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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.0] - A Quest into the Dark

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Location: Repair bay aboard the Ikoi Starbase - Kyoten
Time: 0600hrs

Katae stood in the bay looking at the Aeon bathed in the spotlights. The repairs were complete, more scars upon the Gunship, and herself.

She walked into Aeon via the airlock and made her way to the bridge. She took her seat on the bridge and entered her authorization codes. The stations on the bridge illuminated, "Good Morning Katae." Eternity said from the speakers.

"Morning Eternity. Summon the crew, report time is 0730hrs in the wardroom." she then stood up and headed to the door. "I'm going to take a walk, you will find our mission orders in the latest communications package.

Katae left the bridge, she made her way through all the passages. Personally checking on the myriad repairs that the Aeon had needed after their last mission. The medical bay was pristine, there was no trace of the devastating explosion that had wounded the ship and killed one of her crew members. She had a feeling they would need the medical bay on this upcoming mission.

After she had completed her traditional walk about the ship, Katae returned to her cabin. Secured what few items she had brought with her, picked up her pruning kit and made her way into the Wardroom.

She went to the starboard booth seat picked up the Bonsai tree from behind it and took it to the main table and began working on it to pass the time.
In between the mission and this point in time, Tsubei Kyoka had spend a majority of her time in the Rec room with the lovely massage machine she had recently become acquainted with. That, and getting attacked by a rogue vending machine. The poor Neko would never look at tomato juice the same, it seemed. Though she felt like a change, so she headed for the pool for a bit and sat at the edge, dipping her legs in.
Saki walked through one of Aeon's corridors. It seemed that whatever happened hear wasn't nice. She remember seeing it first through the window while she was still on Ikoi. Ship looked like ti challenged devil himself and won. Saki felt strangely proud to be serving on the ship that already proved itself. Probably more then once.

Saki quickly walked into room she was given, it was nice. Someone might say it was plain but it was all Saki needed. It was not messy at all, but Saki knew she had a roommater. A higher officer none the less. Three ranks above her and that is something already. She was feeling a little unneasy about it. On the other hand this Tsubei Kyoka was neko and experienced soldire too. THere was much Saki could learn form her.

For now Saki just put her things on the ground. She did not know if Tsubei-hei would want upper or lower bunk. She will have to wait for Tsubei-hei first.
Feeling generally refreshed and rejuvenated, Eun-Kyung passed over the line in the airlock demarking the separation between the Ikoi and the Aeon. She fought the sensation to glance down at her new insignia again. The promotion to Chui had been a pleasant surprise and she had taken a little time out of her relaxation to pick up the new rank devices and to get her uniforms updated.

Back in the moment, she picked up her gait and made for her number one crew cabin. Stowing her bag, she queried Eternity and, after exchanging niceties with the computer, was directed to the Captain. Rounding the top of the stairs into the Wardroom, she bowed in the direction of her arboreally engaged superior.

“Good morning, ma'am,” she said as she walked toward the galley. She returned a moment later with a cup of tea and sat, perusing her unfinished reports before the urge to say something overrode her desire to leave the Taisa undisturbed.

“Ma'am, I'm sorry to interrupt,” she began, turning in her seat to look at the Katae. “I was wondering about Shina-Hei. Has she been revived yet? I'd very much like to speak with her, and I suppose I need to speak to you about that eventually, too.”
Katae returned the bow as she put down her pruning shears. The plant was ready to restore to its place. She got up and put the bonsai in its holder in the port side booth.

Returning to the main table, she took a moment to look at Eun-Kyung, the officer before her had matured much in the time on the Aeon. She could see it in how she stood and her demeanor.

"Eternity, please advise the rest of the crew to gather in the cargo hold for our mission briefing." she sent telepathically.

"Please take a seat Kim-San, I am sure the rest of the crew will be arriving shortly. We might as well take advantage of this quiet time.

Shina Kim was successfully revived last night. She is understandably still trying to reconcile what has happened. I am sure she will appreciate hearing from you.

I have reviewed the data from the armors of the team. But I would appreciate hearing your view of what happened in regards to Shina-Hei."

She took a sip from the glass of water in front of her.
Eternity said:
All Crew please gather in the Cargo Hold for a mission briefing.

Arkase heard the word come down from Eternity, and let out a small sigh.

Time to go back in. He thought.

A few minutes later, he would be in the cargo hold dressed and ready.
Eun-Kyung smiled as she sat back down again, this time closer to Katae.

“Yes, ma'am. Thank you. And I suppose we didn't exactly get a chance to talk before I was off with the Away Team again. At any rate, as far as Shina-Hei goes, I definitely want to make sure she is able to return fully to duty. I'm aware intellectually about the tactical realities that lead to...”

Her voice trailed off for a second before she snapped her gaze back up. “That lead to the onboard detonation. Still, I feel responsible, both as her superior and for approving the various specific actions. As for those actions, I think that incident and much of the mission itself fell prey to the problems of an unclear command structure, a dilution of forces, and a general lack of understanding of combat procedures.

For the first, I'll readily admit that as a starship ops officer by training, I did not impose my command presence as I perhaps should have. Oshiro-Heisho, er -Juni now, has invaluable experience as a ground force operator, but a firm chain of command should have been established, even if just to delegate authority.

For the second, I believe the team should have remained together from the start. The Diligent should have been abandoned and either sealed or destroyed until we were sure all threats were neutralized. Splitting forces, particularly in the face of a totally unknown tactical situation, seems unwise.

Finally, while understandable given the confusion generated by that very unknown and the mix of occupational specialties deployed, the performance of the team was, if effective, crudely so. We can't plan for every scenario, and certainly not ones as bizarre as what we encountered, but perhaps for future situations you or I could work with the Juni to make sure our Away Teams communicate, maneuver, and engage targets cohesively.”

Drawing in a deep breath, Eun-Kyung sat back a little.

“Sorry for rambling on. That did turn into more of an after-action report than anything else.”
Eternity said:
All Crew please gather in the Cargo Hold for a mission briefing.

Kyoka sighed as she pulled her legs out of the water. Trying out the pool would have to wait for another day, it seemed. With her projection, the standard SAoY uniform was assembled in place of the swimsuit that was there just prior as she made her way towards the bay. When she arrived, she waited for further instruction. Just like a good little soldier.
Yoshiro had just arrived on the ship to get to his quarters. After several wrong turns and a walk into a wall at a dead end he found his way to quarters. He had just gotten settled in for a nap when Eternity came in with the call for the briefing.

Eternity said:
All Crew please gather in the Cargo Hold for a mission briefing.

Well, so much for the nap. There ain't no rest for the wicked, I suppose. He said to himself and headed to the cargo bay for the briefing.
Saki was sitting at her desk checking and cleaning her sidearm. She did it almost daily just to be sure. You never know when you need it after all. But then message from Eternity, the ships AI came.

All Crew please gather in the Cargo Hold for a mission briefing.

Saki almost replied but she realized she doesn't have to reply the AI. She just put her pistol togehter and put it into its holster. She then tried fast drawing if all is okay. It was fine so she smiled and walked out of the room and heading towards the cargo bay. She did not bother takinc the coat, basic uniform should be enough.

When she walked in other neko was already in. She had higher rank so Saki bowed to her saying "Ma'am," in greeting.
Katae smiled briefly at Eun-Kyung, "There were many issues as you said. Starting with the decision for the Away team to pull armor out of storage rather than the standard armor that is assigned to the ship.

When you teleported to the planet, you should have taken a more direct control. But it also seemed that the members of the away team did not know that upon arrival you were in charge.

I also concur that splitting the team was a bad decision, especially since at the time the situation was still unknown. But none of those situations are not fixable. So we will work to do better.

We have our orders, and I am fairly certain that we will find ourselves with a opportunity to do just that."

Katae stood up, "We should get to the Cargo Bay, the sooner we can brief the crew, the sooner we get underway."

Cargo Bay
Shina Kim stood off to the side of the cargo bay, she was still trying to assimilate the series of events that transpired that she had no recollection of. She looked across the bay at the other Aeon crew members that had been in her class at basic. She was uncertain how to interact with them, since she had died and they didn't. It was not something that they taught in socialization.
Eun-Kyung stood as well and returned Katae's smile. “You're right, ma'am. With our luck, I'm sure we will have ample opportunity to improve.”

With a polite bow of her head, she turned and left the Wardroom first. She walked briskly, considering the Taisa's words and wondering just what their next orders might be. She cleared those thoughts from her head and triggered the hatch to the Cargo Bay. The entire crew did not appear to be present yet, but she had no doubt the 7:30 deadline would be met. Catching a glimpse of Kim, she strode over.

“Glad to see you on your feet, Shina-Hei,” she said warmly. “Do you want to talk at some point?”
Takamori rolled out of his bunk and fell onto the deck. It probably would have hurt a little more but he was still waking up. In his sleepy state, he shook it off as he was rubbed the dirt out of his eyes.

"What's going on...?" he asked groggily. Takamori was not even sure if his roommate was in the cabin or already awake and on duty.
Kim was jolted out of her thoughts by Eun-Kyung's question. It took her a moment to gather her wits.

"Good Morning Kim-Shoi..." she stopped when she noticed the Chui pin Damn it when did she get promoted..., "I'm sorry ma'am, Good Morning Kim-Chui. Still trying to get things sorted out. Yes I would like the opportunity to talk about the last mission. If feels strange to say that my last memories before waking were of being in the Aeon's medical bay on our way to AX-01. Then I woke up in the medical center on the squadron starbase. I have read the reports, but there are details missing that I would like to hear. When it is convenient with you of course."

She looked around at the crew, "I see we have some more new faces... or at least they seem new to me. I spoke with Gustav-San a few minutes ago. He was carrying his bags with him. He said that he was staying behind for this mission, Ise-Taisa's orders. Seems strange he's been with us through so much. I guess this mission is too risky for a civilian... whatever it is. I don't suppose you have any idea ma'am."


Josea at that moment was standing in the observation booth. He looked out at the ship that had been his home for two years. The crew of the Aeon were more than just friends to him. They had gone through a number of battles and dangers together. They were in a way his family.

He put a hand on the glass, and spoke softly to the gunship, "Aeon - Keep them all safe, and bring them back home." He then stood silently watching the ship, seeing the crew members arrive and waited for her departure.
“No worries about the rank,” said Eun-Kyung with a smile. “I'm still getting used to it myself. But yes, I'd be more than happy to talk with you. You're an important member of the crew; it wouldn't do to have you feeling too out of sorts.”

With another smile, she squeezed Kim's shoulder lightly before considering the rest of what she had said. “Don't worry, those faces are new to me as well... but I am afraid I don't know what the Captain has in store for us. I suspect we will be hearing shortly, but if Gustav-san has been ordered off the ship, it just might be rather serious. Still, I'm sure the Taisa has a plan. We'll do just fine.”
ShotJon said:
When she walked in other neko was already in. She had higher rank so Saki bowed to her saying "Ma'am," in greeting.

Kyoka looked slightly shocked to say the least. After all, she had been one of the lowest-ranked crew members up until now, and having somebody address her as her senior was a new experience.

"Er. . ." She began, bowing in response. "No need to call me ma'am. . . After all, It's not like I'm the one in charge, right?"
Cargo Bay

Katae entered the cargo bay from the zero g corridor. She stopped just in the room, and took a look at the personnel present. There was quite a mixture of faces present. Most of them were ones very familiar to her, but there were a number of new faces. How many of these people will not survive this mission... even with mental backups, it takes an emotional toll on those who survived and those who were brought back. She thought.

"Tasia On Deck, Aeon personnel Fall In." Eternity called out in a projected voice at a volume to ensure that all heard it.
Saki looked at other neko. She was higher rank and she still disliked being called ma'am? Saki did not understand that. Maybe she will with more time but for her it was simpler to just call any higher rank ma'am or sir. Should she start using this nekos rank then?

"Gomen-ne , though I am not sure how to call you then," Saki said in the end with confused look in her face. She would not get her answer though since Taisa walked into cargo bay. Saki quickly faced her and bowed very deeply and then fell in.
Yoshiro stood at attention when he heard Eternity call out. He waited for the Taisa to enter the room and hoped that he didn't make a fool of himself. When the Taisa entered he bowed deeply and stood up to fall in with the rest. He stood quietly next to Saki and looked over at her and gave her a smile.
In a rather predictably unlucky fashion, Kyoka didn't get her chance to reply. She would have to make do with telling this new Neko later, it seemed, as the Taisa arrived. She fell into order with the others, waiting for further instruction.
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