additions to this venture. With that she closed the message returning to her prior work.
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Port Jyuu, Blue Sector, Docking Facility 3

Morris stepped away from the console, turning as even as his men were preparing to leave even before they'd really gotten settled in. The sound of a combustion engine starting as one of the four half-tracks they'd been assigned was hooked up to one of the AT guns they'd brought-ammunition was being loaded in its bed even as the others were being prepped. A number of bystanders-staff, civilians-he could've sworn he even saw Star Army-stopped to gaze at the spectacle of two dozen men attaching what seemed to be primitive cannons onto archaic, combustion engine power vehicles. Some of them were holding up small devices, chatting among themselves while 'ooohing', or laughing while they pointed. 'Great,' Morris thought as he began looking for docking control, 'Bunch of morons with nothing better to do than to stand around looking stupid.'

"Oi!" He called out to a Neko who was currently speaking into a headset-she wasn't wearing an SA uniform-that was good; might make this a little easier. "Hmm?" She turned and looked at the massive, armored man approaching her. She cocked an eyebrow. "Yes?" Her tone was curt-likely due to his shout-probably interrupting her gossiping or some such. If it wasn't for the fact their employer was calling for them he'd be a lot nicer about it. "There a shuttle freed up for transport duty?" Morris inquired, his tone direct and authoritative; maybe the wrong approach but they needed to deploy. "Just a moment." Bringing a hand up to her headset she spoke, "We got a shuttle available for transport duty." A pause, "Yea, got some meatheaded ID-SOL asking; came in with those guys." Morris frowned beneath his harduit's helmet-what the hell was an ID-SOL? And why did people keep throwing that term around whenever they saw him? "Alright, I'll let him know." Looking at him she replied, "There's a couple of shuttles over there; should get you and your boys to where you need to go." She pointed at the shuttles in question-little more than large boxes with cargo containers fixed to the outside.

Well, it was something.

Nodding and muttering his thanks, he approached the vessels. A half-dozen individuals, dressed in civilian flight suits were approaching as well. One of them spotted him-a man a good head shorter than him but almost as broad in the shoulders scowled at him. "You the asshole needing a ride?" He growled, squaring up to him-he reeked of strong booze and body odor. Morris was not in the mood for this, but getting thrown in the brig for brawling. "Yea, need transport to these coordinates." He replied, showing him the message-the pilot blinked, looked at the coordinates, and sighed. "Guess you aren't just some...alright-how many?" Morris pointed over to the cohort-the man winced. "Gonna be a tight squeeze." He replied, looking back to him. "We can double up or ride with the equipment if needed." With a sigh, he looked to the others, "Alright, get im' fired up." He turned back to Morris, "Just..get im' loaded up-preferably sooner rather than later." As he walked away, the Yeoman Sergeant sighed and toggled his comm. ("Transports are ready; get im' loaded up-gun crews stick with the gear, the rest of you get your gear; we leave in ten minutes.")

The cohort formed up, as one of the half-tracks stalled briefly before finally being coaxed to life as they got them turned around, with the transports opening their loading ramps. Morris sighed as he himself shouldered his field pack. This was gonna be a long day...


As they entered the system, the pilot informed them that they'd reached their destination. The yeoman sergeant sighed. "Alright, take us in and set us down at the ship coordinates." The pilot simply glared at him but acquiesced with his request as he opened a comm link. "This is Yeoman Sergeant Jacob Morris to YSS Mazu-we've entered the system and are inbound to the downed vessels coordinates, over." As they neared the planet; from what he could tell it was heavily forested, near mountains and what looked like a storm coming it. Wonderful.
("All units, prepare for landing-I want a perimeter set up when we hit the ground-we dig in and secure the vessel, over.") As they descended the ship shook as it plowed through the atmosphere-the crashed vessel coming into view-spewing plasma, and what looked like some kind of liquid. The pilot shot him an accusing glare. "You didn't tell me about that!"
"That's because we didn't know." Morris turned, making sure his helmet was secure as he left the cab. ("MOVE IT OUT!") He called as the yeomen rapidly began disembarking, stepping out into the sunlight of the world, the yeomen formed a perimeter, with of the smiths looking at the downed spacecraft. ("Yeoman Sergant-tha' ship's venting coolant; might 'ave a sunjar on our hands.") He nodded, ("Alright, start digging in, staggered fox holes and then get trenches up-make sure to protect the half-tracks with dugouts and ensure the guns have full coverage-I want two squads forming a roving patrol-I'll get the boss on the horn and get a team together to take a look at that ship.")

"YSS Mazu this is Morris; we've made planetfall and are establishing a perimeter," He said as he picked a few guys plus the smith who he'd been speaking with, "Also preparing a team to investigate the crash site, over." He checked his machine pistol and looked at the vessel-well, they'd delved into far more dangerous places. Nodding to one of his fellow sergeants and trusting them to get the job done they moved towards the ship, weapons up-couldn't be too careful after all...
Looking up from her task at viewing the footage of the FARS drones that she'd ordered to swarm into the ship once breached, the officer in charge of the away mission, Tachiko, glimpsed the reinforcements. She turned back once more to look at one of the flying-saucer assistants, then once more again towards the cohort. With a wave, she spoke over the common channel, "Hoi!" She pointed at the more substantial gear the Iron Company representatives had brought. "That's what I needed. Can you spare a couple of those heavy tracked drones with the guns and cameras and pincer-lifters?"

Looking around at her squad, she asked, still on the comms, "Why don't we have things like that?" Shaking her head, Tachiko resumed focusing on the drones that were already inside. "Radiation sensors, chemical sensors, biological sensors, thermal sensors... Come on, if anyone's at home surely they'll show..."

YSS Mazu​

System YC-06C 2​


"Morris, Mazu-actual, welcome to the party. No sign of the crew yet, one team on the ground. We have CAS and direct assistance standing by and laying low. Admiral Motoyoshi and I are glad you wanted to have a poke around." Akina added wryly.

"Shanui-hei, continue monitoring and assisting on the teams on the ground as-needed."

With that settled, it was time to hurry up and wait until something more happened. While monitoring the feed, the redhead looked to Katsuko and asked, "Are you as curious as I am to see how the survivors-if there are any-will react? If I had to take a guess, the most obvious reason they see no one is they either extricated themselves, are waiting in a more secure location, or are laying in wait to ambush, for one reason or the other." After a pause, she added, "Though I am even more interested in how Tachiko will do."
"Roger that Mazu Actual; requesting if possible atmospheric and planetary rotation data in the ev-" a shout from one of the yeoman accompanied by a series of high-pitched chirps and beeps got his attention; turning as a pair of smiths were arguing over an opened ammunition crate-the beeps seemed to emanate from it. Morris sighed-of course something was wrong.

"Mazu Actual, got a situation on our end, will update you once resolved-Morris out." With a sigh, the big yeoman walked over to the duo. ("Alright, what's the issue?") He inquired in Valhallan. One of the pair looked at him whilst the other was currently examining its rather noisy contents. ("Supply mixup, sir.") He replied, indicating the crate-which had begun to shake as if occupied by some strange animal-this was followed up by a bang and a series of excited beeps as a blocky, tracked robot-resembling little more than a turret on treads with a pair of guns and a bright and pair of large cameras in the middle of it came racing out-its manipulators twitching excitedly as if the tail of a strange animal as the smith examining the crate lept back. ("A Pest.") At this point it wasn't a question, his tone was one of disappointment; he'd been hoping for plasma rifles. They were experimental robotic drones; a kludged-together mess of Star Army and Neplsilan technology that served as a proof of concept.

That proof of concept? Essentially seeing if they could replicate that brain tech the Gribblies were so found of. The result was an obnoxious spawn of a thurok fucker with all the sense of a galryinx pumped up on numbdrought-and far too playful for its own good-henceforth why most yeomen called them "Pests". ("Alright, so what was it doing in a munitions crate?") Normally he'd be grateful for the additional equipment, supply mixup or not, watching as the other smith attempted to wrangle the thing after it had taken off with a spool of barbed wire; but...this? No. ("No idea; likely someone either got it mixed up or locked it in there. Lars says there's another one plus parts.") Right, so at least they'd be able to keep them running, but that led to another issue. ("So how's the supply situation?") He inquired; almost dreading the answer. The smith shook his head. ("We've got all our basic sundries-food, medicine, spare parts, etc; but we're down about a quarter of our ammunition and fuel.") Well, at least they wouldn't be short on food. ("Alright, start redistributing ammo and fuel to keep us operational as long as possible.") Morris replied, doing his damnedest best to remain calm, ("I'll see if I can't get-") He was interrupted by a string of curses as distressed beeping as the smith tackled the Pest and wrenched the spool away. With a sigh Morris simply told him he'd get it resolved.

Looking up from her task at viewing the footage of the FARS drones that she'd ordered to swarm into the ship once breached, the officer in charge of the away mission, Tachiko, glimpsed the reinforcements. She turned back once more to look at one of the flying-saucer assistants, then once more again towards the cohort. With a wave, she spoke over the common channel, "Hoi!" She pointed at the more substantial gear the Iron Company representatives had brought. "That's what I needed. Can you spare a couple of those heavy tracked drones with the guns and cameras and pincer-lifters?"

Approaching the drone, he heard one of the Star Army trooper call out to them, asking to use it. "Sure," He replied as he knelt down to try and get a look at it-with the Pest responding by all but jumping in his lap, "If you can get it to listen to you." Looking down at it, he growled ("Alright you, let's get a look at ya.") Handling its exterior-with the thing trying to pull way, a saw its name scrawled in their home's runic script 'Peeper'. "Alright, Drone 1 callsign Peeper." He said in trade-the drone chirped happily at this. "Alright Peeper, you're gonna go with this nice lady over here and she's gonna put you to work." The drone rotated back him, letting out a disappointed, low-pitched chirp. "Don't start with me, get going." He ordered firmly-it was almost like dealing with one his kids. It let loose a series of high-pitched chirps, its manipulators twitching in aggravation. Morris's response was to slam his fist down on top of its frame with a stern 'Knock it off', causing it's turret-like body to spin around rapidly as it moved towards Tachiko-beeping, or more likely whining as it rolled along. The yeoman sergeant heard a snort of laughter from behind him-looking back he spotted some of the soldiers exchanging bags of coin.

("Oi!") He barked at the yeoman, who suddenly and very rapidly found something better to do, ("You ain't being paid to stand around, back to work!") Shaking his head, he went to take with the smiths about supply distribution-hopefully they'd be able to get more combat supplies before too long...
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Alina's ears twitched as Akina responded to the communication as if the Taisho had telepathically sensed the Norian was about to. No matter, the Taisho was her boss and she would abide by the superior's wishes. "Hai, Taisho." she responded continuing the monitoring of communications both Taishos requested. While she heard nothing from the vessel that had gone silent there was various chatter from forces on the ground. None of which required her attention for the time being.

That is until Morris' voice graced the comms once more with what seemed to be an interesting scenario developing. "Morris, Mazu Actual; we copy and await your update. Mazu Actual, out." Alina alerted the Taisho's Akina and Katsuko, "Possible situation unfolding with the cohort, Morris will update when possible." and turned her head back to her equipment to keep her ears peeled for any further action she needed to take.
As she got the doors open, she took a moment to look inside, before her head tilted upwards. That place up there seemed like it was a control room of some kind. Her feet left the ground as she activated her levitation. “Makoto-hei moving in, I spotted what seemed like a control area, I’d like to check it out and see if I can get it working” she reported before the Iron Company were called in. She’d heard about them, and their reputation. As they came closer she got to see their equipment, which seemed to be a lot different from the standard Star Army. They were not, of course the first non Star Army uniform she’d seen, as she’d also seen the Mining Guild, and their Night Guard defense force. She thought only time will tell if the groups were deserving of respect and admiration, though they gained some, being allied with Katsuko.