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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2] Lost and Found

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Once the 7th Squadron arrived in the Yamatai star system, they proceeded to the capital of the Empire. Once they entered orbit, the Aeon released the Eucharis to allow it to maneuver into the 2nd dock. The Aeon docked briefly with the Ikoi starbase to allow the Eucharis crew members to enter their dock.

Katae left the Aeon briefly to meet with Hanako, and returned to the ship, once she arrived she flew the ship over to the Kyoten, the 7th Dock. Once docked to the starbase, she made her way to the Power Armor bay, she picked up the intercom handset and punched the ship wide channel.

"Attention all hands, this is Ise-Taii. All hands report to the Power Armor Bay immediately for mission briefing." She then hung up the handset and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.
Tsubei Kyoka hovered into the room, unwilling to be late to the second meeting with her new captain. She entered the room and bowed to Katae, greeting, "Ohaiyo, Ise-taii!" The Neko went to attention afterward, waiting for her new crewmates. I wonder what they're like? . . She thought as he ears twitched in anticipation.
Trowa entered the power bay and bowed to the Taii. He knowtest another Nekovalkyrja that he had not been intorduced to. Not surpriseing, as he had barely been on this ship. Trowa stepped forward and intorduced himself. "Hello, I'm Yamamoo-Hei, but you can just call me Trowa. I'm new here so I'm trying to get to all the other crewmembers." Trowa then turned to back to the Taii and asked, "Ma'am, could I speak to you a moment? It's about my performance during the last rescue mission."
Katae turned Trowa, "Certainly Yamamoo-Hei, although typically I do not conduct performance reviews in public. What about your performance has you concerned?"

Meanwhile, several of the senior members of the Aeon entered the power armor bay. Yani, Gi, and Josea and fell in line at parade rest. Behind them were Sachi, Kim, and Hisa who mirrored the Juni's.
Trowa nodded. "I just wanted to make sure that I did my job right. And to know if there was anything I could do to improve." He paused a moment then continued. "I take this job very seriously and want to do my best."
Already in the PA Bay, Hoshi Yukimura merely had to step out of his Mindy -- he had had his clothes on when entering the thing -- to proceed out of the Bay and toward the Medibay: If there were wounded, they would be there. He had permission from Haruhi-Juni, and if the Taii had a problem with him leaving... He would be told so, that was all.

He barely took notice of the new girl -- the small Neko whose face he didn't recognize -- as he walked past and out. Introductions (actually, a physical of all the crew was more of a priority: He could talk to them all then, if they cared to.) could wait until later.
After she conducted a review of the Aeon's armoury situation and concluded that it was not yet up to her demanding standards Haruhi put together a quick wish-list and forwarded it Eternity. From there it was on the move again and back down to the PA bay to join the Taii's briefing.

Haruhi entered the bay and fell in alongside the rest of the crew as she gave the requisite bow to the captain. “List is with Eternity, Taii, 'part from that everything's ready to rock and roll.”
Katae surveyed the crew as more of them came into the power armor bay. ”Eternity, order sixteen of everything Haruhi-Juni put on her list.” She sent telepathically to the MEGAMI.

Katae turned to Haruhi, “Glad to hear that Juni.” Katae walked to the center of the bay. “Part of the Eucharis’s last mission was to prevent the Mishhuvurthyar from obtaining teleportation technology. Unfortunately, when the Eucharis was boarded, the culprits Nekovalkyrja working with the NMX not only took the power armor teleportation units the Eucharis got off the Elysian starbase, but the ones the Eucharis carried as well. Needless to say the NMX gaining teleportation technology would be extremely bad. We are going after the squadron of NMX ships that left with the units.”

Katae paused, “Timing is essential which is why we are doing a quick turn around. The Eucharis managed to get their hyperspace vector. We are going to be heading to their destination, to hopefully intercept them before they jump again. If they have jumped we will use our sensors to track them. When we catch up to them, we will attack and disable the ships, by targeting their drives and power systems. Once they are disabled we will deploy power armors to board the ships. The Vigilant will fly along with the Diligent scanning for the materials for the teleportation units. Once they locate the units; the power armor team in the Diligent will use the boarding module to enter the ship. Toranaga-Hei will modify two of the Type 30 Science scanners to look for those specific materials to guide you once on the ships. The mission is simple, get in, retrieve the units, and get the hell out. Anything that moves aboard the NMX vessel is a fair target.”

”Ise-Taii, order has been placed however some items were limited availability. They will arrive shortly. Eternity informed Katae. “Master at Arms, your requested items will be arriving shortly. Once they are onboard we will get underway.”

“Anyone have any questions?” Katae asked.

Changing his mind at the last moment, Hoshi fell in line with everyone else. Checking up on the Medibay could come later.
Trowa spoke up, "Ma'am, request permission to return to the bridge. I want to run over some of the recordings of our last skirmish and become more familiar with the ship before we head out again."
Katae surveyed the room, and after a period of silence before Trowa's request, "Since Star Army Personnel has not been able to find me a suitable candidate for XO, Kahen Yani-Nitô Juni will be filling in. Well, since it seems that no one has any questions at this time. All hands report to your duty stations. Haruhi-Juni, notify me when you and the other Infantry members have brought your requested equipment on board. It should be here in about 10 minutes. You can secure it in the Armory once we are underway." She turned, left the bay and made her way towards the bridge.

"Okay you heard Ise-Taii, get moving people, eveyone best be at their combat station suitably attired. Anderson-Hei stay here and help the Infantry get that gear loaded." Kahen-Juni called out. She then walked over to Haruhi, "Haruhi-Juni, get me your list of members for your away team, and I will put together the backup team." she said.
"Hai, Ise-taii." Tsubei bowed with reverence to her leader, before turning to her other superiors. She walked over with a swift grace and bowed to Haruhi-Juni. The Neko then proceeded hurry to her quarters and get changed - and was out of her normal uniform and using a hologram uniform in mere moments. She didn't feel comfortable piloting in clothes. And so, she hurried back to the main bay where the others were and stood by for instructions.
Hoshi sighed, and worked his hands tensely.

Immediate pursuit. Hunting the ships that had fought with the Eucharis, and boarding them.

Space had been bad enough -- but fighting within the corridors of an enemy ship? He had been trained to do it; So had everyone else just out of Basic. It was going to be difficult, and more than likely lethal.

Then, a sickening thought -- Where was Asine? Was he dead, or just gone from sight? He didn't know the other -Hei well, but... He knew the most about him out of all the crew.

The thoughts of death and pain with a good dose of confusion plagued the Medic's mind for a few moments until he shoved them aside, into a dark corner of his mind.

Instead of more thought, he approached Haruhi-Juni, waiting until Kahen-Juni was finished speaking.

"Ma'am, what will be the kit this time?" Then he took full note of Kahen-Juni's words. "And I'd like to volunteer for the first team, Ma'am."

Hoshi felt surprised at his own words -- and probably looked it too.
Trowa hurried to the bridge so he would have a much time as possible to review their last skirmish and to get better aquatinted with the ship. Upon reaching the bridge, Trowa sat down in his seat and began to pull up semantics and recordings of the battle. He set his hands on the controls and mimicked what he had done during the fight. The screen showed Trowa how the enemy had reacted to his movements and how the ship responded.

As he watched, Trowa felt that he understood the ship and how she handled better. "Alright ol' girl," He said to the ship. "We're going back out and going to give those NMX a good beating. The Taii has assigned me to pilot you. Now I'm a little green, but that doesn’t mean that we can't become a great team."
All of the displays in front of Trowa blanked out as well as the normal bridge lighting. From the bridge speakers Eternity spoke; "If you expect that to happen, I would advise you, Yamamoo-Santô Hei, to stop referring to me as an old girl. I have only been in service for one year and have an expected service life of nineteen more years. I am currently operating at peak efficiency. That is unless a certain replacement Starship Operator decides to run into something; especially one who himself is not in peak condition." A chuckle came from the speakers, "I would also advise you to not refer to the Aeon as an ol' girl within ear shot of Ise-Taii."

The MEGAMI then restored normal lighting and Trowa's consoles to operation.

A moment later Katae walked onto the bridge and took her station. "Yamamoo-Hei, we will be receiving the coordinates from the CO of the Eucharis shortly. Once we receive it plot a course and let me know if we have to worry about crossing any borders." she said.
Trowa nearly jumped out of his seat by the sudden voice. He quickly composed himself. "My deepest apologies. I was not trying to insult you." He caught the chuckle as Eternity added the warning about calling the Aeon "ol' girl" in front of the Taii. He also took note of the comment about himself not being in peek condition, but decided to ignore it. "Thanks for the warning. I will try to remember that. In the mean time, perhaps you would like to give me your comments on the last skirmish?"

Trowa turned around as the Taii walked in and bowed to her. "Aye, aye Ma'am."
Eternity displayed her reply to Trowa on one of the displays in front of him.

Eternity said:
The last engagement that you were aboard for was nothing short of a skirmish. A small group of battle pods attacking. In our next engagement we will be going up against NMX Destroyers.

We have fought them during the Battle of UX-25, you may wish to review the logs. The NMX Destroyers are fairly well armed, but their threat is increased by the number of battlepods they can deploy. During the UX-25 engagement, Ise-Taii used every trick she could think of and had the benefit of having four Tansaku-Class Research Vessels flying with us and used their shields to give our systems time to recharge. We also increased our firepower to counter the battlepod threat by gathering a large number of Variable Weapon pods during the battle. We will have neither so we will need precision flying and targeting.

When was the last time you ate? Humanoids require frequent fueling to operate efficiently. You have not had anything to eat since your last breakfast aboard the Henry Chen, and once we depart there will be little opportunity for you to refuel. You can not expect to operate at peak efficiency without proper food.
He picked up his data pad and pulled up the logs that Eternity, had suggested. This ship is starting to sound like my mother. Thought Trowa. But now that he thought about it, he could use a bite to eat. He turned to the Taii and asked, "Ma'am, request permission to head to the mess hall before we depart. I want to be able to focus and perform to my best."
Just at that moment Sachi walked onto the bridge, with a pair of baskets on one arm and a cup of coffee in her right hand. "Ise-Taii, since we are departing so soon, I took it upon myself to bring food to the crew." She crossed over an held out a cup of coffee to the Taii. "Here is your coffee ma'am. I also have an assortment of sandwiches and fruit." She reached in and pulled out a sandwich made with thin slices of tuna.

Katae accepted the coffee and the wrapped sandwich. "Thank you Nami-Hei. Coffee sounds wonderful, and I'm sure the sandwich will be fine."

Sachi crossed over to Trowa, "Yamamoo-Hei, You have a choice of roast beef, cucumber, or ham sandwiches. I have some fresh pears, and apples available. And you can have either tea, apple cider or coffee to drink." the brown haired Neko said with a bright smile.
Meanwhile a transport containing an SSCC filled with the requested equipment arrived and parked behind the Aeon. Two suited individuals began moving the container towards the cargo bay. Eternity having confirmed their ID's opened the cargo bay.

"Haruhi-Juni, your additional equipment for the Armory is currently being delivered to the cargo hold. You are needed to review the inventory and sign for receipt." Eternity said over the power armor bay speakers.
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