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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.0] - A Quest into the Dark

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Kim looked at Takamori, "Prepare your explosives, but do not set them. We may need them to obstruct any hostile forces from pursuing us. Examine the concourse that leads to the ship bays. Determine where you can best use what resources you have left." She said.
Takamori nodded his head and acknowledged Kim-heisho's orders. He pulled out the two plastic explosive charges left and set to work. Two large packets of four blocks each needed a detonator. Easily done as Takamori placed a detonator into each one. All he needed to do was arm them and blow them up.

He walked over to the corridor leading to the ship bays and began examining the walls, looking for structural weaknesses, support beams, or something else that could cause a huge cave in behind them.


Makoto observed Takamori begin working on his explosives. "I'll go with the non-combatants, Heisho."

Makoto tapped his friend on the shoulder as he passed by, signalling that he was following the prisoners and civilians. "Take care of those prisoners. Their leader is the one named Zeta," Takamori said to him.

He nodded and shifted the plasma rifle around. Makoto soon caught up with them. Scarface-kun seemed to be doing well, chatting to the civilians. "Which one of you is Zeta?" he asked the prisoners, walking alongside them. He tried to sound friendly but it was difficult to do so when holding a rifle over an unarmed person. Even if that person was a Neko.
"Yes ma'am," Saki responded and send her NSDs into the hallway. If there was something more hiding, they should spot it out. Either they will find it or it will destroy them. Saki will know something is there anyway.
The NSD's soon showed a sight, a group of individuals in Peacekeeper armors had fought against what was identified as NMX in SAOY armors. The Peacekeeper closest to the NSD had his blade inserted into face of the enemy at his feet.
Saki checked again the pictures that one of the NSD sent. "Ma'am I have got movement." Saki reported. "Possible friendlies, group of individuals in peacekeeper armors just took out couple of NMX in mindies. I see three peacekeepers for now" She said and awaited what will their new-found leader do with the information.
Are you sure? Takamori wondered, placing the two charges in the places he thought best to cause a cave in. The charges were set and only needed him to press the detonator. He raised his aether rifle and headed back towards Saki and the Heishos.
"Attention any Peacekeepers. This is Shina Kim-Jôtô Hei of the YSS Aeon. We are here looking to evacuate any personnel. We have a number of Jiyuuan citizens that we rescued. If you wish to be evacuated from this planet. Please signal." Kim sent on what she knew was a standard Peacekeeper frequency. She turned to Saki, let me know how they react to that transmission .
"This is peacekeeper recruit Alice Mason speaking. I hope you brought enough people." Could be heard from peacekeepers over the comms. Saki still looked at them through her NSD. "They are not doing anything at the moment ma'am. But we should be careful they just wiped out several enemy armored combatants. One of them was even killed in a melee." Saki reported to Shina-san.
Takamori joined the Heishos and Saki. "Charges set, heisho. We should be getting out of here." He eyed the distant Peacekeepers.

Now they show up? Where were they when the NMX were herding the civilians? When the NMX were going at the others whilst Takamori guarded the prisoners? "Can we trust them? Who's to say if they're infected?"
"Our ship is currently in orbit. We are planning on loading the civilians we rescued into a ship here and use it to rejoin our ship. You are welcome to join us. Especially since it will most likely be one of your ships." Kim sent to the Peacekeepers.

Kim then turned to her people. "The fact that they are moving through the bowels of this station say they are trying to avoid the NMX. And we have recorded proof of them killing three NMX. I'm willing to cut them a little slack. We'll maintain a state of alert if and when they come out. Meanwhile let's start hauling ass down to the entrance to the ship bays.

Any of you good at hot wiring? We may have to override the door controls."
"I could take one of the demolition charges and split it in half. Two blocks should be enough to blow open the door. I might not be able to cause a total cave in behind us but should still do lots of damage," Takamori volunteered.

The explosive solution was always, in his opinion, the best. Fast, deadly for the person on the other side, and most of all, fun.
"Negative, I want as much of that explosive to seal off the concourse to impeded any NMX who pursue us. Move out people." Kim replied.
Takamori looked between the Heishos, Saki and the distant Peacekeepers. He was entirely lost as to what was going on now. Were they leaving the Peacekeepers? They hadn't accepted the implied invitation so it would be wrong to assume they were coming along.

I give up he sighed, walking away towards the explosives he had planted earlier.
Kyoka took her orders in stride, refocusing all her efforts on observing for all enemy activity nearby, as she took point for the group. The damage from earlier battles were obvious, but not particularly hazardous much to the Neko's pleasure.
"If the Peacekeepers want to join us, they can do so. But we are on borrowed time. The APC is destroyed, one of the tanks with it. The NMX know we are in the base. So I want to get these people and our prisoners out while we have the chance." Kim said as she started making her way to doors to the ship bays. Here NSD's holding position at the intersection of the concourse in case anything or anyone tried to follow.
Saki was checking image from the NSD. "Ma'am I really doubt they are masquerading NMX soldiers. One of them just brutally made sure all his enemies are death. And like I said they use UOC Power Armours." She also noticed one of them, a woman accoriding to shape of the armour turning her head to other one. She could not hear what were saying, but it was clear they are communicating. "Ma'am, they appear to be in disscussion. Seem like they are careful. I would be too in their place." She said.
"I can appreciate that, but I have to be careful too. We have civilians, and prisoners. To safeguard, I'm willing to give them a chance. But the clock is ticking. " Kim replied
Saki tried moving one of the NSDs a tiny little closer to get better view. "Ma'am I see more movement behind. It seems they escort a lot more of a personell who appear to be unarmored." She reported, before pulling bot back again. She hoped none of the Peacekeepers noticed.
"I asked which one of you is Zeta," Makoto repeated to the prisoners. "Takamori said to speak with you."


Takamori stood by the explosives, arms folded and waited.
Zeta turned towards Makoto, "I am Zeta, sorry but I was trying to listen in to any NMX soldiers in the area. How may I be of service to you?"
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