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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.0] - A Quest into the Dark

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Saki stumbled throught the doors. She was feeling sore and wanted to get out of here soon. Not to mention that everyone could get crazy over some NMX neko getting stabbed. They were fighting Render just moments ago and they were treating the neko when fight was still going on. Saki angry about that, she understood that the neko was prisoner and did not deserve getting hurt, but two soldier stopped shooting threat and getting heav over toes fot her. That was very very wrong in Saki's eyes.
Kyoka high-tailed it out of there with Saki in tow. There were far more important things than the prisoner to her at the moment, especially given the fact that the situation appeared to be under control. The Neko made her way into the ship bay and waited for the last of the civilians.
"Okay, blow the columns, and seal the concourse doorway. All our people are in the corridor and approaching the starship." Kim transmitted to both her people and the UOC personnel.
"Hey folks just update. There is something in the councourse. Dunno what it is, but it seemed rather large. We need to haul ass!" Got trought the comms from UOC operative that closed the doors behind herself.


Saki tried to move as fast as she could. With Kyoka's help it was not so bad. She felt sore but still able and they were still not off this rock. As she got to hangar she saw the ship they were boarding. It was not very big and seemed that it was a little damaged too, but if it was able of flight she was willing to use it to escape.
"Blowing columns," Takamori said as he triggered the explosives.


Makoto carried Zeta into the Zenpyou and lay her onto a chair to keep her upright. He looked around for a UOC soldier.
The explosive charges could be heard dully through the separating walls; as could the sound of the ceiling structure coming down in great chunks.

Once the last of the two groups were aboard the Zenpyou the airlocks on the ship started auto-cycling.
"I need a medical kit! For God's sake, who has a medical kit!" Makoto asked loudly over the ship's intercom. Zeta was not looking very healthy and he feared she would only get worse without proper medical treatment.
Saki slowly stumbled in the ship where she leaned agains the wall.
"This is Arai-hei I am on ship. Watching the entrance." She said over comm. She depowered her rifle for now, ready to power it up should it be needed. Right now she did not want to do anything bad with it by accident.


Alice closed the doors into hangar behind herself and then run to the ship. She quickly runned up the ramp only to hear the ship-wide announcment over the ship intercom.

"Kenshin, I am going to be needed in medical, power it up for me!" She shouted as she picked up pace. "God speed!" She added.

Alice noticed Yamataian soldier next to woman sitting in chair. Woman was actually neko and her shirt was all bloody. She ran up to them, her medical kit was empty by now, there was still medical bay. Med-bay was now ugly place, but equipment was still there. Person inflated and blew up there too, not to mention big hole in the ceiling. That was long time ago though, so it won't be that bad.

"Come with me do med-bay!" She said over loud-speakers to the Yamaitain soldier, as she piced up hurt woman. "And be sure not to barf in your helmet once we get there." She said and started running towards the med-bay being as gentle as she could with hurt neko.
Makoto followed her, keeping quick pace. "I can deal with whatever. She's my patient and that's my priority. I've applied a pressure dressing but I have no medical equipment for that kind of wound. Her hemosynth should be working but I can't tell how effective it is. Her condition's only deteriorating, possibly from the blood loss. I don't have the weapon and I don't know if it was poisoned. Though considering her natural immune system, I doubt that's a concern."


Takamori slumped into a chair and released a sigh. Making the dash from the corridor to the ship, even with his thrusters, had been nerve-wracking. "Heisho, do you want me to contact the ship?" he asked after a moment's breather.

"Roger that Alice. I am routing power to the Medical Center and initiating sterilization. The worst of the mess should be gone by the time you get there." Chikai replied as he entered the various commands into the power controls and computer console.


"Notify the Aeon that we are preparing to depart Takamori-Hei. I am making my way to the bridge. Aeon members keep an eye on the civilians. We do not need any more 'incidents'. " Kim answered leaving the away team and making her way towards the bridge.

Zen Bridge
After having her AIES request directions from the Zenpyou's AI she made her way quickly there. Once there she turned towards Rokken.
"This is your ship, I'm a pilot if you need one." she said cracking her helmet open.


Zeta ws looking a little better. Her pulse was thready, but the pressure bandage was at least stanching the blood loss.
"Saito-hei calling YSS Aeon, Saito-hei calling YSS Aeon. We are aboard a UOC vessel leaving Mayer Station. We have UOC personnel and NMX Nekovalkyrja prisoners. Multiple wounded in varying states. Oshiro-juni and an NMX prisoner are the most grievously wounded. There is also a matter of some urgency to report to the Taisa, in person. Please acknowledge."

The important thing was to make sure Aeon was out there still and that they were not going to be blasted on sight. That would be a real bummer. Reporting the Juni's actions could wait. The Juni was wounded but for some reason, Makoto and the others weren't paying him any attention. Well, that was fine by Takamori. If something happened to him, it'd be very karmic. Since he had a ST back-up before the mission, it was not like he could die. Unless the Aeon was gone.
Kyoka listened to the comms for squad status updates while she tallied up the total number of civilians and prisoners aboard her transport. Five NMX Nekovalkryja prisoners, and how many civilians?
"Aeon to Away Team. Ise-Taisa here, glad to hear from you. The Squadron is clearing a path through the debris above to allow the ship to depart. We will fly escort with you once you are airborne.

What is this urgent matter?" She replied.


After the attack on Zeta the three healthy Nekos kept themselves close to their two wounded brethren. It was plain that the attack on their self-appointed protector had them worried.
"Ma'am! I would prefer to report in person for the sake of the individuals' privacy," Takamori replied, glancing around at the UOC and Neko prisoners. No one was minding the latter.

"However," he said as he stood up, "if you could have Sunflower-hei and Sachi-hei standing by to receive the wounded and Nekovalkyrja prisoners, that would be greatly appreciated. Three healthy prisoners, three wounded prisoners. We've only provided limited treatment since no one thought to bring along a first aid kit. I'm not sure about the civilian count. Over."

Takamori stumbled towards the Nekos, holding to handrails on the ship's ceiling as it bounced towards space. "Hey," he said to the nearest UOC Peacekeeper, "I need a count of how many you guys have. Including civilians."

He took off his helmet and stood next to the cluster of Nekos. "Zeta's with Makoto. That guy will do his best. And I'm here so... how are those two? We can bring them to the medical bay for treatment and you guys can see how Zeta's doing," Takamori said to them.
"Understood, log the matter in your suites AIES, and I will have Eternity download it along with all the other data from the away team. Our Medical Lab will be standing by ready to received casualties. Aeon out." Katae replied.

A Peacekeeper in a stained uniform turned to say "Alice Mason should have the numbers you need. Although I can tell you the majority of us are civilians."


"They are recovering... their wounds are from the initial attack. Five-A had her left arm blown off and took an abdominal hit, Three-K her right leg was severed just above the knee. Their bodies have stopped the bleeding as you can see. They just need time for their bodies to regrow and repair the damage. Who is going to look after us... why was Zeta taken to the medical. She did nothing wrong." the brown haired neko replied
Alice walked to the neares treatment table and gently put Zeta on it. Neko seemed to be stabilised, but she still needed treatment. Alice slid open her visor. She hated being closed in. Fouls smell hit her nostrils, although Kenshin started cleaning this place up, person still blew up here. Alice remember it well and Lavender's fate will always scare her in her dreams.

"Okay Yammie, your patchwork probably saved her life." She said as she moved to medical cabinet. She started going trough it before finding some hemosynthetic fluid and syringe. She was sure it was right what the neko needed.

"Okay Roken, pleasse start organising stuff downstairs. I want wounded people in the medbay on the double! Prisoners too! Start with commander Fleming!" Alice commed to her team leader.


Saki meanwhile moved toward Takamori. She wanted to watch the prisoners as much as she wanted to watch the civvies. There was already one stabbed neko and Saki did not need anymore. They might have served the NMX but now YSS Aeon team has freed them. Saki was sure that yamataian specialist could help there women. It was surely not their choice to serve the evil misshus.
Yoshiro handed the handcuffed old lady to one of the Peacekeepers. "This one here is to be arrested for attempted murder. She attacked a unarmed POW while under my watch." He said to the Peacekeeper. "For her sake keep her away from us. We have an angry soldier here and I don't want more blood shed that isn't an enemy."

Yoshiro left the other civillians to talk to the others. He knew that he should have watched the civillians better than he did. He was lucky that the POW was a neko and not a civillian. He overheard one of the nekos talking over by Zeta

"I am sorry that she is in there. It is my fault for that." He said "I should have been watching better. What is your name?" He said to the brown haired Neko.
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