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RP Concluded Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom


Alina heard Katsuko's words and enjoyed the last few bites on her plate then readied to return to her station. The way things sounded made it seem that it would be an interesting event at the very least. She silently stood and straightened her uniform then returned her plate to its destination. Quietly she made her way out of the wardroom towards her duty station and she shook her head a little as she heard Tachiko's words in the background. "I may just have to take Mazumi up on that offer of coffee later," she thought to herself as she made her way back to her station.
YSS Mazu
-> Bridge

Ayenee Lisse

"I would probably think our bodies had been switched."

Lisse paused mid-bite, her caracal-like ears twitching in thought as her digital mind ran through a few processing cycles.

“You mean switching bodies for a day? We could totally do that!” The Sprite piped up. She had no knowledge of Norian culture and how body switching might be perceived in it, so Lisse didn’t think much of it beyond what she might need to do in order to get permission from her superiors for such a thing. Unfortunately, their conversation was interrupted when Katsuko and Tachiko announced a return to duty stations. No doubt, there was an important emergency to attend to. The conversation was quickly dropped as Lisse worked to finish her plate. Nevertheless, the Sprite also felt that she had made a friend, so long as her offer of a temporary body switch wasn't a social blunder!

“Thank you for the meal, Motoyoshi-Chui.” She said, returning her attention back to her food. The leftovers would certainly be something to consider, for later.

Finishing within the allotted time, Lisse made her way back to the bridge and took her assigned station. With a deep breath, the Sprite plugged herself into the station, the Mazu welcoming her back like a mother to her daughter.

Savannah Madsen

A free buffet meal from one of the Kikyo Sector’s most reputed fine dining establishments, without interruptions?

Savannah supposed it was too good to be true. Even so, it did little to relieve the brief sting of disappointment. The cyan-haired combat systems operator made an attempt to finish her food, but found it all a little disheartening. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be polite to just throw it away, but this seemed different.

With a deep breath, the cyan-haired Nekovalkyrja concealed her unfinished plate with a few napkins and placed it in the dish area, before floating back to the bridge. Duty called, after all!


Minato uttered a curse under her breath, the first bite of food had not even hit the avatar's mouth. She was already multi-tasking though, coordinating with the other shift to get ready to vacate their bridge stations, the setup would be the same as it was during the launch with multiple people assigned to each station. It was something she had been told to accommodate for during the Taisho's visits from the Battle of Ayenee Capital City. She then sent the setup to Kaoru and Akina. She left it up to Akina which science officers would be sent to the combined sciences labs though.

Kaoru looked at Himeko and sighed, "It was nice to meet and have a few bites with you, as you climb the ladder though - pro tip, eat fast, the Star Army waits for no one," she rose from her seat and gave a nod as the Taisho waved. She actually left the wardroom at a bit of a jog with Minato right behind her. They left through the doors opposite where the Taisho was and headed for the nearest lift.

Katsuko couldn't help but grin ear to ear after Akina touched her shoulder, she mouthed, "Finally," she was on fire ready for some action. The bounce in Katsuko's step said it all as she led the way to the express lift back to the bridge.


Kaoru was the first on the bridge, "Condition 3-C" she ordered, and the KAMI complied and adjusted the ship's condition as Akina had ordered. She relieved the officer at the XO's station and moved into place. It was not long before Minato had passed the navigation solution for approval. Communications privileges were adjusted to priority only and burst only, once she had confirmed that Katsuko had finished sending orders to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Officers and crew rushed to their duty stations and prepared to report from their respective departments. No time was wasted while they waited for the rest of the Alpha Team to get to the bridge.

Katsuko had to slow her step as she arrived on the upper platform of the bridge, the BACC had confirmed her orders and had informed the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet to proceed to the waypoint with the civilians and protect them. She stopped short of the command chair and stood beside it, despite the draw to sit in it this neither her ship nor fleet. She waited for Akina. This was her show after all. She examined the navigation solution that Minato and Kaoru had proposed, the rest would wait. The blue-haired Taisho folded her hands in front of her and watched as the other shift switched out in favor of the team she and Akina had chosen.

System YC-06C​

The repeating distress signal resounded across hyperspace from the lonely second planet in the system, the vapor trail from the ship's plasma engines was still visible in the thin but somewhat breathable atmosphere. A path of disruption carved through the rock and black crystal-like debris was across the surface of the trail where the larger cruiser-sized ship had gone down.


Inari settled into her science station, hands tapping orders and getting status reports in rhythm with the hum of the ship. She started a basic scan and ordered analysis of what they were getting from the distress signal. "Science is Ready, I'm starting working on what we have right now." She announced.


It was never going to be simple. That would be a little boring though. Akina thought wryly to Katsuko when they arrived on the bridge. She took her seat and nodded at Katsuko like they were sharing the same thought (it was definitely possible). "Tac! Check for threats system-wide. Nav: make for that planet. Science, get us a report on the atmosphere and the distress site." The redhead had been with Katsuko a long time, long enough for the new emergency to be one in a long string of finer meals interrupted off-duty. She counted her wife as one of those, as well.

One leg crossed over the other, and she looked over to Kaoru. "I want an advanced team ready. Small escort. No need to spook whomever it is. I want a bigger force to sortie as well, but keep them out of visual range." It would be foolish to not send in an overwhelming backup force, given the fact they had one on hand.

"Why don't we give the other pilots a little shake as well? Sortie the fighters and a wing of PA for varied CAP." They had the numbers to run a wide patrol in the system, and that was her plan. No need for nasty surprises. Even if there was nothing, she always liked to run exercises to keep everyone as sharp as a finely cared for blade. If there were complications on the ground, the Mazu still had a very large compliment of atmo-capable assets even if the ship herself was not meant to land.

Combined Laboratories - Ayano​

There was a prickly feeling on the backs of Ayano's ears. She had a feeling she would be called down to go and sort out whatever kind of injuries there might be, and that would have been there even if the Taisho had not sent her to the labs. Once she was sent to the lab she went at all speed and floated down to her feet once she crossed the threshold. Without a care in the world, she changed right at the locker holding her own environmental suit. She hated changing when the readiness status upgraded, and felt more at home in her suit than her real uniform sometimes for how often she wore it when she was an intern during the war. "Make certain we have our whole kit going to whatever shuttle goes out. That's medical and exo-bio." She barked to one of the Chui with her that she hadn't had much time to get to know since their departure. Well, I'll just have to show them the forest some other time.

Soggy Hole​


Mazumi had made it into her Lounge before the ship started moving, and immediately she got to work. The Sprite made her way around the counter to the area behind it, and activated the machines back there. Her mouth moved with silent words as she memorized the coffee orders as well as any special diets and additions that went along with them. Behind her, her android waitstaff stepped into position and waited for their boss, their Lounge mistress to hand them the drinks.
“There we go!” she said and passed them to her staff and with the specific people they should go to as well. That’s when she turned to the others in the Lounge and got them sorted as well. Once that was done, she checked her schedule to see if there were other caretaker duties, she needed to take care of.

Maintenance Tunnel 69​


The young blue-skinned Neko slipped through a tunnel and entered the maintenance bay that connected the tunnels she needed to enter. Luna wiped her forehead from the sweat“dear Chiharu this place is hot and humid... And I think I see the problem there!” Luna commented to herself and got to work, and soon things were running smoothly. “There we go! Now lights should be working on decks 8 through to 25! Excellent work Luna, I am sure the higher-ups will be pleased, now let’s move on.” She said and entered another tunnel.

Power Armor Bay​


“Let's see here... seems that the armorers have been doing a good job on the Power Armor here, they look to be in good working order, and... Here’s my Power Armor Bay! Hello beautiful girl! It has been a while since I wore you, let’s see if they kept you at my specifications!” The older blue skinned girl said as she began overlooking her power armor. “Silverlight connected... Perfect! Now I don’t need to get angry to use its higher levels” Kiyo commented to herself as she checked her Mindy before she began removing her clothes. “Probably won’t be able to leave the Power Armor bay in it, that’s fine, I don’t want to leave the ship or go up in it. Though... I wonder if I should request that we make a stop at asteroid field? Not only will we gain materials, the asteroids are perfect for target practice. Both for Silverlight, and guns..” She said before spinning on her heels and shoot towards the messages terminal.

“Kiyo-Heisho wishes to make a formal request if possible, if on the journey ship’s scanners detect an Asteroid field, could we make a stop there? Asteroids are good for materials we can use, but also good to use our weapons on, during the maintenance phase of the upkeep of weapons, both Power Armor, Aether Katana, and ship based guns. ” Her dictated message was sent and she immediately got into her Mindy. She stepped forward, and moved around before returning to her Bay. “Everything looks good! but if we can get some target practice would be better”



Makoto followed Tachiko like an imprinted duckling, and soon found herself on the bridge. She found herself in awe of its majesty. Then waited to be given orders as she turned her focus on protection but doubted anyone would attack the Taishos and Taisa here.
YSS Mazu, Bridge

Himeko nodded, having been running some spectographic analysises, as well as various other things. She squinted at the data, her ears sharply focused at the data, then reread it again, because she wanted to be sure before she spoke up. Her purplish-gold eyes widened and she bolted very slightly at the request. "Hai, Taisho. Spectographic analysis is continuing, but it appears to be a limited-breathable atmosphere. There is an excess of nitrogen compared to standard, and some cyanide solutions. Given the atmospheric patterns, a stormfront is moving towards the distress site, which is located on the foothills of a major mountain range. Terrain for that is relatively gentle, but heavily forested. There could be predators, and I'm working on resolving details now. Given the data, I would make an initial estimate of either issues with breathing or poisoning within 12 standard hours, give or take 2, without rebreathers, absent any other factors."

(OOC: Edit note: added more details to the terrain, some formatting.)


Alina walked onto the bridge and approached her position on the communications station. Her form slid into the seat and resumed work like it had never been interrupted by end of shift in the first place. Mimi perched on her shoulder and quipped something rather spicy into the clerk's ear when no one was looking. She monitored to ensure that communication privileges remained as they were set. On the other hand she also kept track of the repeating distress signal monitoring for any changes that would warrant updating the Taisho's present as Maestitia, the other person she would have needed to inform of changes, had not yet made it to the bridge.
YSS Mazu
Combined Lab #6

She wasn't a planetary scientist, but she was enough of one being a pathologist that she could start analyzing the sensor data that was trying to get as much of a detailed understanding of the atmosphere. Though she was beaten by another, so she decided to focus her attention on any bio-signatures for native microorganisms that might be there while she prepared her kit for whatever away mission she could be sent on. They always seemed to be in places no one expects.
YSS Mazu

Ayenee Lisse

Lisse very nearly jumped upon seeing the black arachnoid on Alina’s shoulder as she worked, causing an errant squeak to escape from her lips, before the Sprite covered her mouth in embarrassment. Nevertheless, Lisse cleared her throat and returned to her work just as quickly, monitoring incoming communications while the Norian Clerk by her side kept tabs on the repeating distress signal.

Savannah Madsen

"Tac! Check for threats system-wide. Nav: make for that planet. Science, get us a report on the atmosphere and the distress site."

“Hai, Taisho. Initiating threat analysis!” Savannah chirped back as she plugged into SPINE, the Mazu’s tactical systems greeting her like a close sister in the process. “Scanning for rogue signatures.” She piped up, her digital mind now linking up with MEGAMI, so as to process the incoming sensor data for signs of past weapon discharges, lingering radiation, or errant energy signatures.
Tachiko couldn't help but share glances among Katsuko, Akina, and Kaoru. Two fleet admirals and the actual shipmaster of this ship on the bridge together made "acting XO of another ship" more redundant than it already was. With Command-actual-Command in good hands, Tachiko excused herself with a small bow to the senior Officers and senior Motoyoshi and found her way to the Ops Station in the forward part of the bridge.

"Taishō," Tachiko announced to one, the other, or both of them, "Initializing away operations procedures, I have the mission rosters up and sending materiel activation to logi and flight ops."
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YSS Mazu​

System YC-06C​


The YSS Mazu dropped to sub-light speed and entered the system. As per the orders of Akina the ship brought the escort team and a more significant power armor force to scramble, but as the tactical scans would reveal, YC-06C would be empty save for the crashed ship on the moonless second world of the system. It was good that they had arrived when they did, the repeating call for help died with the last of the ship's emergency power which left it on capacitor-stored energy which no longer fueled the hyperspace communications system. The rest of the system was rather unremarkable, another rocky atmosphere-less world occupied the third orbit, with two massive gas giants beyond it. A plasma trail faded toward the planet, a remnant of the downed ship's path as it crashed.

The scans of the planet revealed little to no life, save for some bacteria that fed from hot sulfur vents in the crevices of the rock. The scan of the downed ship however revealed indeterminate signs of life, a stealth coating on the ship's surface left it impenetrable to sensors and further prodding for information from even orbit.

Katsuko leaned down and whispered in Akina's mind "Let Alpha Team handle this, AMES over power armor. Let's not make our introduction to this new space one of a conqueror. We're here to help. The escort team can be in Mindys. Send down a Field Laboratory next to the crashed ship. they can use it as a temporary base and analyze anything they need to," she knew what she was recommending was a bit of a risk, on the other hand sending down a heavily armed team could give the wrong impression. "Tachiko can lead the away team, the science detail with her led by Inari, and Ayano can coordinate from the Mazu," she recommended further. Ultimately, it would be up to Akina, but her recommendations stood.

Minato looked to Alina, "Any more communication from the downed ship?" she inquired as she crossed respectfully behind the command chair towards the two clerks who had occupied the communications station again. It was strange not having Tio there.

Kaoru looked to her sister who had sat down at Mission Operations, "I guess its good you were mission Ops over on the YSS Resurgence," she commented, as she made an inquiry as to why Mae had not returned from dinner, only to find the Norian had ended up in the medical bay due to the accidental ingestion of beef broth. She flagged the enlisted officer as excused to medical and updated the duty roster accordingly.

@Miyako - Recommended Away Team - Lead: Tachiko, Inari, Yungzi, Savannah, Himeko, Kiyo (In Armor)

YSS Mazu​

System YC-06C 2​


"Nav: Get us a friendly synchronous orbit over the site." Akina ordered first as the reports came in, she nodded to each station in turn, "Good. We'll continue to monitor." With the patrols out, she felt that it would be more difficult for anyone to escape the screen, but the fact the vessel had any stealth abilities at all told her there was always a chance of their being a bit of a mishap if their allies could get through without being detected. She kept the CAP order in and allowed the scramble to go through.

The seated Taisho looked to the other as they spoke privately mind-to-mind and smiled coyly at her wife. I am a conqueror. I learned the diplomacy later, some beauty had something to do with kicking that off. I think she owns a restaurant chain now. She was used to flicking the switch that controlled her emotions, so she did not laugh outwardly, but her eyes smiled at Katsuko while lingering a moment longer.

"Alpha, time to stretch your legs." She flashed the mission assignments digitally to each member assigned, as well as the bay they were going to leave from.

Search and Rescue Contact Team

Motoyoshi Tachiko
Motoyoshi Inari
Yingzi Radcliff
Ayenee Lissee
Yamada Himeko
Kiyo - Power Armor Support

All other personnel must wear their AMES at all times.

Scientific and Medical Support:
Shimizu-Motoyoshi Ayano - Aboard the Mazu

"Tachiko, see to their survival first, if something goes awry do what you judge to be correct. Your standby will be ready if you need it. Do not make any survivors jumpy by examining their technology, passive observations during the discharge of primary duty only." Though she meant it especially for Inari, given her background, she knew most or all of them would be at least as curious as she was about them.

"You will deploy with one of our field laboratories as a base of operations. If you're on the team you are dismissed to get underway. I want the team down ASAP. We do not know how critical the situation is. Get to it."
"Hai, Taishō!" Tachiko stood and saluted. "Team, AMES in the shuttle bay in five, Power Armor support in three!" The quiet, mild-mannered Motoyoshi was originally a First Mishhuvurthyar War line medic, and a recent graduate of Giretsu school, after all, and thus a surprisingly hard-charging sort when the need arose. The professional on-off switch the Star Army cultivates found particularly fertile ground in Tachiko. "You heard the Taishō! Rescue mission, first, last, and only. We can examine digital-mind replay after action. Stick to it, try not to be scary. Move out!" Tachiko's message was duplicated wirelessly to everyone on the team, and with that, she headed directly for her environment suit.
Makoto saluted as the Taisho had ordered her as part of the away team and wordlessly she hurried to the Shuttle Bay. As a ranger and ninja she didn’t use power armor, even if she didn’t need to worry about reappearing with it. Now in the lift, she checked her Aether Katana, and noted its condition, and made sure it was clean. Like the Samurai’s policy, it was disrespectful to kill an opponent with a dirty blade, and she herself followed that as well. She holstered her Katana and waited for the door to open while she mulled orders she was given. Once they had, she stepped forward, her eyes moving around as she did, mostly to take in the surrounding sights.

Alina had been monitoring comms when she heard a sqeak. She turned her head in the direction of the squeak to see Lisse, "This is Mimi, my companion. I am sorry she shocked you, she does not bite...that I know of." Hopefully the clerk that sat next to her was not too terrified of spiders as she did not want to make things odd between them. Something of note drew he attention right back to the signal she had been monitoring, they had suddenly stopped. What could the cause of that be, nevertheless it was intriguing. She made action to report it right as Minato inquired for updates. "The signal has just stopped, no other communication has come since then." she responded. It was odd that the mission operations person who she had been used to had not been back and another was in her place. She notified the Mission Operations position of the signal stopping and returned to monitoring for any changes.

Violet orbs observed some members of the crew making ready to move out. No action occurred on her part as she had not been ordered to move from her position. As such she settled in to keep an eye on things from this end. Mimi crept off to slink off into a pocket and peek out occasionally.
YSS Mazu, Bridge

Himeko nodded, going to get her environmental suit and then to go to the lab with the others. Her mind was running, a bit, trying to work out the possible chemicals from the results. It being the second world meant it was in the 'hot zone' of the star, which would meant there was likely still volcanism driven by residual heat. She likely would have nothing to do with botany, which.. on one hand, it'd aid in focusing on the downed ship.

On the other, she liked flowers. A lot. She was wagering they would be seeing fairly constant psuedo-auroras as the outgassing rapidly escaped to space over the next few years.

Soon, she reported to the bay.

YSS Mazu
-> Shuttle Bay

Ayenee Lisse

Lisse made the switch from flinching at the sight of a holographic spider to professionalism at will and in an instant, somewhat assisted by the fact that Alina’s spider had seemingly slipped into the Clerk’s pocket, concealed from view, for the time being.

And yet, the spider that she couldn’t see scared her more than the one that she could.

Nevertheless, Lisse floated up and out of her station, before offering the Norian a friendly wave as she turned to leave the bridge. However, the Sprite’s gaze briefly lingered on Mimi as the spider peeked out from one of Alina’s pockets.

Within minutes, Lisse arrived at the shuttle bay clad in a tight-fitting AMES, adjusting the placement of the NSP and katana on her person as she did. A few moments later, the Sprite sealed the helmet over her head as she made her way towards the waiting shuttle with a girlish bounce in her step.

Naturally, Lisse hoped that the crash victims were okay, but the Sprite’s excitement at the prospect of her first away mission could hardly be contained!
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YSS Mazu - Bridge​

Katsuko couldn't help but give an amused smile as Akina communicated with her, //"A restaurant chain you say? You're so good at pulling those frayed little threads sometimes. I'd almost fear that perhaps you've overlooked the twenty-some-odd-kilometer-long bat she also has ready to deploy to swat at any unfortunate fly. I will have to take that up with you later, you seem a little infatuated with her, might have to deploy a little of that first Mishhu war punishment to refresh your memory."// She was excited and amused at the same time and with a successful interruption of dinner, the plot had thickened. They were a foot in the door of this new sector and here they were off to new adventures. The blue-haired Taisho observed both Akina and Tachiko as they prepared for what awaited them on the planet's surface below. The away team was as per her unorthodox suggestion more utility than firepower but this was a first impression so they would need to get it right.

The Norian at the communication station managed a slight lift of her brow, she would let Akina take the lead though. A distress signal turning off upon the approach of a savior was a strange occurrence but not enough to run a crimson blanket up a flagpole.

Minato listened to Alina's report and waited for the brass to decide the next moves. Everyone seemed to be settling into their new places.

YC-06C II​

Downed Alien Ship​

What awaited the boots on the ground was something more than a simple undertaking. A downed alien ship, sized in the cruiser range with more than twenty decks of never seen technologies and an unknown manifest of crew and cargo. It was a huge blank on the information of sensors save for what they had already gathered. It was an interesting opening to the new mission of the Star Army beyond the safety of the Kikyo Sector. Katsuko had given what advisement she could, it was up to the boots on the ground soon and the work of their scientific minds to bring the puzzle of this downed vessel into perspective. It sat alone sand whipped and smoldering upon the path it had carved on the surface.