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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 10.1] Diving into the Fray

Structure - SAOY

Sif's eyes narrowed a little to focus on the strange shadows just before they suddenly disappeared, a strange shiver going up his spine. It reminded him of am ex-IPG guy he used to know that could disappear by the tick of a clock into thin air. Wherever they'd gone it was no time to let their guard down, that could have just been some sort of scouting party.

Silently, the Nepleslian followed the other troops and kept his wits about him, knowing that many of his tattooes warded off evil spirits. They were enemies and nothing more. As they surveyed the area, Sif noticed the smollest member of their team edging a little closer. It warmed his heart a little despite the man's gruff demeanour. "Let's stick together, we don't want to get split off in this weird storm thing." Sif muttered gently to the blonde Elysian, uncharacteristically reassuring from his usual stoic self.

The grey-haired Elf nodded to Yoshiro through her armor and replied over comms, "I'll be with you." She began using visual and sensor clues to search out for something, anything, that could be akin to a data port while not getting ahead of the Nitô Heisho. She was looking for curious sensor anomalies or anything that struck her eyes as what they were looking for.

Yoshiro scanned the area as well as he kept an eye on Effy. His senses were on alert for anything that might harm the two but as he scanned the area he thought about what he saw earlier. Gods that was frightening... Arashi said to himself and shuddered. What is or who is it that could do such a thing? He was scared as to the answer of the question. "Roger that, Effy." He said to comms responding to Effy. "Keep an eye out for anything suspicious too. We don't want anyone or anything getting the drop on us."

He sent out a drone to keep an eye out for anything that could be considered a data port or something that could be used to download whatever information that could be used to figure out what the hell was going on.
"Interesting." Misaki thought while she observed the devices on the surface. As soon as she deduced what was going to happen to the team, she calculated based on the speed of the devices responsible for the phenomenon how long the team would have before being overcome, and forwarded it with the packet to the ships, the officer was ready to break stealth if needed to warn the team and help them back. Indeed, she also suggested the latest they be ordered to withdraw before it would be too late (and gave more time than that, no need to cut it to the wire, for all she knew the devices could adjust their speed).

A spare few moments were spent trying to determine what COULD withstand the weapon moving along the surface, though she did not like to test deadly things with her crew in the line of fire.
Orbital Structure

It would not be difficult to find a data port. The nearest structural protrusion had what appeared to be a variety of data ports. It would be a matter of finding a compatible interface, and then determining a proper protocol and encryption. Depending on what the data looked like other methods would probably be needed.

Keyul and the other Clan members started a sweep through the area. Searching for signs of movement, and or life. Their life sensors showed that was something alive on this structure, but it did not conform to any known species.

Keyul contacted leader of the SAOY team, "Shina-Hei, we are detecting life signs. some of them are on this level, but we are also detecting them above and below. We have identified at least three different types of signatures. Unfortunately, they don't match any species we have in our database."


While the orbital structure would be out of the storm affect, the sensors of the Tenba would show that there was a large structure on the surface that seemed to be anchoring the structure. It was conceivable that it could be a orbital elevator, or perhaps a command and control facility. There was definitely power being generated. The storm would impact that site in approximately 1 hour.

Reviewing the data large dense objects while damaged on the surface, they were not destroy.
Orbital Structure

La'tâ had taken the time to get an up close scan of as many bodies as she could. The device she used would have been foreign to the SAoY soldiers, but any trained Wapoin'a would not be caught without one. The reason she used a tool instead of her armor's sensors were because the Dahome lacked the ability to performe Wapointe Gean'te based scans, which could yield more biological related information than a basic sensor sweep.

Using the hand scanner freed up her suit's sensors and allowed her to scan for life in their proximity as well, so she was able to dectect the strange life form. "There is something here that doesn't match anything in the database, there is a chance it's the perpetrator so be cautious."
Yoshiro called out to Effy. "I found a data port. Call Shina-hei and let her know that I am going to download information hopefully about what is going on." He said to Effy. He looked for a few moments to find a dataport that was compatible and finally found one and inserted a cable to download anything that he could find.
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Orbital Structure

La'tâ 's scans would show that in addition to strange lifeform there were a number of microscopic organisms. Something to be dealt with when they returned to the ship. But it definitely meant the team should remain in the sealed suits.

Yoshiro was able to find a dataport that his system could interface. Once he did multiple streams of data surged into his system. It was not an electronic attack. Portions of the data appeared to be a form of video his suit worked to find a compatible format to view it. The other data streams consisted of audio and digital information. The systems churned on them to decrypte dthem into something they could work on.

Misaki started to calculate the chances of the orbital structure being damaged or hurtling out of orbit from damage to the base structure itself. She also made a packet of information about the base structure, and how long until the weapon concealed in the storm would impact the main mission area, with an advisory. She hoped it could be bounced through without alerting anyone in systems, as she could not break stealth perimeters unless certain criteria were met, a bitter truth she had to face in wars past.
Orbital Structure

La'ta studied her scan and then gave a sage nod before looking at thegroup as a whole and spekaing. "Well I've just confirmed a wide diversity of micro organisms, some potentially diseases carrying, so do not remove your suits." Her attention then turned back to Keyul and focused. "I however can not get a better reading on the larger lifeforms. It might require some investigation."
Orbital Structure

Effy nodded in her power armor as both the info packets from the small craft Misaki was in came into her suit and Yoshiro ordered Effy.

"Ittô Heisho Shina Kim," the Elf said into comms to the team leader. "We have found a compatible data port." The SAINT personnel then sent a small section of time from Yoshiro's optical sensors, showing him beginning the process of downloading and then a confirmation that he had begun decrypting the info. Effy went on, "Awaiting further orders."

She gathered up the information through her HUD that Misaki had sent to the SAoY armors as well as what the away team was learning and started making more sense of it in her organic mind. A timer had appeared near the bottom of her HUD's overlay near fire control when the hour long limit had been determined, which she kept in her eyesight's peripherals while reading the data. While she did this, she scanned visually for additional threats in the vicinity by keeping the many optical sensors of the suit open near the top left of her HUD. When her eyes fell on the places that the shadowy silhouettes had been, she let her memory of the figures appear around the scene in her mind's eye for a vague instant each. She recalled the details about them from her armor's imaging systems and then on her HUD she had them appear as they were. She looked them each up and down as well as she could in the little time there was before the HUD of her armor changed to show her the orbital structure and its connection to the base structure. Her main view on her HUD then shifted to the best mapping of the orbital structure they had, then the partially damaged but not destroyed installations on the surface around the base structure. Her attention then fell to the power was being generated.

Effy knew that she was about to receive orders from the team leader as the information Misaki had certainly pointed them in several directions and for the simple fact that she had directly asked her for them. She stood at the ready as her HUD's visuals resumed looking over standard sensor, fire control, and visuals—save for the timer, which was still present.
Yoshiro's data downloads were improving, the signal appeared to be a looped signal and with each pass more details were added. Once there was enough clear images the loop played. It showed what appeared to be normal life for the aliens who owned the space structure. The aliens appeared to be about 1.5 meters in height. They had a reptilian appearance with scales covering their body. They were bipedal and had a tail that appeared to be used for balance only.

The video showed a number of objects smash through the structure. The first ones came through mangled beyond any use. But ones that followed came through breaches and impacted into the section's floor. From each cylinder a large number of Rixxikor swarmed out and started firing at the inhabitants. The aliens were slaughtered in large numbers as they were unarmed and not wearing armor. The Rixxikor could also be seen sabotaging equipment and moving off into the various corridors.

Shortly before the loop stopped, armed members of the inhabitants were caught by the cameras and recorded. They were firing some sort of plasma weaponry.

La'ta would notice that one of the bio readings she had was appearing to change, or possibly evolve but at a rapid rate. It was not a normal biological, its composition made it something much more dangerous. It seemed to be changing in a way that could eventually compromise the team by damaging the seals on the PA and Dahome. The weapon structure was volatile and could be destroyed by immersion in an acid solution.

Additionally La'ta would see that there were lifeforms coming towards the section they were in. The numbers were significant, and did not conform to Rixxikor.

Shina repeated the warning for both teams to continue contamination prototcols. "Okay folks , we have a situation. This structure is about to be severed from the surface at that point it is most likely going to either fall to the surface or break away and possibly stay in orbit. We will be abandoning the structure in 20 minutes unless we find something vital. In less than 60 minutes, this place goes to hell one way or another."
After the loop stopped and he made sure that the data was secure, he called out to Effy. "Let's get back with the rest of the group. We got what we came for here." He said to her. He keyed the comms to Shina to respond to her. "Roger that. We are headed back to you. We have intel on what happened." He said and headed toward the group.
La'tâ looked at her readings and did a few quick estiamtes before she spoke up over the radio to everyone. "20 minutes might be too long. There are two potentially hostile situations developing. One on end I have several life signs, they are not Rixxikor and they are approaching this section." She then took a pause to carefully look at the other data "There is also something that seems to be experiencing a metamorphosis, it looks like it would be large enough to break through our armor with ease. But I'm not sure what it is either, though it appears susceptible to acids."

From her lookout, Misaki continued to monitor the situation, though she did not allow herself to relax given every minute that passed meant another one possibly exposed on the space elevator. She could get orders to pull back as easily as she could to intercede, and would not be caught unaware. One thing she told newer crews was not to be lulled into the sometimes long waits on missions before action commenced, as it could dampen their readiness.

Whatever was going on with the platform would be interesting to go through once they were in a more controlled situation, and had a chance to run everything through a MEGAMI.
The Spookzone!

Arete thought for a few moments, looking over everything that was going on - several normal sized targets, and one particularly large one, as her fellow soldier noted. "Hm... Is it maybe that the smaller ones are... Hm... Fighting? Hunting the larger one? Maybe we're... Interrupting something of theirs, right now?" Her softened voice filtered throughout the group tentatively.

Misaki would receive a communique from the Aeon. "XO from what our sensors are showing the orbital structure must have some sort of docking facilities. Advise that you use the Tenba's weapons and severe the anchor to the structure. If necessary the SSS ship will approach and nudge the structure into a more stable orbit. Also advise the away team to provide assistance with any surviving indigenous dealing with known hostiles."


"Okay teams, we need to regroup. We have two groups of life forms. I want us at a defensible position, just in case both of them are hostile." Kim called out to the crew.
Spooky Structure

Arete nodded, her smooth faceplate shifting silently. "H-hai. Is there somewhere in particular that you think would work for us?" Her grip tightened slightly on her weapon, and a sigh rebounded through her short body.

Kim started moving towards one of the fallen support structure. She then pointed to where she was going.. "Form up over by the fallen support. It will serve as a barricade that we can fire over. We also won't have to worry about breaking anything important in it."