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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.0] Pickets and Surveys

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“I'm still in the green,” replied Eun-Kyung over comms to Trowa, amused by his reply. “Nice work on that vehicle.”

Pleasantly surprised at not being shot at for the moment, she opened up her CFS somewhat and rose into the sky, keeping a deliberate pace while her active sensors lashed out in a search for targets. Those scans were useless: the deployment of the plasma turrets was far from subtle. Indeed, her helmet display automatically polarized against the searing light from the plasma packets as they screamed downrange, impacting on some of the team.

She hefted her Saber-Rifle, taking aim at a turret despite her relative distance and confident that the aether bursts she was engaging with would do the job regardless of the range.

“Assault through their firing arcs!” she called out on the team-wide net as she began squeezing the trigger. “We’ll provide support by fire. Let them have it, Yamamoto-Hei!”
Shit. Was Arkase's only thought when the emplacements behind the vehicles let loose.

He attempted to juke the first plasma shot, but the second smashed into him from the left side. Then, stumbling in mid-air, he was struck again. And again. Before he knew it, he was plummeting into the ground as his CFS gave up trying to keep him in the air.
Eun-Kyung's shot even at that distance found its target. But then it was one of the turrets closest to the entrance and easy to aim at. A moment after her barrage the turret sputtered and failed.

After Arkase hit the ground with his HUD issuing a number of warnings, CFS overheated, several systems damaged, and the distinct sensation of burnt flesh, a curious thing happened. None of the turrets were targeting him, from his vantage he could see that the turrets were staggered along the walls at 1 and 2 meters in height. The design however seem to negate the ability to angle downward.

Asine moved to another position from which to try and provide cover fire. Targeting the turrets from this angle was problematic except for the outer most. The amount of plasma discharged in the initial volleys had ionized the air, and created a massive thermal mess. He targeted the left wall and opened fire with his rifle in full automatic. He was using the principle shoot enough in the general area that some of his shots would hit something vital.
The moment she realized a turret was firing upon her, Kyoka retaliated. She began strafing again, aiming her gun and firing as many beams of Aether out as she could at the first turret that attempted to kill her, and once that was finished she would focus on the two attempting to blast Arkase to smithereens.
"Turrets inside the entrance can't angle downward. Assault Team, land and approach the entrance on foot. I need explosives set on that door. Would hate to have to cut through it."

-Oshiro Heisho

He sent that to Kyoka first, with orders to her AIES to bounce the message to everyone else. That done, he began mechanically taking out each turret from the safety of his position.
Kame dodged with Kyoka and cursed as she saw that Arkase got hit. Dammit… that must have been my fault. I should have been closer to protect him. After all, I said I would help cover them. I must be getting sloppy with providing cover. Eventually, she increased the distance horizontally between the two of them. She pulled out her sniper rifle and began firing shots at the little dishes and glowing portions of the enemy turrets.

After her third such shot, she heard Arkase’s order. Still angry with herself, she sent a message to Kyoka and then to everyone else.
Orders received, sir.  Kyoka-hei take the charges and I'll cover you while you rush the door.... unless of course, you wanted me too rush door.  Hopefully, I can provide enough of a distraction to let you through.


Handing the det cords and her two explosive blocks to Kyoka, Kame began to fire her sniper rifle again from a slightly crouched position unleashing round after round again at the sensors and now even the turret muzzle itself. Every 3rd rounded she moved in a 5 point zebra pattern closer to the turrets.
Kyoka simply uttered a single word of acknowledgement into her comms as the two messages came her way, taking the explosives and securing them under one arm, cradling them. Once she made sure the others were ready, the Neko said, "Going in!" before making full use of her Daisy's thrusters to approach the door. She took on a very slight wave pattern to her motion to help avoid enemy fire.
Trowa dropped to one knee, fired, moved a few feet forward, dropped and fired again. He made sure not to stay in one place for too long and keep moving. Mainly so the enemy couldn't get an easy lock on him, but also to keep himself from getting tunnel vision. When you focus on one target too long your vision becomes narrowed and you run the risk of being flanked. That was not going to happen to him.
With the tactical information provided by Arkase, the combined assault by the away team made relatively short work of the plasma turrets in the entryway.

Once the worst of the smoke cleared and the debris settled all that was left of the turrets was smoldering metal and components.

In front of the team was what they presumed was a large door, five meters tall, 10 meters wide. There were no visible hinges or controls from this side.
Eun-Kyung grinned triumphantly as the firing stopped. They had broken through the initial defenses and, remarkably, it seemed that no one had been injured. She dropped her airspeed and began cutting her CFS power, touching down near the entrance. Her active sensors lashed out and she kept her rifle up; they had made it this far and she would be damned if they would be ambushed now. Still, she was worried about their next step.

“What do we have, Heisho?” she called out to Arkase on a private frequency. “Might we want to reform the entire team now?”
"A door, Ma'am. I want to blow it open, or cut a hole through it with our Aether. So could someone strap some explosives to the damn thing?!"

Arkase wanted to get it over with.
Kame had continued firing until she saw the turrets had stopped. Quickly she switched the issued sub-machine gun and rushed as fast as could to come up behind Kyoka ignoring the pain on her sides. She checked the turrets again firing one round at each, and then she went to the sidewall near the door. She waited for Kyoka to set the charges. "Ready!" She shouted to Kyoka and pulled out an EMP grenade. Kame did not know what to expect behind the doors, but she sure as hell knew they were not out of the fire yet.
Kyoka nodded to Kame and set to her task as quickly as she could, provided she took the time to make sure they were set properly. After all, these were explosives! You had to be careful with them, you know. Once this task was finished, she signaled the others and drew back what she deemed a safe distance. I.E. right next to her current field commander.
Taking the detonator from Kyoka, Arkase simply pressed the button to blow the door the-hell-of-its-hinges.

Turning her back on the demolition effort, Eun-Kyung took the moment to open a comm link to the ship.

AEON, this is the XO.

We are breaching the entrance to the Intellicus facility now. Will keep you apprised of our progress, but with any luck we will have this in-hand momentarily. What is your status?
She spared another grimaced look at her chronometer before switching to the private frequency with Trowa.

“Yamamoto-Hei, go active with your sensors. If we don’t detect anything, we’ll join the rest of the team for the final assault.”

Taking her own advice, she rose into the air on her CFS and released the full spectrum of her sensing capabilities. She didn’t want to miss a hostile contact and have them pinning the team inside once they breached.
"Aye aye Ma'am." Trowa replied. He did a quick visual scan of the area around him then activated his active sensors. He kept looking around him as data scrolled across his cybernetic eye. He smiled, very pleased with his new upgrades. His sensors pinged that it had detected something then went dark. His smile vanished. He did the scan again but found nothing. Had there been something there? Or were his sensors not working properly? He had taken a few close hits; maybe his sensors had been damaged. It was probably nothing, but the Nepleslian pilot was taking any chances. Opening a channel to the XO, Trowa reported, "Ma'am. I had a contact or something for a moment then it went dark. I'm not sure if my scanners have been damaged or if there is something there." He tagged the area on his HUD and relayed it to the XO.
The Explosive charges detonated and the entrance area became effectively a giant shotgun. The compression wave from the explosion picked up anything loose and hurtled it towards the opening. The bits of turrets and other debris becoming deadly missiles with the velocity they were traveling.

It took a precious minute for the smoke and dust to clear and let the Away Team see the results of the charges.

The massive door at the back was still in place, the center of it though was a twisted mass of jagged pieces. A hole approximately two meters in diameter could be seen that allowed entrance deeper into the structure.

Aeon to Kim-Shoi
Situation unchanged we are still held fast by multiple graviton beams. Repair effortss are proceeding. Usaga-Heisho estimates she will have the auxiliary engines operational two minutes before we hit the atmosphere. Ten minutes and counting.
Eun-Kyung glanced back at the debris cloud before her returning her attention to the reply. She grimaced: it was good to know Usaga was making progress, but it still wasn't going to be enough. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes and we've only just breached, she thought, her internal voice brimming with frustration. She glanced back at her tactical display and opened a private frequency with Arkase.

“Only ten minutes left, Heisho. Get them in there now. Push them and don't let up.”

Catching a glimpse of Trowa in her view, she realized that she had his message. Examining the area he had highlighted, she switched her comms to speak to him.

“Sorry, Yamamoto-Hei. Go ahead and push out in that direction. We can't take the risk that it wasn't a sensor ghost. At least we can try to confirm visually,” she replied, while increasing her altitude. “I'll give you top-cover.”
Kame very briefly wondered what was taking Kyoki so long. As the blast occurred, she wondered to herself, Seriously what is taking her so long? I mean I mean its not like I am too close or anything as I am 15 meters from the door and on the side---Eek!? Her train of thought was interrupted as some of the debris whizzed passed her in the implosion. She ducked and waited for the smoke to clear before taking the EMP grenade and threw it has hard as she could into the hole.

Kame quickly heard the grenade exploded some time around when Usaga and Aeon sent messages to Kim-Shoi, not that Kame had heard those messages. Kame peered inside and saw a field of debris. She signaled the Shoi with a "no hostiles... for now" signal. Kame covered the door as she waited for her team mates to approach.
"Let's go! Ten minutes!" Arkase said, jumping into the hole head-first and quickly making his way to the other side.

Inside, he took a knee and searched for targets with his shields at max.
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