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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 10.1] Diving into the Fray


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Captain's Cabin

Katae was in her cabin reviewing the data that had been supplied to her. She realized that this was going to be an interesting challenge, to combine three different forces with different vessels and capabilities. She was familiar with the Tansaku-Class; after all a squadron of them worked with the Aeon during the opening of the 2nd Mishhu War. Their ships may not have the fire power of a Plumeria, but their people were just as dedicated as her crew.

One of the volumetrics above her desk showed her the crew members boarding. She also noted that several containers had been transferred to the Aeon from the Yome Ismâopate. Medical supplies and spare equipment to maintain the secure data link the ships would use.

Hisa was running the final set of diagnostics on the Aeon's systems. Her assistant Sheela had done her usual good work, although she had wished the technician had met with their new allies. But she seemed skittish to be near the Qaktoro.

She activated the intercom. "Engineering to Captain. All repairs and modifications for the Aeon have been completed and tested. We are ready to leave at your command."
Effy unslung her duffel from her shoulder and onto her bed as she entered her cabin. She looked around and sighed out. It was her first time living on a ship and it would certainly be a new experience. She switched on her 1b multi-function bracelet and began going over information in the news and media that was streaming in on the holographic interface. She couldn't hook into things like Neko could and, so, she spent hours every day perusing information as it came in.
Yoshiro went to his quarters and placed his bag down. He sat for a moment before typing a message to the Taisa. He wanted to see where he was needed so that the could do his best to serve the ship.

Taisa, where do you want me to report to? Do you need me on the bridge as a pilot or as infantry?

He finished sending the message and then proceeded to unpack and get ready for his mission. He headed to the medical bay to get his backup.

Ayumi closed the cabinet full of freshly stocked medical supplies before checking off the invintory list she was given. The last few days had been hectic to say the least and most of her time was spent stocking and conducting inventory on the requisitioned medical supplies for the Aeon's joint Yamatai-Poku mission.
Katae picked up the intercom handset and dialed the ship wide channel. "Attention all hands, we are preparing to leave the Star Fortress. Complete final departure preparations. Secure all loose equipment.

Tanakai-Heisho, report to the bridge and prepare to handle Starship Operations Station.

Bridge out"

Katae entered a few commands on her station and checked that the data link to their allies was operational.
Roger that Taisa. Will be there ASAP.

Yoshiro sent the message to the Taisa and headed to the bridge. Before he arrived on the bridge he made sure to get a backup done and then arrived at the bridge. He bowed to the Taisa when he showed up at the bridge. "Tanaka reporting as ordered, Taisa." Yoshiro said and took his station.
Hitohoshi heads for the bridge, not entirely certain that's where she's supposed to be right now, but expecting someone will notice and send her to the correct place if she's mistaken. Basically, she makes herself available and awaits orders.
Misaki finished selecting her power armor load out from her station on the bridge, and got up from the captain's chair in preparation for Katae to arrive. Once she had checked the modifications to their systems against what they were expected to be to keep them as well hidden as possible, she found herself thinking of the enemy again. It was a mission she had conducted before, though the enemy in this case could somewhat remind her of the long years she spent fighting various NMX groups, the officer was hoping the joint mission would give them a chance to have an upper hand they often found themselves without years before.

"Everything looks green so far." She commented in greeting to Katae after she made her announcements. A calm hand rested on the back of her captain's chair while she stood over her, "The launch bay is also in fighting shape."
Standing up and pressing down her skirt in one motion, Effy got up from her position in her shared cabin and made her way to the stern of the ship. She headed to the medical bay, but along the way she saw Hitohoshi.

"Tsuki-hei," Effy began. "Would you like to join me in getting a backup? I'm sure you would like to go to the Sakura lab that the Plumeria comes equipped with! I am Effy Penihatolapsoa."

She smiled demurely, then cocked her head with the smile still on her face as she waited for an answer.
Hitohoshi is mildly surprised at being addressed by name. It seems this... "Effy" was already aware of her, despite how new she was. Quickly thinking back on the crew roster she'd been shown earlier, she recalls Effy to be listed as a fellow Santô Hei. A brief glance at her insignia confirms this.

Hitohoshi nods to the girl. "Certainly. Lead the way, Effy-hei."
"Right away," Effy said promptly after Hitoshoshi nodded and spoke. She began to bring them down one deck via the cargo lift and spoke out while they walked into the boxy lift. "Tsuki-hei, tell me about yourself if you please. If not, I'm sure there is something else to speak of to occupy our time while we make our way there." She folded her hands over her groin and smiled warmly while her greyish blue eyes sparkled in the light of the lift.
The red-skinned girl ponders what she could say about herself. She's not used to "small talk", and she doesn't have a whole lot of life experiences she could discuss... so she decides to speak on academic matters. "Well, I'm a science officer... as you can tell from the green outfit. Focused on computer science, specifically. Studied a number of different coding languages. I've got an extensive background in mathematics as well, which complements that well. I, uh... oh! I've also done some studies in cryptology. That can be kinda fun... umm... what about yourself?"
"What do you think about the Star Army's level of computational technology?" Effy asked. She showed off her bracelet a little. "I think they have pretty cutting edge technology, but I'd like your thoughts as you are the expert in the field."

She thought for a brief moment and then looked to Hitohoshi and smiled, "I stand to learn a lot from someone like you. It is good fortune for me to have run into you like this." They were at the doors to the med center and Effy spoke again, "We don't have to go in right away. I'd love to have a quick chat about your thoughts to the question I posed."
Hitohoshi can't help feeling a bit like she's been put on the spot. "U-um, yes, well... I suppose? I don't really have a basis for comparison, I've... only really worked with Star Army technology so far." She scratches a cheek with her finger, giving Effy a clear view of the symbol on her glove. "And although my area of specialization is computers, I'm still pretty new to using them for actual field work. Uh... that said, if you have any questions for me, I'll do my best to field them?" She gives a nervous chuckle. "...or we could just head on in."
Med Bay

"Let's head on in, then," Effy said as she looked to the door and extended her arm. When the two of them were in she bowed to the medic and then spoke, "Good day, Nitô Hei Satonaka. We are reporting in for our backups."

She held herself firmly in place but without rigidity. She wondered if she would make a friend in either medic or technician and wondered, too, if they would work as a true team when on the field. She smiled softly and looked to the medic, then technician, allowing them to greet one another, as well.
Med Bay

Hewid made his way through the Aeon, familiarizing himself with its layout and peculiarities. He looked into the Med Bay and upon hearing about backups he entered the room. He quietly looked around, he found a place where he could observe.

Sakura turned from the display that she was reading. She was familiarizing herself with their guest's physiology.

"Good day, I am Jôtô Hei Sakura." the orange haired neko said moving towards the Mental Backup Station. She turned on the light in the bay and turned the system on. "Which of you wants to go first?" she said with a smile.


Katae smiled at Misaki. "Hopefully things will stay that way. This should prove to be challenging working together with our allies. Did you know that when the Treaty was put in place, there was to be Liaison's between our two nations. Until that damnable treaty went into effect."

"Once we are under way, check with our Engineer and make sure that the our PA's are programmed to recognize the Clan Armor as friendly. Don't need a mishap." She said to her XO.

She watched as the SSS vessel lifted from the deck and headed out through the bay doors.

She turned to Yoshiro. "Tanaka-San, request departure clearance and take us out. Thrusters only. Rendezvous with the YSS Genshō at 10 kilometers from the Star Fortress."
Med Bay

Effy recited her name and rank while smiling and then her smile dulled as she said, "I couldn't possibly go first." Effy stepped forward and raised her hand slightly while asking everyone but Sakura, "Who would like to go first?"
Med Bay

Sakura smiled, "If you have a mental backup already on record with the Aeon, then you can use any of the AMTC units to update your backup. If not, you have to use the primary backup facility."
Med Bay

Effy chimed, "When it comes to being my turn I will need to use the primary backup facility, Jôtô Hei."She had leaned forward a bit and her hands were behind her back as she spoke.

"Hai, Taisa." Yoshiro said in response to her orders. "Star Fortress control this is YSS Aeon, requesting departure clearence and vector for departure." He checked systems while waiting for the response from the control center.