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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2] Lost and Found

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Asi gaped a little at the incoming fire, then moved immediately to return fire."Get back under cover! You can't take fire like that for long!" He leaned around the corner, and opened fire, trying to distract the enemies down the hall, but ready to duck back into cover if he started taking heavy fire.
Hoshi groaned as he was dragged behind cover.

It hurt. Itai! he thought, clenching his teeth. A stabbing pain that burned, it was in his right shoulder. Shrapnel, in all likelihood. It felt like a knife had been taken to him, buried deep.

"I'm hit!" He groaned. Already the hemosynthetic blood was trying to clot the wound closed, but it was just large enough to make it difficult. If the blood didn't clot, the Mindy he was in would stop it.

If all else failed... He was a medic, and even as he got to his feet shakily behind cover, he was ready to go another round or two.

"I can keep going for now, though." He said, activating the left forearm blade.
"Fall back past the corner, we'll regroup and concentrate our fire on whatever sticks it's head out first." Haruhi moved back in accordance with her own orders. "Don't worry, Yukimura," she remarked dryly, "Our medic will be right with you."

"Put your blade away for now, unless you're planning on some heroics that'll guarantee a kill or two submachinegun mode is what you want now." Haruhi set her drones to attack the turrets forming in the passageway.
With a shudder and a breath, Hoshi brought himself under control. The blade winked out of existence, and he readied the forearm guns on his Mindy.

"My blood seems to be clotted. I'll be fine." He said through clenched teeth. "And I am the medic." Sarcasm flew right over his head.
Kyoka kept the Barrier module on - thankfully, her gun was still intact, so she wouldn't have to rely on the forearm projector at all - and pulled back as far as directed, taking aim while adjusting her body into a kneeling position.

"Now's not the time for irony, guys!" The Neko groaned. At the same time, she recalled whatever drones (if any) were left from distracting the enemy Mindy.
The Mindy-1H remained in position as the Shocktrooper advanced. One of the intruders apparently considered themselves to be a threat. It watched as the armor clad person fired at the trooper. The firepower of a lone Mindy-2 was insufficient to be a real threat to the trooper, so she considered ignoring it for a moment. Instead she brought her cannons to bear towards the foolish soldier. She aimed ten centimeters to the left of what she could see. Time to teach them a lesson. she thought as she fired both cannons into the wall. The cannons easily sliced into the corridor wall and slammed into the shields of the armor. Most of the energy of the blast had been used to cut through the corner of the wall, but she felt the demonstration was sufficient. She waited to see what the person did.

The Away team did not have long to wait, embolden by the apparent retreat of the soldiers, the shocktrooper entered the corridor bringing its eyes scanning for a target and its energy weapon training on Hoshi's armor. A bassato 'huh huh huh huh' came from the trooper as it prepared to fire.
The Neko was first to respond, first by firing what was left (10) of her countermeasure missiles. She quickly followed this up with a beam from her rifle, eager to blast this malicious creature into oblivion.

If any of her drones were still active, they would all switch to heavy fire and focus on the Mishu.
Hoshi didn't think. His reflexes kicked in, forcing him to leap away from any incoming fire. If he got hit, he would more than likely die.

What would it be like, to wake up with everyone telling you you had died? The thought came unbidden to the front of his mind.
Asi pulled back quickly, before realizing he wasn't in any major danger. "Guys, we need to pull it together. I'm not going to be able too hold them off alone." He leaned back out, fired another shot, and got back into cover, trying to make sure he wasn't in the same position so the target couldn't shoot through the wall again.
In the null-gravity Haruhi slid in against the ceiling as the shocktrooper rounded the corner, with a flick of thumb she switched her rifle over to beam mode and sighted in on the Mishhu.

"Hammer it!" she ordered, and matched words with action by opening up on the shocktrooper with an uninterrupted beam of pure aether.
The Shocktrooper let out an exalting 'Hu Hu Hu' as it turned the corner and opened fire with its cannon and the Ke-M4-W2901 LASR. It moved the LARS in a spray at the armor clad soldiers. But trained its cannon at the object above it. Two shots fired at Haruhi in retaliation for the attack upon it but the shields on the Mindy held.

The Shocktrooper's armored skull started showing damage from the combined assault, and ichor started to ooze out. It targeted Kyoka and the tube on top of the the LASR let out a whoompf and she was hit by a anti-armor grenade. Her shields and the protective material of her armor kept the worst of the damage from penetrating, but the force knocked her backwards down the corridor.
Kyoka just barely managed to hold onto the Sabre-rifle by a finger as she rocketed down the hall. She immediately resolved to correct this by applying a gravity field to slow herself down while conjuring up a forearm blade to use as a brake. The blade was plunged into the wall in an attempt to stop altogether. As the Neko's drone's continued their fire on the Mishu, she began floating back towards the fight, firing beams of energy as well she could while making sure to dodge whatever came her way.
Under the barrage of the Aeon's away team, the Shocktroopers armor failed and the destructive beams of energy lanced into its body. As it shrieked its death knell it went limp. It floated freely in the zero gravity, a whine growing in volume emanating from its body.

The NMX in the Mindy 1H backup in its corridor to get a better position from which to defend.
"Haruhi-Juni. . ." Kyoka began asking, checking herself for damage. "What do we do about the Mindy in the other hall? It's got some heavy firepower that nearly shredded Hoshi-san."

She stayed on guard, aiming her rifle at the corner of the hallway.
Hoshi, taking note of the wine growing from the shocktrooper's fallen body blinked in surprise.

"Uh... Guys... I think this thing is going to blow up in our faces." With that, the medic slowly got up and then quickly moved to find some cover.
Asi fired another beam at the Mindy, then glanced at the angrily whining shocktrooper as he ducked back into cover. "I think you may be right. Can you think of a way we might be able to push it back towards the Mindy? We could use it as a makeshift bomb, because we need to get moving."
"Plus one to getting rid of the corpse pronto." Haruhi manoeuvred about to position herself on a good angle for her next suggestion. "And if you can't figure out how to make use of a Mindy that can accelerate your arse up to twenty-five hundred times the speed of light to move a dead body a few tens of meters down a passageway then we've got some serious talking to do when we get back."

The Juni rotated to face her armour's boots towards the gore-trailing ex-Mishhu. "Get up here stat, we'll boot the bastard down to say hi to his mate."
Kyoka quickly made her way to the edge of the corridor, careful not to expose anything to the awaiting Mindy. She grabbed the Sabre-Rifle in a baseball-batlike position, ready to whack the quickly expanding Mishu once somebody sent it her way.

"Ready when you are!" She telecasted, bracibng herself.
Asi opted to just use his forearm projector in shield mode instead, deciding that he really didn't want to chance the weapon being damaged. He got in position across from Kyoka, and nodded to her. "Count of three?"
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