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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.0] - A Quest into the Dark

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Takamori and Makoto took flight past the first barricade and landed between the barricade and the NMX. "Tenno-heika banzai!" Makoto cried as he and his friend advanced on the enemy. Takamori laughed when he heard this and replied with their old school motto. "Honor and glory!"

When they landed, Makoto raised his plasma rifle while Takamori aimed down his aether rifle. Both of them armed their 50mm gauss cannons and lined them up with the first NMX they saw. "Firing," Takamori reported.

The two of them opened fire with their rifles and shoulder cannons, saving their missiles for the second volley.
Saki boosted to the nearees pillar, since she still believed them to be best cover. She then aimed her rifle as she leaned out. She did not aim at anyone specific, she wanted to keep them busy with rapid fire of her rifle, while she evaluated possible targets.
Yoshiro fired at random targets with the Aether rifle and tried to keep them away from the civillians and prisoners. "For the glory of Yamatai!" He shouted as he fired another volley of aether energy at a NMX that got too close. I just hope that I can get through this. "Everyone over there ok?" He asked the nekos and civillians as he sent out his drones to help protect the people.
The first wave of NMX were Nekos wearing the distinctive yellow uniform of the NMX. The surged into the room, guns blazing as the sought to overwhelm the defenders, and prevent their departure. Many of them were slaughtered by the lethal crossfire that the Away team had.

"The Mechas are coming next, Shina-Hei" Zeta yelled to make herself heard over the noise. "
Takamori and Makoto watched as the unarmored infantry died in a futile suicide charge. Neither of them felt comfortable with such a one-sided slaughter. Takamori was especially disconcerted; he wondered how many of them would have been like Zeta and her sisters if given the chance?

Both of them deployed their NSDs to deal with the few remaining Nekos while they took aim at the mecha following. Again, they fired their handheld weapons and mini-missiles at the NMX.

Standing in the open as they were, between the first barricade and the NMX, made Makoto nervous. Their shields were only so strong and a concentrated NMX barrage could injure or kill one or both. "We should fall back soon," he said to Takamori.
Saki was a little shocked seeing uniformed nekoes rushing inside and getting slaughtered. It was quite horrible thing, but she pulled the trigger anyway. She hated killing harmless nekoes, but she knew they were harmless only to those in armours. They could easily kill one of the civvies with stray shot.

Other horrible thing she realised was that were she ordered and would there be no chance she would probably do the same thing. These nekoes were just decoys to get their attention while armored units showed up. The sacrifice made sense, but it was still horrible. Saki surely hoped she won'T get into such situation.

When last neko fall Saki wondered why powered units did not charge with the nekeos. It would be much more succesfull. This was all those nekoes died in vain and even though they were an enemy Saki hated that. She activated her Gauss cannon ready for what next was to come, her rifle aimed forward.
From the smoke and debris three Rippers emerged. The started looking for targets.

They started hammering the closest structural columns hoping to flush out the soldiers.
Makoto fired a burst of three plasma rounds at the Rippers and a 50mm round before dashing back towards the barricade. His NSDs followed behind.

Takamori fired with his aether rifle on automatic and another volley of 10 mini-missiles from his shoulder pod. Then he followed Makoto and leapt over the barricade to take cover just as an NMX aether beam flew beside him. "What's the word on the explosives? I would love to make use of any extra ordnance!" Takamori said over the squad radio, still miffed that the heisho had not even responded to him about whether the UOC had any explosives.
Targeting one of the Rippers with his AIES and using his drones to fire at the face to distract the pilot as he locked on with his gauss gun. Once he got locked he fired his gauss gun and a burst from his aether beam rifle.
Saki was about to fire at the enemy, but Ripper opened fire at all columns and she was taking cover behind one. She hid behind column while amount of enemy fire was ripping it to shreds. She quickly checked for other nearest cover.

"I am under suppresion fire. Changing positions!" She radioed to other and boosted for other cover. WHile she moved she fired her Saber Rifle. She did not really plan to do considerable damage, but to keep them busy.
"Away Team and Peacekeeper Personnel. This is Ise Katae-Taisa, commander of the Aeon. We are in position to keep NMX forces outside the dome from getting close for the moment. We will keep them busy. The rest of our squadron is clearing the the worse of the debris for a departure vector from the planet."
came across the communications, as the sound of distant weapon fire could be heard.

The Rippers opened fire with their forearm cannons and their shoulder cannon. Their barrage hammering the various barricades that the Aeon crew had erected and had been shooting at the Neko's from. Making the rational for sacrificing the Neko's obvious, to paint the targets for them.

Saki's move away from her original point saved her life as the barricade was reduced to bits.

The Rippers however had not known about the UOC power armor soldiers. And were caught in a broadside from them. Cutting the leg out from the lead Ripper.

Yoshiro's blast from his Gauss cannon slammed into the chest of the mecha and knocked it backwards. The second Ripper sensing the new threat moved to use the nearest column for a vantage point.

Meanwhile a third Ripper emerged through the smoke, and walked past the wounded one guns blazing at anything that moved.

Getting the message, he read it and smiled. "We are in the home stretch!" He shouted, not realizing that his laser comms were still on. He was happy that he was able to help but he realized that it wasn't over quite yet. He focused on the task at hand.

Aiming at the column that the Ripper was hiding behind he targeted and calculated some things such as debris spread and cave in factors. He fired a single round at the column and waited for the results scanning for any movement with the drones that he released.

I just hope that it hurts when you get buried you plug-ugly scaly evil squiddy B*****d! He thought to himself If you get away from that, I got something else for you though.
Saki's heart rate raised as she saw what was left from columns she used for cover just seconds ago. She sweared for herself and changed firing mode on her saber rifle to beam. She whipped out from behind barricade seeing that two of the rippers were heavily damaged and third was coming out. As she aimed both her Saber and Railgun on it, she used help from Aies and fired. Long beam right at the center mass of of ripper accompanied by three round burst from her gauss cannon.
Considering that Kyoka had been there the whole time and not been an absent member or anything, she had contributed some fire from her aether rifle, albeit a little slow on the uptake. She barely managed to dodge the first volley of the Rippers in time, but thankfully managed to get out unscathed. Once in a new position, she unleashed every last mini missile she had on the strongest Ripper there, pulsing her rifle at it too for good measure.
The third Ripper was hammered by weapons from multiple vectors from both the Peacekeepers and the Star Army personnel.

Kyoka's last missile streaked towards the Ripper and slammed into the chest plate of the Ripper that had been torn a part by the various weapons of the two teams. When her missile exploded, the Mishhu let out a scream as blood was propelled out many of the various damage points.

It fell over smoking and leaking a variety of bodily fluids.

There was a pause in the battle, then the massive door where the NMX had blasted their way in, was hit by a new weapon as massive beam that sliced through the blast door with no problem.

As the chunks of metal fell away, a volley of missiles then entered the hole like a swarm of angry hornets. Then a large four legged form emerged.
Yoshiro looked to the civillians and the Neko prisoners then back to the Mecha that had entered the room. Missiles were fired into the room by the NMX and he had to protect them so he turned on his barrier and took some of the missile hits. He sent a message over comms.
Yoshiro said:
Guys, I could use some help here with the civillians!
He sent and turned down his barrier system and scanned the NMX mech with the drones he released for weak spots.
Kyoka wasted no time in burying rounds from her Gauss Cannon into the Render. Those things were as dangerous as they come, and basic protocol dictated to blow the ever-loving hell out of it with whatever was on hand. Not one to waste anything, the Neko also used her rifle in the assault.
Alice looked in awe and fear at the Render towerin not afar from that. She shivered looking at the death machine and wondered how to defeat it. She crouched behind the barricade and breathed heavily trying to get hold of herself. I am going to die her. All of us are going to die here. Was all that was going trough her mind.
Under his helmet, a grin spread across Takamori's face. This was an exciting challenge. A very different kind of excitement from the theatre or from sports. He aimed down his aether rifle and fired, followed closely by a volley of 10 mini-missiles.

"Scarface-kun, if you need help babysitting, I can send Makoto back if you join us at the first barricade!"


Makoto glanced at Takamori with a slight look of disbelief. "Always the joker. Just kill the Render."

He, in turn, fired his plasma rifle and a 50mm guass round at the Render's abdomen.
From behind the SAOY team, the massive isolation doors unlocked and slowly withdrew.

"Door is open, move the Civilians and prisoners."
He sent across the open comm.


The Render took the brunt of the missile barrage and other hits on its shields with them modulated for maximum power in the front.

It opened up with the gatling cannon, laying down a swath of death in a wide sweep.
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