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  • 📅 December 2022 is YE 44.9 in the RP.

RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 10.1] Diving into the Fray


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La'tâ listened to the comms chatter and gave a nod to herself.The Yamatai groups were taking the correct action to group up, and they were thinking about preserving as much of the facility as they could as well. It would make teh rest of the job easier. However she was not quick to group up with them and instead stuck by Keyul, they had different equipment and tactics from the Yamatai soldiers, in the heat of the battle they could end up getting into eachother's way. "How should we handle this?" She spoke to her squad leader.


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"Acknowledged." The XO replied to the Aeon smartly. She did not take long to slide into a proper approach and calculated how long she could wait to go hot and still have optimal firepower, which thankfully was not a grave consideration.

The team finally heard from the officer directly, "This is the tenba. Order relay: assist the survivors with known hostiles. The anchor will be hit presently." As the structure loomed larger she finally deployed the weapons and made her first run, firing and moving so the small ship could track around the weakest spot of the anchor to fire from more than one side, and attempt to hit the same area on the way around, while maintaining a good enough speed ratio to give her a chance to avoid incoming trouble.


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Arete crouched down onto one knee, hands gripping onto her weapon a bit too tightly for comfort. She responded over comms surprisingly confidently, "Orders confirmed..."