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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.0] Pickets and Surveys

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Eun-Kyung tumbled through the air, counting on her AIES to regulate her CFS until the blast front passed. She closed her eyes, not wanting to watch the violently spinning horizon. Finally, she began to steady out and regained control. She checked her suit status and was pleased to see it was still functional, though her Saber-Rifle had been blown away.

Turning back toward the Intellicus facility, she reached out with her active sensors, hoping to locate her teammates or any lingering hostiles. The actual visual of the destroyed area was shocking though. She spent a moment simply staring at the damage before regaining her senses.

She flew forward, scanning for her people while opening up her comms.

“Away team, report in. Is everyone all right?”

While waiting for any replies, she switched frequencies to reply to the ship.

Aeon, this is the XO. Intellicus is destroyed. Say again, Intellicus is destroyed. Attempting to make contact with the rest of the team at this time.
"A-OK!" Kyoka croaked over the radio. When the news about the drone came out, she didn't need Arkase to tell her twice. She hightailed it out of there faster than a. . . a. . . a really fast thing! Unfortunately for her, she tripped right before the explosion occurred, causing her to roll forward into a tree. She was alright, it seemed. Just a bit shaken.
The Nepleslian slowly got to his feet, looked around and let out a low whistle. Looks like the aftermath of a boot camp graduation party Nepleslia. Thought Trowa. His body was still trembling from the force of the explosion. "What a boom." He said aloud. He did a quick inspection on himself. He didn't think anything was broken, but his left leg hurt like fire if he put too much weight on it. His implants told him that his suit had been damaged but was still operable. He had lost hold of his assault rifle, but had retained the shotgun.

After a quick inspection to make sure it was still in working order he reported to the XO. "Shoi, This is Yamamoto-Hei. I've taken some hits, but I'm alive. I'm relaying my position. I suggest we regroup here, ma'am. It's on relatively stable ground and there might be aftershocks coming."
"Green here, Shoi." Arkase said. "We promised the survivor on the Genus that we'd help him get his ship off the ground. Trowa-Hei, hop to it. I'll join you. The rest of you stick with the XO."

Arkase looked back at the destroyed site of Intellicus, his eyes following the trail of smoke up into the air. He wondered if any of the captured crew of the SSS ship survived within.

No. He thought with a sickening twist in his heart. Arkase doubted that they had had ST Backups, meaning they would never be reborn. He had killed them -- killed many, at least, and they would never come back. Wouldn't exist again. Would never 'be' again.

How was it fair that he should have that ability -- to persist and exist past death? It wasn't, and he hated himself for it.

Arkase made his way to the Genus quietly.
With Intellicus well and truly destroyed, there was nothing to hinder the away team from getting to the Genus. The artificial insect lay strewn about like so many broken toys.

With the Away Teams technical assistance the Genus was repaired and able to rendezvous with the Aeon. Hikaru informed the Aeon crew that once he got back to the SSS the crew of the Genus could be restored, but that the expedition members were not in the Soul Savior pod. So those 48 people were dead, the final legacy of Intellicus.

Together the Genus and the ships of the Seventh Squadron headed to Yamatai space specifically the Veronica star system. The Aeon headed into the Kyoten its starbase for repairs, while the Genus docked in Chiharu to await restoration of its crew.

Once the Aeon was secure and operating on external power Katae gave the crew twenty four hours liberty. Their orders for their next mission had already come in, and that was the estimate for all repairs for the gunship.


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