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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 1 Prologue] Regroup and Advance

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After a bit of deliberating Haruhi chose a slice of bruschetta for an entrée with salmon in vodka cream sauce and a side of vegetables for her main, and more importantly a cup of Gyokuro tea. She relayed her choices to the waitress then settled in for the wait while it was prepared.

All in all so far it hadn't been an unpleasant start to her tour of duty here, and it looked odds on to continue that way. “So is everyone here First XF for life, or have any of you served time in other fleets?” she asked.
Josea turned towards Eun-Kyung and smiled. “Gustav-San is sufficient Kim-Shoi Kohosei my rank of Santô Juni is honorary. The Scientific Studies Service was the dream of my mentor Saiki Kouan. He serves as the Shuji or director if you will of the organization. Saiki-Shuji originally conceived the organization with the goal of improving our knowledge of other races, to assist in dealing with newly discovered species and cultures. However early on he saw that the SSS should take a wider role and provide a place where all scientists and students can study, learn and share their knowledge. When I heard what he was doing I naturally sought him out and applied for a position in the SSS. Saiki-Shuji envisioned the SSS as an organization that would work with the Star Army. As a member of the Riezon, I serve as a scientific advisor to the ship, and also can serve as an intermediary between the ship and the SSS. I was one of the first members of Riezon to receive an actual posting aboard a Star Army vessel.” He paused to take a drink of water. “The Tanken uniform was originally intended to serve as the standard uniform for all SSS expedition personnel. But it was decided that all members of the SSS would wear it. If you wish to learn more about the organization, I would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about it at a later time.”

Katae looked at Haruhi. “Sadly I believe Haruhi-Juni you are currently the only crewmember from outside of the First XF. In fact Nami-Hei, Shina-Hei, and Usaga-Hei have spent all their time on the Aeon after their training. That means you will bring a different perspective from your time in the Fifth XF. It is always good to have more than one way of looking at things. This is the reason I took Gustav-San onboard. The more input I have from people of differing backgrounds, the more options I have. And hopefully the better we will do in our missions.” Katae paused and noticed the wait staff started returning. “Well, it looks like our food is arriving.”

Katae waited until all the food and drinks had been delivered, she poured herself a glass of the red wine she ordered and stood up. “Before we start eating this good looking food; I wish to make a toast, so if you all please lift your glass with me.” She waited a moment. “Then holding her own glass high said, “To absent friends and fellow soldiers that we hold in our hearts and minds and to the Yamatai Empire and our beloved Empress. KANPAI.” And with that she took a deep drink of her wine and sat down.
Alia had made her order to the waitress of the Fugu before she even realized her mistake. Crap! I haven't even gotten aboard yet and I've already screwed up the honorary for a superior. Ugh I'll have to apologize in private, no use in publicly humiliating myself further.

She was still brooding when the Taii had begun the toast. Quickly she raised her glass, careful not to spill any of the wine that the waiter had so carefully poured. "KANPAI," she repeated and then took a small sip of her wine. She enjoyed it better that way. After the captain had retaken her seat Alia followed in turn.
The Aeon crew dinner was enjoyable and without any unpleasant incidents. Several hours later the crew left the restaurant a bit heavier, and the Taii’s bank account a bit lighter. Katae walked with the crew back to the Ikoi starbase making sure none of them wandered off. Once on the Kyoten she stopped. “One moment please. New crew members make sure you visit the Kyoten’s supply officer and get your Aeon ship patches. If any of you want to purchase things either from the Ship Store, or from the shops on Virgo station, do so in the morning. I expect to see all of you ready to board the ship at 1400hrs tomorrow. Have a good evening.” Katae then left the group and found her way to her temporary quarters.
“'night Taii, and thanks again for the meal.” The food had been just as good as should be expected of such a place and the Gyokuro tea she ordered to go with it had been well prepared too, something that had pleased the Neko armourer greatly. With a lazy wave to the rest of the group Haruhi turned away and made her way over to the Kyoten's supply section, following the Taii's orders to pick herself up a nice new Aeon patch to fill the void on her shoulder.

With that small chore out of the way it was time for catching up on some sleep in her temp quarters and its unappealing bed, before a few hours of free time tomorrow followed by the anticipated moment of boarding her new assignment.
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