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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 10.1] Diving into the Fray

Other side?

La'tâ glanced around, still very alert but satisfied that nothing was about to jump out at them. She first made her way over to what looked like marks from weapons fire and tried to analyze it, hoping that she might be able to figure out a thing or two about the weapons used with her scanners.
Space Structure

La'tâ's analysis of several of the scorch marks yielded conflicting results. Some of the marks were from chemical explosive weapons While some of the others were high energy scorch marks. In some cases the marks overlapped each other. As if both kinds of weapons were being used at the same time.

A loud creaking and breaking sound echoed through the cavernous space. A moment later whatever it was struck the deck. The vibration strong enough to make loose items on the floor to bounce up and then fall back to the deck.

A series of blindingly bright blue white flashes appeared in various portions of the ceiling. Each of them sending a shower of sparks down to the floor. During the flashes vague hominid forms were seen in parts of the room.
Space Structure

Effy was quick to make sure her shields were active on her Mindy Ke-M2-3A and asked into comms, "Ittô Ju-Juni Kahen Yani, what d-do we do?!" She held her aether submachine gun at the ready, targeting one hominid after another, but not able to stay on one target too long before aiming at a different subject. She did not shoot and her large gun was a little unsteady in her hands. She avoided even pointing her SMG at any friendlies, steadying it onto the potentially hostile targets.
Yoshiro aimed his gun at the forms that he saw. He was ready for a fight and it showed. "Stay calm, Effy." He said to her over comms. He had been through a battle during the NMX war where he fought a Ripper. He had to stay calm even though his heart was racing and adrenaline was flowing hard. He scanned the approaching group to see if they were carrying any weapons.
Space Structure

La'tâ was about to speak up when a portion of the structure collapsed, startling her. Her attention quickly turned to investigate. At the realization of possible sapient life she spoke up over the shared radio line. "The scorch marks indicate both energy and chemical explosive weapons were used here. Be ready for anything." After her words she made sure her shield was fully online, but she did not raise her rifle yet.
The Aeon

"Understood. Departing presently." Misaki pulled one of the rifles she preferred from the rack and made her way to the airlock. While she was en route she connected herself to the tenba and ran through prechecks in advance of her arrival. Once the armor clad officer arrived, the airlock hissed shut and closed before it disconnected as she sat in the pilot's seat and secured herself.

"Aeon, Tenba. I am en route to the target, going silent." She had not used a similar configuration since the last war, but the force recon operations often employed them, even strikes just in an attempt to gain the element of surprise.

Once clear of the Aeon, the XO finished her adjustments to the small craft and entered a vector to the target, the sooner they had their appointed scans gathered the sooner they might have a bigger picture of what was going on in the system.
Space Structure

Effy panted out into comms to Yoshiro, "Uh-understood!" Her SMG was still propped up, but no longer wavering between subjects. She was ready to do what was necessary, but also aware it was not her call to decide what that was.
The Spookzone, Speace Structure, Thing

Surinus-Hei suppressed a tremble as the ground shook, as if a massive object had crashed from the sky. The sky? If this place had a sky. Her eyes darted upwards, squinting reactively at each of the flashes as it briefly burnt into her retinas. She kept her own gun low, though - enough people seemed to be aiming up to send a message. "Energy and chemical explosives? An odd choice... weak against shielding?" It was true to an extent - the shockwave of an explosion is more outright devastating than any shrapnel, and passes through most armor with barely any effort. Shielding buffers the impact of the explosion majorly, which has been proven time and again to be a lifesaver to soldiers in the field - if putting incredible amounts of stress on the equipment itself.

The Elysian's MINDY glowed softly as she stood upright, and opted to look outwards from the group instead of upwards. It's so large in here... But she knew not why this structure existed.
The Aeon

Bjorn looked at the ships as he headed back to the Aeon, he was eager to come back to duty as the shuttle dropped him off and he walked off and back on to the Aeon.

After setting back in, Bjorn knew there was a mission going on as he goes to get a weapon to join them and hums happily as he sends a message to ask where he was needed.

Hello all, Bjorn ready for duty, where am I needed?
Space Structure

"Maybe it was because the shields were low or someone sabotaged the system that powers the shields?"Yoshiro asked over comms "It doesn't seem like chemical and energy explosives could do anything to shields but if there is sabotage or even damage to the power system it could be a whole other matter altogether." He looked toward Effy and spoke to her. "You doing okay over there, Effy?" Yoshiro asked over comms. "
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Space Structure

La'tâ listened to the conversation develop over the communication line and was a bit confused, perhaps her Yamataian was not as good as she had thought it was, but a misunderstanding had developed. "No they are separate, energy weapons and chemical explosives. Both were in use." The Tula had broken their sentence up into more words in hopes that it would be understood better, but she couldn't turn to face everyone and explain, she had to keep her eyes on the lifeforms.
Space Structure

The human bear that was Sif wasn't perfectly comprehending what was happening, for his faults he generally cut to the heart of the matter and he knew this was a dangerous situation. The tattooed man fixed his stare on the blossoms of rushing energy overhead, calling to his mind memories of his time on the wrong side of the law, comparing them to other similar devices he'd observed.

As the unknown object slammed to the ground and rang like a tuning fork as it bounced, the infantryman switched his vision to the sound, coal-black eyes picking out a silhoette nearby - or maybe that was just him seeing things. Either way, he tightened his grip on the Mindy's primary weapon, all the warning bells from his time on the streets ringing. This feeling was eerily similar to walking into an alley knowing you were being followed; "Anyone else see those things?", his gruff voice rumbled over comms.

Those who were looking at the humanoid figures in the distance would see them crumble into a cloud of dust when the vibrations from the structure that fell hit them.

Near the figures that were about as far as the away team was from the fallen structure, a number of small creatures approximately .5 meters in height scurried out of the light into the shadows.

A buzzing sound became audible and continued to grow louder as if something or somethings was getting closer.

"Okay teams, form up on me and we will make a sweep through this area. If we do not find something significant, we'll move into another area in this structure." Shina sent to both groups.

Keyul approached La'tâ. "If those figures were station inhabitants of combatants, have any idea why they crumbled to dust?" He asked.

Meanwhile Mimi was sending their probe closer to the fallen section, scanning for energy or signs of life.


As the Tenba approached the planet that the structure seemed to be in geosynchronous orbit above. The sensor data that MIsaki was getting painted a bleak situation. The biosphere appeared to be in a state of collapse. Large sections of the surface showed signs of massive deforestation, and in other areas, there were blast craters.

Misaki reviewed the data as it came in, waiting to see what it could tell them about the planet. Bombardment? she wondered at first, monitoring the passive feed around her as much as her scanning. The XO was ready to return to the ships if there was a sign she was detected. It looked unfortunate to the say the least that the surface of the planet was in such a biological collapse.

As the data streamed in, the officer continued to formulate and modify opinions on the findings so when she returned there would be a full report sent with the packet as well, better to have accurate data right away before handing it over to the CO and the MEGAMI for further analysis.

"Of course!" said the Santô Hei as she formed up in a ready stance near the rest of the teams. Effy was prepared for anything now that the humanoid figures had appeared and disappeared into dust.
Structure - Poku

La'tâ turned to Keyul and then looked back at where the figures were a moment. "This is just a guess, but for them to turn to dust they would need to dust like that they would need very still air and a lack of moisture in their bodies. Since they were standing some sort of rapid dehydration would be the cause. Permission to approach and scan the remains?"
Structure - Poku

Keyul considered La'tâ's request. After a moment he replied."Proceed, I'll position myself and the others close enough to provide you with protective fire if necessary."

He then sent a message to Shina Kim, "Ma'am, I'm authorizing our medical person to conduct further analysis of the create remains. My team will provide protection for her should something hostile appear.

Structure - SAOY

Shina surveyed the area, "Effy, Yoshiro, make your way to nearest structure. Look for something that might be a data or communications port. If we can find one we may be able to hack into their network and see if we can download data from it."


As the Tenba continue in its orbit above the surface. The sensors showed a massive series of electrical discharges. At first they appeared to be natural meteorological events, but as the craft got closer, it detected a large number of devices moving within the atmospheric phenomenon. They were the source of the discharges, which were powerful enough to damage an unprotected craft. Behind the phenomenon were areas where anything organic was burning. Ahead of the phenomenon were areas of foliage and lifeforms.
Structure spook - SAOY

Arete shivered a little bit as the nearby-ish figures seemed to disintegrate, and some sort of movement happened. She didn't get a good look on what the heck actually was going on but... Well, there was actual movement. Spooky.

"Do we even know if this place has enough power to run? I don't think a single mini-reactor will be enough to power it all..." Inching backwards a little bit, Surinus-Hei was slooowly making her way to Sif, the bulky Nepleslian man's presence making her feel... Well, slightly less uncomfortable.
Structure - SAOY

"Roger that." Yoshiro said, trying to get the images of the disintergrating people out of his mind. "Effy, you're with me. Let's go and find that data port. We'll need intel to send back to the rest of the group so we can figure out what to do." This was something that wasn't going to leave him any time soon but at the same time he was upset that someone could be so cruel as to do something like he witnessed here. He had to focus on the mission however, so that is exactly what he did. He could let his emotions out some time later.