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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2] Lost and Found

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The pack was done charging, and after an instant of calculation with his PA's computer, Hoshi vanished from the NMX vessel. His matter first disassembled, then moved faster than light could ever hope to travel, and appeared in the Aeon's Power Armour Bay.

It was finished. The fight was over.
The moment Asi disappeared, Kyoka finished getting her packs ready, the teleporter fully charged and ready for use. She let out a silent prayer for the thing not to dissimilate her or some other word that meant "to cut into very small pieces. That's something she's going to have to look up when she got back. The Neko activated the teleporter and vanished from the NMX ship, reappearing on the Aeon.
With the rest of the away-team members teleported out, hopefully safely, Haruhi turned her attention to the pile of barrier modules she had ordered dumped. Though not as valuable as the teleport modules were they were still valuable enough that she wasn't about to hand them over to the Mishhu intact.

She backed away from the pile as another volley of mini-missiles ravaged the already torn-up room, and with the painful hiss of an armourer's vexation at having to destroy perfectly serviceable equipment turned her rifle on the packs, cycling a flow of rapid-fire aether at them. When they wilted under her fire Haruhi just paused long enough to loose a volley of missiles at the pile of slagged equipment that emptied her shoulder pods before her Mindy disappeared with a crack of inrushing air.

Unlike her juniors, the armourer had her PA appear a small but safe distance away from the Aeon, not willing to blindly trust equipment of both an experimental and Mishhu-captured nature. From where she materialised – apparently more or less intact – Haruhi quickly shot herself through the Aeon's containment fields and into the armour bay. “Away team, report present aboard Aeon or dead!”
Not open for further replies.