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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1 Prologue] Regroup and Advance

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The Ikoi station Kyoten of the First Expeditionary Fleet and home base for the Seventh Squadron had completed the decontamination screening, and was now docked to the Virgo Star Fortress.

Keiko Gi Nitô Juni manned the bridge of the Aeon. “Aeon this is Kyoten control, you are cleared to maneuver into the repair dock.” Came a voice over the bridge speakers. “Keiko-Juni of the Aeon, acknowledge that Kyoten control. Looking forward to getting our repairs started.” Gi transmitted as she slowly swung the wounded Plumeria to line up with the dock doors that were now opening. As squadron leader, the Aeon had priority with repairs. But even still it would be a couple of days before she would emerge from the dock.

She brought the ship in using manual controls, there was nothing particularly taxing about the docking procedure, and once in the dock, she transferred helm control to the Ikoi. “Eternity advise Ise-Taii that repairs will be commencing once the crew has disembarked.” Gi instructed the MEGAMI. She picked up the handset from her station and punched in ship wide, a momentary squeal of feedback filling the air. Damn, that was rude, hopefully they will fix that. she thought. “Attention all hands: You have thirty minutes to pack what items you want and disembark the ship prior to commencement of repairs. The Taii has authorized thirty-six hours of shore leave for all personnel. Bridge out.” She switched off her station, and crossed to the exit to the bridge. “Assume maintenance mode Eternity, see you in two days.” “Switching ship systems to maintenance mode enjoy your shore leave Keiki-Juni.” The AI replied in her contralto voice.

Gi made her way down to the cabin she shared with Yani. Her roommate was waiting for her with her duffle bag slung over her shoulder. She saw some of the others making their way down the passageway. It just doesn’t feel right. Ship is too empty, too many missing faces, and none of the typical pre-shore leave chatter. She walked over to Yani had gave her a hug and quick kiss. “Well shall we go find our visitors cabin before we go see what Virgo has to offer?” She asked. “Or we could just stay in our cabin for a while.” Yani replied a mischievous gleam in her eye. They made their way together to the vehicle storage area. The internal lights began switching to maintenance levels as they made their way. Once they stepped out of the ship they took a moment to look at the damage. Then went out in search of happier moments.
Eun-Kyung waited for the Taii to leave before moving on herself. It didn’t take her long to retrace her steps to the temporary storage lockers and it took even less time to unlock her assigned compartment and remove her baggage. The journey to 7th Docks, however, was another matter; standing back in the main concourse, Eun-Kyung stared in confusion at the numerous overhead signs before giving up and pulling out her communicator. Waiting only a minute for the computer to respond to her query, she set off on the now guided path. Her arrival at the Ikoi was rather obvious, though, thanks to the many crimson warning stripes surrounding the hatch to the airlock.

The hatch controls quickly accepted her authorization and slid open briefly to admit her into the lock before sealing again. A minute pressure change later, the opposite hatch cracked open and she entered the station. Though tempted to immediately seek out the Aeon, prudence prevailed upon Eun-Kyung and so, with another query to the computer, she set out in search of the station’s service chief. This time the trip was much shorter and she quickly came upon the female Yamataian. “Excuse me,” she began, letting one of her bags slip to the deck. “Dang Mei Nito Juni? I’m Kim Eun-Kyung Shoi Kohosei. I have orders to report for assignment to temporary quarters aboard this station. Might you direct me?”
Mei smiled as she looked at the black haired woman standing before her. Fresh from the Academy I'll bet, yet she is refreshingly free of the typical new graduate arrogance.

She gave a slight nod, "Good day Kim-Kohosei. Ise-Taii has sent your authorization to me; so you are free to make use of all the facilities. Kyoyten Starbase is fully stocked, and we have the latest amenities to ensure your stay with us is enjoyable. And of course you have ready access to the facilities aboard the Virgo Star Fortress as well. The rest of your crew arrived a few minutes ago."

A quick series of finger movements on her padd later, she resumed. "I have assigned you a cabin in the visitors section with the rest of the Aeon crew. As an officer if you wish, you may have the cabin to yourself or share it with the next officer who comes aboard. Do you have a preference?" She extended the padd to Eun-Kyung. "This padd will show you the way to your billet, as well as provide you with a list of our facilities? Will there be anything else ma'am." Mei finished with a smile.
Eun-Kyung smiled at the Juni. "I've been living with roommates for the past four years. A little more will hardly kill me." She reached out and took the padd, glancing at its display for a moment before looking up again. "I'll tell you what, I will leave it to your expertise as Service Chief to decide what housing arrangements are most efficient; really, whatever makes the least work for you. But aside from that, I am quite content at the moment. You have been most helpful, Nito Juni." Nodding politely at the warrant, Eun-Kyung stooped briefly to gather up her bags before striding off, following the directions on the padd. It took only a few minutes to reach the Kyoten's visitors' section and little more to enter her assigned room, stow her bags, and step back out into the passageway. Standing with nothing to do for a moment, Eun-Kyung finally decided on trying to find a lounge - and hopefully a few of her new shipmates. She entered the query into the borrowed padd and set off in the indicated direction.
It was a long walk from Ise-Taii’s temporary office to the Ikoi-Kyoten. Toranaga spent the entire trip mentally reviewing his conversation with Ise-Taii. Overall it went well and Ise-Taii proved less daunting then he anticipated. He was relied if not distantly pleased but there was a lingering feeling of trepidation. Can I do this? He wondered as he walked the final leg to the Ikoi-Kyoten. I don’t have a choice, he forcefully reminded himself. There was a new war but then there always seems to be a war.

Arriving at the airlock Toranaga waited for his access to clear before entering the Ikoi-Kyoten. Once inside he stopped and looked around “Dang Mei-Juni?” he asked looking around.
A Yamataian female approached, her blue eyes bright, and her smile warm. She took a moment to look at the stranger's rank, then down at the data padd she held.. "Good day Santô Hei, welcome aboard the Kyoten. I am Dang Mei-Nitô Juni, the Service Chief for this starbase. You must be Toranaga Siyun newly assigned to the Aeon. I presume you are wanting your cabin assignment for your stay with us?"
In the lounge several crew members from the Aeon could be easily identified by the ship patch on right shoulder of their uniforms. Closest were pair of Nekovalkyrja; one with short purple hair whose uniform had grey panels danced with another who had green hair and green panels.

The music they were dancing to coming from an electronic keyboard that was being played by a man with brown hair, green eyes and wore an unfamiliar brown uniform. Emblazoned on the chest was a white patch with YSS AEON on it.

Another Neko sat at a table, working with an ICP on a holographic design. Her uniform panels were red, and her brown hair ran to her shoulders. Her fingers flew across the controls of the computer pad so fast that they were almost a blur.
From the Taii's office Haruhi moved hubwards and retrieved her duffel bag, at the same time also arranging for her larger items to be transferred to the 7th squadron's Ikoi starbase which would be her new home for the present. She took the journey out to the Kyoten at a more relaxed pace, casually observing the to and fro of life aboard Virgo Station as she let the walkway do the work for her.

A short while later she had found her way aboard the Kyoten and after a quick query with it's computer was headed for the service chief Ise-Taii had told her to seek out. Haruhi quickly caught sight of the Nitô Juni, and closed in on her. “Yo, Juni,” she called out, acknowledging the woman's higher rank with a nod as she moved. “The Taii says you're the girl to see for accommodation while our ship is laid up.”
"Good day Haruhi-Juni, that would be correct. I am also the person to see if there is anything else you require while you are here." Mei pulled out a data padd, and entered a key sequence. "Hmm... no, that will not be acceptable." she said as she entered another sequence. "Much better, I have assigned you to a cabin between the other Juni's and the gentleman from the SSS. This padd will provide you directions to your cabin. Last time I checked most of your crew was gathered in the lounge." Mei said offering the padd to Haruhi. "If there is anything I can do to be of service, please do not hesitate to ask."
Eun-Kyung stood in the entrance to the lounge for a moment, sorting out the people in front of her. She was particularly curious about the purple-haired Neko, as her uniform seemed to indicate she was another of the Aeon's Starship Operators. The odd uniform of the musician attracted her attention as well, but given their current preoccupation with dancing and ancillary activities she decided patience was the watch word for the moment. Instead she made her way over to the table, sitting down near the hard-at-work technician. "Excuse me," she paused mid-sentence to examine the Neko's uniform, "Itto Hei. I don't mean to interrupt, but, quite obviously, I'm new here and am attempting to get to know the crew. I'm Kim Eun-Kyung Shoi Kohosei."
Hisa startled at Eun-Kyung's introduction, she turned off the holographic display and took a moment to look at the black haired Yamataian female sitting next to her. "My pardon Shoi Kohosei." She said with a seated bow. "I was engrossed in a project for Ise-Taii. I am Usaga Hisa, ship's Engineer. It is a pleasure to make your aquaintence."
Haruhi accepted the offered datapad and flipped it around to read what it held. “Thanks, and I'll be sure to keep your offer in mind. Until then,” she waved the datapad once in parting, then made good of its directions to her accommodations. The route held no suprises, and soon enough she had arrived at her own, temporary, retreat for sleep wedged between two equally bland doors that the Juni had informed belonged to the Aeon's other warrant officers.

Once inside she dumped her duffel bag onto the end of the bed, frowning at the non-abundance of pillows she had come to expect these days but would never be able to fully accept. It had been a sad day for the Star Army when the choice was made to replace nests with beds and bunks, in her vocal opinion.

She glared at the plain, neatly made bed a final moment. Whatever, you'll be fixed soon enough.

Next stop, according to the service chief, would be the Ikoi's lounge, to have a meet-and-greet with the rest of the Aeon's crew. A quick map-check to provide the way and Haruhi headed out to find the people she'd be spending her days with.
Eun-Kyung dipped her head slightly in reply to the engineer. "This is an informal setting. Excessive formality is not necessary, Usaga... - Hei is it? And I assure you the pleasure is mine." She paused for a moment, glancing away from her table mate to peer at the others in the room. "Is this the extent of the returning crew?" she asked, pulling back from a sidelong glance. "I have not yet attempted to access the Aeon's personnel logs, but I should have thought the crew larger than this."
Hisa smiled warmly at Eun-Kyung, “Yes, Usaga-Hei is fine ma’am. Actually for most of the time I have been on the Aeon we had a small crew. That made it easy to know everyone, it was like a family. We had only just reached full strength right before UX-25. And after that… well the Dai’s were reassigned to Gemini, and several of the crew were transferred to the Integrity.”

Usaga paused, her face growing briefly sad, Our family is broken and with it my heart. she thought as missing her friends hit her. “Forgive me Kim-Kohosei, so many changes so quickly. I miss my friends. But as for your question; this is not all of the returning crew. Shina-Hei is currently transporting some supplies to the other ships in our squadron. She is our shuttle pilot. Nami-Hei and Anderson-Hei our ship cooks are currently meeting with the Kyoten’s cook exchanging recipes. So excluding the Taii, and including our civilian Gustav that makes seven of the crew returning.”
Eun-Kyung faced Usaga full on as the neko's countenance saddened. "Leaving friends is always difficult, but I am glad to hear the crew naturally fell into such great rapport. I hope I will mesh as well," she said, face broadening into a wide smile with a wink. "But really though," she began, glancing down at Usaga's red panels. "Aren't you terribly overworked as the sole engineer? Unless of course the civilian you mentioned helps you. I'm afraid I am unacquainted with the uniform he is wearing." Pausing to glance at the man pounding away on the keyboard, Eun-Kyung turned back with a grin. "I'm afraid changes come too rapidly for Academy curriculum to keep up."
Hisa smiled, "Hopefully Ise-Taii will find us another engineer to help or I may have to do without sleep." she said with a wink. "Ruri-Hei was my coworker. We were a good team, but she is now the engineer on the Integrity." She switched off the ICP she had been using. "That would be Josea Gustav and he is not an engineer. He's a scientist from the Scientific Studies Service. He was assigned to our ship as a Liaison or Advisor. He came aboard when we were preparing to ship out the last time. The Taii says he carries an honorary rank of Santô Juni. If you like I can introduce you to him and the others."
"Scientific Studies Service..." muttered Eun-Kyung pensively. "I think I may have heard mention of it before, but I cannot say I've actually seen any personnel. Interesting. And yes," she said turning back to the engineer. "I would very much like to be introduced. But they seem very... preoccupied with the dancing and such. I wouldn't want to interrupt their fun. After all, while you certainly must be the most overworked, I can't imagine that any of you aren't in need of some relaxation at the moment." Her expression became slightly grim and her eyes defocused somewhat as she recalled some of her interview with the Taii. Shaking her head in an internal scolding to herself, Eun-Kyung grinned back up at her companion. "I apologize, Usaga-hei. As I said this is an informal setting. Seriousness is strictly forbidden in the lounge, right?"
The lounge was found without trouble, and Haruhi walked in as if it was something she had done a thousand times previous before scanning over those gathered briefly. “Yo,” she said plainly, as she casually raised a hand in greeting, “I take it this is, ah, the Aeon's happily little gathering?”
Alia had walked in right behind Haruhi, she said a curt apology, and squeezed past her. She then walked over to one of the chairs and sat down with a sigh. She brushed her golden hair back behind her blue cat like ears with her hand and pulled out her chronometer and checked the time again for the 5th time in the past 2 minutes. She was nervous about her up coming interview with Ise-Taii. If she didn't pass the interview her father would be sorely disappointed. She then looked up and scanned the crowd for anyone she might have known.
Hisa noted the arrival of two people into the lounge, and that Josea was ending the song. "You are correct Kim-Kohosei, no time for seriousness. This would appear to be a good opportunity for some introductions." That said she rose and smoothed out her tunic and push her hair back. "Hello there, I am Usaga Hisa-Ittô Hei. My position is engineer aboard the Aeon."

Hisa crossed over to the two nekos that had been dancing. She pointed to the green haired one, "This is Kahen Yani-Nitô Juni and," Pointing to the blue haired one, "This is Keiko Gi-Nitô Juni."

She pointed to Josea, "Our musician for today is actually a member of the Scientific Studies Service, his name is Josea Gustav. He is assigned to our ship as well."

"Several of the other crew members are currently on errands. Once they come back we will all be going out for dinner with the Taii. Meanwhile, why don't you tell us about yourselves." she said as she sat back next to Eun-Kyung.
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