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RP Concluded Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin

YSS Mazu​


Alina briefly snapped to attention when Katsuko's entourage entered the bridge. She relaxed after the Taisho's attention went to Shosa Minato and looked back to Akina for further direction. Vaguely overheard were words of a possible companion joining her at the communications. She took out her datapad and made note of the logistics request on her to-do list. Braided white hair bobbed as she nodded acknowledgment and turned to make her way towards the communications station while adding the additional task to her list of things to accomplish.

She stopped immediately after having turned to acknowledge Akina's request with a nod, "Acknowledged Taisho, I will do that right away." Swiftly she slipped on over to the communications station to contact the requested entities and sat down softly, offering a little smile in return to Lisse. After she opened comms to Gemini Star Fortress, YSS Battle of Ayenee, Port Jiyuu, and Port Siren, "Gemini Star Fortress, YSS Battle of Ayenee this is YSS Mazu confirming ready status." she paused briefly. "Port Jiyuu, Port Siren are all systems ready on the new hyperspace drives?" she stopped to wait for responses.

YSS Mazu​


Inari thought quietly, trying to prepare herself for an encounter with her mother. Her leg jittered ever so slightly with nervous anticipation. In most places and circumstances, she could get away with everyone just assuming she thought like them. She was so nervous and distracted by that and her console that even the bubbly sprite barely registered. Then came the moment she had been anticipating. Her mother, her Taisho came onto the bridge. She acknowledged the Taisho's presence, but couldn't keep a wide happy smile from spreading across her face. "Yes, Ma'am." She tried to say professionally, but there was a cheerful note she couldn't help to it.

She turned back to her console, double checking that the ready responses were coming in. With everything in place, she turned back and replied, "Science, ready!"
YSS Mazu


Mae's fingers tapped away dutifully on her volumetric display setting the fleet's formation in accordance to Shimizu Taisho's orders prioritizing a defensible formation with the heavier Star Army ships being placed on the outside to protect the civilian and science vessels within. Seeing the gesture from Minato out of the corner of her eye she gave a slight nod. Finishing up the formation and sending it out she rose from her chair and gave the back of her skirt a little brush down with the palms of her hands to avoid wrinkles in her pleats. Turning she made her way across the bridge to Minato and gave the ship's avatar a small bow "The fleet formation has been sent out, what can I do for you Minato Shosa?" she asked her ears perking up slightly at the tips as she stood at the ready. Finding it awkward to stare her eyes wandered slightly taking in the second Taisho on board. Unprepared as she was for this situation with multiple high ranking people on board and within such close range her nervousness slowly started to show as her ears turned a bright pink. Flicking her eyes back to Minato she shifted slightly from from one foot to the other as her hands moved to clasp firmly behind her back. While this was happening she kept tabs on her station via her vesper just in case an emergency required her to return. The odd sensation of linking with the different from Norian style technology gave her the lightest sense of unease however she kept her face neutral and professional as to not raise questions.


YSS Mazu​

The fleet confirmed the navigation solutions that were sent out, all ships reported ready for FTL.

"This is Gemini Actual, Colony Fleet you are clear for departure from the outer staging area. We will be right here if you need us. We have resupply ships and personnel transports at the ready for you once you're out there. Just remember to deploy those buoys,"

"Port Jiyuu and Port Siren, ready!"

The crew was at their stations and the stage was set. The massive HUBs of Port Jiyuu and Port Siren, the so-called unmovable made movable with their experimental drives powered up for that first historic jump. The mission counter neared zero, and the final preparations were completed. Katsuko didn't delegate the next communication, which she sent personally fleet-wide, "Time to make history, It is time to go make a new mark on the universe in the name of Yamatai Star Empire. A new Sector, a clean slate - an uncertain but promising future lays ahead of us all. All ships...Let's go." she gave the order. The staging area came alive as ship after ship blinked into hyperspace to head toward their first destination just outside of the Kikyo Sector, System YC-05C.

The months of preparation, the struggles both professional and personal seemed to melt away as the Mazu's pilots engaged the hyperspace drive. Within a moment, the screen was filled with a colorful display of superheated plasma strings and clouds that drifted through hyperspace around them.

"First waypoint is approximately twenty-four hours out,"
Minato reported, then turned to respond to Ladrielle-Shoi, "For now, just monitor the other ships in the fleet, make sure no one is dropping back, especially the two Ports," she suggested. She took a moment to give a remote check on each bridge station and officer, she wanted to make sure that everyone had executed everything perfectly so she could include it in the duty report.

"Shimizu-Taii and Motoyoshi-Taii, you two should head down to the cargo bay and make sure the two Field Laboratories we have on board are stocked and ready, I will have Mazu-Hei forward your drinks down to you," the Shosa ordered, as she felt it was important to keep everyone on task. She knew the Taisho would take care of their clerks, so she was not worried about them. "Mikratos-Hei can join you as well," she added.

Katsuko smiled at Akina and said quietly, "I don't know about you, but I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders." She felt much more relaxed now that the fleet was away, barreling towards their first destination outside of the Kikyo Sector. She looked over at their clerks on the comm, "Shanui-Hei, you can stay on communications for now, Ayenee-Hei please accompany the Taisho and me into the ready room," she issued, then continued as she turned, "Motoyoshi-Chui, you have the bridge. I'm sure the Shosa don't mind if you start your training while we're here until Kaoru gets up here," she said as she adjusted her posture and looked to Akina, she hoped she had not stepped on toes, and gave a gesture towards the office off the bridge. Surely it was unconventional for an officer from another fleet to preform such a duty on a ship of a different fleet, then again unconventional was the Motoyoshi way.

Kurahashi Chikafusa sent a message to all members of the Alpha Team,
Invitation to the Flag Officers Ward Room, All members of Alpha Team are to report for dinner at 1800 following the end of duty shift.

Soggy Hole​

"Mazu-Hei, you got those drinks ready yet?" Kaoru asked, "The Taisho are waiting," she reminded. The only reason she had remained in the Soggy hole was to give the caretaker a hand with the trays that were destined to reach the bridge.

Kaoru turned around and raised a brow, "Yue, I thought you would be on Port Jiyuu? I guess Sorin isn't the only 'stowaway'," she joked.
Tachiko stood and saluted as she was given the bridge. "Hai, Taishō!" She remained standing, respectfully, until Katsuko and company had left for the ready room, with a slight bow right as they vanished from sight. On their departure Tachiko turned back to her station, and the weight that was off Katsuko's shoulders caused her own to slump as an entire Takumi-class worth of it fell directly on her. First time as a first officer, on an enormous ship, heading into a completely unknown sector, with legendary admirals watching her every move: it took a few more breaths to steel herself for it, then she straightened up.

"Ops, I want realtime on the group's layout and positions. If those stations start to fall even a hundredth of an AU, a thousandth behind, I want everyone pumping the brakes until they've caught up. We're the head of the spear, so keep it tight!" It was really just building on Katsuko's command, but it was her first command ever, after all. A wash of relief softened Tachiko's face once the words were out and the crew was responding to them, and her knuckles began to regain their color when she finally relaxed her grip on her console chair enough.
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YSS Mazu​

Soggy Hole, Mazumi/Yue​

Mazumi nods as she soon finished the drink orders and then puts them on a tray. and quickly gets the other drinks on the other trays. “Hai! they are all ready, that tray is going to the bridge, and those are for the captain, I assume she’s gone to the ready room. Thanks for helping Kaoru-chan! I mean Taisa! She said before Yue’s presence was acknowledged. Motoyoshi-Igarashi-sama, you may stay in the lounge, I’ll have Maki help you with everything you might want. Mazumi said and nodded to an android who approached.

Yue blinked “I came with Tachiko-Chan, though aunt Katsuko might be distracting to notice me, and yeah, I know though I kinda did want to be able to sleep with Tachiko-Chan, but I understand if I am needed there.” She said to her. Then smiled at Mazumi “thank you” she said to her.

Delta Fleet​

Durandium Phoenix Bridge​

Captain, the Fifth fleet, and the first fleet assets are on the move! Said the sensor operator. Alright, then lets not lag behind! Let's show them that the Delta Fleet can keep up! Captain Sheath replied to his bridge crew who replied with a Huah! Call before the Matte Black flagship began moving forward, followed by the rest of Delta Fleet behind it. Decacron flew into position which allowed it to be beside the ports.
The captain watched the scene before him with quiet contemplation, but ready to jump into action giving orders if need be.

YSS Mazu​


As the ships jumped into their FTL formation Akina felt another rush roll through her, making her ears perk with even more excitement. The preparations had been more hectic than if they had left later, but she much preferred how they were doing things. It meant they were out together on the frontier, doing something historic. Her smile still could not be removed, and she touched Katsuko's shoulder to reply, "Nothing ahead of us now but new space. I feel very excited. Did I already say that?" It was a momentous occasion, and it was a fine vessel, even if it lacked for the kinds of amazing quarters that were on the Akuro or the Nadare. The only things she needed lately were all there with her or within easy reach. As the thought hit her, she squeezed Katsuko's shoulder then nodded, pausing before following her into the ready room to add a couple of things.

"Shanui-hei will help you with anything you might need, Ladrielle-Shoi. There will likely be plenty of chatter now, and will taper off soon." The cadet was in charge of communications going in and out, after all.

With that advice dispensed, she raised her hand to Tachiko, "Good fortune, Motoyoshi Chui." The glimmer of amusement in her eyes touched back to the other times they had been around one another, which obviously increased after she became less of a frozen in a pod Neko.

Once inside the ready room, she motioned generally forward despite having come in behind Katsuko. "Just make yourself comfortable."

Bridge - Ayano​

"Oh, fuck yeah!" The doctor blurted out, jumping from her station. Her diagnostics were already complete and filed anyway. "On the way, ma'am! Come on, sis." There was no stop to wait for her until she was already in the lift. The occasion was not beyond her notice though, she had gone quiet when they started the trip, only realizing she had been holding her breath and clutching her console after it was too late to do anything but puff out a noisy exhale. There was laboratory equipment to go review though, and the portability of the Type-43 was attractive.

The only thing to make the careful process of personally reviewing them better was having a drink and that would be coming.
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YSS Mazu​


Alina multi-tasked often and this was one of those cases. While waiting for verbal confirmations from Gemini, Port Jiyuu and Port Siren she sent the other requested communications to Logistics and Mazu Mazumi. Airwin had responded almost immediately that Lo'ken could have something ready within a month. Gemini responded that the YSS Mazu was clear for departure, with both ports following shortly after that they were also ready. "Roger Gemini Actual. Ready status received, Mazu out." with that the clerk that doubled as a comms operator closed the communication. "Motoyoshi-Ketsurui Taisho, Gemini reports we are clear for departure. Port Jiyuu and Port Siren confirmed ready status." she reported to Katsuko. After the report provided to the first Taisho was complete she began her report to the second, "Motoyoshi-Shimizu Taisho, both requests have been sent. Aestaesys and Senator Airwin Caeyara can have something ready in approximately one month, pending a response from logistics. No response yet from Nito Hei Mazu Mazumi on the wine, though I expect one soon." she addressed to Akina.

She turned her head back to the communications station and continued to monitor chat and various frequencies while she awaited further orders. Things seemed to be off to a busy starts, but she did not mind in the least. Exquisite peace flowed through her as she settled into a rhythm for working. The white-haired norian would be working not one, but two jobs on this expedition it seemed. Alina felt ready to take on the challenge along with any others that came her way. "Acknowledged Taisho." she said in acknowledgement of the orders received from Katsuko to stay. Perhaps when this was all done she would have to put in to have to have the certification for communication specialist added to her record. What interesting new opportunities would being qualified for two Stary Army occupations bring? One could only wonder.

YSS Mazu​


Inari felt pride in her clan as they launched into the unknown. "Yes, Ma'am." She replied, standing and heading to the lift with Ayano, her more reserved and formal response contrasting with her sister's more enthusiastic one. She was also excited, but she expressed it differently. Inari floated into the lift behind Ayano and touched down beside her. She really wasn't sure what to say, now that she was further away from Katsuko her nerves calmed slightly. She wasn't sure what to talk about with her half-sister, "So, what do you think?" She asked.
YSS Mazu

“All ships have confirmed reception of the navigation solutions.” Lisse piped up, only just after the white-haired Norian situated behind her reported the fleet’s ready status. It went without saying that Alina worked swiftly and efficiently, to such an extent that Lisse found it somewhat demanding to keep up with her pace in spite of the speed of her digital mind. The Sprite wanted to be just as fast as her fellow Clerk, but she didn't dwell on her lack of speed as she watched the blue blur of hyperspace manifest in the camera viewports at the front of the bridge. Lisse could not deprive herself of the opportunity to witness history being made, an experience made all the better knowing that she was in the presence of those who might very well be at the forefront of it.

All the while, Lisse continued to monitor the communications feeds until she was called to the ready room. “Hai, Taisho.” The Sprite answered in her typical peppy tone, before floating out of her station and making her way to the ready room.

YSS Mazu​

Lift En Route to the Cargo Bay - Ayano

Mikratos-Hei, join Motoyoshi-Taii and myself going over the field laboratories. We're on our way there. Ayano sent out a message out to her. The smile on her face looked pretty smirky by the time she and Inari were alone.

"About what? You look pretty good to me. Tall, but a lot of people are to me." She bounced on her feet lightly as the lift began to move, "If you mean the mission, this is blast'n great! Just think what'll happen if we find even simple kindsa' life forms!" She threw her arms out, "The labs? We have our own field labs! I am fucking stoooked." As if to show how much her arms involuntarily started to pump up and down each alternating between down and up on their own. Even her fists were closed.

"That's on top of what we already have aboard. It's like we're on a giant, better Minori-class!"
YSS Mazu
Combined Sciences Lab 6

Picked strictly because the lab number was not 4, Radcliff Yingzi was presently busy rearranging her workspace from the previous user's (a Chusa Ryu-Mizumitsu) arrangements. While it was not a mess, it seemed the Chusa had a very particular way or organizing the lab. For example, the fabricators were tuned to produce a very particular type and style of equipment geared for planetary sciences. Not a whole lot of help for a pathologist.

She unpacked a music player and placed it by her alcove. The only science officer at this lab for the time being, he was going to need it to focus.
YSS Mazu
Lift En Route to the Cargo Ba

Inari quirked a smile, "Yhea, like our mission is pretty cool. It's just... I haven't spent much time with the family and I feel ... awkward?" Inari said, trying to put her feelings into words. It wasn't just spending time away, it was what had happened while she was away. She wasn't sure her values fit well with those of her Clan anymore. It gave her insights that the others might not see, but it also made her potentially stand out. With the betrayals of the past, she wasn't sure how to approach the diffrences.

YSS Mazu​

Lift En Route to the Cargo Bay - Ayano

The other Motoyoshi soon earned herself a clap on the shoulder, "People have a problem with me all the time! I'm going to give you some real onee-san shit right now, okay?" She turned the move into a very weird hug from the side with the same arm, suddenly making it look like the two were in a small huddle or conspiracy. "Fuck'em!" The other Taii cackled out with a chortle. "Always helps to observe whatcha' can, and be flexible, but you're still you. The rest of the Clan will either get it or not. The worst you could do is get shot." She winked at her and rubbed between her shoulder blades, smacking there again for good measure.

"I get in scraps all the time even when I'm doing my Motoshimi-best-u. It's a marathon, not a sprint, fox-fox."
Ayano did have a recorded history of having interpersonal issues, but she did love to meet other members of the family younger than she was. "Just don't go full Tio. You never go full Tio." She clicked her tongue and muttered, "Aho..."

YSS Mazu​

Lift En Route to the Cargo Bay -Makoto
Makoto disappeared from Katsuko’s side, both literally and figuratively, as she moved to follow orders. The Ninja would reappear in the lift as the women conversed and hugged each other. The lift making a stop along its journey to their destination. It was an odd sight for the woman whose mother hadn't hugged her daughter, but even so she’d seen Luna and Kiyo hugging and they’d hugged her too, but even so, she chose not to ask if she could join the hugging as she wasn’t sure it was proper.

“Agreed, I have heard not good things about Tio-sama” Makoto said suddenly.
Combined Sciences Lab 5

Hanako had made her way to the science lab to start setting her workstation up for xenobotanical studies. Or rather, setting the safeties up. The short silverhaired woman was busy connecting systems, and vitally important, setting up failsafes, humming a pop song as she went. She couldn't hide her beaming smile, happily waving tail having gotten the posting of her dreams, and was determined to not let her crewmates down.

An alert across her communicator made her think a second, then node, going back to setup. Although, if she was honest, she wasn't sure how often she'd be using it.
YSS Mazu


Mae gave Minato a small nod before turning when the Taisho addressed her "Understood, I'll keep her on monitoring chatter for now while I keep the fleet in formation." turning her head to the white haired Norian at the comms station she gave her a small nod of acknowledgement before saying "Route anything of concern to my station unless the Taisho or Chui need to see it immediately." Turning back to the Taishos as they departed to the ready room she gave a small bow before returning to her station and pulling up the fleet's formation display once more and gave a few quick taps to send a message to some of the more eager civilian ships that wanted to push out of formation to be closer to the head. "Alina hei pay special attention and let me know if you hear any chatter from the ports, any problem big or small let me know immediately." she offered in her best authoritative voice.

Sitting back slightly in her chair Mae crossed one leg over the other at the knee giving her tabi clad toes a little wiggle as her eyes carefully scanned over the display in front of her, she didn't need to use volumetrics as the information was also being sent to her through her vesper link but liked the visual aspect they offered. Despite her need to feel efficient and responsible at the moment other than listening in on chatter there wasn't much for her to do so her eyes started to wander once more. Looking over towards her new Xo she reached up with one hand and brushed a hair that wasn't out of place back into place again, a nervous habit. She studied the Motoyoshi clanswoman curiously with an intense scrutiny only to be interrupted by another ship dritfting out of formation. Leaning forward she quickly sent them back on track and resolved to spend less time satisfying her curiosity and instead focusing on her work, at least for now.
Tachiko's relaxation was short-lived, existing only between updates from fleet operations as each communiqué coming in made her lurch back towards near-panic until proven to not be reporting a disaster. Meeting the eyes of the mission operator, Tachiko gave a warm, reassuring smile. The realization someone was looking up to her for guidance was the reality check that helped her find a wellspring of confidence somewhere deep inside. When the operator sent a correction to a wayward member of the fleet, Tachiko gave a nod. "Good job, Ops. That used to be my chair you're sitting in right now. Keep it up!"

Turning away to bury herself in the readout of a console, Tachiko was trying put on an air of authoritative detachment, but in reality, it was just a way to hide her deepening blush and silly grin from the rest of the bridge crew.

YSS Mazu & The Colonial Initiative Fleet​

The hours passed and the historical launch from Jiyuu was behind them, the drinks from the Soggy Hole undoubtedly made the hours pass easier. The remainder of the Alpha Team's shift was relatively uneventful save for the concern of the civilian fleet components as they actually slid past the outer boundaries of the Kikyo Sector. The safety of known civilization, the umbrella of the rest of the Star Army had begun to fade behind them. The actual mission was ahead, but the Taisho planned to help break the ice and bring the crew together.

KAMI issued, Shift Change is currently in progress. Alert all Duty Stations. Shift is over. Advise. Alpha Team please remember your dinner invitation.

YSS Mazu​

Taisho's Wardroom​

The Taisho's wardroom had been decorated for the occasion, with white linens on the table with the logos of the First and the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet on the large main table that had already been set for the members of Alpha Team. The surge-like voice of Chef Kurahashi Chikafusa could be heard ringing from the galley as pots and pans clanged and rattled, and the smell of the orchestrated creations drifted upon the air as the meal for the members of the team was prepared. Normally enlisted rarely see the inner confines of a Taisho's Wardroom, but this operational team would once more see the exception to these so-called establishments. The volumetric window displayed the optical images of recently passed nebula and features that had yet to be mapped or explored by the Star Army, the entire experience built around a celebration of their launch.

Although the meal was not mandatory, there was a silent expectation that the entirety of the Alpha Team from both Flagships would attend. "Absolutely fascinating," Katsuko said as she shared images that had been sent by the ISS Shiori of the water planet they had discovered at what was set as the original first waypoint of the fleet, it was now the second due to adjustments by the prototype engines of their two massive and sluggish ports that formed the hub of the civilian part of the fleet. "I can't believe how much Eidan has grown up, I got calls about him and Kuroko flying around Port Jiyuu in Power Armors before we left, I suppose some lack the understanding that our prodigies can handle such a thing,' she laughed and she shared the time and news with her wife. She had also got the communication about the arrest of a certain Senator which was more than a cause for a celebratory sip, even if she didn't feel like making a thing of it. The waypoint they had adjusted point to seemed a lot less interesting for some reason, but things had to be done - hopefully, they would be proven wrong, "Good Evening, Sweetheart," Katsuko broke formality as Kaoru arrived for dinner.

"Mothers! Oh, the stripes coming off for dinner, hm?" Kaoru poked a little at Katsuko and Akina as she settled in and waited for the rest of the shift to arrive. She had left Sorin to his own devices, he seemed to enjoy the buffet at the crew dining hall anyway - as it had more vegetarian options.

Bit of a Time Skip - Figured it was a good place for one to get us closer to our first action point!
YSS Mazu - Bridge

Alina enjoyed the busy pace of the work presented so far. She looked over to Lisse after she reported in, "Is it always like this?" she asked in a friendly tone. Things had gotten off to a rushing start and she did not want the clerk next to her to feel as if she was ignoring her. Shortly following the small chatter her attention drew to Mae's words? "Hai Shoi Kohosei, I will route any such comms through you in addition to the Taisho and Chui as ordered." For the time being chatter had been relatively uneventful, but that as with everything was subject to change. Shortly following the initial orders the pink haired norian drew her attention again with additional direction. "As you wish Shoi Kohosei." she chirped.

YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom


The white-haired norian made her way towards the Taisho's Wardroom after shift change with haste. She did not want to be late or the last one to arrive. It would be harder to integrate with already formed social groups at that point, not that she would mind terribly much. When she passed the entry she bowed slightly acknowledging both Taishos, "Taishos," she paused as she bowed slightly for the Taisa as well. "Taisa." she said in acknowledgment of the heiress, by military rank. "Thank you for the invitation to dinner." she said gratefully whilst her eyes looked for an appropriate place to sit.