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RP Concluded Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin

YSS Mazu

Himeko quietly ate, but found herself standing near a grey haired woman. The silver haired neko had to think, almost unconsciously tapping a finger against her arm. After a bit of thought, she decided that she should probably actually introduce herself. Maybe. It'd be only polite to thank them. Steeling herself a bit.

"Excuse me, Itto-Hei?" She asked. "I wanted to thank you for the food. You and the other chefs. First time I've actually had food that I understand why people pay so much for." Himeko seemed to be almost stumbling over her words. "Well, that and I.. " Himeko floundered. ".. well, that and I should get to know my crewmates." Himeko was able to almost control her visible nervousness, but given her ear twitches and tail movement - she wasn't doing a good job.
Kazumi made for a seat near her mother, attempting to smooth her thick hair. Running a hand through it as she was wont to do when under some form of stress. Seeing Tachiko, her adoptive sibling, happily bouncing around in her element, she asked for some form of apéritif. Preferably dry, her mental voice sounding a little needy, and she didn’t care what the older Neko chose. So long as it held even a drop of alcohol in it. And to pick whatever she chose for her meal wise. Food was food for the time being. Calories mattered most, and she didn’t care from what source or portion of the menu.

Tachiko, she trusted the woman’s choices.

Her seat was comfortable enough. And after a moment’s time taken to compose herself, the icy-haired girl slipped on a friendly, more positive mask than allowing her tired demeanor to show. This was a time to make merry and unwind. Not to fling drama about like some raving Nepleslian lunatic.
"Of course, Kazumi-nee!" Order of succession once again reversed the order of who was considered the older sibling, and likewise Tachiko once more used the familiar honorific for an older sister, despite the years between them working the other way. Of course she didn't mind. Older sisters made her feel safer and more taken care of than younger ones would. And for her own part, Tachiko took care of others doing exactly as she was now. Feeding them. She didn't need a little sister to take care of for that. Not that she ever saw her little sister. No time to think of that, there were apéritifs to fetch and food to select, and soon she had orbited the buffet, knowing exactly where everything was, and returned with curated selections from it (some of everything) after ducking behind the bar to collect a pair of bottles of pale liquid and a stack of low, wide, conical glasses.

"Here, we go, for us!" First the tray, then the bottle and two glasses each for her mothers, sister, and self. "For starters," Tachiko gestured to the clearer bottle, "A popular Iromakuanhe arak. Strong anisette. No need to challenge what works." Then she grinned conspiratorially, "Now, as a digestif, for after, something more unusual," her hand and eyes went to the tawnier bottle, "This is a Sardinian-Mutari Lianjia spirit, called mirto bianco or murta arba, depending on how much the dialect leans Sardinian or Mutari. Made from the young leaves and berries of the white-berried variety of a particular aromatic tree or shrub important to their cultural cusine, and similar varietals are used in Elysian, Kuznyetski, and Iromakuanhe cusines as well." Tachiko was an impeccable gourmand, in contrast to the austerity with which she lived most of the rest of her life, "It's quite herbal and bitter. Should stimulate nicely."

YSS Mazu​

Enroute to Waypoint 1A Kosuke Sector

Katsuko skipped some of the offerings and went straight for the crab cakes that Tachiko brought her as usual, they had been made to her specifications. "You did well today, you will have plenty more chances in that chair, we're just getting started," she said to her daughter in praise of her actions. Chef Chikafusa was a well-handed man, who knew his way around a bit more than a kitchen he momentarily tracked her attention. He had been involved in Auda's little mission to assassinate Koyanagi Mayumi and had proven himself quite useful. Katsuko pulled her gaze from the chef aside the buffet and replied to Akina, "Well worst comes to worst they hand out with their brother, Tetsuya is probably throwing some good parties with the election right in front of us," she said before she took another bite and chewed politely. "Ayano seems to fit in well here," she said in observation then took a sip of her wine.

"How was your first day Inari?" Katsuko asked as the number of her offspring at the table appeared to take a rather sharp jump.

The divided attention of her mother made the moment sweet, Kaoru grabbed her plate and went down to the buffet to give it another refill and she slipped down at the table, in a different spot right next to Hanako. The Taisa said, "How is the food? If you find a favorite make sure you let Mazumi know, she's good at sneaking things out of the kitchen." The now relocated Taisa poured herself a glass of wine, and then offered to do the same for the enlisted soldier she had tried to make the small walk with.

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City​


"Ayenee-Shosa, we are receiving a communication. The YSS Lorhheim III also just reported receiving the same message. KAMI says it is a distress signal and is working on the translation to trade now, coordinates sent to you," the communications specialist reported.

Sayuri quickly sat in the command chair and began to analyze the communication as KAMI and their own specialists worked on it. It was not long before the conclusion was made, it was a distress signal coming from the system neighboring their first intended waypoint. "Tell the YSS Lorhheim III to stay in formation, the Taisho wanted Mazu assigned to anything that stood out, get me Shimizu-Motoyoshi Taisho," she ordered. She replaced the main projection with an overlay of the local star map, which was not very detailed considering that the region of space they were in was unexplored.

"Got you on now," the communications specialist responded.

The Shosa adjusted her posture slightly and her projection was presented into the wardroom before Akina, "Shimizu-Motoyoshi Taisho...Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Taisho, I apologize for my interruption of your meal. We have received a distress signal from an unknown ship, I will relay data to your bridge," the platinum-haired avatar of the mighty Izanagi dreadnaught's fuzzy ears twitched as she made her report.
YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom
Like a polite girl, she allowed the woman to finish her drink, but she found her cheeks blushing red as Ayano spoke to her in reply. It was her own fault, after all, calling her Butt-slapper like that. “Hai, I’d like to be your friend if you’d be willing to!” she said to her as her cheeks continued to blush. “I.. I think they are gone by now” She said, though she didn’t respond to her offer of getting new ones. She went back to her eating, but she heard her name mentioned. Kaoru was right, she could sneak snacks out of the kitchen if she needed to, but then she and the kitchens had a deal that they’d supply her lounge with snacks should she need them, so she needn't do so. Mazumi didn’t think Kaoru knew about the deal.
YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom - Akina

While Tachiko delivered the goods she definitely caught wind of something, though shared it in a far less embarrassing but just as sincere way, "I love seeing you all bouncy. It makes me very happy." To that end she sort of nudged into Katsuko a moment and smirked sideways at her. Whatever was on her mind was only in the look at that point. "I'm sure he's busy being the belle of the ball if he likes it or not. We should send him a message later or something when we get a moment. Actually, we'll have plenty to go through the longer we're out? Not just because of the election." Her gaze went over to Ayano, catching sight of Mazumi she guessed the source of that blushing just from the context of their daughter being there.

"That-...yes actually. No one has sent a report about her...nature. Unless that's one brewing right now." Akina half joked, though her eyes bounced to one of the Norians.

At Ayenee's appearance, Akina nodded once while she requested full data from the bridge. "Duty first, but thank you. We can take the strike group there." She considered, judging how long that would take them as she looked to Katsuko. The Mazu herself was enough for a distress call depending on the type, but they did not know the type, really, making it more of a guess. Time to arrive was weighed against the time they had to finish eating. She would have to close things down if it was an immediate situation.

That thought alone made the Taisho look to the bottle in her hand and she called out to Ladrielle-Shoi, "Come pver here, Mae?" She had a plan, if there were some spare minutes, if not, the one who was going to run any ops on the call was her anyway, so keeping her appraised early was good too.


It was the shortie's turn to be surprised. "Bh-..uhm." Her eyes darted to her drink, which she became engrossed in while replying, "That'd be okay I guess." In a half-mumble, though totally audible. When was the last time she had a friend she wasn't related to? Direct hit. It actually took her a while to register the rest and snap out of it, "Yeah! Right, well, that's a shame. Did they say you sneak snacks? What if I want to sneak myself in or sneak you out? Or both? My room is pretty fun to ffff-hang in. Oh look they have a call, we'd better go snap up the buffet before it turns into a change in status." To her feet in a shot, her tail whipping around was the only indicator that hinted at her real thoughts. It did not seem like she was quiet aware, either.
Being directly praised in front of others was not something Tachiko had ever handled well. She blushed deeply at it, and looked down at her plate, then hid behind a glass of arak. "H-hai. Thank you, Heika-Taishō," she finally managed to softly squeak out. At least she didn't accidentally call her "Mother" again in front of everyone.
YSS Mazu

Lisse let out a sharp, high-pitched gasp, her caracal-like ears standing up straight on her skull as Alina offered her a small plate of chicken canapes.

“With pleasure!” The carnivorous Sprite exclaimed, before accepting the offered plate. “Just lovely, thank you!” She added with a playful smile, before once more biting into the meaty, savory flesh, combining the polite daintiness of a lady with the hungry savagery of a feral kitten in doing so.

“So, you can’t eat meat?” Lisse questioned in between bites. “Have you ever wanted to?” She added.

“What would you do if you ever found yourself craving a nice, fat, juicy steak?” The Nekovalkyrja purred, a playful glint manifesting in her luminescent gaze before she broke out into a fit of soft giggles a few moments later.
Inari felt somewhat startled by her mother, but smiled genuinely. "I enjoyed it, we spent most it it making sure everything is ready." She responded, then before she completely lost her nerve, she stepped to Katsuko and gave her a warm hug. "I love you mom. I'm glad we can finally work together."
“Thanks, Tachi-nee.” Kazumi finally said as she saw what was placed before her. Offhandedly pondering on sending a little jolt of pleasure the chronologically older Neko’s way in gratitude. Instead, she settled for a dazzling and grateful smile.

She made her choices, picking things here and there. She avoided the crab mainly to allow her mother to gorge herself further if she so chose. While making her selections, she focused on Kaoru, wondering what her elder sister was thinking. If she’d have another outburst. If she knew where Tio was. Or if she herself was merely overthinking and overreaching on things. Her days were filled with reports and more reports. Sending covert little queries on any information as to her brother’s location. Worry gnawed at her. Both for him, but for her nephew who if her uncle ever got ahold of Tio may never see him again if he ever did.

In the end, she covered this up by taking a sip of the apéritif. The taste made an eyebrow twitch as the strong liquor’s aniseed flavor and an undercurrent of grape attacked her tastebuds. Her body’s internal mechanisms told her of its respectable alcohol content. It wasn’t bad, truth be told.

Looking to first Katsuko, “Mom,” then to Akina, “Mother,” having to lean forward just a little to see the other woman. “How’ve things been going between you two? And dad?”

As she spoke, Kazumi pinged her older sister, Kaoru, establishing the more intimate telepathic link versus the more impersonal ‘wireless’ communication. Undoubtedly, her elder would get a sense of just how her little sister was feeling. Pent-up stress. Worry, anger, curiosity, guilt. Those first impressions would’ve been easy to read before being swept aside as Kazumi asserted dominance on her impinging emotional turmoil to something more serene.

<'-What have you been up to?-’> she queried.
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YSS Mazu - Taisho's Wardroom


Alina's eyes flicked to the projection presented before Akina. Her head tilted as she listened to the message passed. She then looked quickly to the Taisho to see if her assistance would be need in the capacity of communications or clerk. When she heard Mae's name called she switched back to what she had been doing, but kept an ear out for any orders that might come her way. Perhaps the ops officer would opt to use the crew already on duty instead of pulling her, but she remained vigilant regardless.

The white haired norian broke out in a huge grin. "You are most welcome!" she said happily. "What an adorable reaction, perhaps we could be friends?" she thought to herself. Alina nommed on her selections, "I can, buuuuuuut." she paused not wanting to horrify Lisse. "What it does to me is not exactly.....cute." she explained carefully. A lighthearted chuckle slipped passed her lips, "I would probably think our bodies had been switched." she said with a small grin. Her companion's humor was quite refreshing and truly brought her joy, "I think we will work well together." she nodded assuredly while Lisse giggled.
YSS Mazu

Himeko blinked. Then kept her reaction smooth through effort. The Taisa? She had to clamp down on her initial reaction and nodded "The food was good. I haven't had a chance to really eat at anywhere beyond quick stands - not there's anything wrong with that, but it.. well, I can see now why the reputation is what it is." She gave a semi bow to the Taisa "Thank you, Taisa." Himeko was still a bit nervous, but now visibly more controlled, her tail and ears no longer as uncontrolled.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the new flora on all the planets." Himeko volunteered after a while. "Is there something you are looking forward to discovering, Taisa?"
YSS Mazu


Mae had spent most of the meal thus far simply sitting and taking in the bits and pieces of conversation that she caught in the excitement of the room. She was content to keep to herself and observe until the dinner came to an end. The thought of eating in this situation made her stomach flutter uncomfortably be it with nerves or the smell of foods she had still not grown accustomed to smelling. Hearing her name called however pulled her from her reverie and caused her attention to immediately snap to the Taisho. Quickly rising to her feet she made her way across the table between her and her commander to stand in front of the woman giving her a respectful bow. "Yes Taisho, you called?" she offered in a loud enough voice to be heard over the din of chatting diners.
Mazumi wasn’t sure if the slap marks being gone was a shame. But even so she chose not to comment as the topic changed. Ayano had overheard about her apparently sneaking out snacks and shook her head, and spoke in a whisper not exactly, me and the kitchen staff have a deal going about the snacks they make being sold in my lounge. But sometimes if one of the infantry or Rangers came back from a mission injured, I’d bring something to cheer them up.“”She told her and blushed with a smile “you can sneak yourself in if off duty, and if you need coffee or something before going on duty I can have something made for ya. I wouldn’t mind coming to your quarters to ffff-hang in though..there is a big question..” She said before she too heard the call, and Ayano thought they should go grab something so she got up to follow her to the buffet.

Here she looked over the choices and grabbed what she wanted to eat while waiting for Ayano’s curiosity to get the better of her about the big question she’d cliff hangered.


Katsuko was already crunching the numbers, "I think the Mazu should go it alone, the rest of the strike group and the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet should continue to the waypoint. By diverting the YSS Mazu only we are keeping our protection on the civilian fleet, " she whispered through telepathic channels rather than verbally with her wife. "A casualty in the colonist population right now could mean an early and embarrassing end to our mission, not to mention this class of ship was designed to be effective on its own as well as in a fleet position," she added in observation. She hoped she had at least momentarily moved the conversation and planning to a few more private moments until they could get things to the point of ordering their team back to duty stations.

"We love you too," she said in reply to Inari as she multitasked on setting strategic points on the slowly expanding detail on the star map. Sayuri's volumetric projection faded from in front of them.

She smiled at Kazumi's words, "We're alright we will have to catch up later, the usual," she said with the foreknowledge that they were about to get busy again.

After a few moments, Katsuko announced, "Alpha Team, please finish up your plates. Sadly it looks like we're all about to return to our duty stations. More details will come shortly, we have a few minutes as we work to inform the civilians and bulk of our fleet on their next actions!" Katsuko motioned towards the door to the corridor expecting Akina to lead the way, "Five minutes, then call them to stations," she relayed to Tachiko and Kaoru.


Kaoru noticed that there was something going on, but she still took the time to answer Himeko, "I just want to meet new people, I felt like the Kikyo Sector was like a trap in a maze that was squishing me to death," she lowered her voice as her mother spoke respectively and awaited to be given new orders. "Foode great, but like all food in the military it is easily interrupted," she forced a grin as she looked at Himeko.

"Hai Taisho," the Motoyoshi heir replied telepathically to her mother.
YSS Mazu


"Get ready to coordinate a rescue, Ladrielle-Shoi. Since we have a few moments before that, however..." Akina passed the bottle she was holding to Maestitia. "It's got a glass missing but it's still great wine. Plenty to share, too. It will be pleasing to see how you perform when things get a little more interesting. Oh, and welcome aboard. Since we're going, I'd say get a stopper and save it for later. We'll have to speak another time." The dinner was supposed to be the chance for her to mingle through each of the members of her new bridge crew. Dossiers were a good start, but she preferred to probe their personalities herself as well as establish a rapport.

I have no doubts in the ability of the 5th to protect them, but we can do it on the safe side. I'll maintain separation and adjust for our absence. Shimizu thought back to Katsuko while she spoke with the Norian, Yes, she is a force unto her own. The refit specs are some of the more impressive we've had in the service in recent memory.

I want condition 3-C when you hit it." She waved to Kaoru and then to Tachiko, "No telling what we're going to find out there." She touched Katsuko's shoulder as she turned around to face the door, "Now having a meal interrupted by a situation is practically the Star Army way." Five minutes was both for their travel time to the signal and a minor courtesy to everyone to shovel what they already had into their faces and get running. She spared the chef a look on her way out, wondering if that would annoy him or not, but better to have it fresh and now than reheated later. The captain of the Mazu departed the ward room to make for the bridge as her strike group adjusted to cover the space they would leave in the formation to respond to the call.


"Stellar! We get to use the new equipment!" Ayano popped up, smacking her knee on the underside of the table in the process. There was a bang as she squinted, mumbling, "Fucking table...just wait." Under her breath. There were (probably) aliens to help, which meant that there could be detailed scans required to treat them, and so much more biological data to boot! She was already thinking about how to get a baseline as she made for the door the second her mother left the room, as much for the chance to run to a lift once she got into the hall as to afford the two Taisho courtesy. She even left part of her food in her wake. No rest for the wicked.
Without further comment, Tachiko finished the spring roll she was sliding between her lips when the transmission came, nodded, and rose. Immediately, she began directing kitchen staff to begin clearing the buffet, taking Chikafusa by the elbow and wordlessly directing him before he could voice any objection. For someone who seemed so quiet and passive most of the time, Tachiko apparently had a degree of control over the irascible, willful chef that perhaps even Katsuko herself did not. The lights came on, the ambient music stopped, and crew began making sure there were no delicious distractions from finishing up and getting on with it.

"Thank you everyone for attending," Tachiko bowed deeply to the assembled group and addressed them in her sweetest, sunniest, most apologetic tone. "Please finish your plates. If you want leftovers they will be available later on request." Then, after rising from the bow, her tone changed somewhat. "Mazu bridge crew and anyone here from the Battle of Ayenee Capital City please follow me to the bridge and assume your stations."
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Taisho Wardroom

Upon hearing that they had to return to their duty stations, Yingzi calmly (put quickly) walked over to the buffet table to refill what she previously had gotten. Looking around to make sure no one was looking too closely at her when she returned to a table closest to the exit, her Enforcer portion of her personality took over. In what could only be described as "A Rikugun recruit eating now and tasting it later", Yingzi ate her food at a much quicker pace than what could be considered normal.

She paused long enough to clean her mouth, properly finish chewing her food to clap her hands for for Tachiko (likely drawing attention to herself) before returning to devouring the rest of the food.
Wardroom, YSS Mazu

Himeko nodded, "Happened a few times to me in the general pool. Needs must." She finished eating her plate at a rapid pace, then put it down, and with a deep breath, headed up to the bridge. She felt nervous, while she was trained to be a bridge officer, this would be her first real action - and a little unsure about her ability to respond to whatever may be ahead. Still, she was made for this, in a sense, and all she needed to do was to remember the training, and focus on what she had to do.

Surely she'd find out soon what this was about.
Mazumi didn’t get to ask her question when it seemed it was time to get to work. Silently she got up from her seat and stretched her arms. “I’ll have coffee sent to any who need it, just call the Lounge!” she called to the departing crew and quickly helped the android staff in cleaning up the area before she made her way to her lounge, with an excited giddy feeling within her. She didn’t know what a fff-hang out was, but she suspected she had an idea. She liked the idea of hanging with Ayano, she seemed cool and fun, Though she hoped that her butt wouldn’t get slapped again.

Makoto had been silent throughout the dinner, she had been disappointed that Kiyo and Luna weren’t there, but she understood. When the two were separated, she thought both were affected emotionally. Makoto silently got up along with the others finishing off the last bit of her meal. She’d chosen to eat the proteins (meat) before vegetables so it had been easier at the end to finish her meat. She adjusted her Katana and bowed to the Taishos and Taisa before she followed Tachiko like an imprinted duckling. She knew where the blue girls were already so all she needed to do was focus on herself.